The Fox Wedding Kitsune No Kekkon Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Chapter V: A Jealous Death.

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Her response was lightning.

Just as expected of her.

It was Monday morning, it was not time to go to school yet, and we were having breakfast as a family, Kirara complained that I no longer allowed her to enter my bedroom and that I even locked it. I had no intention of letting her pass.

To begin with, the room was full on with photos of my stalker that I had taken while she was watching me, maps with routes in red, yellow and blue according to the complexity of her monitoring, marked with pins where she appreciates, disappeared, hides etc... It seemed the room of some police investigation of those that appear in the American television series.

My father did not pay much attention to my sister's complaints, arguing that I was already a man, and that sometimes men have things to keep in our privacy ... I think he is right, just in a different manner.

At that moment there was a knock on the door.

My mother went to open it, I had a slight stroke the moment they touched. There was no one outside. Instead, only one envelope was left at the entrance. With my name it was about time.

My mother came back to the table and looked at me before handing me the envelope, I was nervous, I have to admit, I took the envelope quickly.

"It's not time they delivered mail anyway. "

My father commented ... "Damn, don't make unnecessary comments father, you will raise suspicions" I thought as he put that envelope away.

"Aren't you going to open it? Onii-san is it something you should hide?"

Kirara asked, I just looked at her ... "Little sister, there are times when you can joke and there are times when you have to learn to shut your mouth" I thought as he kept the envelope away. I guess my movements became too nervous, my family was looking at me with eyes full of bewilderment, since always, even after this started, I have tried to be warm with my family. I just got up from the table. I didn't even finish my breakfast.

"I have things to do."

I said when I got up from the table, went to my room, ignoring my mother's criticism. I heard my father tell my sister that she had gone too far, and that she should let me do what I thought was right. After that I went upstairs and closed the door to my room behind me.


I held my breath as I opened the envelope and saw the note in it, because the letter I had received was long, and it was written in blood, written only hiragana. It was a note from my persecutor, of that there was no doubt. Where did you get the blood from? I wondered as I looked at her.

<Why? Why did you do this to me? I cannot allow it, you are my Sempai, you are mine, she only wants to deceive you, I know that you have fallen because of her traps, and I am willing to make up, you love me, I know that you do. I don't like this, I don't want this. Without you my life is nothing, please Sempai, I know that you will come to me, right?

You will come like the first time, and we will fix this misunderstanding, I love you, more than anything, my life belongs to you, and for that I know that you will come>

It seems that the first part of the plan had worked, now I wanted to know how far this had come, most likely Amatsune was dead by now, but not matter.

I would meet her.

As usual, the address and time of the appointment was encoded, but after a few moments of analysis, I didn't need any help.

Take my things, but not those of the school, I had prepared what I might need, so I left my house, and walked slowly. My family said something to me before I left, but I didn't really listen. Whatever it was, it wasn't important.

When I got to the place where I was supposed to meet her, there was another piece of paper, hidden under a can of soda, that had a piece of paper stuck on it that said "For Sempai" So this is the game we're going to play, huh? It was fine that she had taken her precautions, anyway, it would have to be far away, assuming everything was going the way I think it were.


It took me less than I expected to get to the end of the puzzle, apparently she didn't feel like complicating things.

The place that she had chosen was a secluded place on the outskirts of the city; it seemed something like an abandoned garage, where apparently, no one would come, even if someone screams.

Once there, I found traces of blood on the floor, so I could tell from it where a certain hunter had entered ... and her prey. I kept thinking about that moment.

Well that could only mean one thing, Amatsune was still alive.

It would have been useless if my little stalker brought her already dead. What should I do now?

If all my assumptions are correct then, and as this proves, Amatsune is alive; my little stalker must have brought her here to make her give up on me. This is where I have to make my move; this is where it shows how much value being "Sempai" is.

I mentally reviewed the rules I had read and everything I knew, as I smoked and slowly approached the entrance, the police were blighting by their absence on this site, it seems that it is more like an abandoned warehouse of something ... I see ripped cars, rusted, and without parts, the place was full of things like irons, pliers, screwdrivers and saws, which are weapons.

