Archfiend Chapter 1059

Archfiend Archfiend: Total Library Chapter 483: Angel (1)

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People left the Plaza of Holy Light, leaving the vast hall empty.

Expressionless, Xu Yangyi sat on a pew and stared at the arched ceiling.

In front of him, a cup of scarlet wine was spreading on the floor, like the carpet was a cuticle and someone had stabbed down with a blade. Unexpectedly, a single cup of wine had reached a distance of ten-odd meters all around. In the end, it formed the design of a giant, remarkably detailed blood-red bat in front of him.

A nigh solid killing intent was radiating from the bat without the slightest concealment.

Xu Yangyi stood quietly with the vampire crest for an unknown length of time. The crook of his mouth suddenly perked up.

An actual False Core expert, one of the Americas absolute peak battle powers, an invitation from a death god. But he laughed, why dont I even feel a little regret?

In his eyes, Chu Zhaonan, the Zhao Clan, the Xingtian Legion, and the Hidden Dragon Legion streaked through.

These people had followed him through Nanzhous bloody war. In the end, no one worried about their fates. And while hed been whisked away by Xiaoqing, what about everyone else?

Had that Mao Baer already been arrested? Was that vulgar dog being interrogated day in and day out? Given Mao Baers nature, had the husky already talked all about the times the demon slayer pissed his pants?

There was also Jun Man, Zhan Twelve, Xuan Chengzi, Quan Ningyue these people, where were they now?

Hed never cultivated alone in a sense, for there were those who waited on him, and he who waited on them. They trusted him, and even if he was a master spirit-technician now, he never forgot his other identity.

Commander of the Xingtian Legion.

That legion which barely had less than ten people.

Theres also Ziqi. I said I would help him find a body, but I still havent found one yet He had his fill of laughter, lowered his head, and murmured, Ive let you all down.

When I knew what the real cultivation world was like, it was already too late.

Someone once said to me that the modern cultivation world only adds a loincloth in times of oppression. I didnt understand then. I only realized after Nanzhou was over. Because I found out and understood afterwards You died there too, Senior Brother

Still He looked at his hand and fiercely clenched it. Im not lost.

Wait for me Even if I become so old I cant move, Ill still form the core. I am bound to return to Nanzhou. I will take back the heavenly paradise we paid for with our blood and lives. This was my promise to all of you back then.

Ill kill whoever stops me. Ancientpines figure cut through his vision. He closed his eyes and clenched his teeth. You too.

Xu Yangyi took his desire and buried it in the deepest abyss of his heart. He stood up, and his cloak moved freely of the wind. Afterwards, he easily left the Plaza of Holy Light.

Next, he would definitely receive countless invitations. He pondered whether he should find a servant to handle all of this. Maybe under the premise of honor and glory he could accept an apprentice?

There would probably be a lot of willing people, right?

He strolled through afternoon-time New York with slow steps, and his heart mysteriously relaxed. In any case, wasnt this a good start in America?

Walking and wandering, he discovered that the number of people around him continued to lessen. He was obviously downtown, but not even a few people were in sight. His gaze finally became grave.

A boundary field. Or perhaps you could say a restriction! He took a deep breath and looked behind him. Not to speak of people, there wasnt even a single car on the entire street!

Furthermore the surroundings became quieter and quieter, quiet to the point of deathly stillness.

The House of Dracul? Theyre taking action? His qi was saturating him from head to toe, and he vigilantly scanned everything in the vicinity. No, its not them. They wouldnt be so dumb. We just had a dispute during the auction. If they returned to kill me, they would be telling everyone in America that they were the ones to attack me. I dont think that theyre that straightforward in America yet.

But then who is it?

Dont guess. A voice faintly sounded from all around. It is I.

I didnt expect truly I did not expect that since that year, Xu Yangyi, you actually reached middle Foundation Establishment in a couple decades, and you mastered the Dao of Pills. Indeed it is too surprising for This Dao Master.

Xu Yangyis gaze became terribly solemn.

A Dao Master

The one to come was actually a Core Formation Dao Master! A Grand Duke!

And moreover the one to come had unexpectedly called him out by name!

I pay my respects, Ancestor. He cupped his fist and deeply bowed. I am unaware as to who you are

Hehehe The voice began to laugh. You still remember Chinese etiquette. Not bad, not bad Come, keep walking down this path. My status is quite special. There are eyes everywhere watching me. Right now, you have the qualifications to meet me.

I will be waiting for you.

Crash! Following this sound, Xu Yangyis surroundings seemed to gently shatter. Countless motes of spiritual light exploded like a floral shower of glass. Afterwards, the sound of honks blared, and a car tightly swerved around Xu Yangyi. An extremely frightened scream came from inside the car, and a big black guy soon popped his head out from the car and began to angrily curse.

Only then did Xu Yangyi discover that hed already reached the side of the street.

This street was bustling and perfectly straight. He continued to walk along it. Faced with Core Formation, Xu Yangyi clearly understood that he didnt have any room to resist.

He walked for an hour until he finally reached the end. However, everything in front of his eyes caused him to raise a brow.


