Sign In For 100000 Years Please Hurry Up Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Erase Memory

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"Is this also the disillusioned eye of the sky?"

The big dark horse swallowed hard and said to himself in his heart.

The master looked at this one, and everyone had entered a wonderful dream state.

This sky disillusioned the eyes, it was terrible.

In a blink of an eye, the tiny runes like stars in Ye Yun's eyes disappeared, and his gaze returned to a light cloud look.


Ye Yun waved his hand.

He grabbed the six eternal cultivators in front of him, stuffed them into the void, and threw them back again.

"Where to come from, where to go back..."

For these little eternal realm cultivators, Ye Yun would not kill them, just leave them to the three juniors of Shenlongzong.

These six people will be the sharpening stones for the three of them in the future.

A strange wave of fluctuations.

The space around Ye Yun twisted in an instant, and the black carriage was hidden in the void.

After doing all this.

Ye Yun's figure flashed, and he returned to the carriage.

All the monks in the surrounding area shook their spirits at this moment, as if they were waking up from a dream.

"What happened just now?"

"It's as if the brain suddenly short-circuited..."

Sect master of a large sect frowned and said.

He patted his head hard, but he couldn't remember what happened.

This situation appeared in everyone at the same time.

No one remembers what happened in the trance just now.

Someone inadvertently looked at the crimson beam of light in the red fairy land, and found that there was no one in the valley below the beam of light.

But no one's expression has changed.

In the eyes of everyone, it seems that there is nothing there.

Just now, Ye Yun used the supreme magical power of the sky to disillusion eyes, so that everyone entered the realm of disillusionment, and directly erased part of the memory in everyone's mind.

The reason why everyone's memory was erased, Ye Yun didn't want anyone to know his existence.

From the Guyue Dynasty all the way, anyone who saw him was either killed by Ye Yun, or his memory was tampered with.

This time, the big dark horse exposed the eternal realm cultivation base.

And Ye Yun captured the six eternal realm monks from a heavenly sect across the sky, spanning thousands of miles.

All this is too shocking.

So Ye Yun not only erased the memories of the surrounding monks, but also included the six eternal monks.


There was another violent noise in the void, the space fluctuated, and a huge vortex appeared in the void.

Then a bright beam of light suddenly descended from the whirlpool.

This beam of light rolled up a gust of wind, emitting a boundless light, and at a glance, it seemed that the vast land of the kamikaze dynasty was shining brightly.

"It's another heavenly sect!"

A big sect's sect master glared at everything in front of him incredibly.

Suddenly, everyone's breathing became short.

There was a heaven-level sect before, but I couldn't think of it... now there is another heaven-level sect!

I have to say that the influence of Hongchen Xiandi is too great.

As the light disappeared, more than 100,000 monks appeared in the void.

These monks turned into sword lights, plunged into the crimson light beam, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

A half-step eternal cultivator turned around and swept lightly, and finally landed next to the crimson light beam alone.

His position was ten feet away from the original black carriage.

But at this moment, the black carriage had been hidden in the void, and he couldn't feel it at all.

In the void, the big dark horse can see everything outside.

However, the master had ordered it to stand still, so the **** horse had to close his eyes and quietly practice.

"It's a rare opportunity, no one will bother..."

The **** cat smiled triumphantly in his heart, then took a deep breath, quickly calmed his mood, and concentrating on comprehending the sky and disillusioning eyes.

This magical power is really too powerful. Seeing the master used it several times, it is really envious in my heart.

The arrival of the second heavenly sect is not the end.

During this day, several bright beams of light descended in the sky, and several more heavenly sects came.

The half-step eternal cultivators of these heavenly sects were sitting in the valley beside the crimson light beam with a tacit understanding.

Do not interfere with each other and practice with closed eyes.

Within the next few days.

There are still large and small super sects long-distance void delivery, sending in waves after waves of cultivators of the gods.

There are millions of cultivators who have entered the god-shaping realm.

These millions of cultivators of the Molding God Realm entered the vast and boundless red fairyland, but they were still randomly teleported to various places.

At the beginning, everyone was in an empty and desolate area.

Then began to kill the Gorefiend all the way.

As one of the Ten Great Immortal Lands, this secret realm is completely different from the flow of time outside.

In the red fairyland, one day has passed, and ten days have passed outside.

Therefore, for all the cultivators of the God-Shaping Realm who entered the Red Dust Immortal Land, their order was no more than one day.

Everyone started almost the same.

Ye Yun's deity quietly comprehended a powerful magical power in the carriage.

But a strand of his soul was hidden in Su Wanyi's mind.

"The time flow is different, this place is a bit interesting..."

Ye Yun's primordial spirit glanced around faintly, and returned to silence again.


The Seven Star Dragon Abyss sword slays the Gorefiend, possessing the unpredictable power of ghosts and gods.

The blood demon in the red dust fairyland has strong vitality, and possesses extremely strong ability to regenerate and fit. Normal monks must cut the blood demon into several pieces to kill the blood demon.

But Su Wanyi didn't use it.

As long as she splits the Gorefiend with a sword, the Gorefiend will be killed.

"It deserves to be a god-level sword, in this red fairy land, with this sword, no blood demon will be my opponent..."

At this moment, Su Wanyi was standing on the top of an empty and desolate hill, looking at the two or three gorefiends under her feet, and her exquisite and beautiful face showed a delighted smile.

Along the way.

She killed more than thirty gorefiends in total.

From the initial killing one by one, to two or three killings at the same time, she has now gradually grasped the law of the blood demon's activities.

The blood demons are extremely cunning, but they also have weaknesses. Their biggest weakness is their covetousness towards monks.

Grasping this and casting a thunderous blow, Su Wanyi can easily kill the Gorefiend.

The human monk can kill the blood demons, devour the inner alchemy of the blood demons, the blood demons... can also consume the human monks.

This is a fair process.

Along the way, Su Wanyi saw two or three disciples who did not know which sect, unable to resist the blood demon, and was finally wrapped in a blood web by the blood demon.

A breath of effort, there is no bones left.

Only some clothes fell down.

The Gorefiend is interested in the flesh of the human monk, but has no interest in the monk's robes, swords, and storage rings.

Su Wanyi had picked up several storage rings, all of which were the relics of the cultivators who died in the hands of the blood demons.

"It's her!"

Su Wanyi was about to put aside the corpse of the Gorefiend, and when she took out the inner alchemy, she suddenly burst into the air and saw a few sword lights.

These sword lights fell on the ground and turned into five or six young people, each of them wearing a uniform red robe and holding a long sword, surrounding Su Wanyi.


Su Wanyi frowned.

She is very familiar with one of the young people, that is, the fifth-level young man she saved when she first entered the Red Dust Immortal Land.

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