The Fox Wedding Kitsune No Kekkon Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Chapter VI: A Happy Death.

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Every day after school I part-timed in a baker that was a bit far from my home

I didn't see myself in the need to quit my job after everything that had happened, so I just continued working at that bakery as if nothing happened.

Our school dismissal times overlapped a bit, so when I was leaving school (by which time she was already waiting for me outside) we would walk together to my job where I still spent a large part of the day.

She waited outside until I finished. The only companion I had, a girl named Chitose, who was in charge of being in the box, began to notice her after a while, but she never said anything nor did I say anything to her.

I think Kitsune stayed there to prevent me from getting close to my coworker or from her getting close to me.

Well, nothing can be done about this matter although it goes without saying that I never spoke to nobody if wasn't necessary.

From time to time, too, she would stalk me while I was at school; I think it was not okay for her to skip her classes, and that she would have problems if she was caught, but I needed to find a good way to tell her that, and by the time present, I haven't.

I cannot say something like that until she was sure that I was not going to approach anyone else. Otherwise she might think that someone is too close to me and that I am trying to hide it from her. That only would alarm her.

I need to she made sure everything was going to be okay, and as everyone understand, Its going to take time.

I had to be careful also that Kirara isn't going to meet us when we left school, because I didn't want her to make a fuss right now.

There would be time to introduce Kitsune-chan to my family. But for the time being, the couple was the important thing in the relationship.

I mean, first I wanted to cement my relationship as a couple well before taking it all to the next point.

Several days had passed and apparently Kitsune-chan didn't dislike the way the relationship was going.

In fact, she looks quite happy. We walked down the street holding hands.

Normally that would be a bit excessive, considering the time of day, but ... as for those things, it seems that Kitsune was quite permissive, in fact, I have the impression that if I had stopped to kiss her in the middle of the street, she would have received it as naturally as when we are alone.

Anyway, there are things that I consider would be to abuse her, like the situation that I just mentioned... that is out of the question, but giving out of how forgiving she can be I think that walking taken from the hand is not so bad anyway.

I have also been able to realize many details about her, which I could not realize when she looked at me from afar, such as, for example, that her way of walking is quite elegant.

She seems to have grown up in a house where manners were more strict than in mine.

Also seems to like sweet things a lot, and she smiles when she turns to her side, and sees me walking next to her ... I think that, without being important, this is like a dream come true as far as she is concerned.

"Sempai, I have prepared lunch for you to eat during work. Will you eat it?"

She asked halfway, that surprised me a bit I admit it. I didn't expect her to start being so diligent all of a sudden.

"Sure, yes, as long as it is something that you prepare for me. "

I replied, showing her a smile, she took a box of obento and held it out to me. I rushed to take it and she was happy.

"I don't know if what I prepare is delicious, but I will strive to be better and better, so one day it will be worthy of Sempai."

She added later, then she thought for a moment, as if trying to remember something, her face was serious it was nice to see her like that.

"By the way, Sempai, I've seen that a woman is very close to you, I know you don't talk to her, but you shouldn't trust her don't talk to her."

Those were her exact words, I turned to see her, she immediately blushed...

"It's that you spend a lot of time with her, I know it's your job and that you don't really have any communication, but she makes me a little envious I don't know what I'd do if she starts talking to you and she likes you."

So that was absolutely right. It's true, whatever happens now, I must not forget about her psychological condition, she is always going to be this obsessive, and I should try to put as little stress on her as possible.

"Okay, I won't talk to her, Kitsune. "

I replied with a sigh.

She looked at me wide-eyed, because it was the first time I'd ever called her by name. It might sound strange, but it's also understandable because our relationship began in a way that not all relationships begin.

"Sempai called me by my name"

She moaned with a tinkling little voice, a mixture of amazement, shame and happiness...

Well, that's something I never expected to see from her.

It seemed like she could fry a tuna in her head from how blushing she was, I held back the laugh and asked:

"Katabe-san is okay then?"

