Love Is Timeless Chapter 227

Volume 2: Hot Times Chapter 228 5

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It was a cool evening and a small family were having fun together. It consisted of a handsome dad with pink hair, the pretty mom with red hair and their cute son with pink hair. Theresa's heart melted. Was this kid Ju Wei? Just look at him, so cute. Ah, she wanted to steal him from his parents already. Mother is dressed in royal blue robes, white belt and gold scarf. Her figure would make countless drool. Father wore black robes to highlight his s.e.xiness. And little Ju Wei wore green robes with a wooden hairpin on his hair. Interestingly, none of them wore shoes. Now she knew why Ju Wei didn't wear shoes a lot like Long Ren.

"Ju Wei, my sweet boy come give Papa a kiss" his dad called tenderly.

"Ok" instead of kissing his dad's cheeks he headed to his mom and kissed her many times on the cheeks.

"I love you, mummy," he said happily with applause.

"Haha, I won. Ju Wei loves me more. Isn't he so cute?" his mum pinched his puffy cheeks and kissed him on the forehead. Dad pretended to be hurt.

"No, Dad, I love you too. After all, I look this handsome coz of you, Papa. You are the best daddy in the world. "Ju Wei tried to comfort daddy.

"Hmph, that's better" Daddy pouted earning a kiss from mummy.

Theresa at the side was having cuteness overdose illness. Her mind was spinning. She thought how cute it would be with her future love hehe.

"Let's go inside and eat, then we'll squish Ah'Wei smaller so he won't grow up," said Daddy.

"We'll see who won't grow up" it was Ju Wei's turn to pout and run inside with his parents closely following behind into their humble home.

Later, they bathed Ju Wei together. He was a bit shy evident since he had a red face and had covered his lower regions.

"Kiddo, what are you hiding? You think Daddy doesn't have it and don't wanna make me feel bad? How cute" his Dad teased making Ju Wei blush even more,

"Stop bullying our son" mum complained and gave Ju Wei a kiss on the right cheek.

"Mom, Dad, can you give me some privacy, I'm feeling embarrassed. Please?" he asked with his face staring at the ground.

"Ok. I promise this is the last time we do this ok? But you are qualified for this my son" his dad took off his lotus pendant with a moon on top, from his neck and placed it around Ju Wei's neck and then kissed his left cheek.

"Dad, what's this for?" little Ju Wei asked in confusion.

"Baby boy, this is your shield. Whenever you are in grave danger, crush this pendant and you'll become a beautiful person" his mum explained.

"But mum, aren't I beautiful already?" Ju Wei asked, tensing up.

"Dear, calm down. You are already very beautiful my dear son." his dad kissed his forehead.

"This is my gift to you. Never take it off ok?" dad said before both of them left the bathroom so Ju Wei could enjoy some privacy.

Ju Wei fiddled with his new present before he resumed his bath.

That night, while they were sleeping on the only bed in the home, with Ju Wei separating mom and dad, heavy knocks were heard on the door.


"Ju Ming Fan, I know you are in there, come out"


Many unknown voices were heard waking the trio up. Their first reaction was to remind Ju Wei with whispers that he should never take off that pendant and unless in grave danger he shouldn't easily crush it. Then they hid him in a box that had holes for him to see and breathe.

Not long after they did that, the door was kicked open by a tall, burly man with green hair. He was followed by several men who had either red or brown hair.

"You bastard! after running away with my fiance, you thought I'd never find you? Well, you need not worry about me taking her from you anymore. She's useless. You are the useful one to me now, Ju Ming Fan." the green-haired man spoke with a loud and rough voice that almost hurt Ju Wei's ears.

"Ling Jie, please don't hurt my love, don't! he's innocent. Take me instead" Ju Wei's mum cried while standing in front of her husband.

"Hehe, you are useless with weak cultivation. Your husband has something I want," Ling Jie said with a crooked smile.

Ju Ming Fan ( Ju Wei's dad) stood in front of his wife.

"Ling Jie, it's been so long since we last met. You haven't changed a bit. What do you want from me?"

"Haha, what I want from you, whether you like it or not, I must get it. Men hold him down and strip him of his clothes," Ling Jie commanded.

'No, don't strip him. A man has his dignity" Ju Wei's mum cried.

