A Mercenary's War Chapter 125

Chapter 125

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Chapter 125:

Chapter 125: A Turning Point? Danger?

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

The first day in Aziziyah Camp was thrilling, but in the days that followed, Gao Yang and the rest were absolutely bored out of their minds.

Ever since they entered the camp on June 20th up until August 20th, they could not go anywhere or do anything for two whole months. They only had a small area to themselves and it was scorching hot. It was just like being in prison, except that they were being paid.

Mercenary corps, including Gao Yang and company, had tried almost everything to leave Aziziyah Camp from bribery to breakouts, but all the attempts ended in failure.

Being stuck in one place for long periods of time made everyone quick-tempered. Especially in August when blasts could occasionally be heard, some of them sounded like they were just in the vicinity. Rapidly worsening conditions could easily break people. A mercenary corp got into a conflict with the Libyan soldiers over the anti-air guns. Both sides opened fire at each other straight away. While the Libyans lost more than ten people, all sixteen men in the mercenary corp were killed as a result.

Ever since a mercenary corp exchanged fire with Libyan troops, Gao Yang and company had even tougher days ahead. Tribo knew how to speak Arabic though, and after staying around for long enough, Tribo became acquainted with quite a few Libyan soldiers. This made their time there much better. Including Lieutenant Colonel Ibrahim, Gao Yang and the rest had some people to chat with. In contrast, Black Fire Mercenary Corp did not have such a good time.

Harris and Grolev went way back and their relationship was definitely not bad, but neither were they very close. Harris was also very short tempered. After Gao Yang and the rest had been here for almost half a month, it looked like Harris was beginning to fail to hold his temper in.

Once, Harris was chatting with Grolev and they somehow got into an argument. Grolev had the intention to yield, but Harris grew more furious as he continued speaking and almost started a fight. Even though he was dragged away by his own man and he personally returned to apologize to Grolev and Gao Yang after he had calmed down, he seldom dropped by to meet Grolev for a talk ever since.

The Harris short temper and his Black Fire Mercenary Corp did not fare well for them. They got into a conflict with Lieutenant Colonel Ibrahim and Libyan soldiers multiple times. Although it did not take a turn for the worse as a firefight, all the Libyans were wary of them since then. They dreaded the day the Black Fire Mercenary Corp might also go berserk and try to forcefully break out. Gao Yang was constantly worried that Lieutenant Colonel Ibrahim would preemptively shoot everyone in the Black Fire Mercenary Corp.

In such a situation where they had no hopes of leaving and had nothing to do, Gao Yang and the rest were the most calm amongst all the mercenary corps. This could be attributed to them always managing to find something to do for themselves to avoid the onset of the maddening boredom.

Initially, everybody cleaned their weapons when they were not sleeping. Then they dismantled and assembled their own weapons before they slowly progressed to handling each others weapons. Later, they went on to dismantling and assembling their weapons with their eyes closed. Every weapon was without exception dismantled and assembled countless times by everyone. Competitions were later held to see who could dismantle and assemble weapons the fastest while blindfolded.

Grolev also discussed tactics, explained scenarios in battle, and practiced emergency drills. The few of them also practiced dueling with Jin in the small hut. In the two months, even though they were unwilling, Gao Yang and the rest learned a lot from each other.

Since they had no contact with the outside world, Gao Yang and Grolev missed Natalia and Elena dearly. They did not even have any idea of whether Elena had reached the US or not, or whether she was admitted into Juilliard School. Before they could re-establish communication though, they could only pray and wait.

On 17th of August, Gao Yang and the rest were still being paid, but supplies were no longer continuous. There were two consecutive days where they did not receive food and water before supplies were cut off again after the 19th.

Lieutenant Colonel Ibrahim explained that there were some issues with the logistics and it would not persist for too long. However, with the sound of more intense and more frequent bombing, everyone knew that it was impossible for the supplies to go back to normal. At least Gao Yang and company did not have to worry about their food for the next ten days. They had saved all the canned food for the past two months due to poor appetite.

On the 21st, gunshots and cannons could be heard from outside the camp, but upon knowing that an attack from the Opposition was imminent, it made Gao Yang and the rest calm down instead. No matter the outcome, good or bad, everyone just wanted their time spent like prisoners to come to an end.

Gao Yang and the rest lacked water the most by that time. The five people were only down to two four-liter cans. The water would only last them a day if no supplies arrived. The blistering heat caused severe loss of water for them, and they even had to be fully equipped.

