Archfiend Chapter 1025

Archfiend Archfiend: Total Library Chapter 449: Battling the Nine Tails (1)

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Following the fall of Vanessas and the bald mans arms, a total of thirteen bats stretched out their wings. Blood-red eyes opened, and they immediately rushed straight to the horizon, letting out silent shrieks!

As for Vanessa and the bald man, their bodies instantly enlarged. Amidst their spiraling, they became giant bats that were 200 meters in size. They shot up into the air like lightning.

She saw it Vanessas gaze slightly flickered. She now saw the overseer who was flying through the air in her fluttering gown. She also the young Chinese man a hundred meters away from the overseer.

I heard that the overseer is incredibly strong. Even though shes a mid Marquis, same-realm cultivators still arent her match I also heard that she was a quasi Grand Duke before! Vanessa licked her lips. With us here, apart from the House of Dracul, any who witnessed the Holy Coffin must die!

Hordes of bats screeched. In the instant they were about to rush into Xu Yangyi and Vermilion Snows battle, however, a frigidly cold voice rang out.

Vanessa, Richard, stop.

This voice was just like a restriction. Everyone all just happened to stop in their tracks and float in the air.

Overseer, whats the meaning of this? Richard asked in a low voice. I dont remember the higher-ups giving you such an order.

Vermilion Snow sneered, The higher-ups?

If I hadnt been entrapped by this vile man, why would I work for your higher-ups?!

Now, retreat and quietly watch. Watch how I choke this stinking insect to death, she said coldly, If you dare step forward, I shall kill you without mercy!

You! Richard shouted angrily, Dont forget, this is America! New York is the Draculs world! This yellow monkey saw something he shouldnt have; he MUST die!

Of course hes going to die, Vermilion said coldly, But it still isnt your turn to teach me how he does!

Her voice was like rolling thunder, loudly detonating in the air. Richard only felt his blood boil in his chest. Her snorted and took several steps back, but he no longer dared to speak. He only glared daggers at Vermilion Snow.

Were this decades ago, I wouldve long since scooped out your eyeballs for daring to glare at me like that, Vermilion Snow coldly snorted, But today, my mood is quite good. I shall spare your life.

Richard. Vanessa pursed her lips and wordlessly glanced at Vermilion Snow. Well wait.

A hunting dog of the Dracul actually treats a direct descendant so rudely! Richard hatefully said, but with an extremely soft voice. Well wait Sooner or later, Ill drive her out from the overseers position! Ill make her see what shes worth without the House of Draculs support!

Vermilion Snow didnt hear their conversation. She only watched Xu Yangyi. Several seconds later she laughed, Who gave you the confidence to face me?

Middle Foundation Establishment? Were it not for great fortune that day, I wouldve crushed trash such as yourself like a stink bug. I didnt expect that a few decades later the insignificant Qi Condensation, who I stepped on and scurried off like a mouse with his hands cradling his head, would still dare to face me.

Xu Yangyi drawled, At the end, it was you who broke your demon core and revealed your original form.

Theres no point in saying more.

Yes theres no point in saying more Vermilion Snow laughed sweetly, but soon exploded with a roar, Then just look and see! The intrinsic difference between myself and such a lowly thing like you!

Just as her screech fell, she transformed into white lightning and shot right at Xu Yangyi!

Ripples even appeared in the air!

Physique divine ability? Xu Yangyi quickly realized that Vermilion Snow really did want to tear him apart! You think youre the only one who has one? Im not an amateur anymore! Neither dodging nor avoiding, he rushed straight ahead!

The white tiger behind him reared its head and roared. Vermilion Snows nine fox tails danced into a giant white sphere, and silver light shot all around. They was just like nine silver maces. There were even black scars torn out in the sky.

Livyatans Tail!!! Along with her screech, streaks of water-colored qi burst out from her tails. The outside of the silver sphere was wrapped in layers of aqua-blue l.u.s.ter. It seemed soft and weightless, but it was in fact ten thousand catties heavy! If touched, bones would break and muscles would snap!

A foreign physique divine ability? Xu Yangyi seemed to feel something in his heart. The first foreign cultivator he had initially met was good at physique arts, and now Vermilion Snow was also using a physique art. The name was completely different from Chinese ones.

Could it be that foreign physique arts were more prevalent?

Splitting Air! Nonetheless, now simply wasnt the time to ponder. The two of them adopted their most direct moves, and white light exploded out from between Xu Yangyis ten fingers. Resembling blades, ten several-meter-long claw-scars appeared out of thin air. In kind, they split the air and threw themselves right at Vermilion Snow!

Vanessas and Richards gazes slightly flashed. Even they couldnt say they frequently saw the decisive battle between two mid Marquises.

BOOM! White light and blue light shot everywhere. Nine fox tails fiercely clashed with Xu Yangyis twin claws. Surprisingly, they werent able to do anything to each other!

Past fox tails and past fingertips, the two of them saw the torrential killing intent in each others eyes. Without a moments hesitation, Vermilion Snow screamed and slammed her left hand out!

Xu Yangyis eyes were a little absent-minded.

Yes it was this palm.

That year, it had slammed him into the ground from midair and broken countless bones. That year, it looked just like a demon-god, a palm of irresistible power, but right now he saw

That it wasnt so!

But this absent-mindedness stemmed from the fact that Vermilion Snows battle experience was far richer than Xu Yangyis. In an instant, he balled his fists so tightly that wind couldnt get through. Like an artillery shell, a flickering wall of blue light formed in front of Vermilion Snow.

Boom boom boom! While seemingly ordinary, each of his punches could cleave mountains and crack stones. Perhaps an ordinary middle Foundation Establishment cultivator wouldve long since been punched through the air. However, he wasnt. Even if he was a second slow, Splitting Airs speed certainly wasnt something that Vermilion Snow could match!

