Archfiend Chapter 1041

Archfiend Archfiend: Total Library Chapter 465: A Feast of Lycans (4)

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AWOOO!!! With the fall of the great wolfs blood-thirsty words, all the lycans present loudly roared, ear-piercing howls echoing throughout the great hall.

Xu Yangyis gaze faintly brushed through the entire crowd, and he suddenly laughed, Twelve mid Marquises and seventy-plus Counts. As expected.

Oh? Savidean VIIs thick finger lightly tapped the side of the bed. He said with a smile that wasnt a smile, Are you scared? Kneel now, confess your sin before me, and I can consider excusing you. Ah, of course youll have to sign an eternal clause of servitude for the House of Corvinus. And, youll have to offer your spiritual sense and allow me to possess it. You know, a mongrel cultivator such as yourself never speaks the truth.

Xu Yangyi didnt reply, instead continuing to laugh. Since that rude wild dog told me, five days have passed.

In these five days, I thought to myself what kind of scene there would be if I came.

Tons and tons of people. Also with the representatives of every major family and their elites. Xu Yangyi gracefully walked to the side of a lycan waiter. Just as the waiter bared his teeth, he was immediately sent flying away with a slap, directly slamming into over a dozen people. With a miserable howl, the waiter crashed into the ground.

The great wolf didnt speak, his eyes merely becoming even icier. Several seconds later, he said, Mongrel, youve added another clause to your mortal sin. However, the honorable House of Corvinus has decided to grant a dead man several minutes before death arrives.

I am also quite curious. Savidean VII adopted a comfortable position. What is it that has sent your mind into fever? To be so delirious Ah, to use your dirty Chinese language, that is to say what knowledge has you secure in your backing? [1]

Clang The tray of the waiter Xu Yangyi had slapped flying away was now steadily wobbling on the ground. Xu Yangyi picked up a cup, took a sip, and chuckled, This doubt is easily settled. I was going to look for people to ask a few questions, but I found out that only the representatives brought elites. Do you know why this is?

The two of them seemed to talk like friends. The bystanders simply didnt feel the almost solidified killing intent in the air.

Ill give you a chance to keep talking. The great wolf also picked up a huge wine goblet. The corner of his mouth seemed to perk up, giving rise to an ice-cold arc.

This is called society. Xu Yangyi swirled his glass and said, Any living creatures overall society and this Holy War Feast is likewise a vast societal web. Those who can be ordinarily seen, those who cannot, and those who are perhaps noble or not, can all be seen today. Say, what reason is there not to bring the successors of ones family to see the world?

Elder brother! At this time, Elisanas furious voice was heard. What are you doing?! He hurt me! If you dont skin him to make the flag of the Holy War, how will the other families look at us?!

Just now he secretly sealed the area; he was planning on killing me! His sin deserves ten thousand deaths!

Xu Yangyi gave a small smile, Its unfortunate that Americas boundary fields are too easily broken.

Elisana the great wolf also laughed, Do you know? Only a person at the end of the road would stake everything on one gambit. Look, my Chinese is also quite good. What I mean is that we presently have the situation in our grasp. Why dont we watch this ugly, funny clown perform? I believe that this will be a beautiful play of The Archanians, no? [2]

Be at ease, however you want him to die, I will have him die as such. The lowly do not even have the right to choose their deaths. In the instant he laid hands on your noble figure, he lost the choice of death.

Elisana spoke no further, only looking at Xu Yangyi as if she wanted to devour him.

Continue. The great wolfs claw propped his head, and he coldly sneered, Continue your performance. I appreciate your petty cleverness to delay death with all your efforts. Still my younger sister is waiting somewhat impatiently. If you cannot be a little faster, how about you end speech in these ten seconds? He finished speaking, his voice cold. For every extra second, I will cut of one of your fingers.

Xu Yangyis smile was the same as ever. As a result, I made two preparations. Although your arrogance and conceit disgusts me, Ive decided to go ahead and take the first choice.