I didn't want to say it but I didn't want to call her that, after all... needless to say.

It's easy to understand. She shook her head.

"Ki Kitsune is fine."

She stuttered in a barely audible voice, completely out of herself, in a different way than I was used to, but I just took her hand pressing it a little.

It seems that she also did not wish to be called by her last name, so it can be seen that I am making positive progress in all this.

"So, getting back to the main issue, I promise I won't talk to her, okay? "

I asked her, she nodded and stared down although I could still see a very big smile on her face, and that smile eased my heart.

I think she's still scared of being too selfish about all of this.

It feels like she's holding back so she doesn't seem too obsessive I don't like the idea.

As much as that self-repression means more freedom for me, it also means that she could develop an attack more easily, since she is constantly generating stress on herself.

That can be dangerous; I need her to break free, to be who she is.

I know it will not be easy, but I have to do it for her sake, mine, and for others.

I went to work after that. She didn't seem like saying goodbye, so I walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. As she had thought would happen, she did not resisted.

"Don't worry. The world will still be here when I get out of there, and I'll still be just for you."

I said in a low voice, in his ear. She smiled and replied:

"I trusted you, Sempai, I really trusted you."

That was what she told me, I couldn't extend my stay with her because it was time to work. But from her words I can define what she didn't said "I don't trust is all those Harlots" or something like that.

Well, I just have to get away from each and every one of them.


Having a girlfriend like mine is social suicide.

The truth is that when I started with all this I had no idea what was going to happen or how serious it could become. Im at fault by thinking not that much about this but I think that when we talk about a case like mine is more a virtue than a sin.

I still cannot clarify myself. What would have happened I had simply decided not to go? Even though I know well that is pointless in thinking about it now, because all that remains is to move on forwards.

When one talks about a case like Kitsune's, especially if we talk about his jealousy, we also talk about how I should react in this or that situation and, above all, that you have to stay away from everything.

That is precisely what I do, I am not saying that it has been very popular, but I had a few words with some classmates. After Kitsune, that -and many other things- had to finish.

One day at school, Itami was there when I entered the classroom, I was lost in my own thoughts, Yaru-chan was there, but I didn't go near her at all.

After all, she was a woman.

To put it in a simple way the secret in this is quite obvious.

Naturally you have to assume, that you are always, at all times, being watched. With that in mind, it is clear that interaction with other people has to be reduced to minimum levels.

I knew she was out there right now, but I couldn't tell if she was looking at me right now, so I have to act like she's always looking at me, that's right.

If I do something wrong it could be fatal because the way things are now.

I would like explain to Yaru-chan as soon as there was a chance, but right now, I needed to talk to Itami.

He was very surprised at the box of obento that I brought to school, since I had never brought one.

The reason was very simple, my mother worked too hard, and I am not the inconsiderate type who would dare to ask her mother for an obento every day even though she works like crazy, so normally, she ate something from the cafeteria, or bought something outside in the convenience store.

"Hey, hey, hey, what does that mean?"

Itami asked me, pointing to the box that I had placed on the table.

"My new girlfriend prepared it, lower your voice, you fool."

I replied, looking around, it was the custom, I think.

"Can I try something?"

Itami was ... Itami, after all, I would take the time to explain my situation to him, but at the moment it was a bad idea, as I already said, you have to assume, that always, at all times, you are watched,

And if she realizes that I shared the obento she prepared then I would be in serious trouble.

"I can't, I'll explain it to you later, but for the moment, don't touch this box. "

That's what I told him, Itami made a face, then turned serious and sat down, he also had a box of obento, but as far as I know, he prepared it for himself.

"Ah, I wish I had your luck and have a girlfriend, one who can make me breakfast every day, you are lucky."

I was a little annoyed by the simplicity of the declaration, because I knew that luck has nothing to do with this, it cost me half my sanity, two people died, I was about to be murdered by my girlfriend, or watch her kill herself.

I think after all that, it's only fair that someone has a reward.

