The Strongest Beast Chapter 341

Chapter 336: Ready For Departure

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Su Can was naturally surprised by Xiao Bai's words.

You need to know that just before, Su Can was worried that there was no clue about Xiaobai's remnant soul.

"If it is Jiuyou Outer Realm, my remnant soul must exist. Of course, Xiao Jia said that there is the power of Jiuyou, and there must be Jiuyou Outer Realm!"

Xiaobai said excitedly.

"Well, in that case, let's set off as soon as possible!"

Su Can nodded and said.

Earlier Xiao Jia reminded that there was artificial cover under the volcano where the power of the Nine Nethers existed. This made Su Can start to worry.

I want to come, those people, I'm afraid that they are also going to the power of the Nine Nethers.

Even if it is not so, there is something attractive enough in Xiangbi.

"Is it a person from the Four Avenues? Otherwise...Who has such a powerful strength to go deep into the bottom of the volcano? Is the Yin Yang Union?"

Su Can pondered.

guessed in his heart that the volcano belongs to the existence of the sun, and the yin and yang union is good at driving the yin and evil, so that the body is covered with the yin and evil aura, for fear that it will be difficult to approach the depths of the volcano.

At the same time, Su Can's heart was also looking forward to the fact that the deserted island in the East China Sea in the volcanic land is where the people of the Yin Yang Union are located, because then, the person who disappeared on the coast of the East China Sea may be there.

Su Can can get the pill materials he wants to help his father.

Since the border of Mount Sumi, the Four Avenues have organized their own children to search for the Yin and Yang trade unions in Dahua, but the results obtained by the Four Avenues are the same.

The Yin-Yang Union seems to have evaporated.

After nearly a month of searching, there was no child of the Yin-Yang Union in Dahua Country.

It's as if the Yin-Yang Trade Union had never appeared in Dahua.

A month passed in a flash.

Four Dadaomen also gradually stopped sending children everywhere, and for a while, the monastic circle once again fell into a period of calm.

But anyone who is interested knows that the seemingly peaceful monastic circle, in fact, there is no slack in the secret.

The incident of passing through Mount Xumi, let the Four Avenues know that the Yin-Yang Trade Union will not be removed for a day, and there will be no peace in Dahua Country.

In the evening, Su Can sat cross-legged on the bed in a villa on the outskirts of the city.

In his arms, there is a crystal clear egg.

"After absorbing so much soul power, why can't it be hatched?"

Su Can looked at the egg in his arms and groaned softly.

This egg is naturally the egg of the Eagle God's spirit that Su Can got at the boundary of Mount Xume, but it has been so long.

In Su Cans Imperial Beast Ring, he was baptized with spirit power every day and night.

In addition, there is a soul gathering formation in the royal beast ring and a jade soul pill that is constantly filled by little monkeys.

These are added together, but a huge and large soul power energy.

But that's it, the spirit of the Eagle God does not seem to have the meaning of hatching.

Afterwards, after a little thought, Su Can put his palm on the egg of the Eagle God's Spirit again, and a stream of pure soul power was poured into it.

The spirit power fluctuations emanating from Su Can's palm are far more powerful than a month ago. New 81 Chinese network update the fastest computer terminal: https://

Within a month, Su Can's cultivation realm improved by leaps and bounds.

From the initial peak of Dao Ling, that is, the elementary level of the Fifth-Rank Beast Master, he has been promoted to the pinnacle of the Fifth-Rank Beast Master.

is only one step away from breaking through to the elementary level of the sixth-rank Beast Master.

Of course, the leaps and bounds of strength are naturally inseparable from a large number of soul-refining pills.

And Su Can's money was also consumed.

But Su Can is not worried about this.

The market for Xuan Yu Dan and Super Xuan Yu Dan has been completely opened among the gates of the Fourth Avenue of Dahua Country.

Only Su Can is short of money, so he can exchange some soul pill and jade soul pill and give it to Qiu Ran and Xu Kong.

What Su Can cares most now is, when will the egg of the eagle god's spirit hatch. First release https://https://

This is Su Can, preparing for his trip to the East China Sea.

In addition to strength, that is Yu Beast.

"Sixth-rank elementary beast masters can now use new beasts. I dont know when the eagle gods spirit will hatch!"

While instilling his own soul power, Su Can whispered softly in his heart.

This method of instilling soul power into the spirit of the Eagle God, naturally Xiao Bai told Su Can.

At this time, Xiao Bai is cooking for Su Can in the kitchen...

Jiuyou wobbled with four physical tails, a dangling tail, strolling in the living room, staring at Su Can's door from time to time.

At this time, Jiuyou is already the last evolution before completing the mythical qualities, from the original four-tailed body to the five-tailed body.

It's just that the loss of its own Nine Nether powers has not been compensated, and the fifth tail is still in a flickering state.

"At this time, presumably Longhushan's Cheng Zhangshou has already begun, right?"

Su Can, who was instilling spirit power, glanced at the watch hanging on the wall in the bedroom, and pursed his lips.

At this moment, in the chamber of the highest main peak of Longhushan Daomen.

The four gathered together to discuss something in a low voice.

In the outer space of the four people, there are talisman seals that rotate one after another, which are sound-proof talisman seals.

If Su Can were here, he would definitely recognize that the costumes worn by these four people were actually from the Four Avenues.

One of them is Cheng Daolong, the head of Longhushan Daomen.

"With regard to the Yin and Yang trade union, do you have any suggestions?"

Cheng Daolong narrowed his eyes and said.

"Brother Cheng, at this stage, the people from the Yin and Yang Trade Union must have already left the territory of Dahua. Even if the siege continues this time, I am afraid it will only waste time and money!"

Huashan Daomen's palm fingers lightly pressed against the table in front of him~wuxiaworld.online~ whispered.

"According to reliable sources, all the remnants of the Yin-Yang Trade Union have fled overseas. This matter has not had time to report to the above..."

The head of the Wuji Daomen sighed lightly.

The head of the Maoshan Daomen was silent, not knowing what he was thinking, and looked at Cheng Daolong with a smile from time to time, as if his mind was not on the Yin Yang Guild.

Cheng Daolong seemed to understand this, but he didn't say much.

"If this is the case, then the various gates will temporarily withdraw their children, but the above means that the encirclement and search of the Yin and Yang trade unions need to be turned from light to dark, but they cannot be relaxed!"

Cheng Daolong nodded slightly and said.

The other three nodded after hearing Cheng Daolong's words.

"Okay, the official business is over, let's talk about the things you all care about!"

Cheng Daolong smiled, flipped his hand and took out a wooden box.

Seeing this situation, the heads of the other three avenues all brightened up, and they seemed to have long been expecting it.

In response, Cheng Daolong did not delay, and lightly tapped his finger on the wooden box.


The wooden box was opened, and dozens of gray pills exuding unpretentious fluctuations were presented in front of the three of them.

Looking at its appearance, it is undoubtedly the soul refinement pill.

"This is a super-super Xuan Yu Dan, but it has been treasured by Xuan Yu Daoling for many years...Everyone, make an offer!"

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