Archfiend Chapter 1016

Archfiend Archfiend: Total Library Chapter 440: Return to Earth

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At the edge of the Bermuda Triangle, a container ship was cruising ahead with great caution.

Following the development of scientific techniques, there were many explanations regarding the Bermuda Triangle. But in recent years, aquatic species rarely appeared because of the lost sh.i.p.s and planes that traveled through Bermuda. Therefore, this route still wasnt taken by many people.


In the captains room, the captain, a caucasian man with a full beard, was taking slow puffs of his pipe. A black-white captains hat was squarely tucked on his head. At this side, a slim, tall white youth was following him, and said in excitement, Greetings, Captain Harrison isnt our ship route through the Bermuda Triangle?

Of course. Captain Harrison tapped his smoking pipe with great delight. This is the route that sh.i.p.s and airplanes keep on disappearing in each year. You hear things about wormholes and sea monsters, but I dont think itll be hard for me.

Thats! The youth excitedly surveyed the oceans surface. The jade-blue sea was like the highest grade of jadeite. Off the waters surface, sunlight refracted golden lines, and there were many white clouds in the air. He looked for a long time and then laughed, Oh dear Captain, I really didnt expect that the ocean would be so beautiful; I just cant find the words to describe it. This is my first time out at sea. I want to ask a question: are there still pirates around these days?

Pirates? the captain coldly snorted, and his deep gaze flashed with a cold glint. I dont think pirates would dare rob the Draculs ship. Besides, were in American waters.

The youth nodded in admiration. He clearly understood that this ship belonged to one of Americas underground families, the Dracul. The ship was a hundred thirty-four meters long, and it could carry up to 30,000 tons! Even if there were pirates, they absolutely wouldnt dare to attack such a behemoth. Moreover

Hed heard a few secrets. The Dracul has originally come from Romania, and moved to America seventy years ago. It was unknown why, but they had gained the support of many of Americas top families, even forcing these families to unite and govern New Yorks neighboring underworld. No one whatsoever could interfere at all, as if there was some unwritten rule.

Ive heard that an important person from the Dracul kept on warning about this ship specifically. He said the cargo in transport is very important. The youth was a little envious as he watched the captain unbutton his clothes and reveal the tattoo of a bat on his chest.

This was the House of Draculs mark of membership. This bat tattoo wasnt meticulously done, but the more meticulous this bat, the higher it spoke of ones status. If this tattoo was a strange, delicate red, that ill.u.s.trated that this person occupied an extraordinarily high position in the family!

Mr. Harrison, the Dracul have a legend, have you heard of it? This was the youths first time out at sea, so he was incredibly excited. He kept on finding himself at a loss for words. The Dracul Family has another name as the House of Dracula. They also came from Romania. Are they actual vampires that came over?

Bullshit! The captain was also a little impatient, and waved his hand. How could there be something like that in this world? Thats all stuff in stories. Your aunt sent you off to me so you could keep cool and study, not for you to gossip.

The youth didnt reply, and the ship went full speed ahead to New York. One hour two hours the youth already felt somewhat trapped as he began to slip away into slumber. Leaning back in a chair, he went into a deep sleep.

An unknown passage of time went by. But suddenly, a slight trembling caused him to open his drowsy eyes. In the moment he opened them, he shockingly saw that the entire boat had unexpectedly stopped moving.

However, in the captains room, Captain Harrisons entire face was colored by a grave look. The pipe hanging in his mouth was shaking.


Shut up! Harrison clenched his teeth and said, looking all around solemnly. Somethings off Somethings really off!

Not a single seagull has shown up in the past hour, and the seawater looks just like its frozen. The waves arent even rising All the compasses and dashboards are completely out! He took off his hat, his head soaked in cold sweat. Go, apart from the guards watching the cargo, everyone else get to the deck!

What happened? Mr. Harrison? the youth also asked anxiously.

Harrison didnt reply. Eventually, he bit out a sentence between gritted teeth, The Damned Devils Triangle has shown up again! Whether or not were coming back alive this time is all in question!

But before his voice even fell, their eyes suddenly went round and looked under their feet in disbelief!

The ship was floating!

Yet they werent the only ones to feel this. Everyone else did as well. Immediately, an old, very experienced sailor took three steps and rushed to the deck. Still, he was rendered dumb as soon as he rushed up!

Shit! A black sailor in underwear hurried up and shouted, Whats going on? Why did our big-ass tanker turn into a sad little train on the tracks? Oh oh my god! Jesus!!!

In front of him, over a dozen sailors were standing. All of them were like him, looking at the ocean in front of them with wide eyes and tongues tied.

In the ocean something appeared to be rising up from below. A massive drum of seawater, a thousand meters all around, was rumbling as it ascended over a thousand meters ahead of them!

Guuurrrgggle Seawater desperately fell away from it and pounded the oceans surface, forming violently surging waves. Everyone knew that once this drum broke apart an intense tsunami would possibly surge up in an instant!

