Rebirth Of The New Farmers In The 1980s Chapter 2500

Chapter 2496: Its Nice Not To Be Born Again The Finale

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Since the implementation of the dividend-sharing shareholding system, the cohesion of Nanwan people has risen unprecedentedly, as if everyone has become the owner of the enterprise.

From what I used to be doing for the boss to doing it for myself, this has formed a situation of enthusiasm, and there is a qualitative leap in both product quantity and quality.

In 2017, the group's scientific research funding was as high as 88 billion. As long as those researchers have ideas, they will apply for reports and almost all of them will be approved.

Over a thousand scientific research projects have been launched in the fields from automobiles to semiconductors.

As long as a few tenths of these projects can produce results, it is a terrific situation.

As long as we occupy the high ground in technology, there is no need to worry about the development of the group.

Because all products of Nanwan Group are high value-added products, and many products have made outstanding contributions to the development of the military, there is no burden to reduce production capacity.

The overseas transfer of low-level products promoted by the state has nothing to do with Nanwan.

On the contrary, Fengfeng Garment Group belongs to the ranks of de-capacity.

Luan Jianshe followed Wan Feng's suggestion and led by Li Mingze to set up the garment factory in Chaoxian County.

A very large branch was established in Xinyizhou, Chao County, and all the workers recruited in it were from Chao County.

Because Chaoxian people have a system similar to that of Huaguo and implement pure compulsory education for the whole people, the quality of workers is not lower than that of Huaguo.

But labor is only about a quarter of China.

The products produced from Sinuiju return to the domestic market and enter the domestic market or export.

Of course, this has nothing to do with Wanfeng. Apart from the name, Fengfeng Garment Factory has nothing to do with him.

Compared with the enthusiasm of the group's employees, someone had a very good life in 2017.

2017 was a dull year for Wanfeng. His main job this year was like a primary school teacher. He would hand it over to his son whenever he needed to solve the problem by himself.

I was just watching, waiting for his son to finish the matter before he pointed out what was wrong or inappropriate.

After more than a year of precepts and deeds, Wan Chongyang has already handled many of the group's matters below the middle level correctly.

Wan Chongyang's personality is that he rarely speaks and is careful, and he has to go through everything in his mind several times before making a decision.

This character is very much like Zhang Xuan.

Sometimes Wan Feng thought he was born by Zhang Xuan in a daze.

Luan Feng was very angry about this, but Mao's own son looked like Zhang Xuan?

Zhang Xuan also sneered at each other, her daughter looked like Luan Feng.

Zhang Xuan didn't talk nonsense. Wan Yu had entered the sea since he was enlisted in the army, and there was no news.

This is indeed Luan Feng's style of doing things.

When Wan Yu first left, Wan's family was still very uncomfortable. When eating, both his mother and Luan Feng and Zhang Xuan would subconsciously prepare an extra pair of tableware.

But after a year of precipitation, this phenomenon has disappeared, and the whole family has adapted to this kind of life.

It seems that in a few seconds, 2017 passed so silly in someone's mind.

Although Wanfeng paid special attention to the construction of environmental protection since the beginning of the development of Jiangwei here, there are thousands of companies gathered in an area of tens of square kilometers. Even if the water pollution is minimized, the air pollution cannot be achieved. avoid.

Although it is not as high as the smog index in Beihe Province, the smog index is high in Beiliao Province.

Running towards green water and green mountains is the principle of Jinshan Yinshan. In 2018, Wanfeng, who had handed over half of the group to his son, had an additional title: Chairman of the Environmental Sanitation Supervision Committee of Jiangwei Industrial Zone.

Who gave this name? He turned out to be the chairman of the committee.

Under his opposition, the title eventually became director.

After the Spring Festival in 18, Wan Feng began to exercise his rights as a director, bringing several members and entourages of the association to show off in the Jiangwei Industrial Zone.

Even if he is not officially appointed by the state, nor on the list of civil servants, no one dares not listen to his instructions.

