Archfiend Chapter 1028

Archfiend Archfiend: Total Library Chapter 452: Deadlocked

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Vermilion Snow couldnt maintain her killing intent in tandem with her initial calm anymore. Although she discovered that her prey was going all out against her and her preparations still werent done this moment was enough time for her to get ready. For this one day, she had waited decades for a chance to tear out Xu Yangyis throat!

Buzz! In her throat, endless green light hovered. A green leaf that had helped her withstand Chu Tianyis Immortal Intoxication that year soon appeared as a manifestation.

This was her prime magik treasure!

That year, while she was once under the hold of the Immortal Intoxication, it had resisted the full-powered attacks of several cultivators.

BOOM!!! Still, it was too late. Her moves had been interrupted three times in a row. In the next second, a staff over a thousand catties heavy slammed into her temple without the slightest technique!

Meanwhile, behind Xu Yangyi, a spinning azure vortex surprisingly whirled outside his body. It only left his body by a centimeter. Like a little azure universe, countless white motes of light contained inside revolved like the Milky Way, exploding loudly!

The Voidspirit Immortal Physique. Double the qi sea, and double the attack!

This staff, with Xu Yangyis power, was already infinitely close to late Foundation Establishment!

Vermilion Snows leaf manifestation that had just appeared quickly scattered away into smoke. On top of her head, an indent that sunk in several meters was visible to the n.a.k.e.d eye! Subsequently, a loud explosion erupted and lotus flowers collapsed! Boundless white light wrapped up her massive body!

PUH! Blood instantly jetted out from her seven apertures. In the wake of Xu Yangyis staff, the 200-meter-sized nine-tailed fox had been forcibly smashed down by dozens of meters. She plummeted at lightning speed!

How is this possible?!?!?! In the sky, a miserable wail quaked heaven and earth. Terrible shock could be felt from Vermilion Snows cry.

This staff was so heavy!

Far beyond her imagination! It was actually capable of breaking her magik treasure in a second!

What kind of good fortune had this boy ultimately seized in these thirty years?!

This isnt spiritual force that middle Foundation Establishment can have! This staff cant be this heavy!

Even if it is an apex magik treasure, theres no way it can directly break my demon treasure! How can this be?!?! HOW!!!

AWOOO!!! As she screamed, she used her trained reflexes to flare with azure flames to stop Xu Yangyi from attacking again. But amidst unending pain, she felt not only suffering, but also disbelief and even more of the humiliation she had concealed for decades!

How similar was this scene to tens of years ago!

Today, old dreams resurfaced!

Im not done yet Xu Yangyi was like fire. On the Fishbowel Sword, endless frost quietly arose, their target the frantically plummeting Vermilion Snow!

Heavenly Opening

Boy! Vermilion Snows giant head snapped up, and blood flooded out from her pitch-black maw. She roared in fury, You want to kill me just by yourself?!

Her tails were already snakes. Although in unfavorable circ.u.mstances, each snakes mouth spread open. Ice, fire, poison, wood, earth Nine spirit orbs of different attributes shockingly pulsed in the snakes mouths!

Nine Dragons Devour Heaven!

Third Erosion!!!

Crack crack crack! In the sky, vast blankets of snowflakes formed. In this instant, Xu Yangyis gaze chilled. Without any hesitation, he stopped weaving seals and swiftly rose up dozens of meters.

But where he originally was, a black figure, like a demon of the night, came and went as the wind. It twisted in the air like a viper, bringing with it rays of black light and crushing that space into pieces.

As the figure spun and tore, countless black cracks emerged in the air. If he hadnt left just now, while he wouldnt have died, hed still be seriously injured. The shadow hadnt met its mark, though, immediately exploding and transforming into a horde of black fist-sized bats. They danced in the air all around.

Whish Meanwhile, as Vermilion Snow shrieked, the speed of her descent continued to slow. A sky of traces of blood flowed through the sky and sprinkled onto the earth like rain.

Xu Yangyi shot a cold glance at Vermilion Snow, and she met him with an equally murderous gaze.

The opportunity was already lost.

As an expert of such realm, Vermilion Snow couldnt be killed in one move. So he, who faced her, counterattacked even more frantically!

He absolutely couldnt look down on any true Great Circle Foundation Establishment expert. In the instant Floatingcloud had become young again, the man had almost killed him in several minutes. And Vermilion Snow had even more ch.i.p.s; she had once been half-step Core Formation!

How rich was her combat experience? If not for the strangeness of the Azure Winged-Demon Mask and the Animus Armament, he could at most bring a standstill between their divine abilities. Still, there would be no chance at killing the fox-demon. In any case, the opportunity this time was lost. Next time, Vermilion Snow would definitely be on guard for these two things.

F.U.C.K OFF!!! Below, an explosive roar of glacial iciness was heard. Vermilion Snow was fully enveloped in smoke. She had already assumed human form and turned into white light, rushing straight at Xu Yangyi.

However, she didnt clash with the demon slayer. In front of her, two black figures blocked her.

Youve lost. Vanessa was presently in half-human form. She had a womans head and body, but the joints of her feet were bent back and her arms were two giant bat wings. She said in a dull voice, If we hadnt acted, you might be seriously injured right now.

Hehehe From great anger, Vermilion Snow went to laughter. In the next second, a white tail thrashed out without warning.

Cheap bitch! Move aside!

She couldnt accept this situation!

Losing was not terrible.

But this lost brought her limitless humiliation!

What ways had she tyrannized Xu Yangyi that year? It could be said that she had played as she had wanted to. But now, what progress had her enemy made in a mere few decades! Perhaps China didnt even know that there was a cultivator who had surpassed Sunnihilators speed!