It was afternoon, I opened the door that squeaked with the movement, I did not put out the cigarette in my hands, I was quite nervous, but I was struggling not to prove anything, my steps echoed, no there was no one, at least at first glance. There was only a white wall, with a small metal door, it seemed forced open.

I began to whistle a little tune that I had seen on television, some iron sounded in its fall, and I heard a laugh, similar to the one I had heard the day that girl had encountered with the criminals.

My only way out of all this was to do exactly what she didn't expect me to do, defy her logic, break it.

Only then would she get that part of her out. It might be because of the adrenaline rush I was feeling, but I didn't question what I was doing.

And I was not afraid of her either.

The reason for doing that was very simple, based on what I have come to understand, she likes me, but she still doesn't trust me, if I can show her that even that part of her doesn't scare me, and then maybe she can trust me enough to deal with the situation, and all this eternal stalking nonsense thing would be over.

I just hope that first hypothesis is not wrong, because if it is, I am dead.

I walked through the door while she was telling someone else, who seemed to be sitting in front of her, the angle from which I walked in didn't allow me to see who it was, but you didn't need to be a genius to know who it was ... whatever, I heard to my persecutor say:

"Here he comes, here he comes, I told you that he would come if it was me who called him That's because Sempai loves me and only me"

She had the same tone of voice that she had used to speak to the guy she murdered in that alley. I was listening to all that as I approached, she sounded incredibly happy, it was as if the fact that I had come corroborated everything she thought of me. "I'm sorry to have to break that little heart of yours a little, please resist" he thought as he ran the door to the right.


It would be difficult to express in words, the very different reaction that my mind, my heart, my common sense and my body had when seeing the scene that was developed in front of my eyes.

"Welcome, my love. "

It was the first thing the girl who was standing on a kind of step told me.

There was a metal chair, where apparently, Amatsune had been tied for a long time, since she had already stopped trying to free herself. I would have wanted to say many things at the time, but one step at a time,

First, I had to drive her crazy.


I called, she turned to see me, she was gagged, she had a big wound on her forehead and her eyes were watery and full of terror, even so, she reacted, as if I were her savior.

My little stalker seemed mortified that I didn't return the greeting.

So she did what anyone would do in her place, try to remind me that she is the one in control of the situation.

"I told her that you would come as soon as I called you. That you love only me, but "this thing" had only answered a lot of nonsense, so I had to gag her."

She explained the situation in a strange way, it was evident that she felt superior to Amatsune in the way she addressed her, but no matter what happened, here the Sempai was me, I just had to know how to act like one.

"Let her go"

I commanded, she looked at Amatsune in confusion, then looked at me.

"Sempai, I want you to understand that she could never love you the way I do, you know, right?"

She asked, it was working, but it wasn't enough. She seemed nervous, pretty interested in make me believe her.

"This is not about love; you have to let her go."

"This is about love, it's about a thief trying to steal Sempai's love and warmth from me! "

She screamed, it seems that she was beginning to despair, but, to tell the truth, I could not maintain this act too long either, I was beginning to regret hurting her, and if all this was to take the step, I had to do it soon.

"I'll do what you want, just let her go. "

It was what I offered her, she looked at me, her eyes had tears, she began to whimper.

"Is what "it" says true? Did you ask her to go out with you? Even knowing that you have me?"

Tears began to flow from her eyes, and to stain her face, but if I stopped now it would all have been in vain, and that was even worse than what I was already doing to her.

I did not think of Amatsune at any point in all this, she just looked at me, understanding absolutely nothing, her eyes curdled in tears, and although she begged to be released, by not giving the correct answers, she was taken for a liar, that was exactly what I needed to happen to me, but in a different manner.

"Take that out of her mouth and we'll talk. "

I told her, I knew it wasn't going to do much good, but I needed her to get even more confused, between Amatsune's whining, my disdain and the despair she felt should be enough to break her heart (and her sanity).

"I will do as Sempai tells me to do, but when I do, she will start screaming, if she screams I will cut her neck, I swear."

She tried to regain her composure when she answered, but for some reason, her face couldn't hide the anguish she should be feeling right now. That's why I know she was serious, and Amatsune knew it too, she had to be very stupid to scream, (Un)fortunately she wasn't.

"What is all this? What's going on, Ataka-kun? Weren't you the one who asked me out? Tell her that so he can let go of me, I'm scared, please."