The sewage treatment system of your company is too old and must be replaced. Why is the water still black after treatment?

If the treated water cannot become clean, the company is not allowed to start?

It wont work for Nanwan to make a complete set. Even if the production of Nanwan is delayed, it will have to be rectified. It will give you three months. If it is still unqualified, it will stop for rectification.

I said Boss Wei, look at the chimneys of your company and tell me what is going on? Paint on the blue sky?

Hurry up and do exhaust gas treatment for me, no money? How dare you tell me that I have no money? Say it again, let me listen!

That's right. We have passed the period when we need economic benefits and not the environment. Now we need benefits and environment. We are all old, so how come we have to give our children and grandchildren a similar environment?

It is really impossible to make a report on the turnover, the environmental sanitation supervision department of the industrial zone has also prepared some funds to make up for you appropriately.

When the Environmental Supervision Office of Jiangwei Industrial Zone was established, an environmental governance foundation was also established.

These funds consist of apportionments from various enterprises in the industrial zone and donations from individuals.

Wan Feng personally put out 50 million yuan, which is to provide paid subsidies to these rectified enterprises.

In addition to environmental governance, another job of Wanfeng now is to do charity.

Wanfeng's charity is not the kind of donating money and just finishing it.

His main charity activity is still to run a factory.

Not to mention other places in the country, there are tens of thousands of disabled people in Beiliao Province alone.

Wanfeng's charity mainly serves these people.

He set up a small welfare factory in Jiangwei that year, and Fuze benefited the disabled in Jiangwei Village and the surrounding area.

Now his goal is to benefit the disabled in the entire Beiliao province.

Over the years, he has successively opened some factories in other cities, but the number is small.

Now he feels that he has time to do this.

Therefore, after obtaining the consent of the local government, in May 2018, a welfare factory infrastructure plan with an investment of tens of billions covering almost all county-level cities in Beiliao Province began to be implemented.

After the establishment of these enterprises, Wan Summit will be handed over to the local government, but he has the power of supervision.

The subject is what do these welfare factories do after they are built, backed by such a large enterprise as the Nanwan Group, and do something to feed these disabled people.

In addition, things like repairing bridges and repairing roads and building new houses for impoverished families are trivial things in Wanfeng's eyes.

Wan Feng was busy with environmental governance and charity outside, and his eldest lady was not idle either. This guy even pulled up a dance team of hundreds of people and embroidered a big flag.

There are four characters on the banner: Fengwu for nine days!

Wan Feng is tired when he sees this, is he planning to go to heaven?

In the summer of 2018, the Military Channel broadcast a documentary recording the female Rocket Army.

Because of the advance notice, the Wanfeng family rarely sat around the television in their parents' room.

The documentary did not disappoint them. They saw the daughter they thought was missing on TV.

Zhang Xuan's tears fell first. Is this still her baby girl?

Although the appearance is still beautiful, the skin is made so that Africans will feel proud of seeing it.

The heartless Luan Feng also has tears in her eyes, and a question lingers in her heart: Will Mao support her to serve as a soldier in the first place?

Wan Feng looked uncomfortable. He was at the age of flowers and jade. Now he smells of gunpowder smoke. Can he still marry in the future?

But seeing the missile go to the sky under the command of his daughter, someone's heart was instantly filled with pride.

Luan Feng took the lead in applauding.

Wan Shuichang and Zhu Min were extremely happy to see their granddaughter so promising.

Wanjia now has two active servicemen.

Wan Jun now has the rank of colonel, a regiment, and is currently the head of an enhanced regiment.

Wan Yu will be a sergeant right away, and it is said that this year he will be able to have family leave.

Although her Laozi has always been arrogant in her life, she hasn't lifted missiles into the sky. Wanjia daughter is still a little better than her Laozi.

Although my daughter was tanned a little bit, I can see that the body is still quite strong, walking and running like a tiger and leopard running vigorously.

In this way, all the tens of thousands of families are relieved.