In addition I also believe that this is difficult. This isn't exactly paradise and if I become careless with what I do or what I say, things can get very very bad.

"Don't be an idiot, Itami, I suppose by now you understand that my situation is not normal."

Of everything I thought about that, my only words were those.

"I can't talk about this for now, but things got very difficult yesterday. "

I explained, he looked at me for a moment.

"I still don't understand ... Why to bother? "

He answered me, after scratching his head, I explained.

"Well, I understand that you liked what was happening, but I still don't comprehend why you did like it in the first place? From how you have behaved it seems that you are somewhat paranoid. I really do not understand."

I looked at Itami, of course he didn't understand anything, and that even though hee didn't know the worst side of the matter.

I just smiled, I couldn't tell him the whole truth, but I had to explain to him, somehow, that I was happy with things as they were.

"Well, to tell the truth, I feel good about things as they are now, sometimes it's a bit complicated, but I like it anyway, it's not easy to explain."

Itami looked at me for a moment, then smiled.

"Well, if you are happy, then I have nothing more to add about it, one more thing, can I tell Yaru-chan that you are okay?"

"You can tell him I'm fine. "

It was what I told him, we started eating, it was sunny outside, it was the last days of autumn, and the wind was somewhat strong.

Inadvertently I found myself thinking that she might be having cold, I think I was too used to her behavior.

Be that as it may, I would try to get out of class as soon as possible, that feeling was something exciting, knowing that someone there was waiting for you ... Was this love? Maybe it was a strange love, but nothing could make me feel happier right now.


Uproar interrupted my thoughts, and the food, and the classes. From one moment to another, the school began to move, as if it were going out.

Itami followed me when we got up, people started moving towards the exit of the school, the one in the middle of the gym and the second-year building. It looked like there was a commotion right outside. There were sounds of ambulances and police cars.

I started to break out in a cold sweat, I was very nervous, but the large number of people did not allow me to know what was happening. They cordoned off the area after that, and the teachers started acting strange.

I could not suffer it anymore, I approached forcefully through the sea of people, the girls were crying, and from where I was standing I could already see blood on the ground.

"Don't fuck with me."

I said that out loud, getting up from the table, and walking out along with everyone else to the scene of the commotion.

I think it was logical that my mind traveled so fast, due to the situation I was in.

At last I was able to see what really happened. There was a dead girl, apparently she had been hit by a car, the police began to repel the students. The only thing that reassured me about all this is that I was wearing the school uniform.

"There is nothing to see, young people, this is just an unfortunate accident, nothing has happened here."

The police began to say, I sighed. I was relieved ... man, that's a scare that could have killed me ... I turned around without even being interested in who it was, I had just seen Yaru-chan nearby, so whoever it was, it wasn't relevant to me, or so I thought.


I didn't want to think about any of that at the time, I even left the classes I missed halfway through and ran, if not fleeing, from school. The reason was pretty clear.

A girl from school had died. And just in case or just because of my situation, just in remote case it was a strange coincidence, I wanted to see Kitsune and wanted her to tell me that she had nothing to do with it.

I wanted to her to tell me that she was fine and happy just as I had left her in the morning.

When I found her in the park, she was still looking at the school.

"Have you been there all this time?!"

I yelled at her, my voice must have sound very desperate, because she drew back slightly, as if that cry and that despair of mine frightened her.

I intimidated her unintentionally, she had her hand over her mouth, and it almost looked like she would have cried if I screamed again. But all that was mess not for her.

I approached and knelt in front of her, exhausted and with my hair tousled from the run and fright, I think I must have even looked funny, but she did not show any sign of exhaustion, she had been calm.

"Sempai I was waiting for Sempai to finish his classes I approached when I saw that there is a commotion, but now that Sempai is fine I don't have to worry."

Those were his words, I took his hands. It seems that life had played a trick on me today. My heart was pounding.

"It doesn't matter anymore, I'm done, I was scared that something had happened to you, or, quite the opposite."

