Extraordinary Player Chapter 410

Chapter 392: It's Time To Visit The Opposite World

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Below, more and more monsters poured out, the two beast-formed giant knights were still holding the gate, and more warriors appeared from the rift.

Qin Guan leaped down from the top of the building and jumped directly into the air.

At the same time, a behemoth suddenly appeared out of thin air!

The dragon with a red scarf on its head appeared in the air. It was a bit dazed at first, but immediately flew with its wings flapping.

"Little trash fish is handed over to you, don't burn yourself, do you hear? Send me to the rift!"

Qin Guan stretched out his hand to grab the dragon's claws and flew towards the crack.

The people below who were still fighting with the conquering knights all looked shocked.


"What is this!"

"The dragon in the spirit world?"

"Where did it come from!"

Even many people were taken aback, thinking that this dragon also ran out of the rift, that would be a big trouble!

But a closer look revealed that the dragon flew in the direction of the fissure, and directly burned a large piece of the new war knight in the fissure!

The morale of the Spiritual Research Council was immediately boosted. Although it was not clear what was going on, with such a big killer, the pressure on the front was suddenly reduced.

The dragon flew over the crack, Qin Guan let go and fell into the monster pile!

The dragon flapped its wings directly, looking for a place where there were many warriors, breathing fire and biting, every time the fire fell, a large number of warriors fell to the ground.

On Qin Guan's side, a large number of warrior knights gathered around, and Qin Guan flashed around in the crowd directly, rushing towards the two beastly giant knights.

"Die to me!"

Qin Guan took out the big dragon teeth and smashed them directly at the two giant knights!

The two knights carried the gate again with both hands, and the big dragon teeth smashed over and couldn't resist. They were hammered enough and had to let go.

However, as soon as the gate fell, a figure suddenly rushed out of it.

"Despicable outsider!"

Qin Guan was taken aback, shouldn't I say this?

After a closer look, a tall figure rushed out before the gate fell. Isn't this the pope? !

Obviously, the Pope still remembers Qin Guan, this shameless stranger, who snatched all his previous rings, and disappeared out of thin air in some way, and successfully slipped away.

"Die to me!"

The Pope brandished two huge two-handed swords with both hands, and rushed towards Qin Guan!

"You dare to come over, really think I dare not hit you?"

Qin Guan directly retracted the dragon's teeth and drew out the disaster sword.

In another world, Qin Guan did not dare to do anything with the Pope, because there were too many knights on the battlefield, and if he was dragged by the Pope, he might not be able to leave. But now he is in the real world, at the spiritual seminar. territory!

What's more, Qin Guan is also thinking about killing the Pope. If he lives in another world, he may be resurrected, but killing in the real world is once and for all!

The pope waved two huge two-handed swords and rushed towards Qin Guan. Qin Guan was completely worthwhile and greeted him head-on!

On the top of the building, Uncle Ke had already killed an ice knight, but when he saw Qin Guan himself go against the Pope, he still yelled anxiously: "Qin Guan, calm down! Don't be impulsive!"

On the other side, a squad had entered from the periphery of the base, led by a black spirit swordsman. Wherever it went, the conquest knights were all cut to pieces, and the blockers were invincible.

The law enforcement team has finally arrived!

Uncle Ke yelled over there: "Zhou Guican! Go and help!"

Obviously Zhou Guican had been paying attention to the situation on the side of the rift, rushing to kill, while rushing there. But soon, three or four ice knights rushed over and surrounded him.

And here in the rift, there are more and more warriors next to the Pope, and Qin Guan is somewhat unable to open it.

"Relying on the number of people, I have the ability to single out!" Qin Guan said angrily.

The pope's face was pale, he obviously didn't intend to talk to Qin Guan at all, he just waved two huge two-handed swords, and launched an endless attack!

"Retreat in this direction!"

