I Can Resist Most Vicious Beatings Chapter 1450

Chapter 1448: Ruthless

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Jiang Du couldn't even think that he was taken away from the God Alliance.

Being pressed by six people personally, they were taken away directly, and just after leaving the God Alliance, the Falun attacked Jiang Du.

"Just in case, kill him first!"

The others didn't have any opinions, but their eyes were fixed on the disciple to prevent him from playing tricks.

The corners of Jiang Du's mouth twitched.

Mad, this dog is really cautious. He has been surrounded by layers of nets, and he is still preventing him from hiding any means.

But no matter how the practitioners think, the world today is nothing but a reincarnation shaped by the reincarnation tower.

"Exfoliation of flesh and blood!"

"The art of bone foaming!"

"The art of depletion of vitality!"

"The technique of power retreat!"

Four consecutive spells were released directly on Jiang Du's body. Jiang Du did not resist, and directly let the practitioner do whatever he wanted.

His flesh and blood were stripped, his strength dissipated, his vitality was exhausted, and his bones turned into a fragile pale color.

Only the soul is still intact.

Everyone's eyes were shining, emitting a variety of lights, and they all wanted to find Jiang Du's system.

But I'm sorry that Jiang Du didn't know where his system was. Even if his heart turned to that kind of grayish white at the time, it seemed that it was just a manifestation of the system.

If the system does not appear, his heart will return to normal.

"Where is the thing?" The Fa disciple stared at Jiang Du with a gloomy expression.

"What is it?" Jiang Du asked in confusion.

"Don't pretend to be stupid, give you a chance, hand over things, and we will spare your life, otherwise you will see the greatest pain in the world!" This sentence seems to be vomiting from the teeth of the disciple. Out of the ordinary.

Jiang Du...

It's OK, don't blow it up, I haven't been caught by you before, and your criminal laws are like that for me, isn't it?

"I'm just a talented person, coupled with the matching exercises, so the cultivation speed is so fast, there is really nothing." Jiang Du said in an extremely innocent voice.

Everyone was a little angry.

A pale flame burned directly from the practitioner's hands, and began to burn Jiang Du's soul.

Jiang Du instantly felt an incomparable tingling in his soul and screamed directly.

"It hurts..."

"Do you want to pay?"

"Really nothing..."

The pale flames instantly became turbulent, but at this time, the left side made a move.

His palm was gently pressed on the pale flame, and the flame that was about to completely engulf Jiang Du was immediately blocked.

"It's better for me to search for the soul, you tortured like this, if the soul of his torment is scattered, then it will be a big trouble." Zuo Shi said with a smile on his face.

"I also have some torture methods that I can try!" Hongpao ancestor said in a cold voice.

Falun's face became more gloomy by three points.

"It's okay, people's tolerance for pain has a limit. As long as the soul fire completely covers him, then the pain will continue to intensify, he will say." The Fatuo said coldly.

Zuo Shi's palm did not leave.

He stared at the disciple with a smile on his face and said, "What if I say no?"

The two of them looked at each other, one cold and sick, and one smile contained fear. The four elders around felt cold all over inexplicably.

The morbid state in the eyes of the practitioners became more and more intense.

"Do you think that as a left envoy, you can override the elders?"

Zuo Shi did not fear at all, and the horror in his eyes gradually swallowed the smile.

"How come? The two ambassadors on the left and right, the three elders, are all equal to the Cang League."

"A level? With your strength, you are qualified to be equal to me?"

The pale flames began to riot.

Jiang Du quietly observed this scene, there was a fight, Wuhu, about to fight?

The palm of the left envoy became more stable, and light began to emerge from above.

"Do you want to try?" Zuo Ji asked in a gentle voice.

"Then try!"

The apprentice uttered a roar directly, and the huge voice turned into a rolling sound, which was extremely fierce and spread in all directions.

The two did it directly.

The pale flame directly enveloped the eight elders, soaring instantly, illuminating the void.

Zuo Shi slapped Jiancheng with his palm.

"you guys!"

The faces of the four of them changed wildly in an instant.

The eighth elder screamed sternly, and his soul became illusory under the pale flame. Jiancheng's sword was forcibly smashed into pieces by the left envoy, and it was directly printed on his chest, and Jiancheng exploded directly. .

Although everyone was vigilant, the disparity in strength was too great, and the two were directly seriously injured under the full eruption of the apprentice and the left envoy.

The ancestor of Hongpao and Emperor Jinmo didn't hesitate, they were about to flee in an instant.

But at this time, a huge sky came directly, completely locking this piece of void.

"Do you two want to betray the God Alliance?"

Jin Mo was so frightened that his liver and gallbladder were splitting, and he roared in his mouth.

The strength of the Falun Gong and Zuo Shi absolutely surpassed them, and if they were to be attacked, they would be more fierce.

"I just blame you for seeing what you shouldn't have seen." Zuo Shi explained kindly.

But the apprentice was completely like a mad dog, first tore the Eighth Elder to pieces, and then fiercely focused on the red robe ancestor, and the big killer directly hit the red robe ancestor.

"We are willing to withdraw, we withdraw, we don't want any treasures, I am willing to swear that we will never disclose this." The ancestor of the red robe was scared to death.

Law apprentice, I *****......

When Jiang Du watched this big show, he only felt that these two guys were really awesome.

Before the horoscope was written, the two men decisively killed the four elders.

Too ruthless!

But Jiang Du really likes it.

Above the big net, the ropes made of unknown material cracked silently.

Two people violently killed two other people.

Jiang Du breathed a sigh of relief, and finally untied.


The bones became silently reappearing power, and each of the meridians was about to move, quietly accumulating power.

The two killed elders roared again and again.

However, the power of the gap between them and the Third Elder and the Left Envoy was obviously too great.

If it is said that the Tyrannosaurus Immortal Venerable can still hold on for a period of time with his powerful body and fighting talent.

It was only ten minutes, and the two of them disappeared completely while scolding.

Jiang Du didn't expect that just revealing a little secret about the system would cause the fall of the four elders of the God Alliance.

This made him more vigilant, whether he had been careless recently.

The system, not to mention his own strength, even if he competes with Qingtian in the future, he will not be exposed and resolutely not exposed.

Because this thing is too attractive to people.

What is not so clear is okay, at most Jiang Du is regarded as a sequencer with a sequence of beatings.

But if they knew some secrets, the system that Jiang Du possessed would be a fatal attraction to them.

Only two people remained in the void.

The Fa disciple and Zuo Shi looked at each other silently. Both of them no longer pretended to be anything. The Fa disciple's eyes still had a strong morbid state, and Zuo Shi's eyes were completely black, like two black holes.

"Find out the secret first!" The apprentice actively proposed.

The left envoy nodded.

He naturally understood the meaning of a disciple, and two people came out secretly to fight to the death. The winner is the king, and the loser is the bandit!

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