"Pei Ting Ting, move away from me. Now !" Ju Wei's dad yelled. Hs mum obeyed amidst tears. Ju Ming Fan's bones began to crack and he hissed in pain. Then light covered him and after it faded, all that was seen, was a majestic pink coloured wolf.

"Brother Ming Fan no!" Pei Ting Ting ( Ju Wei's mum) ran towards her hubby only to be kicked away by one of the red-haired men. Her head hit the wall and she fainted.


The wolf hurled but Ling Jie smiled and transformed into a green coloured Lion.


'Fight to death" the other men hailed.

A big fight ensued between the two rivals and fate seemed to have abandoned Ju Ming Fan. He lost and fell to the floor transforming to his human form totally n.a.k.e.d. Theresa gasped and turned around. This was getting somewhere she didn't want to go. So Ju Wei is a wolf descendant. She hasn't seen him change once though.

"Brother Ming Fan" Pei Ting Ting had opened her eyes and ran over to cover her husband's nudity from being seen by Ju Wei and the others. Only after this did Theresa turn around to continue watching hoping things won't go horny.

The lion walked to his men who surrounded him and he transformed back to human. Then light covered him and when it finally dimmed he was wearing a brown bathrobe.

"Look at his fair skin. Is that what you ran after, huh Pei Ting Ting?" he walked towards the couple.

"No, don't come near. I beg you, let him go and take me instead" she cried but he didn't listen to her. Ling Jie knelt close to her in a way that exposed his genitals to only Pei Ting Ting. She quickly looked away.

"Oh my gosh! You don't like my little brother? Hahaha, I don't care anyway. I'm here for something vital. Men tie her up" Ling Jie commanded with an evil smirk on his lips and his men immediately got to the task but she struggled free and ran to Ling Jie.

"No, no, don't harm my husband. Ling Jie please" Pei Ting Ting's cries fell on deaf ears.

"Well, I recall begging you to choose met 11 years ago but I guess only beautiful men can be heard. Ugly ones like me, deserve to be mates with pigs, no?" he opened his eyes wide for emphasis and blinked three times.

"That's not true. You know he's my mate and mates aren't to leave each other. Ling Jie, why can't you accept that? It's already been 11 years. Why are you still clinging to the past? Can't we settle this and become best friends again? Please!" Pei Ting Ting begged.

"No, I no longer have that feeling for you anymore. Instead, I just want something that only your husband can give me. Now move aside and let me do my thing"Ling Jie pushed her to the floor.

"Woman, have you actually forgotten? Look at this!" he points to two scars on his shoulders." This is what you did to your former best friend. All for him, a guy who can't defend himself"

"No, you're wrong. He is strong. It's just, I've been feeding on his cultivation after I...forget it" Pei Ting didn't want to complete her words. It had something to do with Ju Wei. Ling Jie can't know of his existence!

"Fine then, say nothing. Dumb woman" Ling Jie spat and commanded his men to hold her down.

"I want you to have the feeling of helplessness and distress. The hatefulness of not being able to defend the one you love. Today, I will get my revenge" he proclaimed.

"Noooooo. Don't hurt my beloved" Pei Ting Ting cried and one of the men put a stone in her mouth but she still struggled.

"Ting Ting, let him do what he wants" Ju Ming Fan who was awake weakly said as blood flowed from his mouth.

"Now, that's more like it" Ling Jie smiled in satisfaction and carried a barely conscious Ju Ming Fan to the bed, covered himself and Ju Ming Fan with a blanket from the waist down and took off his bathrobe. Then he turned Ju Ming Fan so his butt was facing him and he smacked it.

"Wow, such nice ass!" Ling Jie's eyes shone in delight. Such a good catch.

Theresa who was watching by the side turned away before Ju Wei's dad let out a pitiful cry. She felt her legs curl at the harsh slapping of skin and the cries of the victim

Ling Jie's cheered him on amidst Pei Ting Ting's tears.

"Boss is the best"

"Go harder. Be harsher"



"See the way they cheering for me? Ju Ming Fan, don't think of escaping today. Your death is imminent. Men get me the dagger" Ling Jie commanded. Immediately, a smaller sized man with brown hair ran to him and handed him a dagger.

Soon a cry that made Theresa fall to the ground in shock was heard but she dared not look back.

