Archfiend Chapter 1053

Archfiend Archfiend: Total Library Chapter 477: The Plaza of Holy Light (1)

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Ill consider it, said Xu Yangyi.

Anzunards gaze was like fire, his burning lips somewhat chapped. His slender and fair fingers intertwined, and he hotly gazed at the four master spirit-technicians as his chest rose up and down a little. Upon hearing the name of the Holy White Cross Association, the eyes of numerous people present lit up.

The Heavens Law of the West, the cradle of the western cultivation world!

The Holy White Cross Association had a total of thirteen peopleah, no, soon it would be fourteen master professors and the thirty-seven pseudo-master advisors and the hundred fifty journeymen instructors under them. The origin of all western forging, holy medicines, and glyphs. To the western cultivation world, this name wasnt the slightest bit lower than that of Grand Duke!

Furthermore three Grand Dukes had emerged from the Holy White Cross Association!

One of them was the House of Draculs First Bitten Phelps Andromos!

Immediately go clearly investigate His Highness Xs background. Even if hes raised a cat, I want you to find out! Ansas grinded his teeth and transmitted his spiritual sense into several peoples minds. The Holy White Cross Association Another person will join. Go now and find out the number of registrants from the House of Dracul who are enrolled in the new quarter after the Holy War.

Pick out the three most talented and skilled to enter Xs course.

On the other side, Anzunard pursed his lips and said lowly, Savidean, Olmo, were going to have to adjust the Holy White Cross Associations examination direction.

The man called Olmo deeply agreed. We must The effects of His Highness Xs holy medicine is too astonishing. If I hadnt seen it myself, I wouldnt have been able to imagine such a shocking medicinal effect. Even if he doesnt join any family, we must draw a relation with him. The price of requesting a master spirit-technician to work is expensive. And that depends on whether theyre willing or not.

Savidean VII only nodded wordlessly. No one saw, but his hand was silently balled into a fist.

This X really was a master spirit-technician!

Moreover, he was a master spirit-technician whose medicinal effects surpassed Donaldo, who was the most senior in the Holy White Cross Association!

In that case would Donaldo favor that dog?

Did he have to make this suggestion? Or clench his teeth and swallow down this old blood?

In this moment, he finally began to hesitate.

Clap Clap But at this time, the solitary sound of applause started to echo. Bloody Moon was lightly applauding. With a sincere smile, he slightly nodded towards Xu Yangyis direction.

Clap Clap Afterwards, one by one, the audience began to clap as well. At first the applause was soft, but after a few seconds it became thunderous and never-ending, rolling through the entire hall like a wave.

Whish A Marquis stood up, and then everyone slowly got up and vigorously clapped to where Xu Yangyi was in the air.


To be able to see a master spirit-technicians coronation with my own eyes is truly a supreme honor.

This is the glory of the West. Your Highness X, I wholeheartedly congratulate you.

If we can collaborate with you sir, my family would feel incomparable honor.

In his room, Xu Yangyi enjoyed the ocean of applause, his face like an old well without a single ripple.

This was strength.

Not from cultivation, but a level that cultivation fundamentally wasnt able to reach.

Lets continue, he said indifferently.

The passionate applause finally burned out. Cethon took a deep breath, and walked on stage with a flushed face. He didnt care about the blood on his snow-white suit that had sprayed out from his mouth because of the trios essences when they advanced to Marquis. His voice conveyed an excited huskiness. Today, we have witnessed the birth of the fourteenth master spirit-technician. Here in New York, in Sothebys Magick Auction Hall!

Yes, His Highness X is a true master spirit-technician. Weve already witnessed his brilliant magick. So following, please make your bids everyone.

Wait. All of a sudden, a voice rang out. Unexpectedly, it was the black-masked Pale Dragon.

Sir Master Spirit-Technician, please excuse my lack of manners. As you have seen, we did indeed have our doubts concerning your abrupt appearance. He stood up in a graceful manner. Although his voice was old, it contained incredible energy. I represent the House of Corvinus to apologize. At the same time, I want to ask, why did our host this time, the House of Dracul, arrange a master spirit-technician to be here?

Bloody Moon dimly brushed an eye over the other, but he quickly realized the true intent of the others veiled accusation. Inwardly, he cursed the terrible luck of the present situation. Just as he was about to speak, though, Pale Dragon was already continuing on, But I can understand the Draculs arrogance. I cannot accept it, however. According to standard, this event shouldnt have been convened here at all. The western cultivation world grants each master spirit-technician the highest honor. Originally, this occasion shouldve been here instead. [1]

No one expected that the entire space would suddenly darken.

Just like a curtain was covering the sky, everything in the vicinity was blurring. Very soon, everyone felt dizzy. The entire space was twisting. Xu Yangyis gaze flashed and he breathed in deeply.

This was a forced mass transference!

That masked monster was actually this strong!

To the extent that he wasnt lacking in comparison to a few weak Core Formation cultivators from other countries!

Scoundrel! Bloody Moon secretly cursed. To his surprise, Pale Dragon had snatched the lead! Who said that lycans were crude? This old man was sharper than a bat!

Swoosh swoosh swoosh The spiritual force all around didnt have a trace of murderous might, instead bringing a placating feeling. The surrounding light began to dim, as if entering the night. Three minutes later, rays of light shone through the misty fog.

As Xu Yangyi opened his eyes, he fell into a slight daze, but he wasnt alone. Everyone who opened their eyes at the same time couldnt help but exhale sharply.

The world had transformed!

No, to say that the world had transformed wasnt appropriate. To be exact, this was a great shift of the universe.

