Archfiend Chapter 1039

Archfiend Archfiend: Total Library Chapter 463: A Feast of Lycans (2)

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The woman removed her snowy jade-white hand and laughed, Since he has gained a slight thread of elder brothers gaze, then I can allow his position as a house pet of the Corvinus. He shall become the house guard dog.

Be at ease, elder brother. No need for you to speak. As the fourth princess of the House of Corvinus, I shall personally receive him. Already, this is a sufficient amount of face to give. He should kneel on the ground and kiss my toes. I will have him clearly understand what an apex family of the West is. Then, I will have him realize his situation.

Outside the ancient castle, Xu Yangyi sized up the old structure with much interest.

The castle was small. He originally thought it would be big, but upon actually seeing it he discovered that it was only a hundred meters in size. There was no way it could house the Corvinuss assembly of oaths. He closed his eyes and spread his senses. From above the castle, a faint spatial fluctuation spread.

The actual meeting is elsewhere. The castle is only the entrance. He slightly nodded and lifted his leg forwards.

Sorry. At this time, as he was only a couple meters away from the barrier of black-clothed men, a tall white man walked over. Today, the castle isnt open

Before his voice even fell, though, he took a good couple steps back as if hed seen a ghost. He nearly landed on the ground with his buttocks.


A lone Marquis had come!

Xu Yangyi released a thread of qi from his body, directly causing the surrounding people to neatly scatter. Yet at this moment, the castle door quietly opened. Underneath two old oil lamps, a woman wearing an evening gown pushed the door open and walked out. She carelessly raised a brow and also raised her head to look over.

The barrier of men dispersed like a wave in front of Xu Yangyi. No one dared to obstruct a Marquiss entry.

Hey Hey! As soon as nearby people saw this, they were displeased. A red-haired man said angrily, Whats the deal? Arent you going to uphold the ban? Isnt going in banned? Why does he get to go in?

This Im sorry, thats a secret. To be short, youre not allowed to enter, sir, a man part of the barrier said.

Xu Yangyi merely took a few steps before he stopped. The woman in the evening dress, who was 1.75 meters tall, was already standing in front of him.

Mid Marquis.

A feces-yellow minority? The woman opened her fan with a swoosh, her gaze not masking her dislike in the slightest. Are you the man my elder brother called for?

She couldnt be considered particularly beautiful. Her golden curls of hair were worn in an old-fashioned bun, and a white gown covered her body. It was just that she carried the reeking aura of blood that a woman certainly shouldnt have possessed.

Clean your mouth a little. Ive never been lenient to rude words just because of gender, Xu Yangyi flatly answered. His gaze swept over the castle in front of him. Besides, it was an invitation. I think theres still no one under Grand Duke who has the qualifications to summon and dismiss me as they please.

I like firm men, the woman coldly laughed as she watched him and closed her fan with a clack. Her perfumed fan propped itself under Xu Yangyis solid jaw. Her somewhat freckled and seemingly young countenance quietly approached.

Her fair white neck was hidden from view within her curled blond hair, and she said with a kind of enticing voice, But firmness does not equal a lack of civility.

Usually, the final outcome of an overly stubborn dog is to be collared. They are then most delighted to toss their lives away for their master.

You couldve chosen not to come and continued your life of hiding in terror in the foul sewers To a loner such as yourself, the House of Corvinus is as unreachable as an eagle in the sky. But you have come She slightly pushed her folding fan up. Xu Yangyis hands slightly clenched, but ultimately loosened. He merely smiled and raised his chin.

The womans laughter was sweet. Because you are afraid. Yes, you are strong, but what of it? You face one of the two great families of the West. You can only seek the House of Corvinuss protection. And it just happens that the house needs a strong guard dog Your looks are not bad, the type that I like. Remember my name: Elisana Corvinus Savidean. Also your future master. I believe no one will dare to fight with me for training rights.

Remember the rules of the West. Apart from western cultivators, even if other quasi Grand Dukes came here they wouldnt be able to cause a great stir. Elisana saw that Xu Yangyi wasnt replying, so she smiled as she moved aside. With a snap of her fingers, the castles great door opened freely of the wind. Looks like you approve too. In that case, you can enter. The Corvinuss door is already wide open to you.

At the same time the door opened, a sharp howl of a wolf came from within. The massive symbol of a wolf head above the door also released a burst of gentle white light.

Xu Yangyi smiled and nodded at her folding fan. Elisana likewise smiled and stowed it away. Her gaze became full of hidden meaning. When you laugh it is charming. Perhaps if you are a little obedient I can tolerate your coquettish behavior at my side.

In that case, as the master, are you not intending on bringing a guest in? Xu Yangyi slightly bowed and made an inviting gesture.

No one saw, but his hand behind his back was weaving seals at lightning speed.

A restriction.

If a Chinese cultivator saw this, they would immediately recognize the deprivation of their five senses, the sealing of sound and visual. Although it was rudimentary, it was rudimentary to the point that Heavens Law had taught it throughout the ages. This was indeed a little magik art that could be continued to be used.

Naturally I am pleased to. With the utmost air of nobility, Elisana drew upon her skirt and curtsied. As she turned around though, she wordlessly rolled her eyes, and a sneer curved up at the crook of her mouth.


What of it?

The West was never a place where the Chinese had the final say! It was also absolutely not a place that a Chinese cultivator could settle their feet on!

This land was the centuries-old killing ground between the two legendary houses of Corvinus and Dracul!

A smart person would understand the rules. In offending the Dracul, only the Corvinus could be relied on. Otherwise, Xu Yangyi wouldnt even survive for a month! Even if his ability could battle against the Draculs overseer, who was rumored to be a quasi Grand Duke once upon a time!