"We're both men, but your d*ck annoys me, might as well take him out first," Ling Jie said and continued his harsh activity.

Theresa covered her ears but it didn't help in any way. She could hear everything.

She wondered how Ju Wei went through all this. Such a poor kid! Now she wants to leave the story already but if that vortex doesn't appear there's no other choice.

She didn't look back the whole time that Ju Ming Fan was brutally ravaged and killed by Ling Jie and his 15 men. Not even when Pei Ting, was ra*ed to death by Ling Jie's men as Ling Jie wanted nothing to do with her.

At this time, a cry was heard from a box at the extreme of the room. Ling Jie threw a spell towards the box and it scattered revealing the cute child.

"Whoa! Boss, he looks good"


If this was said by normal people, it would be appreciated but these are not normal men but demons wearing human skin to fool sheep.

"Hahahahahahahah Hahahahaha" Ling Jie laughed with insincere applause.

Theresa still didn't turn back but felt very scared for Ju Wei. What was gonna happen to him? Would these heartless men have a bit of conscience since he's small and cute? Absolutely not!

"Wuuuu, Why did you harm mom and dad? What did they do to you? Why? Wuuuu" Ju Wei pitifully cried. He had no desire to live anymore.

"Hehe, I did that to entertain you, little master. Come let me show you how a real uncle behaves" Ju Wei was swooped from the ground and taken to bed.

'No, don't please. I can be your slave or you beat me every day but not this. Have mercy on me" Ju Wei cried but the one behind him right now is a monster not human. Soon, a blood-curling cry was heard and Theresa retched, feeling pain in her tummy.

"Ahhh, it...hurts....ahhhhh...no, no, no...help me"Ju Wei managed to cry out.

"Shut him up" Ling Jie was getting annoyed by his cries.

"Yes, boss," a man with red hair walked towards the bed and climbed it. Then he put his member into Ju Wei's mouth.

"Suck it, if you dare to bite him, you will lose yours" the man threatened.

3 hrs later.

"Wow, I can't believe this kid lasted so long"

"Yeah, he feels soft and warm"

"Very tasty lips"

"His a*s is tastier bro"

"I really would love to taste him in the a*s again"

Theresa was forced to look back. Surprisingly, the lower regions of the males were blurred.

Ju Wei was on the floor in a doggie style position and facing Theresa with eyes that had no more wish to live on. He just wanted if anything, quick death but the men here had other plans for him.

"Kill...me...please...I'm ....begging....you. End ...my..sor...sor...sor...sorrow" Ju Wei managed to speak with eyes looking straight ahead.

"No way, you can't die just yet. You still have to enjoy another two rounds ok?" Ling Jie said with an evil smile.

He then knelt behind Ju Wei and entered him again. Ju Wei was already numb from everything. He did not cry. He just wanted to die.

Suddenly he recalled his parents' last words and tears flowed from his eyes.

He managed to bring his hand to his pendant and crushed it with the little force that he had left. Immediately, he let out a howl as his eyes turned red, he suddenly had the strength to push Ling Jie away shocking everyone alive. Theresa also felt a little relief. He was finally fighting back, right?

"You...will not leave here alive" Ju Wei growled.

In reply, the men laughed.

"A little cub wanna challenge us"


"So funny"

"My head's about to burst"

"Ahhhhh" Ju Wei yelled and his bones began to crack with a loud noise.

"Eh? Is it not too early for him to shift?"

"Boss, stop him"

"No, I wanna see what he can do" Ling Jie said with a smirk, preparing the watch the show. He sat on the bed and crossed his legs after putting on a robe.

Then he took out fruits from his storage ring which he ate. His men also did the same. So while, one group was enjoying a show, Ju Wei felt like he was thrown into lava. He kept screaming for his parents as his bones cracked or broke and rearranged themselves. Theresa was already in tears. This was Ju Wei's childhood? Her childhood was filled with ith love and happiness. What was this?

Ju Wei's body was now in a weird shape and his bones hadn't stopped cracking. His teeth all fell out and he kept vomiting blood.

"Epic!" one of Ling Jie's men commented.

" First time seeing a lad shift so early. Can he make it?"


" Shut your mouths and enjoy the performance" Ling Jie chided.

