Love Is Timeless Chapter 228

Volume 2: Hot Times Chapter 229 6

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Ah! she's finally out. She knelt on the grass breathing heavily. Her head hurt from Ju Wei's story.

"That was too epic. But...I really feel bad. I've treated them badly and never tried to understand where they were coming from. Compared to them, my childhood experience is like heaven. Now I know why Ju Wei is addicted to men of all people. He was cursed and needs a mate. But will his mate even accept him? Did Ju Wei just accept the curse and not do anything about it? And Long Ren...humans killed his parents that's why he didn't like me at first. Sigh, this is so complicated. I really wanna say ignorance is bliss but what master knows nothing of their pet? No, I can't call them pets, senior brother sounds better since I've always wanted a big brother. Hehe, Theresa, you're gonna gain 3 big brothers who'll pamper you, how cool!" Theresa cheered herself up but then recalled there was one more story to witness- Bai Lu Chen's!

"OMG! I hope it won't be bad. Please let it be a honey-sweet story that will make me smile. I don't want to cry again. I can still recall Ju Wei's story." now she felt afraid but she can't run away. It's her duty no matter how carefree she wants to be.

"Alright, I can do it. Theresa, you are strong. You can do it" she encouraged herself and picked Bai Lu Chen's book, opening it with her right eye closed.

Immediately, the book glowed and a small vortex appeared sucking a yieldedTheresa in.


She opened her eyes after landing on a hard floor butt first.

"I should be used to this" she shrugged and rose, patting the creases on her clothes. Then she scanned the place which was actually a very large room twice the size of hers on earth. It was well furnished that Theresa nodded. The owner of this place had great taste.

The bed which was in the middle of the room was a king-size wooden bed with a three-layered blanket that had sunflower embroidery.

The door opned and a very pretty lady that should be around forty walked in followed by seven maids. She had her arm around the shoulder of a 13-year-old boy who looked so handsome that the maids behind were secretly licking their lips.

The lady pretended not to notice and led her son to the bed and made him sit.

"Chen, my boy, Mama said she's gonna give you a very big present today and she means her words" the lady caressed her boy's head lovingly.

"What nice hair you have" she praised and took her hand to his face and pinched his cheek a little.

"Super soft" she praised again. Meanwhile, the maids were smiling a very meaningful smile.

"Go lock the door" the lady commanded.

"Yes, Your Majesty," said the maid as she scurried towards the door and returned with the key.

"My dear boy, you are on the way to manhood. Soon you'll have wives and concubines and a kingdom to rule over. I want u to be prepared for that. So...do you wanna know the present mommy wants you to see?" the queen asked slyly. The unsuspecting boy nodded.

"Nw that's my boy. It lies in your body, three inches under your belly button. It's the greatest gift and weapon you could ever have. You will make me cry tears of happiness and you will feel everlasting satisfaction" said the lady who was already having weird thoughts.

"Mother, three inches under my belly button...isn't that my...you know it. I use it to pee. How can it give you happiness and bring me satisfaction? How is it a gift and a weapon?" the boy asked confused.

"Hahahaha you are funny my boy. But everyone has to start from somewhere. Come closer, let me show you the gift I brought you. It might be strange but you must swear not to ever reject it" the lady spoke with a smile.

The boy nodded innocently and shifted closer to his mum. After all, mum would never hurt him.


The story has officially ended in . Thanks for all ur support all this time. Those who want access to part two will get the link when it's ready. Take care everyone and kisses!

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