It was the words that came out of Amatsune's mouth, it was visible that she had been exposing herself to the terror of dying for several hours. But nothing could be done, I decided to continue with the act.

"I asked her out, she is my girlfriend."

I told my little stalker, who was quite hysterical, she put her hand to her chest, making an effort to contain her crying, I think what I said hurt her like nothing had ever.

"But Sempai is mine he belongs to me, he is my Sempai tell her that, tell her that you love me, tell her that you are mine and that I am the only one that you never loved her and that she was your toy."

She was crying, damn it. I was not afraid of her, so I was not scared at all, only that her words get my heart as well, and knowing that she was suffering, I was tempted to tell her what she asked.

I suppose that was the truth It had been true for a long time, but I couldn't tell her yet. There was a problem.

With those words, she had already confessed, she could have stopped everything there, but one last thing was missing and there was only one way to do it when it came to the matter I was in, I knew it, since I asked this girl out, I knew there was only one thing waiting for her so I did there was no choice.

If Amatsune got out of here, she would call the police immediately. It was certain that she would so, there was no choice, Sawara Amatsune must die.

"I'm in love with Sawara-chan, I'm not going to deny what I feel, I'm sorry, but I can't say something like that. "

Amatsune widened her eyes as wide as she could, and became hysterical as well.

"What do you say? Idiot, I'm going to die, you understand? Can you understand it? She's crazy and she's going to kill me, to hell with your feelings, I'm not going to die for them, go to hell! Die Yashite!"

She was absolutely out of her.

But for me persecuting those words were not even heard, she was standing next to the chair where Amatsune was tied, holding her head with her hands, as she seemed unable to bear the pain she felt. Then it happened. When she got up, she already had that huge knife in her hand, it still had blood on it.

"So ... that's the way it is. "

Even her voice had changed tone, now it showed a completely emotionless face, and her Amatsune tried to say something, but it was late, my words had sealed her death sentence, my little persecutor cut her neck with a single blow, I looked away for a moment, when I looked again, my "girlfriend" was no longer there.

It was done.


Moments after Amatsune died there in front of me, my little Yandere was kneeling crying, knife in her hand, I don't think she felt the slightest bit sorry for the girl she had just killed. Rather I think she was still in shock from being hurt the way she had. Her crying could be heard throughout the room.

However, she did not leave, and I did not move from there. After waiting a few moments, I approached her.

"Why did you do it, Sempai?"

She asked me, looking at me suddenly, I did not stop, as I had already said, I had no fear of her.

Right now is when she could kill me, but if I was going to do it, I really didn't blame her, it was well deserved. It's just that, I couldn't find another way to get close enough to her.

"I had to set you up, and I couldn't find another way I wanted to get close to you, that's all."

I told her, it was the truth, but she obviously didn't believe it.

"Liar! Sempai liar, liar! Traitor!"

She was hurt, I couldn't blame her for not believing what I said, she got up and took her knife, it was the only thing that made her feel less vulnerable, there were two possibilities, that she tried to kill me, or that she tried to commit suicide, she opted for the second.

I hurried and stopped her, holding the knife with both hands, it was curious that the first time we touched our hands, it was with a knife in between.

"Let me! Let me do it! Sempai!"

As much as he struggled with her, she could not snatch the knife from her, and her whining and screaming might have attracted attention, now that there were a lot. But there was no one else there, and it was not likely that she would be heard, besides that, that moment she didn't care about anything.


I ordered her, she let go of the struggle, and pointed the knife at her stomach.

"I want to show you something, that's all. "

It was what I told her, she stopped then.

After all, she was curious, and although she was hurt, at least she had not stopped loving me, that was enough for her to give me a little of her attention.

I also think that a part of her really wanted to believe my words. I regained my composure.

"I'll get out of Sempai's path, now he can be happy with whoever he wants, I'm the one who doesn't matter, I'm crazy, I'm ugly, and stupid Sempai doesn't love me anymore."

She complained, but lowered the knife, this was a good advance, I could not miss the opportunity.

"Let me show you what I want to show you, stubborn Ojou-san please."

I knelt down, that was enough for her to stop crying and pay me a little more attention, at least she was still listening to me, that should be a good sign. It was incredible the change she could have from one moment to the next, in that moment, when she put her psychosis aside, she looked just like a pretty girl who had been crying.

