The Crown Prince Is Actually A Princess Chapter 312

Chapter 312: : I Marry Your Majesty

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Qingxin Temple.

Murongci lay on the chaise couch, closing his eyes to rest.

Qin Ruo asked puzzledly: "Why did your majesty do this?"

Ruyi also didn't understand, "The king has treated his majesty so well, why do you want to kill the king?"

Qin Ruo felt that His Majesty's temperament had changed drastically after he became the throne, and he was ruthless and heartbroken. She asked again: "Your Majesty, in the past six months, the royal king has treated each other sincerely and saved his life several times. Why does your Majesty have to kill him? Even if he is ambitious, he can think of other ways."

"Do you want to go down with him?" Murong Cisen said coldly.

"No...but..." Ruyi whispered, shaking with fright.

"Retreat." Murong Ci said impatiently.

Qin Ruo and Ru Yi looked at each other helplessly and exited the sleeping hall.

Murong took a piece of pastry and ate slowly. Suddenly he felt dizzy, then slowly closed his eyes and fainted on the chaise couch.

A man in black came in from the window sill, carried the unconscious Murong Ci, and disappeared without a trace.

Murongci didn't know how long he slept, but when he woke up he found himself lying on a bed in a room with his hands tied.

Her feet were free. She struggled down and ran out, however, the door was pushed open. Seeing the person coming, she opened her eyes in surprise.

"Are you Mrs. Xiang?"

"Are you surprised?" Mrs. Xiang's voice is soft, her body is pure, but she looks graceful and luxurious, "My people walk in and out of the palace like a flat ground, and it's easy to bring you out."

"What did you want to take me out of the palace?" Murong Ci asked coldly, calming down slowly.

"It's not the same to become the emperor. It's calm and calm." Mrs. Xiang sat gracefully, "I have a very good deal to talk to you."

"What deal?"

"You are the emperor of the Yan Kingdom. Follow me to find the relics and treasures of Garan, and help me rebuild the Kingdom of Garan. It's not worth the blood of the Garan family on your body."

"Even if I have the blood of Kalan Royal, do I have to help you?"

"Do you have a choice?" Madam Xiang smiled coldly, "Murong Yu is dead, you have no choice."

"Could it be that you don't know that his subordinates have been taken under his banner?" Murong Ci sneered.

"You killed Murong Yu, how could his subordinates obey you?" Mrs. Xiang drank tea proudly. "Those ministers wish you suddenly disappeared and give up the throne, so they can take Yong Wang back to the capital and support him as Emperor. They don't care about your life or death at all."

Murongci gritted his teeth, Binghan's murderous lingering in his bright eyes.

Mrs. Xiang raised her eyebrows, "Furthermore, I have performed illusions on you and have controlled your mind. Even if you are unwilling to help me, you can't resist my illusions. The final result is still the same, let me send you obediently. "

Murongci was fiercely angry, and gnashing his teeth asked: "When will you perform illusions on me?"

"That night you had a nightmare, dreaming that Murong Yu killed your father with his own hands."

"I had that nightmare because of illusion? I killed Murong Yu because of illusion?"

"If it is a real illusion, it can naturally control anyone, but it has been lost." Mrs. Xiang smiled softly, but it seemed to be poisoned and insidious. "You have this idea in your heart, and my illusion can affect you and guide you. Make the most correct decision."

Murongci glared at him, anger burning fiercely in his eyes.

Mrs. Xiang sighed: "Being an emperor is really different, cruel, iron-blooded and merciless. Murong Yu helped you so much, and saved his life several times, and sincerely treats you, you also succeeded."

Murong Cisen said sharply: "I will never help you rebuild the kingdom of Garan! You dream!"

Mrs. Xiang sneered, "That's not up to you."

At this time, the two maidservants came in and followed the master's instructions to take Murongci out.

This is a house with a carriage parked outside the small door. Murongci secretly thought, could Mrs. Xiang take herself out of the capital?

