Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 103

Chapter 102:

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"Respectfully ask the Lord Sheng'an!" Luo Xiao and Ye Lan watched all the people in black in the cave follow the sound of footsteps, and bowed their heads on one knee to the upper seat. As a result, the two looked at it curiously, only to see a young woman dressed in bold and enchanting looks slowly walked to the upper seat, followed by a middle-aged woman wearing a tight black dress.

The young woman nodded in satisfaction and said, "Okay, get up."

"Thanks for the gift of the leader! May the leader be young and beautiful, and his face is not old!"

Listening to these words, Luo Xiao and Ye Lan looked at each other, and couldn't help but twitched their mouths: By the way, this line is really...hehe!

"En? Why is there still a rubbish?" The leader looked at Ye Lan, frowned and asked unhappy.

The middle-aged woman stepped forward and explained: "The leader, because of time and the two of them were together at that time, they were both arrested."

"Who are you talking about rubbish? Auntie!" Luo Xiao stared at this so-called leader fiercely. What kind of person, dare to say that their leaves are rubbish, unforgivable!

"Heh!" The leader let out a sneer, "You will talk back! You should feel lucky. Today, the leader is in a good mood, so I don't care about you."

"Cut! Lord, I'm not rare!" Luo Xiao raised his head in disdain, and rolled his eyes directly, "What the **** are you arresting us for here?"

Sure enough, the feeling of confidence is different!

"Presumptuous!" the middle-aged woman sternly scolded, then waved her hand directly, and a chilling air flew towards Luo Xiao's place.

Luo Xiao could clearly perceive the danger from this energy. Although the spiritual power was temporarily blocked, his agile skill was still there. He quickly pulled Ye Lan to avoid this unkind attack.

"Ye Zi, are you okay?" Luo Xiao turned around and looked at Ye Lan nervously. After all, he was attacked and there was nothing wrong with Ye Lan. Being an ordinary person is different. Even if he is cured, he will have trouble with his body. Certain adverse effects.

"I'm fine, Xiaoxiao." Ye Lan touched his head and said softly, "Are you all right?"

"That's natural~~" Luo Xiao nodded.

Seeing the warm atmosphere between the two, the teacher's face immediately became gloomy: "Come here! Then separate the drug primer from the garbage! Then throw the garbage away!"

"Dare you!" Luo Xiao guarded Ye Lan behind him, and watched defensively at the people in black who were constantly surrounding him.

Since cultivators are very sensitive to spiritual power, when Luo Xiao wanted to draw out the spiritual power in the fairy tree space to solve the solid spiritual ring on his body regardless of exposure, a withered old man happened to follow him. The side hall walked over quickly.

"Master, everything is ready, we can start preparing for the ceremony." After speaking, he bowed his head and stood aside.

"Well, since this is the case, forget it, you can withdraw." The leader gave an order, and the man in black quickly retreated to his original position, "Now, prepare for the ceremony!"

At the thought of the wish that was about to be realized, obvious mood swings appeared on the faces of the leader and the middle-aged woman.

The eight men in black stood in sequence according to the eight directions of the Qiankun Gossip, watching the old man walk to the sacrificial stage with serious expressions, only to see the old man clapping his hands, and several entourages walked to him with their trays. Bring me the drug introduction."

Luo Xiao gave Ye Lan a comforting look, and then he was escorted to the old man's side in cooperation, and he had a vague guess in his heart when he looked at the things he had brought up.

In accordance with the difficult spells chanted by the old man, the eight people around the sacrificial platform began to quickly make different gestures with their hands. With the sacrificial platform as the center and the location of the eight people as the node, an inverse gossip with a little red light slowly emerged from the soles of their feet.

As the old man put the same things he was holding on the sacrificial table, the color of the inverse gossip array continued to brighten.

After the last thing in the tray was placed on the sacrificial table, finally, the light of the formation was a bit dazzling. The old man looked at this formation with satisfaction, then turned around and bowed and said respectfully to the leader: "Master, now you can use the Death Soul Bell to bring the former leader's soul from the underworld. As long as the soul arrives, you can cooperate with the medicine. The blood of Yinzi will surely bring the former leader back to life!"

"Okay!" The leader suppressed the excitement in his heart, then took out the dead soul bell, closed his eyes and began to perform the spirit call.

Luo Xiao finally confirmed that his original guess was correct. However, looking at the death bell in the hands of the leader, he frowned tightly.

No wonder when he and his master were invited to see the murder of a family of four in Tongjia Village a few years ago when he was in high school, he couldn't find the souls of those people. It turned out that they were forced out to become dead soul bells. Is it part of the production? It's really hateful!

When the old man on the side saw the leader using the bell, a gleam of light flashed quickly in his eyes, and at the same time his little finger on his right hand moved slightly.

Looking at the soul body that was summoned, the leader and the middle-aged woman couldn't help stepping forward with excitement. But, after all, it was summoned by the dead soul bell, and the soul body itself was no longer aware. They looked at the dull expression on her face and felt a pain in their hearts.

"Doctor Hua, you can prepare to continue." The leader suppressed his bitterness, "Remember, you must succeed!"

"Yes, Master." The old man, Doctor Hua nodded respectfully. Then turned around, a spell sounded, the sacrificial platform slowly descended, and the ice coffin rose little by little.

