Rebirth Of The New Farmers In The 1980s Chapter 2499

Chapter 2495: Can't Take Off The Hat

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2016, September.

Miss Wan Jia is going to the barracks, using the words of her aunt Luan Feng to enlarge the firecrackers.

On the day before her departure, Wan Feng personally drove her to the Municipal Armed Forces Department. She would travel to a foreign land with other enlisted partners during the same period.

Wan Yu, who was as careless and heartless as Luan Feng, seemed to suddenly realize that he was leaving the home where he had lived for eighteen years, and staged a parting scene with his mother and aunt.

Although someone looks calm, he is not feeling well in his heart.

He knows better than anyone that his daughter will leave home here and go to the army for fear that she will never come back again.

The Rocket Army has been there for several years, and it is estimated that there will be no demobilization, and then it is to start a family in the army.

It is said that the female college is not staying, although I know that the girl will leave home sooner or later.

When Wan Yu and the people who joined the army got on the train and left, someone felt for the first time that he was really old.

When my daughter joined the army and left, the house suddenly seemed to be empty.

Fortunately, there is still a son.

Wan Chongyang and his girlfriend have been internships in the Nanwan Group for more than a year, and now they have basically figured out the operation mode of the entire Nanwan Group.

In the past, he only knew that his family's property was very big, but he was not very clear about how big it was.

Now he knew it and was shocked.

Nanwan Group is not only large but also sophisticated. Both the automotive and electronic departments are almost at the top level in the world.

He couldn't figure out what his Laozi relied on to make the group so big, and he also managed to achieve this level.

"How Lao Tzu has done such a big deal? You will slowly know when you have time to do so. Only when you know the history will you better run towards the future. What you have to do next is how to make this group better, not let it Its bleak in your hands. Ill be fifty in a few years, and Im reaching the age when I should retire. I hope you can take my class when that day comes."

"Dad! People retired in their 60s, and some group bosses haven't retired in their 70s."

"They are them, and I am me. They love rights and I dont have that kind of hobby. I will retire in three years. You have to top up the group for me during these three years. Dont delay my travels. Big plans. But I am not letting go. I still have the right to veto important matters."

Of course, Wan Feng had to keep a veto vote in his own hands.

He doesn't care about other things, if his son listens to other people's slander, he will definitely veto any financing and listing activities.

Don't talk about those useless things, and you can just inherit what Lao Tzu has laid down.

There is no Bandai's foundation in this world, and Wanfeng did not expect the Nanwan Group to last forever and not decline within three generations.

As for whether Wanjia will have a prodigal son in the future, it is not a question he should consider. At that time, he is probably already dead, and that should be a matter for his son or his son's son to consider.

In a blink of an eye, 2016 has passed.

This year is the first year after the reform of the South Bay Group. What kind of dividends these employees who hold the company's shares will receive this year has become an issue of concern to everyone.

The 2016 financial report of Nanwan Group is no longer ordinary dazzling, it is quite dazzling.

This year the group's net profit has reached an astonishing 440 billion.

This is not the credit of the mobile phone, nor the credit of the car. The chip has contributed the most this year.

In 2014, Asim shipped TWINSCANNXE: 3400B machine, the resolution was increased to 13 nanometers, and the yield was as high as 125wph.

The Nanwan Group, which masters the world's most advanced lithography technology, has naturally become a company that can produce the most cutting-edge chips in the world.

Huaguang Chip monopolized the high-end chip industry by virtue of this technology. By 2015, these high-end chips began to be applied. Last year, it benefited from the vigorous development of mobile phone companies.

It just happened to form the application peak.

Except for a few people in the entire group, the rest of the group has no idea how many chips have been shipped by Huaguang Chips this year.

One is the large quantity, and the other is the huge profit, which is amazing.

Someone is embarrassed to mention this issue.

The sales department has come up with some custards in the past two years. These guys are daring and have forgotten the excellent traditions of the Nanwan Group. How dare they dare to sell!

Therefore, in 2016, the chip alone made a profit of more than 250 billion yuan.

Moreover, one of the most important messages is that the Dutch foreigners of Asmer are now very old.

Now they are replaced by a group of Chinese young talents full of black hair.

This is the most gratifying thing.

Gullit and the others have lived in China for thirty years. Apart from his appearance, he is now a Chinese through and through.

Speaking fluent Chinese, the customs of life have been completely Chinese, and even **** and Mary have been thrown out of the sky.

His children also grew up in China and became a family. They have been completely integrated into the culture of China~wuxiaworld.online~ They also witnessed the development of China from poverty to today step by step. The changes also allowed them to stay here willingly.

Someone wanted to realize dividend stocks last year because they wanted to cut their income so that they would not be alone on the rich list.

Who would have thought that the money is not only not less, but more.

Don't you say this is sad!

Probably he is the only person in the group who is not elated.

According to regulations, the amount of dividends paid out this year is 133 billion yuan.

This years dividends are equal to the groups total income the year before.

The group issued a total of 1.5 billion bonus shares last year, with an average of 10,000 shares held per capita.

Calculated in this way, the dividend per share is 88 yuan.

In other words, each of the 150,000 employees of the group will receive at least 880,000 yuan in dividends.

This is a day that keeps ordinary employees of the South Bay Group awake at night. Countless employees of the South Bay Group have received a message that 880,000 yuan of cash has been received in your account on their mobile phones.

From north to south, the entire Nanwan Group laughed and laughed everywhere.

Some people who were dissatisfied and complained about the South Bay Group completely reversed their bad image of South Bay at this moment and vowed to contribute their whole lives to South Bay.

But not everyone is smiling, someone is sad.

"Old ghost! Why are you frowning again?"

Someones title has been officially upgraded to an old ghost since he was taken back from the Zhuanjiaolou Reservoir last year.

This title makes someone very upset, but there is no alternative.

"I'm the richest man again, why don't I frown."

Indeed, the hat of the richest man is afraid that he will not be able to take it off.


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