Archfiend Chapter 1030

Archfiend Archfiend: Total Library Chapter 453: Paladin Jenny

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From this name, one knew that Lawrence was the divine whip of the Holy Father. His objective was to root out the world of all evils. For example like the 200 years of the eight Crusades a thousand years ago, he, the Holy Whip, forcefully pushed for a continuation of this advance. Apart from Vatican City and certain times, his position was even above other bishops!

Vanessa shot a terribly unwilling glance at Xu Yangyi. Today, she wasnt able to kill him. Next time, he would be even more careful. Furthermore, luring him to fly up or leave New York would be even harder! Still, she wasnt extremely worried. After all, the House of Dracul had already operated in New York for over a century.

Good, she said coldly. Unusually, Richard didnt refute her. Today, the Dracul shall agree to your request. But the Draculs sentiment must be returned.

The woman didnt reply.

Lets go! Richard shouted, the nest of fire in his heart reaching extreme heights. His bat wings spread wide, and over a dozen pairs of green eyes suddenly lit up in the darkness, transforming into black smoke and drifting away.

Xu Yangyis gaze flickered. These green dots he actually hadnt detected them!

They were soundless and auraless, like demons in the night.

Night Bats? The womans gaze flickered. Afterwards, she said without concealing her dislike, Have these inhuman things begone at once. You know, I feel so disgusted by those things.

Night Bats?

Xu Yangyi took note of these two words in his heart. It seemed that this was one of the House of Draculs killing moves.

Vermilion Snow intently eyed Xu Yangyi, laughing coldly as she gently made the gesture of cutting her throat with her finger at him. What a pity you werent able to kill me in the end.

This Palace shall look forward to our next meeting.

Finished speaking, the fox-demon transformed into a streak of white light and flew straight to the ground.

Now theres you. The woman looked at Xu Yangyi, who was the only one not to leave. Full name, place of birth, and the reason youve come to the United States. Marquises are banned from entering the United States. This was the treaty signed with China.

If you dont give a clear account today, Ill have you know the consequences of trampling the law.

Xu Yangyi studied the woman interestedly. This woman How could he put it? She was really his type.

Sometimes, fate was so strange. He didnt think that this woman would actually be able to stir his desires.

Can you guess? he laughed and answered.

The womans expression was cold. I dont like men who grin so mischievously, especially cultivators. In addition In the next second, her entire body dramatically swelled with golden essence that conveyed a terribly offensive nature. Just now what did you want to do?

Give me an explanation! Or else you will receive Gods punishment today.

While Xu Yangyi smiled as he looked at the woman, his smile slowly vanished and he uttered, I wasnt doing anything.

I was just defending myself.

In your self-defense, should you drag so many people with you in death? The womans voice became even colder. A set of golden flashing spirit armor was already faintly visible on her.

Xu Yangyi eyed her calmly. So according to you, I should thank the world with death?

Xu Yangyis counter was a spear neither cold nor hard. The womans lips twitched, but she didnt continue speaking. The armor around her dissipated with a bang.

Regardless of whether you should or shouldnt, you cannot involve innocent crowds, the woman said in a cold tone.

If no one forces me, naturally I wouldnt, Xu Yangyi said lowly, Whats your name?

The woman paused. Jenny.

Jenny Jeanne. The overseer of New Yorks Devil-Hunters Headquarters.

Xu Yangyi nodded. Just as he was about to say something though, he suddenly raised his head to look to the other side of the sky.

So strong

An extremely oppressive qi was spreading from over yonder. But not only was this qi strong, it also seemed to be like a black wolf of the night, crafty and deadly. If one wasnt careful, their throat would be ripped out.

Xu Yangyi didnt shift his gaze away. A minute later, however, the person who showed up didnt appear to be an elite cultivator. On the contrary it was a middle-aged uncle who had a scraggly beard and a cowboy hat on his head.

Am I late? He had a cigar hanging between his somewhat yellow teeth. He rubbed his eyes because he had fairly dark circles around them that were due to his overindulgence in debauchery. He scanned the vicinity until his gaze fell on Xu Yangyi. Oh, so Im not late yet Cmon, kiddo, tell me your name

He hammered his chest. In fact, he wasnt quite old, and his drunken state didnt seem to drain his body. He looked strong like a bear, and his other hand was untying something at his side.

His actions werent fast, but instead contained a hint of slow unhurriedness. In spite of this, however, this middle-aged man put Xu Yangyi on full alarm!

Half-step Core Formation! This ordinary uncle was actually half-step Core Formation!

This was the first time he saw the high-end battle power of foreign cultivators!

My names not important. Against an apex half-step Core Formation cultivator, Xu Yangyi almost didnt meet the others body with his gaze. He said in a low voice, Whats important is what you want to do.

No no no The man slowly undid the cloth band on his hand and said with a calmness that belied the tension of the current situation. Whats important or not isnt up to you to decide. Eh forgive me for being frank, but in front of me you still dont have the qualifications to decide whats important or not. You know hmm, history has always been written by the victor.

Xu Yangyi laughed, You mean to say that youre the stronger side?

Maybe? The cloth band on the mans hand was totally undone. On his hand, there was a tattoo of a crossbow. Suddenly, the tattoo flashed with red light, and a crossbow appeared in his hand.

It was small, but it was giving off an extremely blood-thirsty scent.