The view in front of them was now far from being the previous Magick Hall. What met them was a massive plaza.

The entire plaza was built from ancient granite. Smooth and level, the space gave off an ancient and desolate aura.

Massive colorful stained glass windows filled the area. Each one was dozens of meters tall. The people inside this enormous domed chapel only felt terrible miniscule. But at the same time, they exclaimed in awe concerning the chapels grandness. At the center of the eight total stained glass mirrors all around, there was a giant state of Jesus on a cross.

Red carpet sprawled downwards from the central master stage. On the master stage, there was a stone platform that was done in a Japanese style but not exactly. It was about one square meter on all sides, and designs of angels and devils were carved on it. On it, there were two cherubs at left and right. Their entire bodies appeared to be a muddled white color. It was to the extent that there were a few green vines creeping upon them. The floor was sprawling with wooden church pews, but Xu Yangyi was in a floating stone room. The other master spirit-technicians and the Throneless Grand Dukes were likewise in other rooms.

The famous painting of Michelangelos nine scenes of Genesis covered the entire dome of the churchs ceiling. However, what left one speechless was the strong white light spilling out from the painting, as if the first rays of sunlight were spilling onto the Earth.

Gentle light shot in from everywhere and passed through the stained glass windows to turn the inside into a gorgeous rainbow expanse. But Xu Yangyi keenly discovered that these lights actually formed writing on the ground.

1821, Master Spirit-Technician Donaldo made his appearance. His peak work is known as Sirens Song. Created in 1952. Presently, it is exhibited in the first bas.e.m.e.nt level of Saint Johns Cathedral. Holy Shadow rank.

1873, Master Spirit-Technician Sheraton made his name with the work The White Wolfs Dusk. Presently, the mold is exhibited in the first bas.e.m.e.nt level of Saint Johns Cathedral. Holy Hymn rank.

1891, Master Spirit-Technician Philippe made his name with the work The Holy Song. Presently, it is exhibited in the first bas.e.m.e.nt level of Saint Johns Cathedral. Holy Light rank.

1903, Master Spirit-Technician Oriana made her name with the work The Devil Spirits Dirge. Presently, it is exhibited in the second bas.e.m.e.nt level of Saint Johns Cathedral. Holy Light rank.

Name after name caused everyones gazes to blaze like fire.

Thirteen names, thirteen master spirit-technicians!

Since the beginning of western history, the names of all master spirit-technicians, the works that made them famous, and when they came to fame were all here!

Mr. X, this place is the renowned Plaza of Holy Light. Perhaps it looks to be nothing special, but New Yorks first cultivation auction was conducted here. Pale Dragons voice droned a little. One could almost picture the kind smile he was making underneath his mask. Its history is certainly the longest. Each master spirit-technician who releases any work will release it here. At the same time, this place is only opened for these masters. Unless for an auction, the doors remain closed.

Just as his voice fell, Donaldos rang out. Once confirmed, any master spirit-technicians work will have anomaly occur. It is split into the three ranks of Holy Light, Holy Hymn, and Holy Shadow. In the Holy White Cross Association, only three master spirit-technicians have attained Holy Hymn, and only I alone have reached Holy Shadow. Meanwhile, a masters name will be carved into the ground by an invisible power, recorded by Vatican City.

In a lifetime, a majority of a masters might only produce Holy Light-rank works and a great volume of unevaluable works. Only the most apex works of art will the anomaly of Holy Hymn appear. As for Holy Shadow He proudly stuck out his chest. Since the olden days, only I have reached it in the West!

Mr. X, dont think that the Holy Light rank is easy to reach. The Plaza of Holy Lights rating system is extremely strict. His Holiness the Pope of the last generation carved it himself. Do you see that stone altar? It is known as the Altar of Holy Light. It condenses a trace of the Popes spiritual sense. Judgement is based on His Holinesss experience. What rank can this object reach? Many masters works dont even exhibit Holy Light.

Pale Dragon seemed to laugh. Thats right. I think this place will bring out the best in you, sir. If Mr. X doesnt mind, I think the auction can be formally started.

He turned his head around, but Bloody Moons bright voice coolly rang out just as he was about to speak. Starting from now, the House of Dracul shall vouch for Mr. X. If anyone has doubts, you will be offending the Dracul.

Pale Dragon coldly snorted. He originally wanted to say these words.

Thank you. Xu Yangyi composed himself and smiled. My work certainly wont disappoint.

In his heart, he couldnt help but wistfully sigh as well.

What great style.

Once his status as master spirit-technician was confirmed, everyone was promptly transferred here en mass. At first, hed only heard the Plaza of Holy Light mentioned once. He absolutely hadnt expected that several minutes later he would be on the Plaza of Holy Lights visitors seat.

Furthermore he clearly understood that the Plaza of Holy Light was both a polite courtesy and a test.

Yes, they recognized his status as a master, but they were unsure what rank his product would be able to achieve in the end. After all, the shock of three advancements a while ago was too great. They needed an even more precise evaluation to grade what rank of master Xu Yangyi was.

Like the disparity between same-stage cultivators, there was also presumably a gap between same-stage masters.

Xu Yangyi didnt refuse. He also wanted to know what level of rating the Dao of Pills would be able to reach in the eyes of the Catholic Pope, the spiritual leader of one of the four major religions in the world.

1. Veiled intent - , pointing at the mulberry tree and cursing the locust tree. This phrase originates from the Ming novel called The Golden Lotus, dated 1617. It was banned during that era for its s.e.x.u.a.l content.

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