Qin Guan received a private chat message from Su Xiaoyu. He didn't think much about it at the moment, and he turned and ran to the direction that Su Xiaoyu sent.

"Want to go? You must die here today!"

The popes teeth were itchy, and he quickly followed, two two-handed swords slashing everything in front of him frantically, wishing to chop Qin Guan in two!

Obviously, Qin Guan really left too many unpleasant memories for the Pope...

As he ran, there were fewer and fewer warrior knights around the Pope, but he couldn't take care of that much now. Only Qin Guan was in his eyes!

But at this moment, Qin Guan suddenly stopped. At the same time, several mysterious runes suddenly appeared on the ground, a powerful formation appeared, and the rope formed by countless Dao spirits stretched out from the formation, working hard. I want to haunt the Pope!

The Pope was taken aback for a moment, then his face was fierce, and the two two-handed swords in his hand swung fiercely, trying to break free!

On the other side, Su Xiaoyu shouted anxiously: "Qin Guan, hurry up, I can't hold on for long!"

In the shadows, Xiao Qiang, Shen Mengli, and several members of the elite class all jumped out, facing the Pope.

Qin Guan shouted loudly: "Get out! Let me come!"

The crowd quickly dispersed, Qin Guan raised his dragon's teeth and jumped high, facing the pope's head, directly smashed it down!


With the force of the big dragon tooth smashing down, the pope was directly shot to the ground, and the big dragon tooth even smashed through the hard ground in the base, leaving a big pit.

The power of this shock shocked everyone. After all, it was Qin Guan's full blow after using Dalongfang. Xiao Qiang even felt his eardrums hum.

"Dead?" Xiao Qiang glanced carefully.

"Not yet." Su Xiaoyu frowned.

On the ground, the pope did not die, but slowly got up, a powerful force began to gather on him!

"Boy, you can push me to this level..."

The Pope gritted his teeth, and everyone could feel that his strength was rising and climbing...

"This... is it going to the second stage?" Xiao Qiang subconsciously clenched the shield and warhammer in his hand.

However, just when the Pope's power had just reached halfway, Qin Guan had already pulled out the Great Sword of Disaster and stabbed him gently.

The pope didn't care at all. In the process of his power ascending, a large number of spirits continued to gather. In theory, he should be completely immune to most attacks.

But the great sword of calamity stabbed him lightly, but it made the pope feel that his little life force seemed to be emptied in an instant, and the gathering spirits quickly dissipated...

"Are you...could that be...the king..."

The pope's eyes widened, he looked at the disaster sword in Qin Guan's hand inconceivably, and then fell to the ground.

"Sure enough, it's not the same to have the magic knife repair tool."

Qin Guan chuckled, and several other people hurriedly approached and quickly absorbed the spirit filled with air.

"The Pope is dead, go to support other places and kill all these monsters!"

Qin Guan rushed in front, and the others followed him, running over like cutting melons and vegetables!


This turmoil ~wuxiaworld.online~ lasted more than ten hours before finally subsiding.

In fact, at the moment of the death of the Pope, the victory and defeat of the two sides had been divided, but there were still a steady stream of knights coming from the rift. The two sides competed repeatedly in the base and fought hard.

There is a mess in the base, but more are the corpses of combat knights.

"Hurry up and help clean up, Qin Guan, I always stand stupidly." Su Xiaoyu was helping the people of the Spirit Research Institute clean up the scene. It is expected that this work will continue for several days. After that, the base will definitely have to work around the cracks. Round of massive reconstruction.

As for the directors of Uncle Ke, Zhou Guican, and Huajianji, they have already gone to an emergency meeting after handling the matters here. It is estimated that they have to discuss the countermeasures with Zhao Wumian and other senior leaders of the spiritual research association.

Xiao Qiang came to Qin Guan: "What does the brother-in-law want?"

Qin Guan looked at the fissure: "I'm thinking, if you come and go without being indecent, it's almost time for us to visit that world, right?"

(End of book)

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