A bright light came out from his hand and pointed directly at the soul bodys eyebrows. The soul body quietly closed its eyes. Following Doctor Huas rapid changes, he slowly entered the body of the person in the coffin through the ice coffin. Inside. When she completely entered, Doctor Hua grabbed Luo Xiao's right hand and wanted to cut a blood mark on his hand in order to extract all the blood in his body.

At this point, Luo Xiao fully understood why he would be used as a drug primer. The reason is that he is a reborn cultivator. Only in his case, the essence and blood in this body can become a drug primer, and this resurrection spell can succeed. Of course, it's also because there are not many people like him. Otherwise, in this history, the number of people who have used the magic of resurrection from the dead has been how many, but they have not really succeeded, have they?

However, just as Doctor Hua was about to cut the blood stains, there was a sudden shaking in the cave, and many stones on the top of the cave fell one after another. Luo Xiao's eyes lit up: Yes, his master must have brought someone in.

He also stopped waiting to die, and immediately used the spiritual power in the fairy tree space to directly abolish the solid spirit ring on his body. Then, he slapped Dr. Hua on the chest quickly, knocking him out of the formation. At the same time, he filmed another Heavenly Thunder Curse on the ice coffin. Immediately afterwards, he flew to the place where Ye Lan was, and turned around and hid in a hidden place.

A flash of lightning fell, and although the ice coffin was protected by layers, it was a pity that there were many obvious cracks on the surface of the coffin. Under the attack of the sky thunder, the transparent soul finally dissipated between heaven and earth.

"No!!!" The leader and the middle-aged woman let out a stern cry, and then they flushed their eyes and locked Luo Xiao where they were.

At this moment, the two angry people didn't care about the eight people in black who were lying on the ground with serious injuries. They directly sacrificed their magic weapons and attacked them mercilessly.

Luo Xiao knew that there was no chance of winning with his current strength. Although there are many spiritual powers that he can use in the fairy tree space, the problem is that his body can't withstand that much spiritual power!

As a result, Luo Xiao grabbed Ye Lan's hand and a thought flashed, and the two immediately disappeared in place. Humph! He can't hide if he can't beat it? Fortunately, the space has been upgraded!

"Xiaoxiao, where is this?" After Ye Lan panicked, he found himself in a huge tree hole, and then immediately realized what was happening. He looked at Luo Xiao in surprise, "Could it be that we are here?"

"Well, it's in my fairy tree space! No outsiders can get in!" Luo Xiao raised his head proudly, knowing that portable space is only available in novels!

Looking at Luo Xiao's arrogant appearance, Ye Lan felt itchy in his heart. In addition, the tension in his heart was relieved because of his words, so he no longer restrained anything, and stepped forward and rubbed his Xiaoxiao's head severely.

After Luo Xiao finally broke free, he turned into a bird's nest shape. Looking at him like this, Ye Lan couldn't help but laughed out, it was so cute!

"You! Humph!" Luo Xiao flushed with anger, staring at him frantically.

The atmosphere here is warm and sweet, but outside it is completely the opposite.

After discovering that the person who should have died has disappeared inexplicably, the leader was so angry that he immediately wanted to wave his hand to destroy all the other people here. However, the middle-aged woman on the side stopped her behavior. "The leader, now is not the time to punish them. The righteous people outside are about to attack here. We are no longer manpowered. Let them take the blame and make merit."

"Huh!" The leader closed his hand angrily, but the anger on his face was still uncontrollable.

With a loud bang, a person was slammed to the ground. After spitting out a large mouthful of blood, he couldn't say anything anymore, and his head tilted and there was no vitality.

The leader looked at her disciples being treated like this, although she didn't care about her life or death, she only cared that she was provoked by the middle of her face, the original anger in her heart burned even more, and her face became savage.

Elder Huo took a group of people through an arduous fight, and there was a lot of damage in the middle, but they would not be easily defeated like this, the sacred religion must be destroyed!

The two groups confronted each other face to face, and then they fought in an instant.

Although Luo Xiao entered the space, he could still see the situation outside through his consciousness. After seeing Old Man Huo leading people to fight, he looked at the battle, then touched his chin and smiled unkindly.

After explaining the situation with Ye Lan, he appeared in the hidden place where people were not paying attention just now. Fortunately, no spiritual power is required to enter and exit the space. In this way, he did it quietly.

He observed the current fighting situation, then took out some charms from the space, and threw them directly at the back of the enemies who were fighting on his side. Even if he finds out something is wrong, what if there is a difficult opponent in front of him, how can he easily avoid the attack from behind!

Therefore, Luo Xiao's success rate of black hands is extremely high.

The old man Huo found out his spiritual power the moment Luo Xiao shot him, and finally heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. Seeing the speed of his attack behind him, his baby apprentice must be alive and well! As for the kid from the Ye family, there is no need to worry. My apprentice must be happy to play like this after making arrangements!

So, just like this, under Luo Xiao's sneak attack behind Luo Xiao, the saints fell to the ground and lost their vitality. The battle gradually came to an end, and the only enemies left were the leader and the woman in black.

In fact, the situation on their side is not much better. After all, what these sacred people are best at is all kinds of insidious methods.

Elder Huo stared at the leader closely, while the others stared at the woman in black. With a brush, the two sides led to the final battle...

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