Basketball Myth: Super Guard Chapter 839

Chapter 839: Can't Guard The Big Four

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The ball was played beautifully, but as the atmosphere on the court changed, the two sides began to get serious, and the players on the sidelines also put away their smiles.

The blue team players and the red team players moved two steps away a little bit, becoming very clear.

No matter what it is, it is time for the game, and the two sides are beginning to get serious, it is no longer pure "communication". Since they are opponents, even if they have not yet played, they must show their attitude.

If the players of the red and blue teams on the field are serious about offensive and defensive, but the players of the red and blue teams off the field are talking and laughing together, whispering to each other, what do you think?

On the court, the score became 4:2.

Paul quickly advanced to the front court, James opened his hand on the left to ask for the ball, Paul quickly passed, and then signaled the others to pull away and give James a single.

The next moment, James made a probing step in the singles, and then suddenly started, and the inside quickly moved horizontally. He wanted to get stuck, but after all, he was a little slower. After all, he is an inside player, and although James is notoriously powerful, he can be as fast as he can, and he has passed half of his position in one step.

NBA has a saying, when you are half-passed by James, it is equivalent to being completely passed by him.

"Make up for defense." Qin Hao shouted.

Butler was the closest to the basket, quickly returned to the basket and blocked in front of James.

Seeing James rushing in, Butler jumped up, arms raised, trying to block the cover, but the next moment the two of them collided with each other, a forceful attack, Butler's face changed, and James was knocked away.


However, James is like a tower. He barely moved and didn't lose his balance. He switched the ball to the left hand and scored a layup steadily.

"Fuck." Butler couldn't help but vomit, "Can't hit it."

Although Butler is very hard, he has not reached the peak stage yet, not to mention that even at the peak stage, he is still choking against James.

James is at his peak at this time, just a bug!

"It's still in color."

"Tsk tsk, too strong."

"Yeah, who can stop this rush?"

People sighed.

Even the players of the blue team couldn't help but slap their tongues.

In the next few rounds, both sides are scoring, but the red teams scoring efficiency is still higher. After all, there are the "Four Heroes", everyone is a superstar and possesses super personal abilities. , The blue team is difficult to guard against them here.

I saw Paul break through with the pick-and-roll, and then pass the ball to Anthony, who cut along the bottom line. Anthony took the ball forward and made a flick, deceiving the defender. He started, and then he took off, a hit, very relaxed.

After dozens of seconds, Wade made a sudden point and passed it to Paul. Paul took a glance outside the three-point line. Qin Hao quickly took a step forward, but he saw Paul suddenly speed up his breakthrough and rush to the inside.

Nene stepped forward to make up the defense, Paul threw the ball to the basket, James flew up, and it was an empty dunk, full of domineering.

"Can't help it."

"Too many points are scored, and they are all too strong, how to prevent?"

People sighed secretly.

After a few minutes, the red team completely gained the upper hand, mainly because the "Four Heroes" were too strong and their personal abilities were too good, let alone four.

James can't defend inside, Butler can't defend Anthony, Rose can't defend Wade, Qin Hao has a certain restriction on Paul by virtue of his height advantage.

But if Paul doesn't score, it's enough to organize a pass.


How do you feel that the red team is missing someone?

In short, the Four Heroes of the Wind and Dust are too strong in personal ability, have a good relationship with each other, and a good understanding of each other. Under Paul's organizational connection, they constantly look for opportunities to form one-on-one.

Once a one-on-one is formed, the blue team is very difficult to defend.

Fortunately, the red team does not have a real inside line, and there is still a certain advantage inside the basket. In addition, Qin Hao and Rose's personal strength are also good enough to not lag behind too much.


Qin Hao and Ross looked at each other and asked for a timeout.

At this time, halfway through the first quarter, the red team led by 6 points.

"It's terrible."

"Yes, there is no lineup of insiders at all, and it can still have the upper hand. It is worthy of being a superstar, and there are still four."

These few minutes of the game will undoubtedly reveal the strength of the Four Heroes. The four played very well. Paul scored relatively few points and only scored 2 points, but he has already sent 7 assists.

In addition, Anthony scored the most points, followed by James, and Wade again.

By the way, there is another Chalmers. He only took a three-pointer, but failed to make it. He played for a few minutes with 0 points, 0 assists, and 0 rebounds. Uh, it's a little shameful, but whoever makes the thighs too thick around him, and the teammates are too tough, it's no fault that I didn't work hard.

Anthony smiled at Qin Hao: "How about it, do you know it's great?"

Qin Hao rolled his eyes and said to his heart that you are floating, Brother Gua, if it weren't for James, Wade and Paul, who really wanted to pull out a lineup of the Knicks, it wouldn't be the case.

Several people came to the court, and Jiang Feng, Wang Lei, and Klay surrounded them.

Rose frowned.

In the past few minutes, they did not play badly, and they defended well. After all, Qin Hao, Nei Nei, Lu Wei, and Butler were all familiar with them, and there was no big loophole in their cooperation. But the key lies in not being in position. One cannot prevent one from the other, and the other cannot prevent the third.

"This kind of star combination, strong teamwork, is really a headache." Rose smiled bitterly. It was at this point how the Bulls lost in the Eastern Conference finals against the Heat.

"Yes." Qin Hao nodded and said, "It must be unstoppable."

Hearing this, everyone agreed.

This is the most powerful aspect of "Stars Group". Their personal abilities are too strong and it is difficult to defend one-on-one, forcing you to assist in defense and flanking.

But once you help guard against a flanking attack, you will definitely miss other people. If you just miss a role player, its okay, but miss a superstar, which is basically the same as giving points.

The red team has four giants and four superstars, which is even more terrifying than the Heat's Big Three. The blue team is not in the right position. Rose can offset Wade at best, and Qin Hao can almost offset it with his height advantage. Paul, but what about James and Anthony?

Butler is not an opponent of Anthony, and Nene is not an opponent of James.

No one in the blue team can match the upper position at these two points, because other people such as Clay, Jiang Feng, Wang Lei, Browning and others can't prevent them from going up. The gap will only be greater.

"So..." Qin Hao and Rose exchanged glances, and the two nodded, and said in unison: "We have to rely on offense!"

Sorry, you can't prevent the "Four Heroes". If the Blue team wants to defeat the opponent, they can only rely on offense. If they can't prevent it, they can't prevent it, as long as they score more than the opponent.

PS: Yesterday, there were guests at home. I was delayed during the day. I wrote that it was past two o'clock in the evening. I was so tired that I fell asleep on the table without knowing it. I wake up after four in the morning, think about it, or go to sleep, I will write today.

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