She seemed not to understand anything I was saying, tilted her head slightly, but understood my hysteria, and then she answered me with the greatest of naturalness.

"Sempai dummy nothing will happen to me because nothing will ever separate me from Sempai."

That's what she told me, I don't know what she gave me at that moment, but I believed her.

I didn't want to go back to school that day, I didn't want to find out what had happened, what I knew was more than enough. Who cared that an unknown girl had died? Kitsune was okay, safe, and happy.

I didn't go to work either, because it was a day that I had free, so I headed straight for my house, on the way, Kitsune-chan suddenly hugged me.

"I love you."

She said.

I turned to look at her more recovered from the brink in the morning.

"I love you too."

I told her, and she smiled. The rest of the day happened without change.


What happened at school that day would serve to remind everyone that we are human beings, no matter how important we are, or how much we have done, how much we can do ... nothing elevates us above that human condition to which we are destined and we are fragile.

The next day, the announcement was made at the school. Yaru-chan did not appear. Neither did Itami.

"Yesterday, at 2:25 in the afternoon, Asaki Najiko died in an unfortunate accident outside the school, we regret the death and ask the students and administrative staff, to keep due silence for our beloved student and president of the student council"

I knew nothing about that.

The entire school fell silent.

Of course there were those who already knew it, the fact that they had announced it publicly, made it totally indisputable.

So Asaki-Sempai was the girl who had passed away.

If any suspicions remained about Kitsune's innocence, which I really did not doubt, it evaporated with the announcement.

I just looked for Itami, but as already said, he was not there.

The day was gray at the school, there was a lot of whispering after that, and several people were questioned by the police, including some members of the school's administrative staff.

The media also got in, the parents demanded the closure of that entrance.

Chaos reigned in the school for a long time after that.

Nobody really cared what was going to happen to the student council, we all knew that finding another person like Asaki-Sempai was completely impossible.

But there was no doubt, that day would be carved in stone in the memory of the entire school.

When I ran into Kitsune after school didn't want to tell her what happened. Somehow I was sad, and this was because I knew that Itami must be feeling very bad at this moment.

But saying that to Kitsune-chan could be too cruel, given my situation.

So I didn't mention anything to her. She noticed my anxiety anyway.

"Sempai is there something bothering you?"

She asked me, tentatively.

I just looked at her. From the look she gave to me, I understood that for her the matter far more important than it might seem, and also knew that I had to give her a concrete answer.

I smiled at her when answered.

"I'm somewhat worried about what will happen to the school from now on, you see, the president of the council has died, and there is no one who can replace her."

She looked at me for a moment,

I'm sure she wouldn't understand the seriousness of that problem, but, on the other hand, not saying anything would have made her start to stress yes, that's how it is.

"Sempai can Sempai is the best."

She told me with the best of her smiles. I looked at her and shook my head.

"I'm busy, I'm going out with Kitsune, I don't have time for anyone else. "

I gave her a well calculated answer.

If I use her as a reason she would not stress. On the other hand, that would be the only reason, within her own thinking way, that she would find reasonable enough.

"If Sempai says so."

She told me. Suddenly I realized that she was red in the face. I did not say anything, she continued.

"Then I don't think it's your problem, Sempai, since we're together, we don't need anything else, I don't have time for anything else than to go out with Sempai."

And after saying that, she took my hand. I closed my eyes for a moment.

Something to understand about her is that the whole world is completely irrelevant to her; it is part of her symptoms, so she simply ignores any subject that has nothing to do with our relationship.

That's the kind of person this girl is.

That is something that I must take into account because, in fact, if she sees me sad, she will automatically think that it is her fault and will try to fix the problem. If she cannot fix it or if it's out her reach, that will be stress her...

And well ... we all know what happens when she stress herself.

Make this girl happy. Can I really do it?

It is said easy, but it is the most complicated that can be.

I have to pay close attention to everything she says or does, and I have to... make myself happier... I'm with Kitsune and nothing can make me happier than that.