She stared at me, with those huge blue eyes and her face stained with tears and blood.

"I don't believe you Sempai liar liar."

She cried again, but at least I think it was a normal cry, anyway, I crawled up to where she was.

"Please, it doesn't need to be a long time, but when you've seen you'll understand everything, please I I still love you."

If she had not been all stained with blood, I think we would look more or less like any television drama these days, where the prince gets off his white horse to ask the princess to accompany him ... well, this was a very strange fairy tale then.

"What am I supposed to understand? I don't believe anything, Sempai has lied before. Why would he tell the truth now?"

She was angry, but now she was just angry, apparently she was already calm, and the knife was on the ground. It was the moment, the moment to use the magic words, now or never.



It turns out that she chose the place, because there was a junk shredder in the abandoned compound, I don't have to say what happened to Amatsune. I said the last goodbye to the girl in my mind, and asked her forgiveness. Then we left. It was already dark.

She was quite reluctant, refused to walk beside me, and just followed me, she seemed the kind of girl who was angry about any little thing, and who waits patiently to be pleased with something. But I had a secret weapon. I couldn't fail, that's why the place I took her to was my house.

"Sempai has brought me to his house, is it something he keeps here? Or is it just that he plans hurt me even more?"

She asked suddenly, I shook my head, turned to see her, and said, seriously:

"You, better than anyone, know that I am not that kind of person."

She looked at me for a moment, her gaze said "Yes, I know that Sempai is not that kind of person" but her mouth said the opposite.

"I do not know anything! And Sempai is a liar."

I smiled, now she looked like a Tsundere, but it must be because of her annoyance. I told her that she must enter my house blindfolded. She didn't seem to have a problem with that.

I was all part of the surprise element

I made sure that my family did not notice that I had entered the house, I warned her not to make noise or I could not show her what she wanted, so she entered very carefully, anyway, we did not make sound, she stood still in my bedroom, without saying a word, until I closed the door behind me.

Then I approached behind her, and placing a hand on her shoulder, with which she had a little jump...

"I've never stopped looking at you, really. "

I told her and I removed the blindfold from his eyes.

I had managed to impress her, she was speechless, with wide eyes, my bedroom was full of photos, maps, objects, papers with messages, everything had to do with her. There were photos taped to the wall, messages posted on maps, which were marked where she had delivered them. She looked at everything with wide eyes, without being able to believe it, the tears were slipping from her eyes, she looked slowly, up and down, and everywhere. There was not a single corner that had something that was someone else's.

"Sempai has been looking at me always Sempai, always."

And couldn't continue, she was crying when he turned to see me.

"Can you believe me now?"

She nodded, very strongly and many times, her face was full of tears, I guess she was the happiest that someone like her could be. Any other girl would be scared to death, but for someone like her, this was an infallible display of love much like the one she claimed to have for me. She was a Yandere, but she was my Yandere ... and at least I, treasured her.

When she couldn't take it anymore, she pulled her arms towards me, hugged me and started crying as hard as her lungs could allow, she was small, and outside of the smell of blood, she smelled good.

For a moment I was somewhat afraid that someone in my family might realize that she was here, but I also thought that, at the time, it didn't matter. No matter how much they knock out there, nothing in the world would make me open.

"Sempai Idiot!"

She screamed in the middle of crying, I just hugged her. I guess she should be feeling just as good as I do, or better, after all, she had been dreaming about this since long before I was even aware of it.

"You saved my life, and if you want to end it right now, you can do it ... I'm not going to stop you, but if you think you can still trust me, even a little, then let me be by your side, there will never be anyone else, you will be the only one , I'll just be your Sempai, I promise you."

I repeated.

Those were the words that convinced her to come, at that moment, she said "I suppose I can stop it for a moment, but if you lie to me again, I will not forgive you" but at this moment she hugged me tighter, as if she would like to break me in half.

Then she looked at me, raising her face, her eyes were filling with tears.

"Yes I want I want to be Sempai's be Sempai's girlfriend I want a life together with Sempai"

"Take it then, it's yours."

I offered her, and she did, I mean she kissed me.

That was my first kiss, and hers.

