Douluo: Opening Sign In To Ancestral Dragon Spirit Chapter 390

Chapter 386: Lessons From Long Yue The Soul Master Competition Officially Begins

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"What an annoying fly! If you don't bother me, forget it, and dare to bully me Yao Xuan. It seems that it won't work if you don't teach you a lesson!"

Hearing Long Yue's words, Yao Xuan's eyes suddenly chilled, and his whole body released violent anger. He immediately looked at Long Yue in the distance, and said coldly, his figure also suddenly disappeared.

At this moment, Yao Xuan finally knew in his heart why Dai Yun'er could not look down on Long Yue this guy. If Long Yue's character could attract girls, that would be a real weird thing!

Of course, whether Long Yue can attract girls is irrelevant to Yao Xuan's business, but since Long Yue dared to speak to himself like this, Yao Xuan would never be a tortoise with his head, and the word "retreat" is not in Yao Xuan's word. Above the dictionary.

next moment,


Accompanied by a crisp sound, Yao Xuan's figure flashed beside Long Yue, his palm leaped across the space with lightning speed, and suddenly patted Long Yue's face.

Although Yao Xuan didn't use his energy, after being attacked by Yao Xuan's slap in the face, a red palm print appeared on Long Yue's face for an instant, and his teeth were a little sour.

"Damn, I am going to kill you!"

After receiving such insults, Long Yue instantly furious, and completely lost his mind, urging his soul power, and a piece of dragon scale appeared on his body, preparing to launch a lore attack on Yao Xuan.

"Long Yue, stop, don't be presumptuous!"

At this moment, the voice of an old man resounded from the palace, filled with surging soul power, without anger and prestige. Undoubtedly, the person who made the sound was Long Yue's master-kindness.

"Boy, you're lucky! I'll let you jump for a few more days! I heard that you are going to participate in the Young Soul Master Competition. When that happens, I will smash your face and smash your bones!"

Hearing this voice, Long Yue finally recovered his senses, stopped, and glared at Yao Xuan with a look full of hatred, leaving a threat, and then Da Lala turned and left.

"What an unreasonable fellow! Sergeant sir, when the time comes, you must teach him a good lesson!"

Seeing Long Yue leaving, Xu Xiaoyan also stared at him bitterly, then muttered a small mouth, and said to Yao Xuan in a very angry voice.

"Don't worry, Xiaoyan. At the banquet today, I was not good at making heavy moves, so I can only punish him slightly. When the game comes, I will teach him a profound lesson!"

Hearing Xu Xiaoyan's words, Yao Xuan also nodded slightly and replied lightly.

"I understand why that Dai Yun'er knows that Yao Xuan already has two wives, Na'er and Gu Yue, and is willing to become Yao Xuan's third wife! If she really marries that Long Yue, I'm afraid that in the second half of her life It's going to be ruined! What a poor girl!"

At this moment, Wu Siduo also showed compassion and said that the experience of Dai Yun'er was very pitiful.


Hearing Wu Siduo's words, Na'er and Ye Xinglan both nodded in agreement. Even Gu Yue began to feel a little softhearted, and the dislike for Dai Yun'er was reduced a bit.

When this happened, the original harmonious atmosphere of the dinner became a lot more tense, and it ended hastily.

Everyone left the Xingluo Imperial Palace and immediately returned to the Xingluo Royal Hotel. At this time, Cai Lao and Wu Changkong also greeted Yao Xuan to go over, and praised Yao Xuan with a smile on their faces.

Although Yao Xuan's behavior today seems a bit reckless, Yao Xuan did not only represent individuals, but the entire Shrek Academy and even the Sun-Moon Federation. Long Yue's provocation against Yao Xuan was also against Shrek Academy and the Sun-Moon Federation. Provocation.

