Archfiend Chapter 1040

Archfiend Archfiend: Total Library Chapter 464: A Feast of Lycans (3)

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Dont waste your strength. Suddenly, Xu Yangyis voice rang out behind Elisana. Since we just entered, I sealed off all visual and sound. Outsiders wont hear a thing.

AWOOO!!! Before his voice even fell, the maw of a massive wolf tore down at him with its fangs at an inconceivable angle. Nonetheless, only the sound of teeth biting through the air was heard.

But in the next second, she fell into a daze.

Because right in front of her a heart-shaking spiritual force had erupted without warning!

Roiling heat and deathly silence! Purple light illuminated her ceaselessly rippling fur all over her body. She looked back in alarm, and Xu Yangyi was facing her, his five fingers aimed at her chest. In his palm, ten small fire-dragons were spinning at a blazing pace!


Ten Cardinals Purgatory!

BOOM!!! A loud noise rang out, and a sea of purple fire violently flared! In the wake of Elisanas mournful howl, countless white runes lit up on her entire body. In the next moment, a world-shaking explosion sounded, and the smoke brought by the purple flames gradually dissipated. The all-consuming Ten Cardinals Purgatory was frantically tearing into the wall of white spiritual light in front of Elisana. To Xu Yangyis surprise, though, it couldnt break through!

Mongrel The smoke scattered away little by little. Both of Elisanas eyes were red, and she glared daggers ahead. Im going to get you

Before she even finished speaking, the ear-piercing sound of broken wind echoed!

Swoosh! Bang! Startled, she saw that Xu Yangyis foot was planted on her wall of spiritual light! A massive jolt went through the wall and spread directly into her body. She only felt a slight numbness run through her!

However, without waiting for her to react, a second kick swiftly followed!

Thump! This kick was much more destructive than the last! The spirit wall in front of Elisana was fiercely swaying.

No good! Two kicks had come in the turn of an eye. She suddenly realized that Xu Yangyi wasnt weak, but rather he was intentionally holding back before!

Still, she simply had no time to react. Without an emotion on his face, Xu Yangyi twisted his waist and forced his muscles to adjust to the most perfect arc. His next kick actually caused the air to blur!

Whoosh!!! RUMBLE!!!

Elisana looked on in awe as this third kick caused the wall of spirit light in front of her to shatter apart. Fragments of the wall were like butterflies of light dancing in the air, shining on her incredulous face.

Three kicks, without any use of divine ability, had forcibly broken her barrier!

Yet at the same time, a gentle crack rang out from all around. Afterwards, a skyful of azure spirit motes extended through the air.

Xu Yangyi raised his head to look at the surroundings that were clearly visible again and furrowed his brows.

Restrictions really were too easy to break in a country without a nation-protector array. Originally, he was planning on giving Elisana an unforgettable memory here, but now it seemed that his efforts wouldnt reach the perfection of unforgettable.

The time span that the senses were stripped away wasnt much. Unexpectedly, the confrontation of two Marquises had shattered the seal in a couple bouts.

Regardless, Xu Yangyi didnt plan on stopping.

Boom! In the next second, Elisana only felt a massive burst of pain come from her throat. It was as if her internal organs were being mixed together. A leather shoe was planted right on her stomach. Immediately, she, with a blood-curdling scream, flew back through the air like a kite cut of its string. Over two meters tall, her body rumbled straight back into a blue wall of spirit light! All that was left in the air was a vast amount of blood.

Bang! Meanwhile, a crisp sound akin to glass echoed all around. This move had broken the restriction Xu Yangyi had set up.

Huuummm A droning sound echoed through Belvedere Castle. Quite a few tourists outside looked at the castle in astonishment.

Whats that?

Did something happen? An earthquake?

Did an explosion go off in the castle? That cant be, right?! This is a famous scenic spot!

Is it haunted?!

The group of black-clothed men, however, were even more alarmed!

Just as the restriction broke, everyone heard Elisanas scream punch through the air! Even though her scream came from within the castle, it still caused their hair to stand on edge!

Someone A white man stared blankly for three seconds and then suddenly shouted, Someone is assassinating a main member of the house!

Inform the higher-ups at once!

My god! Does he have a death wish?!

Was it that guy just now? He dares to attack the young miss?

Does he want to live?! Savidean VII is present!

Bang bang bang! Elisanas scorched body rolled away like a spinning top. Down below was a staircase that couldnt be considered too long. She slammed into the staircase and flew away no less than three or four meters away. Her enormous body landed on the ground with a boom!

She wasnt dead, but her injuries werent minor. Struggling, she stood up on the ground and found purchase within the large hole pulverized into ground by her fall. As she clutched her neck, rivulets of blood streamed out between her gritted teeth, and she let loose an extremely furious howl towards the staircase above.


Mongrel! Im going to kill you! KILL YOU!!!

Not a sound went through the screen of blue light. All was quiet.

Soon, all the people below heard the melodious tapping of leather shoes.

How does it feel to be hit into the ground by the one you called an insect? Xu Yangyi slowly walked down. His ten slender fingers rhythmically swept across the staircase handrail. He looked at Elisana as if he was looking at a dead person, but in the instant he walked down his gaze flashed.

Down below was a massive hall.

A full 500 meters all around. The ceiling was in the shape of a great dome with lycans of myth carved on it.

Exquisite crystal chandeliers hung in the air, and candles as thick as a wrist glimmered on them. On the floor, a scarlet carpet made one feel as if they were treading on clouds. Any one of the furnishings arranged in the hall possessed an incredibly ancient air. Even the mottled spots of time could be seen on them.

There were Byzantine-style sculptures everywhere. With one look, one knew that they had come about from the hands of a great master. They were magnificent, fully visible down to the slightest hair. Each perfect statue was wrapped in gold leaf, with rubies and sapphires as their eyes.