I guess we were very lucky.

How many couples can say the same? I can't describe what it feels like, because it was also my first kiss, and I don't have much experience in this, but I can say that it was like ... like eating a chocolate when you've never tried one, as if a weight you have tied around the neck since you were born had taken off you.

I guess, with that, the need to be following each other ended, there was no need for that anymore because we could walk together, which was undoubtedly better, far better.


It was late at night when we realized what was happening in the outside world. Anyway, I still had a long series of questions for my little stalker.

She stayed holding me after that for a long time, while her breathing normalized after so many tears. I guess it was to be expected. I really felt bad for taking the damage so far, but on the other hand, I had no choice, that was the only time I had hurt someone I loved with the full intention of doing so, it was not particularly pleasant.

"How about a night walk?"

I asked in a low voice, she nodded without saying anything, her favorite knife was kept in her bag on the way, which she carried on her shoulder all the time, I don't know what else she kept there, but they were undoubtedly women's things, so I will not inquire .

First you had to ask her to change his clothes. Being stained with blood might draw attention, even though it was night, and we had already taken too much risk for now. She looked at me for a moment.

"Sempai, I haven't brought any clothes with me."

She didn't have to say that, it was more than obvious that, of all the endings she imagined, none resembled this one, in the best of cases, I think, she had thought of just returning home quietly. But things took a turn that she didn't expect, so anyway, she needed a change of clothes.

"Well, I guess this is what they call an emergency mission wait here. "

She told me that she would wait patiently, so we finally parted ways with that hug which she resisted slightly.

Got damn!

Of all the things I've done, this is the most embarrassing. My family was sleeping, so my idea was to go into Kirara's bedroom and grab some "borrowed" clothes.

This was much more dangerous, in a different way, because of the scandal that would ensue if I was caught doing something like that, but are there any options in this?

Fortunately, I was not caught, although I was scared when my sister seemed to wake up. Her window was slightly open.

Paying no attention to that, I just walked in, opened her clothing drawers, and took out the first thing in there. It was her sports uniform.

How grateful I am for not opening the wrong drawer.


When I got back she was doing an excellent imitation of a statue while sitting on the floor in my room, anyway she seems to be in a good mood.

"Here, this is for you, you need to change, we'll see what we do with the spots later."

She thanked me with a little voice, and I left my bedroom, closing the door behind me, so she could change. I had read in some of my research that most Yandere were ready for sex right after a confession, especially an emotional one... but for the simple consideration of her age, I think I should not expect something like that for now Everything will come in due time.

I was thinking about those things when she came down the stairs, found me sitting at the end of them and hugged me from behind.

"Sempai is the kindest person I know."

I was glad to hear that, I got up slowly, and taking her hand again, I guided her out, we left in the most absolute of silences.


We were walking along the sidewalk holding hands, when I remembered why I had decided to do this. There were a lot of things I couldn't find out about her from bullying alone. There were many things I wanted to ask her, several of them about what I had been asking myself, without an answer, all this time.

"I have some questions for you, I hope you don't mind answering, it would make me very happy if you told me the truth."

That's what I told her, she was walking beside me, she hadn't said a word, she was just holding my hand and actually, she seemed quite happy just with this. After all, despite her mind condition, she was a fourteen-year-old girl, no more than that.

"I can't lie to Sempai, because he has the right to know everything about me and it makes me happy that Sempai wants to know more about me, I promise not to hide anything."

That sounded wonderful, but he had to be careful, he had no intention of embarrassing her now. It had already been too many emotions, he had to be patient, and start with the most essential things.

"What is your name?"

She looked at me for a moment, we stopped walking and stopped in a park, it was dawn, and it was cold, I was very glad to have taken off the sports uniform, with a sweatshirt and pants, and not the common summer shirts that my sister usually uses at home. Even so, I draped my coat over his shoulders, it was cloudy.

Then it happened, a slight breeze brought with it a cold and light rain, the air passed over us and ruffled her hair, wetting it with the morning dew and the rain that fell slightly ... it was dawn on the horizon. The sun illuminated his face right in front of me. I never saw anything like it.

I was busy admiring that delicate beauty when she smiled and introduced herself.

"My name is Katabe Kitsune, nice to meet you."

