The Crown Prince Is Actually A Princess Chapter 311

Chapter 311: : Beheading To The Public

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Murongci's heartache is like a knife, and the hatred like a huge wave gnaws her heart, "I will definitely kill you!"

Murong Yu laughed loudly, so proud and contemptuous.

After that, he took Murong Cheng into white smoke and disappeared without a trace.


She was sitting on the bed, so she couldn't move... She cried so much that she couldn't make a living...

At dawn, Ruyi cried out worriedly in front of the bed: "Your Highness... Your Highness will wake up... Your Highness..."

Murongci woke up suddenly, saw Ruyi's nervous and worried face, startled, panted violently, and slowly eased down.

"Have you had a nightmare?" Ruyi said softly. Just now, His Highness kept screaming, as if calling "Emperor Father". His Highness should miss the first emperor.

"What time is it?" Murong Ci closed his eyes, only to realize that his eyes were wet and the pillow was also wet.

"Chen Shizheng. Your Highness might as well sleep a little longer."

"The palace will lie down for a while, you can withdraw first."

Ruyi withdrew, Murongci wiped the corners of his eyes, closed his eyes, and recalled the nightmare. Could it be thoughts every day and dreams at night?

Did Murong Yu kill his father?

On this day, she sent someone to spread the word, asking Murong Yu to come to the East Palace.

Murong Yu hurried over, and as soon as he saw her, he helped her and asked anxiously, "Aci, do you feel unwell?"

She said no, "I'm fine. It's just that I didn't sleep well last night."

"No wonder you look bad. What are you thinking about again?" He asked indulgently, helping her sit down.

"We will get married in four days. I...I always feel too hasty. I want to postpone it for a month, okay?" Murong Ci frowned and worried.

Murong Yu held her face, "A Ci, are you unwilling to marry me?"

She hurriedly said: "No...I just think it was too hasty...I..."

He stared at her deeply, "Do you feel that your heart is not at ease?"

She nodded, "It's kind of...too many things have happened in the past few days, for a while I..."

"I understand. Recently you have been anxious about enthroning, and you just learned that you are pregnant, and then you are going to marry me. These things happen so painfully that you can't accept it for a while. It's human nature."

"I'm just not ready to be a mother, nor ready to marry you... Would you blame me?" Murong Ci's uneasy and anxious look aroused love and affection.

"How could I blame you? Maybe I was too anxious to force you." Murong Yu blamed himself.

"Too many things have happened recently, I think we will get married again one month after ascending the throne, okay?"


She leaned against his chest, closed her eyes, and secretly let out a sigh of relief.

He embraced her, rubbing her arm with his big hand.


On the day the new emperor was enthroned, the day was bright and beautiful, the sky was blue, the palace was beaming, and red silk was hanging everywhere.

The vigorous bells and ritual music resounded through the palace, beating people's hearts.

The golden palace is magnificent and magnificent, and the golden purple cylinder is coiled around the vivid golden dragon, as if about to take off.

The civil and military officials headed by the imperial king Murongyu and Yang Taiwei prostrated and worshipped the dragon chair throne in the northern head. Long live Shanhu long live long live.

On top of Dan Chi, Murong Ci stood with his head high, wearing a twelve-figure crown and a black dress. The exquisite and luxurious makeup outlines her cold and majestic phoenix face, and the emperor's majesty and domineering are hovering all over her body. .

"Flat body." She waved the black embroidered dragon broadly.

"Your Majesty Xie." All civil and military officials said in unison.

She slowly turned around, spreading her vast expanse, and then sat down, abruptly and domineeringly, yet she was like flowing water.

Murong Yu raised his head and stared at her, with a gratifying smile on the eyebrows.

Murong Ci also looked at him, with a slight smile in his bright eyes, "If there is something to tell, if nothing is going to happen, retreat."

Taiwei Yang, Lord Rongguo, Lord Qingguo and others were helpless. They planned to make trouble today that His Royal Highness could not ascend the throne, but now they can't do anything. Because their grandson and grandson were arrested by Murong Yu again.

After the morning dynasty, she came to the study room, served tea inside, then quit and closed the hall door.

Murong Yu bowed and said with a smile: "Congratulations, Your Majesty, Congratulations."

Murongci also made a bow, "Congratulations to the prince, congratulations to the prince."

"What do I like?"

"You are about to become the female emperor's husband, aren't you happy?"

"That's right." He hugged her and kissed her on the forehead. "The government affairs of the court will bother your Majesty from now on."

"Doctor Qiao said that my fetal condition is not stable and can't be tired. For the time being, I have to trouble the prince to take care of it. Those who are able to work harder, you won't refuse, will you?"

"When you get better, I will return to you." Murong Yu stared at her scorchingly, "It turns out that you are so beautifully dressed and you have taken my soul away."

"Not serious. This is the study room." She groaned.

"What's wrong with going to the study room? There have always been a few emperors here doing some infinite things with their favorite concubines."

"Well, I'm tired, I will go back to the Hall of Purity and rest first. You can finish the memorials within one hour."

"It only takes half an hour for a trivial matter. I'll look for you afterwards."

Murong Yu held her small face and pecked her lips before letting her go.

The next day, early morning.

The civil and military officials told a few things, after discussing it, Murong Yu would resign from the court in the future, but he didn't expect that A Ci had something to say.

Murongci stood high on the golden seat of the dragon chair, his eyes were cold, and his voice was sonorous, "The royal king Murong Yu, for six years since his return to the dynasty, he has supported his soldiers and respected himself, is arrogant and domineering, disrespectful to the royal family, oppresses his colleagues, and has committed countless crimes. There are eighteen counts listed, every Aiqing listen carefully."