Hey! What happened? Just as the black sailors voice fell, a good few other people ran over. In the next second though, their voices came to a guttural stop, and they gaped at the terrible scenery before their eyes.

In the captains room, Harrisons lips were white. His forehead was dotted with cold sweat. The youth beside him was now writing down some words as if his life depended on it. Oh god oh god! Did Satan send this devil?

BOOM! Just as the seawater swelled up thirty meters, it finally collapsed, and vast amounts of it showered down like rain. But strangely, there was no tsunami. On the contrary, a golden radiance rushed straight to the horizon! In less than a second, however, it quickly vanished in the sky!

Unexpectedly, the sea didnt violently surge like a tide, instead it stilled little by little.

The present scene was a stretch of deathly silence. Everyone had readied themselves to welcome the tsunami, but none of them even thought that it could settle down. Still, no one left, because they could all see that two people were standing in the air after the golden light passed away!

Two people of real blood and flesh!

They were no more than a hundred meters away from them!

Xu Yangyi and Moonless wistfully looked at the surrounding sky. Familiar ocean waters and a familiar atmosphere. They had finally returned!

Xu Yangyi quickly looked all around. After all, the ten thousand-ton tanker was too eye-catching. In addition, he saw an American flag emblazoned on the ship.

Earth. After ages, he broke into laughter, I have returned!

Excited, Moonless faced upwards and screamed. The qi of a Foundation Establishment cultivator not masked in the slightest, his power shook the neighboring hundred meters of the ocean into violently churning. After screaming for no less than ten seconds, he burst into hearty laughter and lowered his head. Fellow Daoist, where are you planning to go?

What about you? Xu Yangyi didnt answer, instead returning with a question of his own. In fact, he, too, was a little hesitant. He was unsure whether Moonless would be a threat to him in the end. It seemed that Fang Chengs spiritual sense had been put into his mind somehow. Perhaps it was Daomaster Ancientpines doing. If it was Fang Cheng, he would put his faith in the other. If it was Moonless, he couldnt.

As long as his counterpart said to return, based on the Wolfbane that had locked up all of Nanzhou, he was bound to be hunted by Chinas cultivators.

However, Moonlesss answer rather surprised him.

Ive never had a place where I could stay for long. If Fellow Daoist isnt against it, how about partnering up with me? Moonless smiled faintly, To tell the truth, I still have quite a few family enemies in China. Decades have passed, and while many have probably forgotten me, there will always be those who have not. Furthermore my family enemy is a noble lineage. I cannot afford to provoke them.

Alright, Xu Yangyi mumbled to himself for several seconds and then answered.

This was presently the best way to handle things.

The duos gazes fell on the tanker in front of them, as well as the countless sailors on the deck who were kneeling down and saying their prayers. There were even many who were shaking all over. They looked at them as if they had seen a devil.

Xu Yangyi raised a brow and swooshed down in the next moment.

But to his surprise, his charge caused all the originally praying and frightened sailors to scream. A good number of them actually turned on their heels and ran away!

Moonless coldly laughed, and a swath of white qi flared from him and cloaked the entire tanker. This qi could prevent the transmission of all signals.

But he didnt know that at the exact moment the ships signal was cut off, at New York Harbor, one of the worlds largest harbors, in an exceptionally well-decorated underground bar, a man and woman both cried out in alarm.

The man was caucasian. He was bald, his ears were somewhat pointed, and he was around 1.9 meters tall. The woman had a mane of red hair, and her figure was full.

If there was any point of commonality between them it was that their complexions were startlingly pale!

They appeared as if they loathingly rejected sunlight. Even if it was daytime, not a thread of sunlight illuminated the underground bar. They were the only two people in the entire establishment.

The Normandys run into trouble The woman placed a computer in front of her and calmly looked at it for three seconds. The security cameras are all out. Somethings isolated space. This is impossible, thats only something that a Grand Duke-level master can accomplish. It should be someone blocking its signal.

The bald man licked his lips, and his eyes flashed with a wisp of killing intent. I cant think of who would have the guts big enough to actually risk making a move on our Dracul Familys stuff After Count Dracula, dont tell me that they think we dont dare to kill?

His tongue was very red, dark-red like blood, and far more slender than an ordinary persons. At this time, he ran his tongue over his two several-inch-long fangs, and his eyes also turned into slits. If my names not Richard, Ill just have to tell them theyve messed up. Their mistake is very serious

In the next second, a swoosh came from his back, and two giant bat wings rose up. They were surprisingly as tall as his body!

At this time, the woman shook her head. We cant go.

Why? The wings on the mans back were already starting to whistle in the air. The goods this time is something that the primogenitors avatar specifically looked for in Africa. Ive heard its a secret tied with THAT matter Dont tell me that you dont know how important it is?!

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