I try to record that thought in my mind so that my sadness and worry disappear.

That's right ... I must have no emotions that have nothing to do with her...


"I'm not ready, Sempai I'm very scared."

"It is something that all couples do. Aren't you the one who says that you are my only love and I yours?"

"Sempai I love you I love you madly but please. This is too sudden too soon."

"You have to accept it; this is like a proof of love."

We were talking about presenting her with my parents; she reacted like any girl her age would, and maybe if I was getting ahead of myself.

But actually presenting her with my parents would bring me many benefits, so I proposed it one afternoon.

A week had passed since Asaki-Sempai passed away in that accident, and things were slowly beginning to normalize at school ... as much as possible.

During all that time things have been pretty good between Kitsune-chan and me.

Somehow our rhythm of life was quite simple sometimes she leaves school and accompanies me to work, and then she waits there until I leave.

And she accompanies me to my house and then she leaves.

At other times she even goes to my school and starts her pursuit there.

At some point I feel a bit sad that she was there all the time that I spent in school, or at work, but I think I underestimated her.

She got a pair of binoculars and seems to have found appropriate places to keep an eye on me even while I'm in the classroom. I can sometimes be seen waving at the window to joke around a bit just in case she's looking at the moment.

She has asked me to sit by the window and to keep the curtain open so that she can see me; I have no objection to that.

She also accompanies me to my house. That began to be very frequent in recent days. It was then that my mother began to notice her.

But she ran away every time my mother went out.

As if that were not enough, my mother has the impression that she has seen her before, which is most likely true.

It wasn't long before my mother understood that it was someone close to me, and that's where the problem began.

"Ara so Kirara was right after all, Yashite has a girlfriend When are you going to bring her home? "

That's what my mother asked, I did not answer her, that day it was dinner time, and my father also entered the conversation, although he did not leave his newspaper.

"How can you have a girlfriend that you are not willing to introduce to your family? Are you planning to hide it? The things you hide are usually pretty bad, or you shouldn't have to hide them right? Anyway, I will not allow you to date someone if you are not willing to state that in the daylight. That's not how a man behaves"

And that's how I was defeated by family logic.

Well I cannot tell my family that my girlfriend was someone so special that she had killed four people in the name of her love.

In addition, there was also the matter that she would begin to believe that I was cheating on her ... being so, this situation had to be resolved, I should only make sure that nobody would be in danger with this,

Therefore, I asked Kitsune that way, I knew she could not refuse the words "proof of love" or "love challenge" because it was like challenging her nature.

We could say that it is her weakest point.

Inside her mind, her love is the most valuable thing she has, so she defines herself as something that is in the world with the sole purpose of loving.

Anyway, the fact that she had free access to my house would give her a certain security.

I hadn't had to deal with things like that but I knew that wouldn't be long before she started thinking things that weren't true. Besides in her condition, she would take a simple suspicion for something certainly true. I wanted to avoid that problem.

"Or is it that your love is not so strong?"

I finally asked, she trembled complete with those words, I could blackmail her a bit with that, the secret is not to use it too much, or she will start to think that you really doubt her love ... which could also be disastrous, if not to say bloody.

"My love for Sempai is the strongest something can be!"

She claimed me, I patted her head tenderly, so that she would realize that I understood, and she smiled at me after that.

"Then you have to be able with this, it will be just a simple visit, then everything will be fine, okay?"

I asked her, she nodded.

"Sempai if I do this will you love me forever?"

She asked me, her eyes locked on mine, now it was she who was blackmailing me. Fortunately to me it was easy to understand what she wanted to hear. I told her.

"I'll love you forever, even if you didn't. But this is something all couples should do, and you are my girlfriend. "

"I am Sempai's girlfriend, so I must behave like a good girlfriend."

At least she sounded convinced enough.

Now, there was another little problem

The younger sisters and the Yandere react explode.

I couldn't tell if Kitsune and Kirara would be an exception but for the moment, trying to verify that was very, very dangerous.