She bowed slightly, she was a girl with good manners, I approached and took her hand again, since I had to let go of her to put my coat on her shoulders.

Katabe Kitsune, it was a beautiful name, but something else immediately came to mind ... I already knew the last name, and, on the other hand, she even had a certain resemblance to that person ... it could be that ...

No, it is not a "could be" ... it was quite clear and you had to be very innocent (or very stupid) not to see it.

"Why your sister?"

She lowered her face, as if she had always known that was the question she should answer. We sat in the same park where she had met me the last time, it was raining lightly, and it was sunny because it had just dawned ... a rare coincidence because that was her name.

"Onee-san was."

She began to say, as if it was difficult for her to speak, and then sighed, trying to get her courage. I can't quite describe the scene unfolding in front of my eyes, but somehow, I understood that she was doing her best to cope with that reality.

"I never had a good relationship with Onee-san, she never like me she always said all kinds of bad things about me. She used to always insult me; calling me a bitch, earth-worm she would break my things for no reason, beat me and throw me into the mud that's the kind of person she was."

She explained to me, I just had to force myself to believe what he was saying, because it was hard for me to imagine the Takeshi that I had met saying that kind of thing to someone like his own sister. It is true that I fight with my sister sometimes, but I would never be cruel enough to say something like "bitch" to Kirara, first of all, she was my little sister.

"I think she always hated me, she hated me for being born if I tried to complain to my parents, they never listened, they were always busy with their own affairs, besides, it was certain that she would retaliate later."

She shook her head after a moment, there was no sign of regret about what had happened, but I just kept quiet and let her speak.

I was always willing to accept the truth, whatever it was, I couldn't deny that now, anyway, whatever it was, I couldn't change the fact that I was there, with her.

-But that was fine... I could forgive she hated me, it's not my fault that I was born ... but I didn't need her to love me... so I was fine with that ... but ... then she found out about the existence of Sempai, and she found out how much I adored you, I think I was not very discreet about that, but she had no right to take Sempai away from me ... I couldn't forgive that, I couldn't forgive that she had put you in in our fight ... and she was trying to take Sempai from me ... I couldn't allow it."

I think that what she is telling me coincided then with the moment that I realized that I was being followed, I always had the doubt ... Why was Takeshi suddenly noticed me? Why did he seem nice to me just like that? It seems that this issue was just the facade, actually it was not even about me ... if I had been a little smarter and less self-centered, I would have noticed.

It's not like what I think can change anything at this point, right now I couldn't do anything but listen to what Kitsune had to say, so I just looked at her, and smiled, reluctantly admitting to myself that, if it was like that, then I was kind of glad that she had killed her.

"She assured me that she would take Sempai away from me, so I threw her, waited for her to distract herself, and threw her out the window."

I just looked at her, I suppose I had a sad expression on her face, but I didn't judge that that had been excessive, rather I felt bad about everything she had had to go through, but she misunderstood it instantly, and altered.

"I did what anyone would have done, she wanted to take Sempai away from me, she didn't love you, and she never cared about you, that damn harlot ."

She clenched her fists, her expression was starting to change, so I hugged her, I needed to reassure her, something like that could lead to another psychotic episode, there I realized that maybe it had been a bad idea to have forced her to speak at this moment, but I tried to reassure her.

It was too early for too many people in the park, so hugging her wasn't a bad idea. She fell silent for a moment.

"I'm here, no one is going to take me off from your side now, I will be with you always."

She began to relax.

She leaned on my chest, I let her be, and regardless of whether anyone could see us at that moment. Her health was at stake. After a few moments, she sighed.

"Sempai is mine only mine."

After saying that, Katabe Kitsune fell asleep.

"It has been a day of many emotions" I thought as stroked her hair.

I didn't dare to move for a while, being like this is quite pleasant anyway. I couldn't see her face, but her breathing told me that she was calm, and that was the only thing that mattered to me at the moment.

To tell the truth, I'm not very clear about how she got here, I mean, I don't know where she came from or why she chose me, but I have to admit that having a pretty girl so close sleeping so quietly forces you to be grateful that things have happened this way.

It was about five in the morning when she fell asleep, and I didn't wake her up, I would stay, just as I was, at least until she felt better.

And that's how this romance began.

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