The maid asked her to get on the carriage, but now her hands are tied and she cannot escape even with martial arts. In addition, she is pregnant, which would have hurt her child, so let's think of another way.

But at this moment, there was an extra person on the wall of the alley. Murongci was about to get into the carriage, looked up, couldn't help but smile lightly, not half shocked.

The man stood facing the wind, the mysterious robe flew in the wind, and the cold and terrifying murderous aura lingered around him.

Mrs. Xiang frowned in surprise, "Didn't you get beheaded?"

That person is Murong Yu.

The afterimage violently plundered, before he had time to blink, he was already standing in front of the carriage, his eyes shimmering like a sword, "Are you sure it was this king who was beheaded outside the palace gate?"

"Did you kill my father?" Murong Ci asked Mrs. Xiang angrily, murderously.

"Didn't you believe that Murong Yu killed it?" Madam Xiang asked carefully.

"Yes, at first I decided that Murong Yu killed the father, but later I felt that something was wrong."

"What's wrong?"

"If he really ordered Wuying to kill his father, with Wuying's ability, it is impossible to start at that hour, and it is impossible for the emperor sister to run into it." Murong resigned, "You want to let the emperor meet Wuying, identify Wuying , It was arranged to start at that hour. Unfortunately, cleverness was mistaken by cleverness."

"So that's the case." Mrs. Xiang said calmly, "Then why are you still killing Murong Yu?"

"Because we are going to do a scene, let you relax your vigilance." Murong Yu seemed to be smiling but not smiling, but actually did not act.

Madam Xiang's beautiful eyes narrowed coldly, and she suddenly made a move. With a dagger in her hand, she shot Murongci sharply and swiftly.

The dagger flickered with silver light, like an electric shock.

Murong Yu had been prepared for a long time, and when the opponent started to attack, he attacked with a burst of energy. That anger hit the dagger, and the dagger flew aside and fell to the ground.

Mrs. Xiang flew up and leaped on the wall like a cold wind, and flew quickly.

However, Ghost and Wuying had already been waiting here, like two eagles suddenly soaring, attacking her together.

Murong Yu untied the thick rope that Murongci had tied his hands, gently and blamed himself, "Aci, I'm late."

She smiled, "It's not too slow."

He led her away, and the carriage stopped on the street outside. A dozen people in black suddenly appeared in front of them, all of them fierce and vicious, all of them were Mrs. Xiang's subordinates.

"It's too late to get off now, otherwise you will lose your life here, and you won't be able to blame this king." His voice was calm and clear.

"Go!" said a black man.

Eighteen people suddenly appeared on the walls on both sides, each pulling a hard bow and five arrows on the bow. The sharp eyes of a nighthawk made people shudder.


Murong Ci secretly happy, knowing that Murong Yu will not come here alone.

More than a dozen people on the enemy saw the Arrows team on the wall, and they couldn't help feeling furry. Naturally, they had heard of the prestige of the Arrows. Many of their brothers died in the hands of the Arrows. It was simply frightening.

"Give you one last chance, don't go away again..."

Before Murong Yu finished a sentence, the dozen or so people had disappeared without a trace.

Murongci only felt that a cold wind swept away, and the speed of this escape was comparable to that of a hurricane.

Walking out of the alley, he helped her to board the carriage, being careful as if worried that she was a fragile jade porcelain treasure.

As the carriage moved forward, he took a piece of exquisite and soft pastry and fed it to her, and then poured a cup of warm tea, softly pampering her.

"You don't have to be like this, I'm not a three-year-old child." She is not used to it, isn't she pregnant with his flesh and blood?

"After returning to the palace, I will send Master Shen to get the pulse. If my child is frightened at all, I will definitely smash Mrs. Xiang's body." Murong Yuyun said lightly.

"I'm fine, and your baby boy is fine."

"Let Master Shen take a look, I'm relieved." He shook her hand, "Aci, I will strengthen the defense of the palace, especially the Qingxin Hall. This kind of thing will never happen again."