They lacked money the least and in fact they had so much that they were frowning. For two months, they were paid twenty thousand dollars every day. Sometimes they were paid twenty thousand euros instead. Considering the exchange rates, they had been paid extra, but nobody cared about how much they were paid.

The five of them were paid a million and two hundred thousand dollars, all in cold hard cash. So much cash would not fit in a 3D bag. All this money would be stuffed on whoever with extra space, regardless of whose money it was, so that they could split it outside. Otherwise, there was real way to carry all the money outside.

Gao Yang and the rest rarely left the hut, worried that a shell might drop over their heads. After all, their hut was a fort and could provide the best protection.

Listening to the rumbling cannons in the distance, Gao Yang was not worried in the least bit. On the contrary, he was somewhat anticipating the Oppositions arrival. As he was idly gazing out from the firing hole, he abruptly spotted a vehicle that had driven in through the gate on the inner wall. The vehicle was closely followed by several vehicles.

He was stunned for a moment before he yelled, Its a convoy!

The reason why Gao Yang was so excited was because in the past two months, only one or two cars occasionally drove through the gate, but never a whole convoy. The arrival of a convoy meant that the turning point that all the mercenaries were waiting for had finally arrived.

Everybody was surprised and flushed to firing hole. At least thirty motor vehicles were spotted driving in. Fly even let out tears of joy.

There were all sorts of vehicles in the convoy: trucks, jeeps, bulletproof sedans, and even three armored vehicles. Besides the trucks and armored vehicles, the whole convoy did not all stop in the green. At least ten sedans and jeeps drove into Gaddafis palace.

Watching the smaller vehicles driving into a building that did not seem to be very tall, Gao Yang was even more excited as he yelled, Theres definitely an underground passage. Yes, definitely. Do you all think that is Gaddafi himself?

Gao Yang had just finished when fully equipped soldiers leaped off the truck. Three BMP1 armored vehicles then turned around and parked at the entrance next to a building and aimed outside with their 73mm low-shot smoothbore guns.

About seventy fully armed soldiers quickly formed a defensive line, then more people got off the two trucks, and those people were bundled up with rope. At least twenty prisoners were brought into the building, escorted by Libyan soldiers.

Tribo quickly took out his telescope upon spotting such a formation, and after some observation he excitedly shouted, I think its ol Gaddafi. Otherwise, why the large fanfare?

Gao Yang felt that something was not right and he shook his head. I dont quite think thats the case. Do you see anyone who looks like a mercenary in there?

Oh yes, they all look like Libyans. Eh? Whats happening? Why do I spot someone who looks like Abdullah?

Gao Yang was taken about for a moment. There were too many Libyans by the same name. In this formation, there were quite a few that were namez Abdullah. He asked, What? Which Abdullah?

Tribo put down his telescope and said doubtfully, Of course its the Abdullah who works for Morgan. I just saw a prisoner who looked a lot like Abdullah but I only caught a glimpse before he turned around.

Gao Yang was astonished and said, Did you get a clear look? Abdullah couldnt possibly be captured, right?

Tribo said, I really didnt see clearly, it was just a glimpse. It seems like he is, but maybe not. I really cant confirm.

Grolev was worried and said, Abdullah was an old friend, I dont want to see him get shot dead by Gaddafis men. Please think through it carefully and tell us if he really is Abdullah.

Tribo was deep in thought for a while before he hesitantly said, I dont think so. I really didnt get a good look, but I dont think so.

Gao Yang worriedly said, If only we could make a call and see if its Abdullah, or even call Morgan. Now we cant even make a call. Its as if weve been blinded. This is so d*mned awkward. If we could also head into the building though, maybe well get the chance to see for ourselves.

Gao Yang had just spoken up when Lieutenant Colonel Ibrahim, who had not showed up in a while, suddenly charged into the room and said upon his entrance, Clear out everything you dont need from the room. Be prepared for battle. After clearing out those things, you are not to leave your room at all without a command.

Gao Yang quickly asked after Ibrahim finished, Sir, do we go into that building as well?

Lieutenant Colonel Ibrahim had bloodshot eyes, disheveled hair, and he looked languish and irritable. Upon hearing Gao Yangs words, he angrily said, Even I cant get in there. How are you supposed to get in? Defend this place well. You already received so much money from us. If you want to die, lets all die together. I warn you, dont do anything stupid, or else I will command my men to kill you all first before you can destroy anything.

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