Swoosh Ten white streaks of qi scattered into a terribly cruel aura and condensed at his fingertips.

Dragons Form and Tigers Shape, Capturing Dragon Style, Subduing Tiger Style, and Splitting Air were all activated!

At middle Foundation Establishment, the time he could use these skills was over thirty seconds. If he went even longer, he, who still hadnt practiced A Thousand Li Invincible, basically wouldnt be able to support his current fleshly body.

Swoosh! Ten fingers carried five white lights, appearing to rip the horizon apart. Five snow-white scars were left in the air. In the surrounding white scars, the blackness of space split open little by little and forcibly jolted Vermilion Snows sea of blue light!

A loud crash rang out, and white and blue light disappeared at almost the same time. They seemed to be well-matched, but Vermilion Snow took several steps back!

Thats! In the battles surroundings, Richards and Vanessas gazes lit up in sync. A high-rank physique art!

That kids physique arts are actually even higher than the physique arts that the Dracul passed onto the overseer? Richard took in everything in front of him with some disbelief. How is this possible?! Didnt I hear that Chinese physique arts are practically extinct?! How could he have such an awesome one?

But the more awesome it is, the better. Several seconds later, his eyes burned hotly as he licked his lips. Hes digging his own grave Nobody will be able to save him now!

For looking at the Holy Coffin, Ill scoop out your eyes and cut out your tongue. For touching the Holy Coffin, Ill cut off both your hands. And you actually just gave me another reason to make sure you die The family only has two high-rank physique arts! Today, even if you kneel and bow your head to the ground, youre still gonna die!

Bastard Vermilion Snow grumbled. Richard didnt think to dare believe this situation, and she was the same. In a few decades to her surprise, Xu Yangyi was able to forcibly shake the hard-obtained physique art she got from the Dracul! And she was also the one to be shaken back!

Is this the Animus Armaments present? Thats good Thats good! Youre making me want to kill you more and more! Wait until I defeat you; Ill turn you into a deaf, mute puppet and carry you beside me at night. Ill tell everyone this is the end for anyone who opposes me!

Is that it? Xu Yangyi sighed and crooked his finger at her. Come at me.

I know your strength isnt just this.

Although you were in the lead to reach half-step Core Formation, looks like your physique art and my physique art were cultivated for the same amount of time. My physique art is a lot stronger than yours, though!

Before his voice even fell, he flickered away. All that could be seen in the air was a white tiger faintly bending. Afterwards, it stormed over like lightning!

Swoosh swoosh swoosh! Dragons Form, Tigers Shape was the only move he could learn, but this time he nearly used all of his strength. Snow-white spirit light and claw-scars pervaded the entire horizon! They then slowly turned faint, but all that was heard was Vermilion Snows continuous shouts of anger. Ten seconds later, a sudden crash rang out! A golden expanse of light emerged in front of her!

Xu Yangyi had unexpectedly broken through her physique divine abilitys defense and clawed straight into her protective light-cover!

BANG!!! The light-cover shattered apart inch after inch a second later. In a state of alarm, Vermilion Snow screeched and fell back. What is this physique divine ability?! The House of Draculs physique arts are actually such rubbish!

Whore! Richards gaze chilled. Just as he was about to speak, however, Vanessa stopped him.

Dont worry. Vanessas gaze was likewise coldly terrifying. If the overseer was just this pittance of a foundation, she wouldnt have been able to steady herself on the throne of New Yorks overseer.

Vermilion Snow flew back in retreat, but Xu Yangyi followed like a shadow. Rays of white light fired ahead in the air. In an instant, several white fox tails faintly drifted down.

Still, while he seemed to pressure Vermilion Snow, he wasnt able to advance another inch of a step. He and his opponent had maintained twenty meters between them. No matter what, he couldnt catch up!

Why are you avoiding me? Xu Yangyis laughter echoed through the air. Didnt you step on me that year?

Didnt you make me vomit blood that year?

Wasnt Foundation Establishment revered as the only supremacy that year?

So now why are you running?!

With a furious shout, he finally clawed out five white lights with a bang. The space in front of him broke apart inch by inch, yet he didnt manage to strike the fox-demon.

How unfortunate

He inwardly sighed. The time after he learned A Thousand Li Invincible and Dragons Form, Tigers Shape was too short. He basically had no time to master them in cultivation. If this time period were a little longer, he wouldve been enough to pressure Vermilion Snow to the point that she wouldnt be able to breathe freely.

In any case this kind of fight really made his blood boil. Close-quarters, body-to-body combat, victory and defeat all between a square inch. Something like this caused his opponent, and him as well, to feel the beat of their hearts. If not for the superficial limitations of his own skills, then this fight couldnt have been any better.

The two of them seemed to return to the very beginning, calming watching each other.

Lets stop the fun here. Two seconds later, Vermilion Snow sneered, Your physique art is nothing good. With a glance, I know you havent had it for long I admit that you did indeed surprise me. It can be said that if you dont die here today, you would absolutely be Chinas strongest genius in fifty years. If not one of them.

As for you and I it is time we should move to be like true Foundation Establishment cultivators and partake in mortal combat. Her hands levelly unfolded, and an awfully horrible demonic qi loudly exploded in the air! Soon, the manifestation of a blood-red nine-tailed fox appeared!

And Vermilion Snow was growing layers of white fur from her face! Her entire body was swelling up at great speed!

This is a familiar scene is it not?

Am I not good to you? You surely wanted to see this scene, didnt you?

Come kneel, submit, and then die! Just like when you were under my foot that day Exactly the same way!

Vermilion Snow had demonized!

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