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  • Rebirth To 80s: I Just Want To Farm When I Have Space

  • Genres : Romance -  Female Protagonist -  Poor Protagonist -  System
  • Status : Ongoing
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Rebirth To 80s: I Just Want To Farm When I Have Space summary:

In the 1980s, opportunities were everywhere. The reborn Xiang Jie doesn’t envy others at all. She lives in a small farmhouse surrounded by green mountains and rivers, eating rice and vegetables from her own field, and pigs, fish, chickens, and ducks raised in her backyard. Wear cotton clothes and flat shoes. Do not buy cosmetics at all.With its own space mall, Xiang Jie lacks anything.Want to work hard to get rich, grow and breed mountains and seas? Let the second brother go.Want to be opportunistic and go south and north to buy and sell? Let the third sister go.Want to study hard and become talented in university? Let Simei go.- Description from MTL

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Rebirth To 80s: I Just Want To Farm When I Have Space Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 846: Ease9 months ago
Chapter 820:10 months ago
Chapter 798: Rich10 months ago
Chapter 758: Taboo10 months ago
Chapter 729: Thief10 months ago
Chapter 679: Alone10 months ago
Chapter 660: Upset10 months ago
Chapter 652: Help10 months ago
Chapter 635: Moth10 months ago
Chapter 605: Rare10 months ago
Chapter 595: Labor10 months ago
Chapter 537: track10 months ago
Chapter 487: track10 months ago
Chapter 433: Cryone year ago
Chapter 416: Denyone year ago
Chapter 332: Calmone year ago
Chapter 234: Stayone year ago
Chapter 31: Lunchone year ago
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