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  • I Have Nine Female Disciples

  • Genres : Fantasy -  Romance -  Comedy -  Supernatural -  Harem -  Reincarnation -  Cultivation -  Male Protagonist -  Beautiful Female Lead -  Overpowered Protagonist
  • Status : Ongoing
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I Have Nine Female Disciples summary:

The god king of Tianchen fell, his soul pierced onto the waste chai disciple.The King of God and his female disciples and his little brothers rose from the ruins, defying power, fighting against the sky, and began to redeem themselves.Nine female disciples, each with their own characteristics.Others accept disciples for the sake of the great sect, and all of our female disciples of the god king want to coax the master…The king of God shouted for this: too cliché, I don’t want to be the hero of the harem text.The king of gods made the strongest sound of domineering: When I return to Jiuxiao, I will open the sky with the blood of the gods!- Description from Unknown

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I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 2114:2 months ago
Chapter 2113:2 months ago
Chapter 2105:5 months ago
Chapter 1775: cut6 months ago
Chapter 1716: Bid6 months ago
Chapter 1689:6 months ago
Chapter 1633: kill10 months ago
Chapter 1632: war10 months ago
Chapter 1619: war10 months ago
Chapter 1614: cost10 months ago
Chapter 1612: reel10 months ago
Chapter 1608: bear10 months ago
Chapter 1592: fool10 months ago
Chapter 1566: Fall10 months ago
Chapter 1563: eve10 months ago
Chapter 1562: plot10 months ago
Chapter 1561: gift10 months ago
Chapter 1548: Deal11 months ago
Chapter 1534: Save11 months ago
Chapter 1533: war11 months ago
Chapter 1528: grab11 months ago
Chapter 1483: war12 months ago
Chapter 1469: lose12 months ago
Chapter 1466: Luck12 months ago
Chapter 1400: Whyone year ago
Chapter 1343:one year ago
Chapter 1330: Cutone year ago
Chapter 1277: Eyeone year ago
Chapter 1091: Zooone year ago
Chapter 1075: Warone year ago
Chapter 1055:one year ago
Chapter 1013:one year ago
Chapter 937: Eraone year ago
Chapter 910: Bornone year ago
Chapter 849:one year ago
Chapter 807: Roseone year ago
Chapter 742: Evilone year ago
Chapter 730: Makaone year ago
Chapter 656: Comeone year ago
Chapter 613: Bornone year ago
Chapter 593: Killone year ago
Chapter 407: Keyone year ago
Chapter 374: Liesone year ago
Chapter 370: Tombone year ago
Chapter 368: Poorone year ago
Chapter 319: Heroone year ago
Chapter 301: Killone year ago
Chapter 295: Mozuone year ago
Chapter 274: Byeone year ago
Chapter 237: Qiyeone year ago
Chapter 222: Warone year ago
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