Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 444

Chapter 444 Meeting Again

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Sun Zhilan patted the doll on its back and called her Yiyi.

Qin Yi was stunned. Some memories seemed to pass through time and surfaced before her eyes.

In her previous life, after having her identity revealed, Sun Zhilan was unable to deal with her death and she became mentally unstable just like her current self. She hugged the doll and sat at the entrance while shouting for her name.

But the Sun Zhilan in that memory had aged. Her hair was white, and she had turned old.

"She" Qin Yi licked her dry lips, unable to say anything.

The two Sun Zhilans figures overlapped. Even though she had reincarnated and changed many things, the wheels of time were still moving slowly but surely.

"Ever since you slept, Mums mental state became a mess and she usually treats the doll as you." Qin Hanyu paused for a moment as pain appeared in his phoenix eyes.

He did not say die and would never say it. Subconsciously, the word die was a term that meant that he and Baobao would never be together anymore. She was simply asleep like a sleeping beauty.

"Dad, Im home." Qin Hanyu shook his head. Baobao was fine and that was the best news on earth. Now that they were reunited, they did not have to think about all the unhappiness.

Qin Mian turned when he heard his sons voice and immediately caught sight of the young girl dressed in a blue dress. With delicate features and the extremely unique phoenix eyes alongside the sparkling skin that dazzled under the sun, she resembled an immortal that descended from the heavens.

"Crash!" The bowl dropped and broke. Qin Mian stared at the young girl in front of him, but his legs were unable to move.

The 40-year-old man who was once full of mettle, the Qin Lord that no one dared to disrespect, had tears in his phoenix eyes at this moment. He did not dare take a single step and his breathing turned shallow, afraid that he might scare off the immortal before him and that she would leave.

"Dad, what happened? What broke?" Qin Hanmo heard the ruckus and walked out of the house. The 23-year-old young man was slightly frail with blazing phoenix eyes. He was suave as well.

But there was a long wound on the right side of his face. It was sinister and scary and had destroyed his handsome looks, causing him to look rather frightening.

Qin Hanmo walked out to see Qin Mian in a daze. He looked in the direction of his gaze and immediately could no longer look away.

It was Qin Yi. It was Baobao. His younger sister had returned.

Tears came flooding out of Qin Hanmos eyes. For five years, he had lived in pain. He was only a year older than Qin Yi, but he truly loved his younger sister.

Of course, he felt the same pain as everyone when the brutal truth was revealed. He loved his youngest sister the most and vowed to protect her for the rest of his life, but she turned out to be a bogus sister. The real one was actually the one they had emotionlessly harmed.

No one said a thing. Qin Yi had never interacted with the family like this and was unaware of what to do. Qin Hanmo and Qin Mian did not dare speak, afraid that they would scare away the girl dressed in blue, afraid that she would go missing once again.

The one to break the awkward silence was Sun Zhilan.

When she saw Qin Yi, her eyes were immediately filled with light as she threw the doll in her hand away and directly pounced and hugged Qin Yi.

A faint fragrance came over as a faint warmth could be felt, yet Qin Yis entire body froze.

Sun Zhilan was extremely happy. She hugged Qin Yi and whispered, "Baobao, my Baobao is back."

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