Silence, deathly silence.

In such a large hall, if there were no one present, it could be said that it was spacious and gorgeous. But at this moment it was filled with people!

In the middle, there was a band of lycans using their large bodies to move back and forth as they played brand-new instrumentswell, they were at least before Xu Yangyi walked down. They wore the court dress of ancient European musicians, and around them on the embroidered scarlet rug, there were groups of three to five gathered. The women maintained human form, but a majority of the men transformed into werewolves. They were gracefully holding wine cups as they discussed somethingwell, at least before Xu Yangyi had walked down.

Right now, flabbergasted, everyone watched as the raging Elisana vomited blood. She was no longer fully dressed no, she didnt even have shoes on. Amazement, shock, and disbelief appeared on their faces. Afterwards, they all looked to the man who was slowly walking down the stairs.

Xu Yangyi was also stunned, but he soon started to laugh happily.

He casually took a c.o.c.ktail from a dumbfounded lycan waiter beside him and gently pursed it to his lips. Afterwards, he threw it behind him without a care and slightly bowed.

Good evening everyone.

Are you not satisfied with my entrance? Although a little accident happened.

Chink! The sound of breaking glass echoed throughout the morosely quiet hall. In the next moment, everyones gazes went red, and each persons mouth opened up to an exaggerated degree, as if they didnt have lower jaws. The inside of their mouths were filled with sharp teeth. Several hundred people let loose deafening howls at Xu Yangyi!


Rip rip rip! The sound of countless clothes violently bursting apart echoed in the hall. In this instant, the band was silent. The mournful sound of howls rose and fell, reverberating through the hall. Men and women, one after another, morphed into fierce lycans. With crimson eyes, they looked at Xu Yangyi. Quite a few people circled Elisana.

Fourth Princess, are you alright?

Did that lowly human profane your noble status? Ill help you kill him, madame!

Human, you actually dare to attack the Fourth Princess! Theres no chance of you leaving this place today!

Xu Yangyi coldly looked at the people before him and eventually uttered, A zoo.

A single remark made everyone fall quiet.

But in the next second, they all seethed!

Kill!!! Over a dozen lycans shot out from the crowds like piercing arrows. Their ability to leap was unusually shocking. In the blink of an eye, they pounced into the area ten meters around Xu Yangyi. In their growing bloody maws, nauseating saliva clung to their jagged dagger-like teeth, and they made a lunge for Xu Yangyis vitals.

Get lost. Xu Yangyi didnt even raise his eyelids. Over a dozen Perfect Counts? How did grain-sized pearls dare to exhibit their l.u.s.ter?

In China, even dozens of Qi Condensation cultivators didnt dare to attack a Foundation Establishment cultivator!

Boom! Ten purple fire-dragons screamed forth. The pack of lycans in the air let out terrified snarls. Upon merely seeing, they knew that this attack was enough to grind them into flying ash!

Swoosh However, in the blink of an eye, the ten fire-dragons all vanished without a trace!

Xu Yangyis gaze slightly flashed. Without any premonition, just as if they had been devoured, his dragons had disappeared in the air without cause.

Its His Highness Savidean VII! The pack of lycans in the air yelled excitedly and charged without the slightest hesitation. In the next second, though, a raspy voice echoed through the entire venue.


Following these words, the lycans in the air fell to the ground one after another like sand bags. Nonetheless, none of them grumbled in complaint. Tails tucked, they immediately returned to the crowds.

This is how you all treat a guest? Xu Yangyi clapped his hands, gaze like a sharp sword looking into the crowd. As the crowd separated he saw in the very middle, behind the band, a huge bed.

It was no less than ten-odd meters wide, situated in a curtain that hung from high above. The transparent white curtain supported the golden bed, and on the bed there was a massive lycan that was four meters tall. He was leisurely clutching a vine of gr.a.p.es that were pitifully small in comparison to him, licking them with his scarlet tongue.

His fur was almost all white. Apart from a tuft of black on his limbs and chest, everywhere else on his body was silver-white. Furthermore, there was an eyepatch on his right eye, leaving him with only a left one.

There were scars that reached up to half a meter long on his body, but he didnt hide them. Presently, he was seated cross-legged on the bed. Around the bed, four blond-haired, blue-eyed women were tenderly leaning against his body.

Everyones gazes followed Xu Yangyi. Even if their killing intent was stronger, under the control of the four-letter word stop, they completely restrained themselves. All their gazes fell on the great wolf, as if they were looking at their king.

Silence. After a full three seconds, the great wolfs massive claw plucked a gr.a.p.e. A slender tongue drew the morsel into his mouth. Afterwards, only a bang was heard. Like an artillery shell, a woman beside him vanished without a trace, until a second later a booming slam came form the wall! The disappeared woman soon slid down the wall like meat sauce.

Xu Yangyis gaze flashed. Just now, he didnt even get a clean look. All he saw was a streak of white light, which shouldve been the great wolfs tail sweeping down. This swiftness wasnt visible to the n.a.k.e.d eye.

And yet the great wolf maintained his lazy appearance as before. Merely, he leaned to the side and glanced at Xu Yangyi from the corner of his eye.

Boy, youre quite brave. Savidean VIIs tongue licked his furry lips. Ill give you a chance to survive. I invited you with good intentions, but you hurt my younger sister.

You originally had two paths, but now youve plugged up one of them. Let me think, whats the name of that final path left for you He seemed to ponder for a long time, until he flung his tail excitedly. Ah thats right the path to hell.

For the Holy War Feast, you will be portioned to 372 lycans. Not a single scrap of flesh will be left behind.

Thus, your sin of blaspheming a direct descendant of the House of Corvinus shall be repaid.

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