And Yao Xuan's decisive attack to teach Long Yue not only found a place for himself, but also won glory for the Academy and the Federation. At the same time, it also attacked the arrogant arrogance of the Star Luo Empire, and made the Star Luo Empire have to suffer a dumb loss. After all, it was Long Yue who took the initiative to pick things up.

Immediately afterwards, Yao Xuan returned to his room with Gu Yue and Na'er and practiced together for a while. After several exciting and intense games, Yao Xuan hugged Gu Yue and Gu Yue, who was slightly sweating and breathed slightly. Naer went to sleep.

No words for a night, in a blink of an eye, the next morning.

Today, the mainland young senior soul master elite competition will be officially held, and Yao Xuan will lead eight of his own players, Cai Lao, Wu Changkong and other leading teachers to board the bus that came to welcome the players and compete together. Drove to the field.

In fact, this Continent Young Senior Soul Master Elite Competition was not a pioneering work of the Star Luo Empire. In ancient times, such competitions were held by the Spirit Hall, which controlled most of the mainland soul masters, to select outstanding talents.

Later, Tang San carried out a brutal and inhuman massacre against the spirit masters of the Spirit Hall and the civilians of the Spirit Empire because of selfish interests and personal enmities. After killing or severely injuring most of the high-level spirit masters of the Spirit Hall, Tang San also Order the Wuhun Temple to disband.

Since then, the soul masters on the Douluo Continent have lost their unified organization, and can only be exploited and oppressed by the two empires and the three sects. Their treatment is not as good as each day, especially the civilian soul masters, they have lost their days of success. On the contrary, those nobles became more moisturized and their status became more stable.

Although the Hall of Souls has disappeared in the clouds and smoke of history, competitions such as the All-Continent Young Senior Soul Master Elite Competition have not disappeared, especially in the Star Luo Continent where personal strength is admired. This competition has continued. And it is held every three years.

As for the venue, it was in Star Luo City, the capital city of Star Luo Continent, where all spirit masters under the age of 20 and soul power reaching the soul-sovereign can participate.

The whole competition will last for a month, and it will be divided into four competitions. They are one-on-one challenge, two-on-two challenge, seven-on-seven challenge, and mecha (battle armor) challenge. Including any sub-professional games.

Once a player can get a good ranking in the competition, they will be greatly benefited in the future development, they are more likely to be recruited by big forces, and at the same time they can get precious competition rewards.

As for the most valued competition in these competitions, it is the one-to-one challenge. There are no rules in this competition. The participating soul masters can use any weapon and equipment, whether it is mecha, soul guide or battle armor, and at the same time Both sides of the game have to sign the status of life and death, regardless of life or death.

It can be said that the All-Continent Young Senior Soul Master Elite Competition is such an extremely exciting and fierce confrontation. Yao Xuan also looks forward to this, not for the rewards of the competition, but for the massive diamond evolution points that he can provide during the competition. .

As the biggest competition of the Star Luo Empire, the Continent Young Advanced Soul Master Elite Competition will be broadcast live throughout the Star Luo continent, and the attention is also very high. It can be described as a household name and everyone can watch it. It can be compared to the stars on the earth. Olympic Games.

With such exposure, Yao Xuan can definitely gain a lot of diamond evolution points from the game, and at the same time further improve his own strength, which is why Yao Xuan expects such a non-challenging game.

Unlike Yao Xuan, Gu Yue and Na'er were not very interested in participating in such a competition, so neither of them chose to participate in the singles. However, Yao Xuan's other players chose to participate.

As for the double match, because they could fight alongside Yao Xuan, both Gu Yue and Naer chose to participate, and after lottery, Naer got the opportunity to team up with Yao Xuan.

As for the follow-up seven-on-seven battle, Yao Xuan, Gu Yue, Na'er, Xu Xiaoyan, Wu Si Duo, Ye Xinglan, Tang Wulin, Xie Xie and Yuan En Yehui signed up together, among which Na'er and Yuan Enye Hui is a substitute, and the remaining seven are the main players.

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