The occasion came to me like a fall from heaven, because my sister, Kirara, would have to attend a musical presentation that would take place somewhat far away so she would leave for the whole day. That's what she told us.

I explained to my mother that I would bring my girlfriend that day because of an unfortunate coincidence;

She did not seem very energetic with the idea that she and my sister wouldn't know each other, but I told her that there would be more time for it.

My whole day passed without any change, but when I left school, and Kitsune-chan was waiting for me in the park where she always did, she beheld me very nervous, I could tell that she had brought her bag with her...

After all. What if my mother did not approve of the relationship? What if my parents didn't like her? What if they separated us?

Those questions must be haunting his mind right now. I took her hand, she didn't say anything like that, but she looked quite tense, her little hands were sweating. I knew exactly what was in that bag.

I think it was something too cruel for her at the moment, it was also my mistake to want to rush everything, but things could get complicated if she didn't do it like that ... again, is there another option?

"Listen, Kitsune-chan."

I called her, she was startled, and she began to breathe with some difficulty.

"Even if my parents don't support my relationship, that doesn't change the fact that I'm only yours, you understand?"

I stood in front of her and took her by both hands. Her eyes filled with tears and I knew perfectly well that she was afraid.

"Before all this happens, let me promise this one more time, no matter what happens, I will always be by your side, remember that my life is yours."

Kitsune hugged me, and began to sob, I hugged her ... she had gone through so much to get to this moment, it was normal that she was so afraid that her happiness would be taken away from her, just like that.

"I want Sempai's mother to accept me, I want her to see me as Sempai's girlfriend, I want to talk to her about Sempai, and teach me new ways to make you happy."

I laughed inside. Seriously ... What was going through this girl's mind? Truly that was the only thing in his life. Was there absolutely nothing else? But I decided that this was not the time to ask about it.

"I know you can. You are a wonderful girl, who can content anyone you want to. There is no reason to be afraid."

I tried to cheer her up, but then things got more difficult, the problem was not, in itself, that my parents accepted her.

"I am not good enough for Sempai."

She replied with a little voice, I will not lie, that made me angry. I stared into her eyes, and made an angry face.

"Sometimes you make me very angry, you know? You are you. I like the way you are ... I don't want to hear that from the person I like again. Are you implying that the one who has bad taste is me?"

That answer was something that she did not expect, so she hastened to wipe her tears with her sleeves.

"Of course not Sempai I didn't want to offend it's just"

I interrupted her, I did not want her to start to get depressed, but this time I was kinder, that is, I gave her a kiss, some people turned to see us immediately, but I did not even pay attention to it.

Every now and then it wasn't bad. Besides, it made her happy.

"You are my girlfriend, behave like one."

When I told her that she looked at me and nodded.

We started walking again; apparently her stress was gone, because after a while of walking in silence, she turned to me.

"I am happy with Sempai, I will not disappoint you."

This is how we got to home.

Just before knocking on the door, she looked very nervous, but at least she seemed more determined than before.

So everything was going well for the moment. I was thinking about what my parents would say when they saw her after all, although she was still young, she was quite a beauty.

Begin sincere, I have to admit that I was proud of the girlfriend I have.

I rang the bell at my house, but no one appeared, at least for the moment, she looked at me with wide eyes, she was about to say something, when my mother opened the door.

I could feel the nervousness in her when she walked in, and introduced herself in front of my parents.

"Good afternoon, my name is Katabe Kitsune, I am I am Sempai's girlfriend."


Despite her nervousness, she was received very warmly by my family, which gave her a bit of confidence when my mother invited her in.

"Ah my, look what a cute girl; Otou-san will be proud as soon as he sees you, Shin-kun. You've got a lovely girlfriend."

Those words alone were enough to make Kitsune smile from the bottom of her heart. Mother ... you are the best you know? However that was, Kitsune-chan still had a shy expression on his face as she thanked my mother.

After a few moments, the three of us were sitting in the living room of my house, my mother was in front of Kitsune, I sat next to my girlfriend.