"Yeah." Murong Ci ate two pieces of cakes and took a sip of tea, really hungry.

"Aci, Royal King Murong Yu has been beheaded by you. From now on, I will walk in the palace as Yan Feiyang, the male favorite of Her Majesty the Empress."

"You like it."

"By the way, haven't you doubted me? Why do you use a death row prisoner wearing a human skin mask instead of me to beheaded in public?"

"Do you really want to be beheaded by me?" She smiled, putting her hands on his shoulders, "I did doubt you, but if you want to kill the emperor father, you won't be so easily spotted by the emperor sister."

"Know me Mo Ruo Aci." Murong Yu kissed her palm lightly.

In the Golden Palace yesterday, she ordered him to be dragged outside the palace gate. Halfway through, two guards dragged a death row and appeared suddenly. Afterwards, he was stunned by the ghost and taken away and locked in the East Palace.

She asked: "The death of the emperor is suspicious, why don't you tell me?"

He said: "The night that your Majesty died, Wuying saw a black shadow haunting the Qingyuan Hall and went to chase him, but the black shadow's light work was very powerful, and he was lost with him. Then he chased to the Qingyuan Hall and saw The black shadow came out of the Qingyuan Hall and wanted to chase him, but he still went to see your majesty first. When he went, his majesty had already died."

Murong nodded, "When Wuying drove away, the man had already killed his father. The person sent by Mrs. Xiang to kill his father must have used illusion, and Wuying couldn't catch up."

Murong Yu said solemnly: "I ordered Wuying to investigate, and I guessed that it was Mrs. Xiang's work, but there was no real evidence, so I didn't tell you."

She squinted at him, "Are you going to not tell me forever?"

He laughed, "No, it will always be found. A Ci, you beheaded me to show the public, and there is another purpose, so that I, a traitor who reigned for six years, was arrogant, and arrogant, arrogant and arrogant, died in a righteous manner, hiding from the Manchu civil and military , And then lead the snake out of the hole."

Murong Ci raised his eyebrows coldly, "Unfortunately, no one is your opponent. Winning this battle is too easy and too unsatisfactory. I hope that the ministers of the DPRK will come forward, and I just want to kill the chicken and the monkey."

Murong Yu said meaningfully: "I'm dead, those old men are naturally arrogant and won't let you harm Chao Tsun."

When she brightens her eyes, that's the best.

Upon arriving at the palace gate, Ghost and Wuying came to report. Mrs. Xiang had already broken the law, and all of her party members were taken into custody.

Back at the Qingxin Temple, Qin Ruo and Ruyi saw Murong Yu assisting His Majesty to come in. They were so shocked that their eyes were about to fall off.

"Your Majesty, the prince was not...beheaded..." Qin Ruo has always been calm, not calm this time.

"He is a man or a ghost... The one who was beheaded yesterday was obviously... the prince..." Ruyi was so scared that he hid behind Qin Ruo and stammered.

"This king is a ghost. He came back to claim his life." Murong Yu said solemnly, "Quickly go to the Taiyuan Hospital to pass on Master Shen."

"Yes." Ruyi whispered to Qin Ruo, "So, the royal king is not dead?"

"You quickly send someone to pass on Master Shen." Qin Ruo pushed her.

Murongci returned to the bedroom and leaned on the concubine couch, "I'm hungry, go and prepare meals."

If Qin retires happily, it's great, the king is not dead, the king will protect your majesty.

Murong Yu brought a brocade box and opened it, "Aci, you promised me, you have not forgotten it. On the day of marriage, I hope you can marry me wearing the Jiulong Opera Phoenix Golden Hairpin."

Murongci raised his eyebrows playfully, "Don't you marry me?"

He laughed, bowed and bowed, "Okay, I will marry your Majesty."

PS: Tomorrow should be the finale. Sprinkle flowers, Eulera.

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