In front of a clans gargantuan strength, a lone spearman on horseback amounted to nothing. That moreover wasnt to mention a foreigner without the slightest foundation!

This was also the fundamental reason that the House of Corvinus dared to treat Xu Yangyi with such a strong attitude. This land only laid belief in one law. If not accepted then Xu Yangyi could go die!

I permit you to hold my hand. Elisana raised her hand without even looking at Xu Yangyi. Evidently the path was made of stone, yet she walked on it as if it were a red carpet. Her gaze was set straight ahead without glancing to the side. Xu Yangyi smiled, gently took her hand, and entered.

The surrounding black-clothed man shot a glance and sneered. Silently, they turned their heads.

I heard hes a powerhouse. A black-clothed man took his gaze back and shrugged his shoulders. But so what?

In front of a western authority like the House of Corvinus, hes nothing unless hes a Grand Duke. Look, isnt he being obediently chained by the young miss, right now?

Hehe, dont talk with so much satisfaction, Jack. The young miss seems to be pretty pleased with her new pet.

Haha, in the end, a pet is a pet. When has our House of Corvinus valued pets?

The demon slayer and the lycan princess slowly walked through the door. The inside, as expected, was completely different. Xu Yangyi had searched for pictures of inside Belvedere Castle on the internet, but now a passage leading downwards appeared in front of them. Furthermore, there was a blue screen of light at this passages entrance.

In a moment, I will introduce all of the Corvinus famous cultivators to you. Just stay obediently by my side, Elisana casually said as if she was instructing a servant. Remember, without my permission, you cannot approach anyone else. They are of pure breeding, clean and holy. If a minority rashly approaches She faintly brushed an eye over Xu Yangyi. I have no plans on letting others play around with a toy I myself still havent tried.

Mhm. Xu Yangyi smiled and said, In that case, youll have to keep a little distance from me.

Elisana didnt feel anything to be off, but in the next second a tremendous force attacked from behind her head and seized her shoulder. An accurate elbow strike hit the middle of her back, and she followed with a simply inhuman roar. She was directly battered away by four to five meters! Bang! She collided into a stone wall ahead, leaving a string of blood in the air.

Because the foul smell of a wolf hanging off your body is too heavy. Xu Yangyis expression was like ice. Without a shred of emotion, he looked at the delicate body that had been shot away like a bullet. Im not surprised you have to use a perfumed folding fan to hide it.

Hum! As Xu Yangyi made his remarks, the space all around suddenly dimmed. This was the indication of space being isolated.

You rude yellow-skinned brute!!! With the loud explosion on the wall, the entire face of the structure was filled with spider-web cracks. Immediately, a howl rang out; Elisana was already standing up as if she was crazed. Inch-long follicles of black hair revealed themselves from underneath her skin. A half second later, her cheeks grew long, and white dagger-like teeth quietly filled her mouth. In the blink of an eye, a giant blonde werewolf wearing an evening dress, no less than two meters tall, wildly pounced Xu Yangyi!

You actually dare to attack me?!?!?! Her eyes were red, and because her bloodthirst was fully roused, her blood-red eyes only held Xu Yangyis figure. During the House of Corvinuss Holy War Feast! To attack me! The fourth princess of the Corvinus!

I will tear you to shreds and devour you down to the last morsel! Ill chew each and every one of your bones to pieces! You no longer have a path to walk! Only the Corvinus can accept you, and I, on behalf of the entire house, reject you!!!

Die! Gutter rat! Yellow-skinned brute!

Swoosh! Ten fingers began to glimmer with a vast amount of white light. Elisana was already in a state of madness. The Holy War Feast was soon to begin, but her face was swollen and her nose was bloody now. She would become an enormous laughingstock for the entire feast! And all of this was due to this Chinese mongrel in front of her!

AWOOO!!! Her mouth opened as wide as it could, and she threw herself at Xu Yangyi to rip his throat out. In the next second, however, she only felt a burst of cold wind beside her. Xu Yangyi was already at her left.

Bang! A kick whipped out, leaving a muffled sonic boom in the air. This kick proved that he wasnt holding back at all against Elisana! He was going to beat her to death!

You dare?! Anxiety and fury attacked her heart. A lowly minority mongrel had dared to attack her? In America, in Manhattan, in the House of Corvinuss feast, Xu Yangyi had attacked her, a Half Moon Marquis!

Although she hadnt been defeated, she felt incomparable humiliation!

Slam! A black wolf claw stretched out from Elisanas evening dress and collided together with Xu Yangyis leg at almost the same time. In this instant, both their gazes flashed.

Physique art!

The two of them had used physique arts.

In fact, Splitting Air wasnt just limited to the hands.

And while it was unknown what kind of physique art Elisana was using, her body was unexpectedly as strong as iron. Between their mutual clash, a snow-white crescent of spiritual light pressed down like a saber from Xu Yangyis kick, and Elisana brought forth a sky of black light. After a resounding boom, the ground in front of them loudly shattered into pieces! Rubble scattered through the air!

Elisana pulled her claw back, and a hectic tearing noise came from her clothes. Once fully demonized, she became a giant wolf covered in black fur with a patch of white on her chest. Struggling out from her dress, she reared her head back and howled.

Youre not as strong as I thought! Her reddened gaze searched for Xu Yangyis figure, and she angrily roared, Get out here! Face me in open and honorable combat!

She was slightly shaking from the collision of Xu Yangyis kick just now. The painfully numb sensation of anguish spread through her, but this was still within her scope to endure!

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