"Sorry boss" the men chorused and continued eating fruits watching Ju Wei's transformation with interest.

"Ouch...ahhh... ahhhh...it hurts. Mom.... Daddy, why did you leave me alone? Owwww" Ju Wei cried earning applause from Ling Jie.

" Keep going" he urged.

" You... won't get away with this...ahhh...owww" Ju Wei decided to just stop talking and try to finish the process

Next his nails elongated along with his ears and his chest puffed up. His hair grew longer and some hair became visible all over his body.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Theresa wasn't the one shifting but she felt sore all over like she was beaten.

" Ju Wei, she muttered, trying not to faint.

Soon Ju Wei began to roll around as he was nearing the climax of his transformation. His facial bones were cracking too and rearranging themselves.

" Boy, that must hurt. But don't stop. Hurry up a bit so I can f*ck you to death like your father who couldn't even protect himself." Ling Jie heartlessly spoke further irritating Ju Wei. He crawled to Ling Jie with great difficulty.

"Kill me" he managed to speak again coz by this time new team had come out of the once toothless gums. He was very tired. Let death come and take him to his parents.

"Sorry kid, but I'm...NOT INTERESTED" Ling Jie emphasized the last two words and ate a strawberry that smelled so delicious.

Ju Wei then crawled to the others with difficulty and begged for death but they just kicked him about.

Theresa didn't feel like watching anymore. This was too much even for an a.d.u.l.t to take.

Finally light covered Ju Wei for 3 minutes masking the rest of the now speedy transformation which was incredibly painful. After the light dimmed, what was seen was a little pink wolf cub. It was very weak and barely breathing. It looked at the corpses of his parents who were unable to return to their original forms due to Ling Jie and his men having sucked all their blood for demonic cultivation.

The wolf cub suddenly rose and launched a surprise attack at Ling Jie. He laughed and made jokes about how puny Ju Wei was as a wolf. To his surprise, Ju Wei freed himself and bit Ling Jie's neck. Instantly, his face became purplish and he crashed to the floor, dead. His eyes were wide open and unwilling to believe he died like that.


Ju Wei began to increase on size till he almost reached an a.d.u.l.t wolf.

Ling Jie's men were still in shock. What has just happened? Where is their domineering boss? What sort of poison was in Ju Wei's mouth. Immediately they transformed into Lions either pink, red or brown and ran off.

That may sound surprising, but this would before them could finish them off with one bite. The lotus mark on Ju Wei's forehead proved that he was a legendary wolf accepted by the heavens. Even if they attack him together, they were still no match for Ju Wei.

After they ran away, Ju Wei fell to the ground and transformed back easily. But he no longer has the body of a nine year old but a fifteen year old who was well developed. Theresa quickly looked away. She wasn't interested in seeing Ju Wei's glory. If possible she'd have gone over to cover him but she couldn't. She was in a story. She can't interfere but watch it live. The scene before her then changed to Ju Wei doing something really unimaginable. He was ra*ing a grandma. His eyes were red and he showed the grandma who was crying no pity

Suddenly his eyes stopped glowing red and he screamed in shock at what he'd done.

" Grandma, I'm so sorry. Grandma please forgive me. I didn't know what I was doing. Please. I'm so sorry" Ju Wei freed himself from Grandma and turned around.

The grandma managed to get into a sitting position and patted his back. Ju Wei flinched as he wasn't used to others touching him.

" Turn your head around, my son" she said weakly.

He obeyed and took out water and pain relief medicine for her while constantly apologizing.

" I curse you to be unable to touch women until you find your mate and before that you will sleep with your s.e.x ." Grandma spoke before falling to the bed, dead.

Ju Wei began to cry bitterly. What has he done? What did he do to deserve this? It isn't his fault, it's the wolf inside him that's responsible for this not him. He took out a knife and cut off the lotus seal on his

right hand and blood flowed heavily. In that manner he walked into the nearby forest into a cave where he fainted.

It was at this time that the true effect of the pendant he crushed came out. He became a spirit bound to a dragon whip in that cave. He decided to reside in it and only come out occasionally.

The scene then changed to when Ju Wei met long Ren for the first time. He saved Ju Wei from being kidnapped by slave traders.

A vortex appeared and Theresa finally sighed in relief. Finally, she could leave!

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