Extraordinary Player Chapter 409

Chapter 391: Chaos

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The crisis of the situation was a little beyond Ke Fenghua's expectation. He didn't expect that these two knights would be so difficult.

Not only that, there are still a steady stream of knights appearing in the rift. No one can tell what a huge army that participated in this expedition!

"Where is that kid Qin Guan? Why doesn't he see anyone at this critical juncture..."

Ke Fenghua murmured a few words. He knew that Qin Guan should be in the base, but there was no need to shout. Qin Guan had no reason to stand by when it happened, and it would definitely appear soon.

What needs to worry about now is how to withstand this offensive!


The entire base is in chaos. The investigators are fighting each other when they are caught off guard, but it is obviously difficult to maintain the line of defense.

"Qin Guan! Qin Guan?"

"Forget it, I'm going out first!"

Xiao Qiang called Qin Guan twice and found that Qin Guan did not respond. He probably thought that Qin Guan was still on trial, so he jumped out of the window and played with the elite class members outside.

Of course Qin Guan heard Xiao Qiang calling him, but he couldn't respond now because he was busy.

"This group of people from outside the world are invading now..."

Qin Guan is also very speechless, can't wait for two days, the ring hasn't been sold yet!

If these rings are all sold out, it will be a great deal of inspiration for Qin Guan. By then, fighting with these aliens will definitely have a better chance of winning, but now that the auction hasnt reached the time, its impossible to put the spirits directly. Grab it and leave.

"I can't manage so much."

Qin Guan rushed out of the altar hall, climbed to the spire of the hall, and said to the dragon entrenched there: "Follow me!"

Since the previous darkness fell, the dragon has been entrenched above the altar hall, only occasionally going out for food. The surrounding darkness also has a deep sense of fear for it, so the dragon dare not run around.

Now for Qin Guan, this dragon is the most powerful aid, and he must be brought along.

The dragon's nostrils twitched, his expression a little resisting.

"Any opinion?"

As soon as the dragon was about to nod, Qin Guan had silently pulled out the disaster sword.

The dragon hurriedly shrank into a ball, allowing Qin Guan to tie a red scarf to a small raised corner of its head.

Its sharp corners are too thick for the red scarf to be tied, so I can only do it like this.

"Wait for me to call you out."

Qin Guan returned directly to the real world.

This red scarf was originally tied to Dog Zhenxiang's neck, but now Qin Guan feels that the dragon can play a greater role.

In the base.

Qin Guan suddenly opened his eyes, rolled over and sat up.

There was already a chaos outside, shouting killings and explosions!

The spiritual vision spread out, and you could see the psychic energy fluctuations erupting everywhere, and the entire base had been grouped together.

If possible, Qin Guan would definitely call all the NPCs in the altar hall to help, but they couldn't do without the altar hall, so they could only call the dragon with the strongest combat effectiveness.

Qin Guan looked at it, and the room was definitely not good. It was too narrow, so he turned out from the window and was about to climb to the top of the building.

As soon as I was about to climb up, I heard someone yelling from below: "My brother-in-law, you can count on it, come and help!"

Qin Guan lowered his head and saw that Xiao Qiang was fighting a battle knight with an ice sword in his hand. Although he was constantly milking himself, his blood volume was still dropping.

Qin Guan frowned, jumped down from upstairs, and shouted: "Get out of the way!"

Xiao Qiang opened the battle with the long sword in the knight's hand, and then rolled back on the spot.

Qin Guan was in the air, directly took out the big dragon teeth, and slammed it down!

The conquering knight cut through the air with a sword and wanted to chase Xiao Qiang. Suddenly, he felt an extremely powerful force smashed down like Mount Tai, and then instantly lost consciousness.

With a loud "bang", the warrior wearing silver armor was directly smashed to pieces, and the big dragon teeth even smashed into the ground deeply, smashing the road into a big hole!

Xiao Qiang was taken aback: "My brother-in-law, your way of appearing on stage is still so flamboyant..."

Qin Guan put away the big dragon teeth and stuffed something into Xiao Qiang's hand: "Don't get entangled with these miscellaneous fish, take it to Su Xiaoyu, give her a ring, and leave the other rings to the Qiang person."

Xiao Qiang glanced at the things Qin Guansai had come over: "This...the Ring of the Guardian? Isn't this thing on auction? Where did you get it?"

Qin Guan ignored him: "Just leave it alone, go, I have other things."

Xiao Qiang was stunned. Didn't this ring sell at a high price in the altar hall? Where did Qin Guan get it?

Could it be... Qin Guan is a hidden local tyrant?

How much benefit did this kid do in the previous spiritual world!

But now there is no time to think about these things, Xiao Qiang dodges the attack of a warrior, and then goes to other people.


The guardian's ring, except for the 12 being auctioned, all the other Qinguans brought, a total of 39, and Qinguan directly gave Xiao Qiang ten.

It is definitely unrealistic to expect Qin Guan to send these rings one by one. He has to go directly to the front line. Xiao Qiang is a reliable person, and there is no problem with giving him the ring.

And this critical juncture can't be considered so much. Once the base is breached, a steady stream of monsters will continue to gush out from the cracks and then spread to the surrounding area. Once the battle spreads to civilians, the deaths and injuries are beyond measure.

Therefore, these monsters must be stopped in the base!

Qin Guan jumped directly to the top of the building and ran towards the crack.

Just jumping over a few roofs, I saw Uncle Ke who was fighting against four knights.

"Fuck! Qin Guan, you are finally here, come and help!"

Uncle Ke was almost vomiting blood, and the two ice knights both gave him a headache, let alone four!

He could handle the first two, but I dont know why. The other two ice knights seemed to be able to judge the strength of these players with their spiritual vision, and directly locked him, and the next four beat him, Uncle Ke Even more irritable.

It may not be a loss, but there is a chill on the long swords of these ice knights~wuxiaworld.online~ will have a slowing effect, and it will be accompanied by continuous damage. It is no problem to stop Uncle Ke.

Qin Guan rushed to Uncle Ke's side and thrust a ring into his hand: "Take it, solve it yourself!"

Uncle Ke jumped with anger: "Solve a fart, if I can solve it, I will find you? Huh? What is this!"

Uncle Ke hadn't reacted yet, Qin Guan had rushed to the four ice knights!

The four knights tried to stop Qin Guan at the same time with their swords, but Qin Guan turned back one left and ran away!

The four ice knights froze for a moment, and for a moment they didn't know whether to chase Qin Guan or stay here to stop Ke Fenghua.

Ke Fenghua wondered: "Where did you get this ring!"

As a result, Qin Guan had bypassed these ice knights and rushed directly at the location of the fissure.

Ke Fenghua put the ring on his hand and muttered: "Okay, I know I have a ring, and you still have a conscience..."

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