The ministers were shocked, some looked at Murong Yu, some whispered, some sneered, with a grieving expression of hate.

Murong Yu's handsome face slowly condensed with frost, but he remained calm, staring at the tall woman.

The female official Qin Ruoyang next to the throne of the dragon chair said: "The imperial king respects his own soldiers, does not know how to use power, loves power, forms parties for private interests, kills the emperor and seeks rebellion..."

Murongci got up, stood on Dan Chi, Feng Yan was cold and charming, with a smile but not a smile, "Murong Yu killed the king for rebellion... the 18 counts are all capital crimes, and the sentence is to be decided!"

Jindian was in an uproar.

Someone happily said: "Your Majesty Shengming."

Taiwei Yang said happily, "No one is framed in the 18 charges of the imperial king, your majesty sacred judge. Murong Yu, don't you kneel down and confess your guilt?"

Murong Yu looked at her stubbornly, as if only the two of them were left in the entire Golden Palace, and it seemed that the entire Golden Palace had disappeared, and the whole world was terribly quiet.

"Come on, drag on! Outside the palace gate, beheaded at noon to show the public!"

Murongci's voice was as firm as iron, and could not be disobeyed.

The ministers who were attached to and admired the imperial king knelt down and interceded, while the ministers who had always opposed him loudly rebuked those imploring ministers. So the civil and military officials divided into two camps, and the argument turned into verbal abuse and humiliation at the market market.

The four guards entered the hall and held Murong Yu, but he always stared at her, did not resist, did not refute, did not have extra expressions, as if his heart was ashamed.

"Drag to the gate of the palace and beheaded to show the public!"

Murong resigned from Binghan and said decisively.

The four guards immediately escorted Murong Yu out. The moment he turned, his eyes were as cold as dead ashes, but he suddenly burst into laughter, sad and vigorous, hovering in the midair of the golden hall, floating outside the hall.

There are still ministers who plead for mercy, and she said solemnly: "Plead for the rebel again, and plead the same guilt!"

Taiwei Yang and others said in unison: "Your Majesty Shengming."

"Yang Aiqing, I ordered you to supervise the execution, are you willing?"

"Chen Zunzhi." Yang Taiwei said joyfully.

"You Aiqing can go and take a look outside the palace gate."

"Your Majesty Shengming." Everyone said in unison again.

Murongci walked off Dan Chi, closed his eyes, then opened them again, tears filled his eyes.


It was originally a clear sky, but suddenly it was cloudy and windy, and clouds were piled up in the sky.

Outside the palace gate, there was a huge crowd, a hundred officials supervised by civil and military officials, and the people of the imperial capital were onlookers.

"For five or six years of the Royal King's reign, there hasn't been any major incidents in our country. Even the country is safe and the weather is smooth. Why should we kill the King?"

"I heard that the imperial king has committed 18 crimes, all of which are capital crimes."

"I see, it was the new emperor ascending to the throne with three fires, using the imperial king to kill the chicken and the monkey."

"Although the imperial king has taken care of our Dayan country well, for the royal family, his crimes of controlling the government are inexcusable."

"The royal prince is very pitiful."

"According to me, the king is immortal, our new emperor will never sleep well."

"But, doesn't the king want to marry your majesty? Isn't your majesty pregnant with the king's flesh and blood?"

"Who can tell about this royal matter? The emperor's family has always been cold and ruthless. As long as someone threatens the throne, he must cut the grass and eliminate the roots."

The common people were talking verbally, while the criminal Murong Yu was **** and kneeled in the center, with two executioners standing aside. They drank a long sip of wine, and then sprayed it with shiny silver knives.

Taiwei Yang sat on the monitoring platform, picked up a fire sign, and was really excited. As long as Murong Yu died, no one in the court would oppose him. Taiwei Yangs time had come!

He snickered in his heart, and threw down the fire sign fiercely.

The executioner got the order and slowly raised his broadsword. And Murong Yu, who was kneeling on the ground, was wearing a gray prison uniform, with his head drooped, and a purple gold crown with meticulous hair, emitting purple gold rays, reflecting the brilliant sunlight.

The broad knife was dazzling with cold light, and cut it down fiercely.

Many people did not dare to watch this **** scene, and turned to the beginning and closed their eyes.

A spatter of hot blood spattered, and the **** head rolled to the ground with a thud.

Murong Yu finally died!

Taiwei Yang stood up, feeling agitated, and then left with a sneer.

The civil and military officials and the common people gradually dispersed, but Murong Shi, Shen Zhiyan, and Shen Zhili stood still on the spot. Murong Shi murmured: "The third uncle is dead..."

Shen Zhili burst into tears and said dumbly: "Brother, why is your Majesty so cruel? What did the royal king do wrong?"

Shen Zhiyan said sadly: "As the saying goes, once a person sits on the throne of the nine-fifth supreme one, his temperament will change drastically, as if he has changed a person. Your Majesty is no longer the one I know."

Perhaps Murong Yu has ambitions, but he has done a lot for his majesty. Why is his majesty so unrelenting and cruel?

Shen Zhili's knees weakened, and he sat down on the ground, tears in his eyes, "Yu Wang is dead...I will never see Yu Wang again...Why did it become like this?"

Murong Shi suddenly remembered something and pulled his hand nervously, "I am a member of the Royal Palace, will your Majesty kill me? Will it..."

He hugged her and resolutely said: "Princess, I will protect you thoroughly and save your life."

Even if he fights this life, he will protect the princess.

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