Archfiend Chapter 1023

Archfiend Archfiend: Total Library Chapter 447: Vampires (3)

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Xu Yangyi smiled, his smile carrying a modic.u.m of coldness. At this point, the two people in front of him had drawn themselves up to full height. He could see their Qi Condensation qi swelling. The spiritual pressure release of two middle Qi Condensation cultivators was enough to make ordinary people feel a mysterious shudder, but to him, this was nothing but a cup of water on a burning cart.

Huh? The bouncers gazes stirred. I didnt think you cultivated too.

But with your essence thats so weak we cant even sense it, youre not getting in.

So beat it! Yellow monkey!

The pair finished speaking, and the spiritual pressures of middle Qi Condensation dramatically exploded, surging forth like an ocean tide.

Xu Yangyi faintly snorted.

In the next second, the two charging spiritual pressures suddenly reversed. Like they were hit by a hammer, the two bouncers didnt even utter a word as they quickly flew back and vomited blood. They slammed into the wall with a crash.

Marquis?! The salesmans eyes instantly needled, and he looked at Xu Yangyi in disbelief.

There still wasnt half a bit of spiritual pressure from the demon slayers body, but at this moment the salesman felt that Xu Yangyi was unfathomable.

Marquis hes actually a Marquis!!! Eyes wide and mouth ajar, he dumbly looked at the back of the door. A real, living Marquis! This is friggin unbelievable! I actually got to see a Marquis standing in front of me in my life! And h-he should probably be Chinese!

Put your hand down. At this time, Xu Yangyis voice was heard. Otherwise, I cant guarantee that itll still be attached to you.

The salesmans hand was unwittingly on his cell phone. Upon hearing these words, he promptly drew it back as if he was shocked. At the same time, he unhesitatingly took a knee on the floor and collected his thoughts. He immediately sensed the dread of a Marquis!

Even if his hand was chopped off, no one whatsoever would stick their head out for him!

Cold sweat freely dripping down his face, he stammered, Y-Your Highness I-I h-hope you havent been annoyed. Regarding our lack of manners, I express

Xu Yangyi brushed an eye over the salesman. Was there no naming convention of senior and junior? Was this just a custom abroad?

Marquis Its a Marquis! A Sir Marquis! Presently, the black bouncer had regained his wits. Despite his injuries, he dropped to a knee and touched his head to the ground. He didnt even dare to raise his head. Upon recalling that hed actually just called a Marquis a yellow monkey, his heart almost stopped beating.

Your Highness Ten thousand apologies W-We

Xu Yangyi didnt pay them any attention and walked in, his serene voice fluttering through the air. If you mention to anyone that I came here, you wont need to live in this world.


Understood! Your Highness!

Xu Yangyi slowly walked in. The inside was a bar. Spirit stones were used for lighting, placed in ancient lanterns that were on both sides of the corridor. The passage was about ten meters long and sloped downwards. As he pushed open the small door at the end of the passage, an immense sound wave, bringing with it a passion that excited the heart, blasted him in the face like a tsunami. He couldnt help but scrunch his brows together.

He didnt like this kind of ambiance.

Oh? Where are you from? Japan? Korea? Or China? A young blonde with blue eyes, her figure almost perfect, walked over and smiled with the intention to pull on Xu Yangyis hand. The ear-pounding music couldnt cover up a cultivators conversation. How about you let me take you around for a tour?

Xu Yangyi ignored her. Instead, he sized up the bar with much interest. The DJ was a middle-aged man wearing a warlocks robe. He had a full beard, and the look on his face was ecstatic like he was drunk or obsessed. Under the dusky swaying lanterns, men and women gathered in groups, but there werent many people.

Xu Yangyis coldness caused the woman to pout, but she didnt say anything and swung her h.i.p.s around to leave.

He found a corner seat to the side; it wasnt remarkable. He ordered a few beers, and fully unleashed his spiritual sense. Everyones conversations, every single one of their words, fell into his ear.

Hey, Annie, did you know that I saw a diviner today! Theyre staying at the Kevins Hotel!

Yeah, the Decade Holy War is about to come. Im afraid New Yorks little world is going to be blood-red. The Dracul and the Corvinus are New Yorks authorities, and theyre about to start a war again!

Shhh, lower your voice a little. What are you going to do if someone from the Corvinus Family hears you?

Haha! This meeting place is the Draculs turf. How could someone from the Corvinus be here?

Little by little, Xu Yangyi sipped his beer, but he didnt hear what he wanted to.

The Corvinus are werewolves, and the Dracul are vampires. What is this Decade Holy War? New York also has lesser realms? He leisurely spun the cup in his hand, the clear, sparkling golden beer casting an intoxicating radiance under the lantern light. In any case, this isnt related to me

Before his thoughts even came to an end, a small figure was already seated in front of him.

Mister, youre a new face, eh. It was a young black guy wearing a baseball cap. He blew a whistle. Ive been here for over thirty years, but I still actually havent seen a Chinese cultivator come in.

Xu Yangyi laughed, How did you recognize where Im from?

Intuition. The black guy pressed down on his baseball cap. Afterwards, he pretended to mysteriously take out a paper bag from his pocket. How about it? Wanna try a bit? One low-grade spirit stone, and I guarantee thisll send you to cloud nine.

Xu Yangyi didnt reply. Like so, he smiled as he watched the man. One second, two seconds, three seconds later, the mans expression changed and he started to tremble.