If they knew, they would surely record this into file at once. Core Formation seeds were not something that existed in ten years.

But in decades Xu Yangyi could already seriously injure her! To be injured so grievously by this ant in her eyes, the lofty her simply couldnt accept it!

Swoosh! Her viper-form tail cut a bolt of white lightning in the air, but in the next second the sound of tearing wind rang out, and the tail came to an abrupt stop.

Vanessa had unexpectedly grabbed onto the tail. Although she was pulled ten-odd meters away, she wasnt injured by a hair.

Look, I have no ill intent. She raised her hands, the surface of her palms already reddened. As much as she possibly could, she forced herself to be gentle, as not to provoke the raging overseer. Its just that I feel its already becoming harder for you to duel against him now, isnt it?

Heeheehee Vermilion Snows heart of brimming anger seemed to turn into ashes, and she lightly covered her mouth as she began to laugh. She brushed over Xu Yangyi with a fierce look. Him?

Just him?

Richard coldly snorted. Just as he was about to speak though, Vanessa pulled him back. Of course not. Weve already realized your might, Overseer. Its just this matter up to now. Cant we work together? And capture him as fast as we can?

Why would I have to work together with you? Vermilion Snow didnt look to be angry, and said in an apathetic voice, I can kill him all the same.

Your Highness Overseer. Richard shook off Vanessas hand and coldly said, I think I have to remind you that this place is the House of Draculs territory!

Since youve chosen the Dracul, you must obey the houses commands to a certain degree. He saw Vermilion Snows gaze of utter killing intent shoot out like lightning, and gritted his teeth, Still, he didnt step back and continued, So youre saying you want to disturb a Throneless Grand Duke, His Imperial Highness Andrelade? The Judge of the Southern United States?

The name Andrelade caused Vermilion Snows gaze to slightly flash. The knife-like killing intent in her eyes oddly dissipated.

She understood very well that the House of Dracul certainly had masters!

Even if she was in a perfect state, she was still at most evenly matched with Andrelade. The present her could only be tyrannized by the other.

At this moment, a sudden pop rang out. Something seemed to break around them. The surrounding scenery was even more distinct.

Xu Yangyi was dazed, but realization immediately dawned on him.

The arcane combat of cultivators would customarily isolate all external sound and visual. The display of power before mortals was the cultivation worlds great fear, and also the governments fear. But, this isolation was in fact borrowed from the power of a grand nation-protector array above a countrys sky.

Otherwise, Qi Condensation cultivators simply couldnt isolate onlookers senses.

However America didnt have a nation-protector array!

America had almost no cultivation history of its own! Where would a grand array come from in a cultivation desolace?

So American cultivators had early on become accustomed to controlling their own strength. How could such hatred between him and Vermilion Snow possibly be restrained, though?

Vermilion Snows Green Hills Lonely Lantern just now and my Heavenly Opening Great Explosion shouldve broken it in one hit He raised his head and looked to the sky. That blast had passed no less than ten-odd minutes ago. Half of the sky was azure and the other half was red, and there was an azure-red vortex warping in the air.

He could even hear crowds of people hundreds of meters down below on the street take out their cell phones and begin to take photos. The sound of camera shutters clicking was clear. Afterwards, they quickly posted their pictures on social media.

God What the f.u.c.k?! A young man whipped out his cell phone and pointed it at the sky as if his life depended on it. Whats going on?! I didnt blink, right! Hey, can someone tell me why the sky changed like that? I swear on my life that I just saw black clouds!

What is that thing!!!

Is it the end of the world?! A flying saucer?! F.u.c.k! New Yorks finally been attacked by aliens?!

Is this going to be like District 7? Or Independence Day? Oh my god! This is un-freaking-believable! [1]

On the street countless cell phones started to flash in concert. There were so many that the cultivators above even sensed them.

However, neither Xu Yangyi, Vermilion Snow, Vanessa, nor Richard looked down below.

In City Hall, the mayor, who was working, glanced and stowed his gaze. But afterwards, he jumped onto his feet and picked up his telephone without hesitation!

This In each of New Yorks nooks and crannies, fluctuating gazes were all cast over. Ninety-nine percent of these reverential gazes belonged to Qi Condensation cultivators.

A Marquis expert!

This isnt just one Marquis expert dueling!

Shit this is too scary. No wonder I kept feeling that the surrounding essence was practically exploding!

But theres a ban on all dueling in New Yorks sky Are these Sir Marquises really not afraid of the devil-hunters and the church? The power of New Yorks church might be at the top, besides Vatican City and Jerusalem!

Lower your voice a little Maybe the churchs forces will mobilize straightaway! Even the head honchos like the Dracul and the Corvinus

In every meeting place, many gazes were extremely complicated. Yet at the same time, there were more excited, stirred up, envious, respectful, and even worshipful young men and women who dashed out and bit their lips as they looked into the sky.

The intensity of a battle that was able to break a protective isolation cover could be well imagined!

F.u.c.k! While all this took place, a young woman snapped her head up in Saint Johns Church. Jenny looked at the sky in shock, and spread her senses for three seconds. With an arrows stride forward, she rushed out like an artillery shell!

In a bar, a man was showing off to a hooker. He wore a cowboy hat and his face was covered by a beard and sideburns. Look, this is a devil-hunters mark. Im pretty dang awesome; there are less than ten high-level devil-hunters in the entire world

He continued talking but suddenly raised his head. He stared blankly for two seconds and pushed away the woman who was leaning onto him like a snake. Like Jenny, he hurried out of the bar.

In the sky, no one spoke.

Nobody had thought that the protective cover would break.

So, the question that plagued them now could be summed up in two choices.

To fight? Or run?

1. These are two films about aliens.

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