"There is nothing to fear. You see?"

I said to Kitsune in a low voice, she looked at me and nodded shyly she was lovely. Then he turned to see my mother.

"May I call Okaa-sama?"

That comment surprised my mother a bit, so much so that she put her hand to her cheek, smiling.

"Ah well, and apart from being an educated girl, I hope that some of her manners stay in that rude son of mine."

She opened her eyes, and looked at her, there was some anger in her gaze, and I think my mother had said something inconvenient.

"Sempai is the best, he is always polite, do not speak ill of him, please."

There was no way to explain to Kitsune that my mother was saying all this jokingly, and things could get very dangerous in such a situation.

I put a hand on Kitsune's shoulder, but at that moment, my father entered the conversation.

"Kaa-san, you shouldn't talk like that about our son in front of his girlfriend it is natural for her to be uncomfortable, she is his girlfriend after all."

That was what my father said.

I turned to see him and Kitsune too, my father took one of the cookies that my mother brought and sat next to my mother.

"Wow, I think it's normal that she doesn't want me to speak ill of her boyfriend, after all, she's in love. "

My mother admitted that after a few moments of silence, and smiled, Kitsune couldn't stop looking at my father. It was evident that she felt kind of protected.

"And why are you dating my son, Katabe-kun?"

My father asked Kitsune that question directly Otou-san, don't ask that question so suddenly, it will make her more nervous.

"I love Sempai more than anything in the world."

Was what she replied. I was puffed up with pride saying that it almost made me cry with joy. This girl didn't back down from anything, it seems, even my father smiled at that answer.

"Good answer, Katabe-kun, it seems that my son has found a wonderful girlfriend, you should treasure her, Shin."

My father told me, I nodded when Kitsune-chan looked at me; apparently things had turned out much better than anyone might think. I think it had been a good option after all.

At least she didn't seem hostile towards my parents, even when my father spoke to both of us with more truth than we were currently willing to bear.

"Listen, Shin, Katabe-kun, I am not against their relationship, on the contrary, I am glad that my son has found a girlfriend as polite and kind as Katabe-kun, however, I would prefer that you wait a little before thinking about having children ..."

I choked on the tea when I heard that... Kitsune-chan immediately reddened, his eyes were watery ... Father, please stop, not this conversation please...

"We weren't thinking about any of that right now you know? "

I asked my father, he looked at me seriously.

"I have already been young, and I know what it feels like to be your age and have a girlfriend, that's why I dare to talk about this now, take care of the future with the same dedication with which you seek each other, take things calmly and always think about what you are doing, if you are planning a long-term relationship, if you convert those dreams you have when young, of being a happy couple, of having a family, of loving each other ... they will form one of the happiest marriages and stable that exist, you can take care of her, and she can take care of you ... that's what the relationship is about."

After saying that, my father got up, it was then that I realized that Kitsune was looking at him with admiration, I think she saw my father as a kind of great teacher, who could show the way to a happy marriage with the man who she loves, bone me.


She called, standing up suddenly, her head was lowered, but she leaned down.

"I will take care of your son, please give me your support."

It was what she asked; my mother looked at the scene. She seemed somewhat ... excited by the event.

I was too to be honest, as I didn't think this was possible.

There are things that will always surprise me about Kitsune-chan.

"Then I'm counting on you, Katabe-kun, you do a great job, and I know you will do better."

After saying that, my father left.

Kitsune sat down again after that, blushing but it seems that she was happy. My mother looked at us for a moment then confessed.

"Your father has been delighted Shin, that was almost like me that I told Otou-san's father when he introduced me to his own parents."

That's what my mother said about that matter. I got up and Kitsune took my sleeve, apparently she didn't want to be alone with my mother, but my mother looked at that and stood up.

"Tell me, Kitsune-san, do you want to know how to prepare Shin's favorite dish?"

