Basketball Myth: Super Guard Chapter 840

Chapter 840: Ross' Breakthrough Qin Hao's Three Pointer

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The strategy was set, and the blue team started to change.

Qin Hao discussed with Rose, and the other side will definitely change players later, it is estimated that they will change to TT, let him make up for the lack of insiders and protect the rebounds.

However, there is not only one insider for the blue team, besides inside, there is also Wang Lei.

The opponent has the Big Four. The blue team has no way to compete with them on the stars. They can only make the lineup as balanced as possible, so the first thing is to replace Wang Lei.

"I'm going?" Wang Lei looked at Jiang Feng, Browning, and Clay beside him, he couldn't help but feel a little nervous. This "wild game" is too high-end, can he do it by himself?

"Relax." Qin Hao patted Wang Lei, "We usually fight when we train together, and we still fight now."

Wang Lei gave a grin and grinned silly to hide his nervousness.

Can this not be nervous?

"In addition." Qin Hao looked at Klay, "Klay, you also go on and replace Lu Wei. You have only one task, to shoot a three-pointer."

"Okay." Clay rubbed his hands, also a little nervous, but just shooting a three-pointer was not a big problem, it was something he liked.

However, Qin Hao's tone changed: "But you will most likely have to face Anthony when you wait, and be as safe as possible."

"Huh?" Clay widened his eyes and couldn't help smiling wryly.

Lu Wei and Butler replaced, Wang Lei and Clay, in fact, Butler played well, but the blue team and the red team to score, it must rely on three-pointers.

Because you can't help it, you can get into one of the opponents. If it's a two-pointer, the blue team still won't have the advantage. Only when the opponent scores a two-pointer and oneself scores a three-pointer, the difference between a three-pointer and a two-pointer can gain the upper hand.

"Alright." Qin Hao stretched out his hand, "Brothers, come on!"

"Come on!"

Several people also stretched out their hands and shouted in unison.

Although the opponent is the "Big Four", so what?

The two sides returned to the court, and sure enough, the red team also changed players. Chalmers, who had no sense of existence, was replaced, replaced by TT, plus the "Four Heroes".

In fact, there are not many people on the red team that can rotate. If it's just a "communication match" and everyone is playing, isn't that person? A few trainers can also play. They usually make up the number when James and others are training. But now that the two sides want to play for real, they can't watch enough.

So including the "Four Heroes", there are a total of seven people, and there is only one inside player, TT, but there are a few James, which is enough.

"TT, your task is to defend and protect your rebounds." James said.

"Understood." TT was actually a little nervous, but when he thought that he was surrounded by thighs, he calmed down.

The blue team attacked.

Qin Hao came to the front court and glanced at the situation on the court. It was Wade who defended himself, Paul was against Rose, Anthony was against Clay, James was against Nene, and Wang Lei was against TT. . Obviously, they also knew that Nene was more difficult to deal with than Wang Lei.

"Pick-and-roll." Qin Hao asked for a pick-and-roll, but he didn't get a good chance.

After the red team changed people, the lineup became more reasonable and could strengthen the defense of Qin Hao and Rose more specifically. Qin Hao didn't care and passed the ball to Rose.

The two exchanged glances and understood. Rose took the ball to make a breakthrough. His breakthrough was very sharp. Even if it was Paul who was facing him, he still couldn't stop him. He could only guard against him and retreat. Defense. At this moment, Rose passed the ball.


The basketball flew beyond the left three-point line and fell into Qin Hao's hands, while Wade, who was facing him, was blocked by Wang Lei, who was on the line.

"Not good." TT's expression changed, and he hurried to Qin Hao.

However, it was too late.

Qin Hao's hand raised the knife and dropped, and with a "swish", the basketball made a steady hit.

"nice shot."

"Good job."

The blue team players applauded.

Wade frowned and exchanged glances with James. No words were needed. Everyone understood--be careful of Qin Hao's three-pointer.

Roses breakthrough, Qin Haos three-pointer, these are the blue teams two major killers. In the past few minutes, Rose broke through a lot, but Qin Haos three-pointers were not many. The red team members were actually mentally prepared. It was not surprising at this moment, but quickly adjusted the defensive strategy and strengthened the defense against Qin Hao.

In the next round, Rose suddenly scored, Qin Hao took the ball, and the defense immediately rushed forward, blocking Qin Hao, staying close, and not giving Qin Hao a chance to shoot a three-pointer.

"Oh, I expected it." Qin Hao chuckled, an accelerated breakthrough, but not really trying to hit the basket, but a fake shot, attracting the defense, and then dividing the ball.

At this moment, there was already a piece of empty space in front of Clay. Qin Hao accurately found his position and gave the ball to Clay's hands. Clay had only one task, which was to shoot three-pointers.

Immediately, Clay caught the ball and shot.


"Uh..." Klay's expression was stiff.

"It's okay." Ross ran over and said to Clay: "Just relax, you will definitely get in next, don't think so much, just invest."

Clay nodded and took a deep breath to relax himself. He was still a little nervous. For a shooter, this is not good. The body jumps too tightly and it is difficult to stretch. It is not conducive to shooting. He has to Let your body relax and find your own shooting feeling.

The role of TT is still very obvious, physical fitness shots, tall and long arms, stuck Wang Lei to grab a rebound, and then passed to Paul.

Paul came to the front court and gave the ball to Anthony.

When Anthony saw that the person in front of him had become Klay, he was naturally not polite. Before Butler's defense was a little threatening to him, it would not work if he changed to Klay.

After all, Clay hasn't even entered the NBA at this time, even the 1.0 version is not counted.


With a soft sound, Anthony made a landmark jumper.

"Sure enough." Qin Hao sighed helplessly. Defense was really unstoppable. He quickly rushed to the front, let Rose take control of the ball, and started running.

Someone had been chasing after Qin Hao, and the teammates of the Blue team were also covering Qin Hao. Finally, the person chasing after Qin Hao became Paul.

Qin Hao's eyes lit up and he asked for the ball at his teammates, and then he took a three-pointer. He was more than a dozen centimeters taller than Paul, so what was he afraid of?

Just throw it away.


With a soft sound, the ball is scored.

"This three-pointer...too accurate."


The people on the sidelines all sighed, two consecutive three-pointers, clean and neat, all hits, watching these players who have not been baptized by the "splash brothers" can only shake their heads.

After this ball, the red team's defense against Qin Hao became tighter, making Qin Hao's shot more difficult, because it was not always possible to switch to Paul to defend him.

But at this moment, Clay also found a feeling...

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