His hand extended into his pocket, and the eyes of all the present lycan Counts turned chilly, and they dodged behind their family elders with some fear. The Marquis lycans gathered spiritual force in front of them and a spirit wall formed.

As Xu Yangyis handed extended out, a red bead appeared between the tips of his index finger and thumb. He then flicked it out, and it raced towards the great wolf at lightning speed.

Pooh! As the red object flew through the air, a glob of spit flew out and accurately struck it.

Thud The ground was scattered with red powder. The great wolf disdainfully scanned the mess with an eye. A capsule?

Without permission granted, you truly had your lowly object approach me? Who gave you this right?

Xu Yangyi calmly looked at the scattered capsule and said indifferently, Pick it up.

The great wolf fell into a daze. Two seconds later, he clutched at his throat and exploded with raucous laughter that shook the world.


Did you hear that? Everyone? Did you all hear that?

This shit-yellow mongrel actually wants to have me pick it up? To me make me, the noble Savidean VII, as I am on the cusp of rising to the noble rank of Full Moon Grand Duke, to pick this up? Hahaha! This is practically the best joke Ive heard this year!

His colossal body rolled on the bed, and the surrounding lycans quickly took cue to join the merriment as well. Clamorous laughter rang out. Oh shit. Hes worse than dog shit. He actually wants His Highness Savidean VII to pick that up?

Hehehe, the thinking of the East is childish and stupid. I really cant make sense of it.

Maybe he thinks this place is still China? Listen up, you yellow pig, this is America! This is the noble House of Corvinus!

Xu Yangyi also laughed. His voice wasnt loud, but his next words promptly caused everyone present to fall quiet.

This is the work of a master spirit-technician.

Silence. Several seconds laughter, Savidean VII burst out with even more wild laughter. He even used his claw to pat his belly. Hahaha! Ridiculous! This is too ridiculous! Hahaha! Im going to laugh myself to death!

The loudness of his voice caused the surroundings to reverberate. After no less than five seconds of laughter, he sat up for the first time and wiped the tears from his eyes in an exaggerated manner. Mongrel you really do make me happy. I am interested, very interested. This is the most amusing play Ive seen in centuries! You really do possess the talent of Charlie Chaplin. Ah, he is my favorite comedian. [3]

And you, you look even more like a clown than he did! He was acting, but you yourself are one! Hahaha!

Savidean VIIs smile dwindled away, and he coldly snorted at Xu Yangyi. A master spirit-technician?

Is a minority like you even worthy to talk about a master spirit-technician? How many master spirit-technicians are there in all of America? Even if this product were from a master spirit-technician, theres no way it could come from the hands of trash like you!

Did you think this was a hot dog on the side of the street? That the product of a master spirit-technician is casually taken out? You are simply unworthy of the name of master spirit-technician! Versailles Anthony!

Present. Versailles walked out from Savidean VIIs side. His gaze, bitter as a viper, glared at Xu Yangyi. He wore a blood-thirsty smile on his face.

I heard he beat you? The great wolf reclined on the bed again and said lazily, Beat him and return.

Scoop out his heart and offer it before me, Savidean VII said.


And the rest of you! Savidean VII looked at everyone. I will reward a high-grade spirit stone to whoever scoops out his heart. Whoever drags down his legs and lets Versailles achieve victory, I will reward that person ten middle-grade spirit stones. Use your heads and properly think! How could this bastard have something from a master spirit-technician in his hand?!

One remark completely dispelled the lycans misgivings. At the same time, their cries echoed through the hall.

Thats right, he obviously just came to America! How could he have a connection with a master spirit-technician?!

A poor scoundrel like him doesnt have anything a master spirit-technician could like!

Its probably something to plot against His Highness, and His Highness saw through it!

Kill him that high-grade spirit stone is mine!