Kitsune-chan's pupils immediately widened, I can even say that it was quite funny, how quickly she turned to see my mother. It seems that she also knows words that can attract the attention of someone like Kitsune-chan.

"Yes please."

My mother enjoys cooking, and if there is one thing she enjoys more than that, it is someone taking an interest in what she does, and Kitsune-chan seemed completely sure that it would lead to absolute victory, as she sometimes called it.

Although I don't know for sure what that means...

Kitsune-chan got along better with my parents than she herself expected. Besides, since they both seemed to support her and recognize her as my girlfriend, she was happy, on which I was very pleased.

"Look Sempai! I will learn to cook how you like it; I will prepare delicious things for you every day."

She yelled from the kitchen. My mother was telling her that she had an aptitude for it, apparently there was nothing to worry about, if the day had ended that way, everything would have been great ... but it wasn't.


Unfortunately, my mother and I weren't the only ones who heard that scream from Kitsune, someone else arrived at that moment, and she was standing in the doorway when heard it.


I said hello, she looked at me suspiciously, but greeted me anyway.

"Onii-san, you're at home, is there someone in the kitchen?"

"Well, Kaa-san is in the kitchen, and."

"Good evening, Ataka-san."

Kitsune left the kitchen as soon as she heard my sister's voice...

Those two goes to the same school. It's obvious that they could know each other.

But I didn't know they were in the same class. I never asked.

"Katabesan? What are you doing here?"

My sister was not very pleased to say the least. Even less when my mother came out and explained everything to her.

"Your Brother has become a boyfriend of this person, so I told him to bring her home so that we could meet her."

My mother explained, and placed a hand on Kitsune's head, who was smiling, but my sister didn't take it in the best way. I could feel as if the tension was increasing by the second. Kitsune evidently noticed Kirara's hostility and it started to get very bad.

"I am Sempai's girlfriend."

She said, and turned around, ready to go back to the kitchen.

"Onii-san. Of all the girls in the world. Why her?"

Kirara asked me, it was evident that they weren't exactly the best friends at school, Kitsune turned to see me, hell, this was bad, I had to respond quickly and without thinking. But my mind was blank, I couldn't answer.

"You know what? Actually I don't want to know. "

Kirara told me suddenly, she turned around with her backpack on her shoulder and left, going up the stairs.

"Well, it seems that someone was affected a little by the news, I think your sister got a little jealous."

Mother, don't complicate things, I looked for Kitsune-chan's gaze, but she was back in her kitchen activities. Kitsune got mad.



I was so much busy feeling like crap that I didn't realize when Kirara came down again.

Kitsune -chan seemed entertained in her apprenticeship with my mother, but I needed to apologize to her. It was at that moment that Kirara crossed the line.

"Katabe-san, can we have a word one on one?"

My alarm went to roof immediately when I heard those words. Of course Kitsune responded to the challenge. It was not for Kitsune that I feared, but for my own sister.

Kitsune -chan came out of the kitchen after that.

My mother just looked, my girlfriend took her bag, which scared me even more, I approached her slowly, while she looked something ... sad.

"Are you planning to go up right now?"

I asked her, she looked at me sadly, while nodding.

"I have to protect my place with Sempai."

That was all she told me.

That made me feels even worse.

Maybe anyone would have reacted the same way as I did, with that question so suddenly, anyone but her.

She had been asked the same thing before in afternoon, and she answered quite clearly, something I had not been able to do.

I stared as Kitsune-chan went up the stairs, carrying her bag. As I said I knew that inside that bag there was a knife.

"You are not going?"

My mother asked in a low voice, approaching me from behind.

"I should not."

I told my mother, but she just smiled.

"I just Im kind of afraid you know? Kirara can be very impertinent sometimes."

She was right, my mother knew Kirara.

And she was jealous, who knows what could happen between those two, so I have no choice ... Would I stop Kitsune if he tried something? Could even stop her?

Until now there was no hint that this was possible.

Please, Kirara, don't say anything stupid, Kitsune, control yourself ... God help me.

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