Upon seeing those familiar Chinese characters, his heart couldnt help but bubble with melancholy.

China He pursed his lips, emotions vast and varied.

The land where he was born and raised, but also the land that had betrayed him and slaughtered him. Hed never thought of treason, but this word left an incredibly complex feeling in his heart.

A teacher with a group of asian youths walked out as they laughed and chattered. They seemed to be highschool students. The teachers character seemed to be great, as many students were circling him and asking questions. From beginning to end, he wore an easy-going smile on his face.

At the side, there were shops selling all kinds of Chinese goods, and a basketball court and a soccer field. Chinatown seemed more like a junior highschool without borders.

Xu Yangyi was somewhat rueful as he walked by, and his slender fingers gently tapped the handrail at the side of the road. He walked past young people playing basketball, and he walked past a teacher lecturing his students. Under the warm sun, his heart which was wounded because of Nanzhou seemed to find a trace of warmth like hed returned home. Regardless, as he walked a few steps forward, his head snapped back!

Hey! Behind him, a beautiful woman cried out in fright and almost jumped up. The french fries she was holding fell to the ground. You scared me!

Xu Yangyi didnt reply, instead looking straight at her.

She was a typical western beauty.

Her silhouette was deep, causing her two lake-blue eyes to sparkle like gemstones. Her fair white skin, wavy, curly hair, and sharp chin easily gave men a desire that could be fully grasped between the thumb and index finger. Her high, straight nose and rosy, round lips as glossy as jade were lovely like a pool of water, and she didnt wear any make-up. She was a vision of health. Under the suns glow, her golden wavy hair resembled a field of golden wheat. She was no less than 1.75 meters tall, more or less the same height as Xu Yangyi in high heels.

A black lace shirt topped by snow-white fur clothing covered her in a natural and graceful manner, but she didnt appear worldly. Instead, it oddly displayed her fresh and pure nature. The black stockings over her long and slim legs blended with her red high heels. Regardless of who saw them, everyone knew they were absolutely a rare item.

You scared me to death Although the woman was American, she spoke perfect Chinese. She softly patted her chest and shot her french fries a look of regret. With a pout, she turned around and walked away.

Stop. Just as she took two steps, Xu Yangyi suddenly smiled and said.

The woman didnt stop, though, but rather increased her pace.

Well Ill say. The crook of Xu Yangyis mouth curved up. There are only asians on this road. Dont you think youre a little too eye-catching?

Yeah? The woman stopped in amazement. I thought I was already doing a good job pretending.

In that case, didnt your teacher tell you that you cant hide your realm in front of someone when yours is lower and theirs is higher? Xu Yangyi crossed his arms. Hed already admired the view long enough. Stowing his smile, he said coldly, Besides, you have a bloody scent that I just caught a whiff of a little while ago. Which generation of vampire are you? Hmm?

The womans lips moved, but she didnt reply. On the contrary, she walked back as her high heels clacked on the street and raised a brow as she stood in front of Xu Yangyi.

While she was beautiful, Xu Yangyi remained unmoved. Nonetheless, this woman really was initial Foundation Establishment.

Since the amount of Marquises in America was pitifully few, a Marquise was unexpected. Reaching Marquis truly wasnt easy.

So do you like what you see? The woman wasnt timid at all, and looked him straight in the eyes. I know your name is Xu Yangyi, and I can also see through your disguise. I like your concealed face. There might be scars, but its manly.

She slightly tilted her head and held her hands behind her. She was good-looking. Her body faintly sashayed a little, as if she was using her charm.

Xu Yangyi smiled, but in the next second the woman suddenly felt that the surrounding space had been locked down. At the same time, a terrible killing intent assailed her heart!

You! The woman covered her mouth in surprise. Y-You actually want to kill me?

You would kill your future wife?

Ill give you three seconds to tell me your identity and goal. With a swoosh, the Fishbowel Sword was already at the womans neck. Without warning, a red trace was reflected upon her fair skin. Xu Yangyis expression didnt change whatsoever. Three.

You dont believe Im going to be your wife?


I really am! Hey! Are you listening!


Just as Xu Yangyi said one, the Fishbowel Sword mercilessly swept towards the womans neck. The womans lips formed a straight line and her tears promptly fell. Dad! Hes bullying me! You said youd find me a husband!

Clang! In a spark of flint, the sword deviated by an inch, just happening to cut past the womans neck. However, she wasnt injured, only a few strands of hair having been cut off.

I knew you werent willing to kill me. The womans smile was like a flower. On her cheeks, two dimples were faintly visible.

By now, Xu Yangyis expression was becoming grave.

It wasnt that he didnt want to kill her. A vampire had managed to walk behind him without his discovery. Also, hed just laid down all his cards with the House of Dracul. He was incapable of not killing.

But moments ago someone had instantly cleaved through his restriction and used a bit of unseen qi to forcibly shake his sword away!

Youre wrong. A calm voice echoed in the air, gentle and without a trace of anger. Angel, he really was going to kill you.

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