Amidst the howls, Versailles elegantly walked in front of Xu Yangyi and bowed again.

I understand your mindset.

Look, youre panicked, like a deer being chased by a hunter. But your arrogant heart doesnt allow you to lower your head to the House of Corvinus. So, you chose the dumbest way to do things. There are no tricks that can deceive the grand god of the bright moon. You had no choice but to come to the Corvinus because you had no other path to walk. Ah Im not praising you, I certainly am not. Im just talking to an idiot about to die. Because I dont see your arrogance in this situation at all.

Before Versailless voice even fell, his entire figure violently transformed. Inches of black fur spread, and he savagely howled and pounced towards Xu Yangyi like lightning.

This time, he was coming with a hundred percent of his strength! On the ground, his razor-sharp claws carved out deep trenches as he ran. His four limbs were already flaring with four raging flames, as if he was death god treading on fire!

I really didnt think all of you would be this stupid. A chilling glint flashed through Xu Yangyis eyes. Without a trace of carelessness, in a situation where the war cries of his enemies rang out all around him, he seal-weaving didnt even make the faintest mistake. [4]

BOOM! Ten purple fire-dragons roared and came forth. Purple fire illuminated the entire hall, spiraling above his hands. Purples flames hung in the air, making him seem like a devil in the blaze.

I really want to know. Would your Full Moon Grand Duke slap you across the face when he sees this product? Xu Yangyi gave a blood-thirsty grin, and his fire-dragons became larger and larger! Ive beat you already, so f.u.c.k off!!! [5]

I want to see how youre going to make me!!! Versailles burst into loud laughter with much satisfaction. Youve lost! Youre dead! Our people have you surrounded! You cant defeat me here! Your biggest mistake was coming here! But an even bigger mistake is your stupid pride!

Versailles upper body swelled with a boom, and he became a large lycan that was five to six meters in size. In screaming wind, his lupine claw brought forth a fierce gale, and three scorch marks over twenty meters long were left in the air.

Fenrirs Claw!!!

You have no idea about life and death. Xu Yangyis hands swiftly formed a seal, and ten fire-dragons far more terrible than Versailless claw of raging flames thundered ahead. However, in this moment, Xu Yangyis gaze flashed and he suddenly left where he was standing.

In the next second, where he was originally, the precious Persian rug was shredded into tatters by ten snow-white light-edges. The ground rumbled with an explosion, and a ten-odd-meter-sized hole appeared.

Hunting Technique: Zero Elisana was creeping on the floor. Under her claws, spider-web cracks sundered outwards. Her claws were already swelling up several more times! Deep-blue talismans hovered over them. She glared daggers at Xu Yangyi and screamed, Activate!

Crack crack crack Originally in wolf form, Elisana unexpectedly transformed again. On her forehead, two massive deer horns grew out, and her hair became longer and longer. Two long gusts of white steam jetted out from her ever-thickening nose. She quickly tilted her head down and bit into the air.

All of a sudden, above Xu Yangyis head, the spirit-head of hundred-meter-sized wolf appeared. As it did, it brandished its fangs and lunged towards the demon slayer with all its might!

1. So Savidean VII uses a specific Chinese idiom here meaning, To have security in knowing that one has backing. .

2. The Archanians is a very ancient play from the Athenian playwright Aristophanes. It was known for its absurd satirical humor of an Athenian citizen reaching a private peace treaty with the Spartans. In this situation, Savidean VII is pointing to this absurd level of satire.

3. Charlie Chaplin (1899-1977 CE) was famous as an actor and director in film.

4. In a situation where the war cries of his enemies rang out all around him. This is an idiom. . Surrounded on all sides by the songs of Chu. Chu, being the Kingdom of Chu during ancient times in China.

5. Ive beat you already. . This is a Chinese idiom from the Ming author Feng Menglong (1574-1646 CE). The specific meaning refers to a line that this author wrote about those one has defeated previously.

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