M-M-M-Marquis Y-Y-Youre a Marquis! A Chinese Marquis! At first, he was shouting forcefully, but his voice only came out as a mosquitos whine. He also discovered this, and his eyes went round and his lips began to quiver as well.

How was this possible!

He was selling a little drugs, but was actually sitting in front of a Marquis no! That wasnt right! New York and China signed a treaty that neither sides cultivators would enter their respective borders! Besides, how could a lofty Marquis be interested in a salted fish in stinking sewer like him?!

S-S-Spare my life sir His voice shook as if he was having a stroke, and he stuttered.

Xu Yangyi didnt pay attention to him. Instead, he sampled his alcohol a little at a time and surveyed the vicinity. With the passage of three minutes, when the black guys complexion became as pale as a sheet of paper, he said indifferently, Even if I killed you here, no one whatsoever would see it.

No Your Highness Your Highness, I beseech you! I-I wont dare to I

Help me with something. A Qi Condensation cultivators request wholly depended on a Foundation Establishment cultivators mood to accept. No, to have the other raise a request was a favor. He slowly said, Is there anyone familiar with business here? What I mean are families operating cultivation businesses. Like big families, such as medical companies, health commodity companies, and so on. At the best pill-elixir companies.

Their disciples and the young masters of their clans, stand up and carefully point them out to me. Are any of them present?

Your Highness

Stand up. Xu Yangyi turned to his cup and said. The black guy gulped and shakily got onto his feet. But just as he stood up, his legs immediately went soft and gave out.

Oh, well isnt it Danny? At this time, a voice from a side table laughed. Whats up? Drink too much?

The black guy called Danny didnt dare to reply. Instead, he scanned his surroundings with a terrified look on his face. Xu Yangyis voice rang out like a death spell, Look a bit carefully. Look well, and I can let you go. If you dont, you wont need to leave.


Hey, Danny, didnt you hear me? the voice from the neighboring table shouted out again.

Unexpectedly, Danny turned his head and yelled angrily, Get lost!

The neighbor cursed Danny out, but Xu Yangyi didnt care. After a minute passed, Danny sat back down and said with incomparable respect, Your Highness Honorable Marquis,... I-I saw t-that there really is s-someone! That guys a frequent visitor here. I usually see him here

Are you familiar with him? Xu Yangyi interrupted Danny and asked.


Have him come over in five minutes.


Danny sprinted over like lightning. After four and a half minutes, he was now bringing over a tall, young white guy in front of Xu Yangyis table.

Initial Qi Condensation.

Danny. In the instant the man saw Xu Yangyi, his complexion turned gloomy. Even though this was a bar, he was still wearing a perfectly tailored suit. You said an honorable guest made an invitation?

Yes Danny nervously looked at Xu Yangyi. Even if Xu Yangyi didnt put any restriction on him, he still didnt dare to disobey a Marquiss command.

Its him? The youth carried a trace of obvious disdain in his eyes. An unfamiliar and declining Chinese cultivator?

I think you dont understand. My so-called honorable guest and your so-called honorable guest are on a different level of standard. He stowed his gaze, no longer looking at Xu Yangyi. Not just anyone has the qualifications to be my Tullius Familys honorable guest. In consideration that I ordinarily still have little use of you, I wont blame you this time.

Finished speaking, he paid attention to no one else and turned around to leave.

But in the next second, his head snapped back and he looked at Xu Yangyi incredulously.

He couldnt walk!

No, it wasnt that he couldnt walk, but his foot was rendered motionless! Just like it was glued to the floor!

Sit. Xu Yangyi didnt even look at the young man, rather peering into his drink.

Who are you?! The young man was on full alert, glaring daggers at Xu Yangyi. Are you an enemy of the Tullius Family? What do you want?

Xu Yangyi finally raised his head and calmly studied the young man. Sit down. Dont say that I didnt give you a chance.

Do you know what youll face if you act against the Tullius Family? The young man didnt sit. Instead, he tightly gritted his teeth and gazed at Xu Yangyi. The Tullius Family is under the House of Dracul as their financial managers AHHH!!!!!!

Before his voice even fell, he had already begun screaming!

A massive wave of pain spread through his legs, just like someone was squeezing his legs in a death grip!

He could even clearly hear the unendurably heavy sound of his bones cracking!

At his side, Danny gasped. Almost out of reflex, Danny turned around to run away, but as soon as he turned he respectfully stopped in his steps. Like a loyal Pekingese dog, he stood in place.

The Tullius Family wont let you off!!! the young man screamed as he landed on the floor with a thud. He shrieked at the top of his lungs, You actually dare to attack me! Ill remember you clearly! You Chinese cultivator! My name is Warren Tullius! The grandson of the Tullius Familys elder! And my grandfather just advanced into a Marquis! A Marquis!!! Oh F.U.C.K! I think my ankle broke!

Before he even finished screaming, two soft bone-like noises rang out, distinctly entering Dannys ears. Dannys body went weak, and he quickly trembled as he kneeled down.

Warrens ankle was already on the verge of snapping.

Im an easy-going person. Xu Yangyi finally turned his head around. At least I am ordinarily. But that doesnt mean Im willing to let someone shout in front of This Throne.

He lifted his chin up towards an empty place. Warrens complexion was ashen and his lips were pale. In the end, he clenched his teeth, shot Xu Yangyi a fierce look, and walked away.

The situation was something that human strength couldnt change. He thoroughly understood that the realm of this Chinese cultivator in front of him was perhaps much higher than his own!

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