Archfiend Chapter 1007

Archfiend Archfiend: Total Library Chapter 420: Dharmadhatu (24)

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Last thirty seconds. Floatingclouds complexion slightly chilled, and misty white fog boiled out of thin air behind him.

As the countdown started at ten, Moonless finally strode over.

He had walked the line!

Three versus three!

Rocjourney grinded teeth and fiercely clenched his fists. He was just about to speak, but he suddenly saw an arc perk up at the crook of Xu Yangyis mouth.

Fellow Daoist He transmitted via spiritual sense, his heart burning with anxiety. You can still laugh?

Xu Yangyi curbed his smile and gazed icily at Floatingcloud. He isn't as strong as you think he is!

At this moment, the bodhi seed exhibited maximum effect!

Why? Rocjourney was dazed and quickly asked.

If he was really that strong, he wouldnt need to just come down on Bladevessel alone! Great Circle Foundation Establishment As long as he attacks himself, how much qi could he use? All of us might fly through the air for at most half a day if he slaps us! Xu Yangyi said decisively.

Rocjourney was stunned, and then shouted out excitedly through spiritual sense, Thats right! Thats right! Its impossible that were an opponent for Great Circle Foundation Establishment!

But not only that, hes still trying to split us apart right now! Why?! Xu Yangyis train of thought straightened, and he quickly followed up, Hes afraid that well team up! No, maybe it can be said that he cant take action currently. He doesnt have time to mess around with us. It looks like he used Bladevessel to scare us off, but hes actually hiding the truth!

Rocjourneys gaze rapidly flickered, and his heart pounded wildly. The truth of things was being hidden, so what was this truth?

There was only one possibility!

The Dream Walker hasnt been fully possessed! Hes just splitting us up to stall for time! Xu Yangyis words were resolute, slicing through nails and iron. He really is a wily old fox, through and through.

Maybe he needs Foundation Establishment cultivators?

Impossible! Before Rocjourney even finished speaking, Xu Yangyi firmly interrupted him. I just figured something out! Enihilus once said that the Dream Walker works by speeding up time in the dream to force the Clearcloud Realms destruction. Why is that?

I only realized it now. Maybe he took a deep breath, what he wants to destroy isnt the Clearcloud Realm and its not like he cant take over the first Dream Walkers legacy. On the contrary he has to act this way, so he can destroy one person.

Meanwhile, Floatingcloud looked to the spirit ape-puppet. And you?

Dont play confused with me. I can sense your consciousness.

The puppet didnt reply.

Xu Yangyi seemed to be paying attention to the puppet with Rocjourney, but the conversation going on in his spiritual sense became even faster.

Has to?

Xu Yangyi nodded deeply. Let me ask you, if the Clearcloud Realm is destroyed what will be left?

Rocjourney said without the slightest hesitation, Only the Dream Walker will survive! Everything else, including us, and any life form born from its dream will be wiped out. Everything that doesnt belong to this dreamland will be rejected! Even if we dont go along with the Clearcloud Realms destruction, well still be faced with the vast cosmos! Theres no doubt well die!

He fell into a daze before he finished speaking. His eyes then became fiery and saucered wide open. He looked to Xu Yangyi in disbelief.

In kind, Xu Yangyi stared at Floatingcloud with a scorching-hot look.

Yes in this place, a possibility had emerged!

If Floatingcloud hasnt completely forced the possession over the Dream Walker then hes still outside the dreamland! Once the Clearcloud Realm is destroyed hell die too! He doesnt belong to this dream! Hes an Earth cultivator! Hes an actual existence!

Floatingcloud is on the upswing right now, and the Dream Walker hasnt shown itself. Perhaps its already been forced to a dead end. It has total reason, and moreover drive, to act this way! And only by acting this way can it escape the great calamity of forced possession! He let loose cold laughter that came from his heart of hearts and licked his lips. Ive been gradually confirming that Floatingclouds spiritual sense is in the final round of struggle with the Dream Walker! He knows as well that itll be hard for him to escape calamity once the Clearcloud Realm is destroyed!

Hes roping people for the final decisive battle with the Dream Walker! In his heart, maybe hes even more worried than we are! Therefore he doesnt have time to handle us if we group up! Maybe he cant even drag things out for two hours!

Rocjourney stared blankly.

He thought highly of himself, but he couldnt manage this!

Xu Yangyi had just made speculations about the Clearcloud Realms history. It was enough to shock him, but this wasnt the end all Here and now, Xu Yangyi had actually reasoned out the true goal hidden behind Floatingclouds great display of power awhile ago!

One after another, threads neatly entered buttons and seams. Rocjourney almost couldnt refute it! No wonder, no surprise that the Clearcloud Realms destruction had come so abruptly this time, so swiftly! If this was the actual matter then everything could be explained!

Ive heard that a bodhi seed planted in a cultivators mind will make their thought process incredibly fast Is that how it is? He looked on in a daze at Xu Yangyi. Several seconds later, he fiercely clenched his teeth. In that case right now, we

Wait. At this moment, Xu Yangyi didnt care about right or wrong. He had to believe his own theory, and said lowly, Dont act out rashly. Our hidden cards we dont have much. If my guess isnt wrong, then our chance is when the Dream Walker is definitely going to strike back!

Rocjourney asked worriedly, What do we do if that monkey gets roped in?

It shouldnt be, Xu Yangyi murmured. Those who can be the other half of the seal, AND have had a lot of contact with me, are Moonless, you, the puppet, and Bladevessel.

Bladevessel and Moonless can already be eliminated. The remainderregardless of whether or not it is the sealits still the only one. The likelihood is great, but we still have to be more careful.