The Holy Bible Book Twelve is its name. The man stroked the crossbow in his hand a little obsessively. I once killed seven vampire Marquises and ten lycan Marquises with it. Oh, friend, dont misunderstand. The point of me just asking for your name is only because I was thinking about carving a name on your tombstone, thats all. You know, Im not that kind of guy who doesnt have any feelings

Before his voice even fell, Xu Yangyis pupils violently shrunk. In the next second, an unseen black light, hidden in the night, was streaking straight at the middle of his brows!

If his spiritual sense wasnt strengthened by the Myriad Spirits Pill, he wouldnt have even sensed it!

Swoosh! His head leaned out of the way almost out of reflex, and in that instant a sharp buzz was heard at his ear! The air was lacerated apart, and his hair ceaselessly rippled in the wind. Afterwards, he stuck his hand out and wiped his ear. His palm was crimson-red.

The surging wind pressure had actually taken a long bloody bite out of his ear!

That was a holy silver crossbow bolt from the 300th year of Our Lord. Each one is submerged in holy water. On my hand, this crossbow itself was created from the bones of three quasi Grand Dukes. It truly is a devil-hunters work of art, isnt? The man spat out his cigar, and an abnormal redness surged up his over-exhilarated face. He aimed the crossbow right at Xu Yangyis heart. Today, youll be the 1,300th person to die to it, you dark filth. You should be happy.

In the moment the crossbow took him in its sights, Xu Yangyi actually felt that hed been locked down! In nothingness, some invisible entity seemed to have locked down his figure!

Holy Sixteen: Engrave!

Swoosh swoosh swoosh! Following the middle-aged uncles shout, the crossbow erupted with a sky of black light! Hundreds of crossbow bolts came hailing down, covering the earth and concealing the sky! They locked down the entire area surrounding Xu Yangyi! Each bolt was pointing straight at his vitals!

Ten Cardinals Purgatory! Without the slightest hesitation, Xu Yangyi swung the Fishbowel Sword, and the imprints of ten purple dragons spread along it. In the next second, ten purple fire-dragons thundered out and threw themselves directly at the formless sea of arrows!

Caw! Just as both sides were about to clash, the hail of black light surprisingly made a sharp cry and immediately transformed into a murder of black crows. It cleaved straight through the ten fire-dragons!

The fire-dragons roared, but their purple flames didnt latch onto nothing. About a hundred of the black crows were instantly incinerated by the several-thousand-degree-celsius flames, but there were still hundreds that passed between the fire-dragons like fish passing through a net. They brought forth a fire sea of alternating black and purple!

Xu Yangyi wasnt rattled, even though he could already sense that each of the enemys crows was able to penetrate his body. His hands were now condensing an expanse of white light. His gaze like a blade, he met the rushing ocean of black crows head-on.

They were close Thirty meters, twenty meters ten meters!

Just as the murder of crows was about to descend upon him, his gaze suddenly flashed, and the manifestation of a white tiger roared and ascended behind him! His ten fingers carved out spatial cracks in the air!

Splitting Air!

Swoosh swoosh swoosh! In the air, dozens of white claw-scars, stretching out for over a dozen meters in height, formed a brilliant white net! In moments, the only sound audible was an unending chain of explosions detonating against the entire net of white light!

Inky black flowers blossomed, but Xu Yangyi inhaled deeply. These shadows crows, since first contact, had caused him to shake!

They were so heavy but he was able to withstand the assault!

In his heart, the desire to raise his head up and scream bubbled upwards. Not so long ago, he could only look up hopefully at lofty Foundation Establishment seniors and half-step Core Formation cultivators. And yet, in experiencing Danxia Temple, the Heavenly Paradise, and the Clearcloud Realm he already had the ability to resist half-step Core Formation now!

Those harrowingly desperate battles that offered the faintest hopes of survival, and one destiny after another, had forged his current strength, which far transcended same-stage Foundation Establishment cultivators!

I dont know if those on Sunnihilators level are also like me, he wordlessly thought to himself, and even the desire to contend against the enemy was born in his heart.

Shortly, all the black crows were eliminated, but hed been shaken back over a dozen meters. The man and Jenny were far away, looking at Xu Yangyi with a slight amount of astonishment. They didnt dare to believe their eyes somewhat.

Huh so youre a genius-rank Chinese cultivator. The man curbed his smile, the expression on his face already solemn. Since you were able to take my move as a mid Marquis, youre good enough to make me carve your name. In that case, I dont know if this next move

Gowers. At this time, Jenny spoke up, Stay your hand.

Gowerss realm evidently exceeded Jennys, but he now nodded. Without a harrumph, he flew behind Jenny. Jenny stared at Xu Yangyi intently and suddenly said, Enough, Mister. Ill permit your entry, and I wont investigate into todays matter any further.

Xu Yangyi faintly laughed.

This was strength. The benefit of strength!

No investigation meant that he couldnt be investigated, didnt dare to be investigated into as well.

Because everyone could feel that the previous attack caused New Yorks entire Sky Restriction to crackle. Another round of fighting and the seal was bound to crack again!

Lady Jenny, Gowers uttered, Those who profane the Holy Light are all just ignorant brutes. Hes no exception. Give me another hour, and Ill definitely take him out

I said enough. Jenny breathed in deeply and said indifferently, I believe you can kill him, but who can take responsibility for the damages brought because of this?

Is New York my responsibility, or yours?

Gowers didnt reply. Eventually, he whistled at Xu Yangyi, Boy, you really are lucky. Besides, you should pray.

Pray that you foul bugs in the darkness dont meet me next time. Or else I vow that Ill nail you to the cross and crush you like the dark trash that you are.

Youre staying in New York for a while, right? Good we still have a lot of time So pray, and then tremble and run away. Run away to the stinking trash heap where you should originally be.

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