Time flies, and the years flies, as if inadvertently, the winter of 2018 will come.

On January 22nd, the sixth day of the twelfth lunar month, there was a heavy snowfall.

Around one noon, Wan Feng drove back to Xiaoshutun from Huang Hui by himself.

Today is Aunt Wanfengs 70th birthday.

Since her grandmother passed away ten years ago, the aunt has been the oldest woman in the Wan family. She must be there for her birthday as a junior Wanfeng, and this is also the seventieth birthday.

Wishing the aunt a longevity at noon, Wan Feng drove home dizzyly.

Today he didn't let Wen Zhongguo and anyone follow. They didn't need to follow his aunt's 70th birthday.

After returning from Huang Hui, Wan Feng discovered that the car seemed to run out of gas when the car was entering the bay.

He decided to go to Zhan Honggui's gas station to refuel.

The sky was boiling with heavy snow, and there was almost nothing to see from a hundred meters away.

It seems that it hasn't snowed so much in years.

Wan Feng drove carefully to Zhan Honggui's gas station.

What makes him depressed is that this snowy day has so many cars for Mao to refuel?

There were many cars queuing from the gas station, all of them lined up on the boulevard.

What did these guys do in a good day? I ran out this day, does this boring egg hurt?

Wan Feng parked his car on the side of the road and followed an empty truck in front of him in line.

But as soon as he stopped the car, he saw in the mirror a fully loaded truck coming down the hillside.

Under such heavy snow, vehicles should not be driven on the road, especially heavy-duty trucks.

There seems to be something wrong between the two cars, they are coming down very fast, and the direction seems to be out of control.

There was a thought in someone's mind that these two cars were out of control, and the out of control truck seemed to be coming towards his car.

not good!

Unfortunately, as soon as this idea came out, he felt like he was flying.

To be precise, his car started flying.

The truck that slipped out of control due to heavy snowfall and heavy loads hit the back of Wanfeng at a speed of about 70 kilometers.

The Decepticon flew up and hit the **** of the truck in front of him, then flipped two somersaults in the air, and finally fell heavily head down in the middle of the road.


Wan Feng felt like he was having a dream.

His body was floating in the sky like the wind, surrounded by clouds and mist, he couldn't see anything, and the whole world was silent and there was no sound.

He saw a car on the road below lying in the middle of the road with its feet facing the sky, full of people all around.

The appearance of that car was not damaged except that the rear of the car was hit and the cab collapsed slightly because it was buckled upside down on the concrete pavement.

He also saw people get a **** face from the car. This person was carried into a car and drove to Jiangwei Hospital~wuxiaworld.online~ He still wanted to see clearly, think I followed the car that led to the hospital to take a look, but the picture gradually blurred until I couldn't see anything...

Although he couldn't see anything, his thinking still existed.

His mind still knows who he is.

He remembers that it was the same day in his previous life. He took the last bus a year ago to send some New Year's gifts to his son's house in Shenyang. Then there was an accident in the bus and he was born again.

Could something happen to him this day in this life?

Is it going to be born again or die?

Has his huge family business gone too far?

I have two...wifes, I'm still young...I don't want to die or...heavi...

At this time, Wan Feng felt that he was in the darkness like thick ink, unable to see or hear anything. There seemed to be a lot of hands pulling him in the darkness, not knowing where to pull him.

At this moment, he felt that he was so helpless, the only thing he could do was to curl up his body and hold his arms to resist those pulling and pulling.

I don't know how long it took, and suddenly a ray of light appeared in front of him.

After the light appeared, those pulling movements were suddenly reduced.

He stared at the gleam of light and leaned forward hard.

The light is getting bigger and bigger, and it has reached the level of dazzling. Finally, the light seems to have reached a critical point, and the whole world is suddenly bright.

"Wake up, wake up!"

He first heard the sound of a woman or two women crying for joy.

The sound was so familiar, he slowly opened his eyes.

There were two women with tears in front of them, behind them there was a young guy and a young girl...


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