In the outside world, the puppet waited for several seconds, but it remained motionless. Floatingcloud sneered coldly, Youve sought your own demise.

The situation had settled, seeds having fallen without so much as a sound!

Three versus three!

On the present stage there were only Foundation Establishment cultivators! From the initial stage to the late stage, and a former Great Circle! Once an attack was made, the entire palace hall would be shattered!

The situation now was already one of mortal combat! Once a tiger was mounted, getting off was a difficult task!

Floatingcloud inhaled deeply and gazed at Xu Yangyi and Rocjourney. And what of you two?

I really dont want to let either of you enter my nation. Disrespectful and obstinate, you know not the slightest thing about your own trash-like state You speak, so can you not do as you say? Floatingcloud chuckled darkly, Without any worry whatsoever wont you allow me to send you two feral dogs on your way?

However, I still grant favor beyond law. Come, stand over here. Come to me, and follow me. He easily beckoned, and a sparkling talisman appeared in his hand. This item is called A Dream of Nanke. If planted, you will become masters of this world. There are no side effects [1]

But before his voice even fell, his body violently trembled all of a sudden!

At the same time, momentary blankness appeared in Floatingclouds eyes! His eyes were unexpectedly like the moon, the whiteness of a waning moon beginning to eat away at his entire eyeballs!

The moment was now!!!

Devoid of any further thought, Xu Yangyi was already turning his hands through the air!

Ten Cardinals Purgatory!!! There wasnt a moment of hesitation. His theory had a 50% probability, but in this situation 50% was already enough to pour everything he had into this fight!

Rumble rumble rumble! Ten purple fire-dragons lingered upon the Animus Armament. In an instant, the sword of dragons thundered forth and pierced straight towards the midair Floatingcloud!

Water receded and rocks appeared, the present situation coming to light! He, Rocjourney, and the puppet were facing off against Moonless, Floatingcloud, and Bladevessel!

A bloody battle of six great Foundation Establishment cultivators!

Ive known since the beginning! You havent completely possessed the Dream Walker!!! His voice was like lightning cutting through the sky, shaking the bottom of everyones hearts. As long you guys dont stop fighting, the Dream Walkers definitely going to have a moment to counterattack! Fellow Daoists, what are you still waiting for?!

But in the next second, Floatingcloud snapped his head up.

His eyes were already back to normal, but Xu Yangyi was no less than fifty meters away from him now!

Good good how good! Floatingcloud cackled sinisterly and shrieked, In that case kill them all!

Xu Yangyi had already become a streaking rainbow before Floatingclouds voice even fell. On his armament, the imprint of ten dragons flashed explosively, and he rushed Floatingcloud with the momentum of wind and thunder!

In a confrontation on a narrow path, the brave triumphed!

Trifling middle Foundation Establishment, and having just recently advanced as well. You are ignorant of heaven and earths immensity, to challenge three Foundation Establishment heh heh Floatingcloud reared his head back and roared in laughter. Tear this group of dregs to pieces! Suppress them eternally in this nightmare! Handover your loyalty!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Two gentle sounds rang out! In the instant of attack, the situation suddenly changed!

Bladevessel had taken out a magik treasure, a pitch-black whip of bone. Now, however, the bone whip wasnt attacking Xu Yangyi, but rather quickly sweeping towards Floatingcloud!

And at the same time, white hair sprouted all over Moonlesss body. With twin claws that were similar to a wolfs, he ripped straight at Floatingclouds throat!

Everyone on Floatingclouds side had turned traitor!

Such treachery! Floatingcloud howled in anger, I already knew to be on guard against you two!

However, Xu Yangyis steps came to an abrupt stop.

He didnt dare believe his eyes as he looked behind him.

The ape-puppets hand had loudly pierced Rocjourneys shoulder. Rocjourney screamed out in anger, and his entire right arm vanished!

Heh heh heh Incredibly carefree laughter came out from the puppets mouth. How was the taste of my Netherghost Hand? A pity, what a pity Fellow Daoists reaction isnt slow It truly is too much of a pity that I didnt pierce your heart just now!

In his mind, Xu Yangyi stilled a bit.

This development of events had went beyond everyones expectations!

Bladevessel had turned traitor!

Moonless had turned traitor!

The Realm Spirit had turned traitor!

The Realm Spirit standing at his side and those on Floatingclouds side The Clearcloud Realms few Foundation Establishment cultivators had actually all turned traitor!

Nonetheless, this wasnt the reason that made him stop for half a second.

He isnt the seal!!! Rocjourney gritted his teeth and groaned, He is absolutely not the seal!

The puppet wasnt the seal! Xu Yangyi clamped down on his surging emotions. His figure like lightning, he pierced straight towards Floatingcloud!

Fellow Daoist Rocjourney, he said as quickly as he could through spiritual sense, Do you remember what we talked about earlier? When that terrible will descended.

I remember, you truly do have a way? Rocjourney was pale-faced, and pressed down on his shoulder.

I do! Xu Yangyi knew that he couldnt say no at this moment. But you have to guarantee that you can definitely seal the Dream Walker if it manifests!

I swear a Dao-Heart Oath that if I cannot seal the Dream Walker then I will never reincarnate and be trapped in this nightmare forever!

Hum In the void, something seemed to respond. With a light shudder, a Dao-Heart Oath had come to pass.

Xu Yangyi took a deep breath and set down the final worry in his heart, his power like lightning!

1. A Dream of Nanke. Previously mentioned. Along the lines of the Dream of Loulan. You dream of something fantastic and then wake up to your normal boring life.

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