Archfiend Chapter 1060

Archfiend Archfiend: Total Library Chapter 484: Angel (2)

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Angel was stunned. She then jumped three meters away and clutched at her heart. Her blue eyes went round, and she looked at Xu Yangyi incredulously. Husband, you were really going to kill your devoted wife?

The words devoted wife made Xu Yangyi completely lose his thoughts of attacking. He pulled back his sword and said calmly, Get lost.

Dad, hes being mean to me! The woman placed both her hands beside her mouth and shouted outside the restriction.

This Dao Master told you long ago that this man is a wild horse, but you insisted on coming to see. Another laugh was heard. In the next second, Xu Yangyis restriction loudly shattered apart.

Huh? At the same time the restriction broke, the eyes of a student talking with his teacher shone, and he cried out in surprise, A sword! The real deal!

Where? Oh, it really is a sword!

Wheres it from? Hey, bro, your sword looks pretty real!

Oh, dang, thats really cool! Where did you buy it? How much was it?

Angel took a step back and batted her blue eyes. Her smiling face like a flower, she looked at Xu Yangyi. The meaning in her eyes was evident.

Lets see what youre going to do.

Xu Yangyi didnt even glance at her. Instead, he looked at the people talking. But in this instant, the Fishbowel Sword wasnt in his grasp. Instead, in a seemingly natural manner it was being passed around by the other students.

Where did this old monster come from anyways?! he inwardly gritted his teeth and retrieved his sword.

His palms were moist with cold sweat, and he turned a deaf ear to the shouts and cries of the surrounding students. He walked straight out, but he fell right into a daze.

It was that teacher.

The other was underneath a tree with his hands in his pockets, leisurely watching him.

And he did indeed recognize this person!

Junior pays respects to Daomaster Yue. Xu Yangyi immediately clasped his hands. Through the eidetic memory granted by the butterfly pill spirit, he had long since remembered this person.

Daomaster Yue, Yue Congrao.

One of the two unrecorded Core Formation cultivators who had originally joined the Pill Dao auction in the past! A Core Formation cultivator who refuted tradition and strayed from the Dao!

Chinas utmost supreme!

Yes Xu Yangyi recalled that Daomaster Yue had said he lived abroad back then, but he absolutely hadnt expected that Daomaster Yue was in New York. Moreover, Daomaster Yue was the one to brazenly attack during the auction back then. Still, Xu Yangyi didnt put in any stock in the idea that this seemingly harmless teacher was really harmless.

You may dispense your courtesy. Not the faintest wisp of Core Formation aura was coming from Yue Congrao. His expression seemed to lift the heavy as if it was light, and he said indifferently, Relax, old ghost Ancientpine asked me about you a few days ago.

Xu Yangyis cupped fist coolly tightened.

No need to be nervous. Yue Congraos gaze lightly brushed over Xu Yangyis fist. I have no plans of tossing you out, he murmured, for now.

Daomaster Yue

Call him father-in-law. By some unknown means, Angel had run in front of Xu Yangyi. As he was bowing, Angel gently took his hand and also paid respects at the same time. Afterwards, she began to giggle and darted behind Yue Congrao like a canary. Husband and wife pay respects, the ceremony is completed!

When did we get married?

Angel. A different expression finally appeared on Yue Congraos face. He was gentle like a cloud in the sky. Be good and wait later.

In the moment Angel turned her head to look at Yue Congrao, her face instantly transformed from a graceful canary to a cruel eagle. I still have to wait?! Ive waited for over twenty years! No one even dares to marry me

As she said this, she quickly went mute and glanced at Xu Yangyi. With conviction in her voice, she said, For over twenty years, no ones been sweet on me! You still want me to wait?!

Hey, girl, are you really trying to make me go deaf? Xu Yangyi pursed his lips, and his heart relaxed at last. Daomaster Yue didnt seem to have any ill intentions towards him.

Be good, its been so long already, so it doesnt matter if you wait a little longer. Yue Congrao tenderly caressed her hair. Xu Yangyi went ramrod-straight and shot them a look. In an instant, he became very quick on the uptake. She is your daughter, sir?

She is my only daughter. Angel Dracul. Her Chinese name is Yue Lingwei. Yue Congrao stowed his gaze. As he looked at Xu Yangyi, his face swiftly transitioned into a flat expression again. Come. Ive found you today not for this matter.

Xu Yangyi nodded and followed. Angel, though, hopped over to his side, and her hand pulled onto his arm. From the beginning, she acted quite familiarly.

We dont seem to be familiar. Xu Yangyi didnt hide his rejection at all, and wordlessly brushed her hand away.

How many times does it take to get familiar? Angels smile was perfect, and she grabbed onto his arm again.

Xu Yangyi brushed her aside.

But she came back and pulled his arm again.

Like a Taiji, the two of them pushed against each other for quite a while. Yue Congraos impatient voice sounded from ahead. Follow me.

Without missing a beat, Angel arrogantly raised her chin and looked at Xu Yangyi who had given up. Her hand slowly grabbed onto his arm and then her entire body followed and leaned against him.

Endure it.

He couldnt afford to provoke a Core Formation masters daughter.

Once they walked no less than ten meters, he sighed, Ms. Yue

Glistening teardrops flashed in Angels eyes, and she gave him a deep look. When we watched the moon in those days, you also called me your little sweet [1]

Upon hearing Xu Yangyi long silence, Angel began to giggle in his embrace. Her waist, which could be fully grasped with one hand, curved back.

Giggle youre really easy to tease. Im joking! And you believed it too! Just call me Angel.

Xu Yangyis face twitched a little.

Daomaster Yue was different from the other Dao Masters. From his past auction, he knew this. Nonetheless, Xu Yangyi certainly hadnt expected that Daomaster Yue would teach his daughter to be so marvelous no, clearly weird to the bone.

Although she was as beautiful as a white swan, Xu Yangyi didnt like her temperament.

He preferred a refined, elegant eastern woman with a slight traditional air.

This white swan was a little too lively She was the type to walk through the pond to splash you with water.

Angel hung onto Xu Yangyi, and they entered a somewhat old building. What surprised Xu Yangyi, though, were the ten-odd plainclothes bodyguards who watched him from the left and right of the building.

Yue Congrao unhurriedly walked into a room. The inside was decorated in an ancient style. He didnt call on Xu Yangyi to sit. Instead, he gently beckoned and a cup of green tea flew over.

Clap! As the cup of tea flew through the air, a jade hand caught it. As a Core Formation master, not even Yue Congrao expected that his tea would be snatched away in the air.

However, Angel had done it.

Drink some tea. She delicately crouched halfway and pulled Xu Yangyi to sit down on a bamboo chair.

Xu Yangyi truly didnt dare to drink this tea.

Because Daomaster Yues gaze was already inflicting upon him the endless torture of a thousand cuts.

That is fathers teacup. Eventually, the crook of Yue Congraos mouth twitched a little. He waved his hand, and a second cup reluctantly flew over. Xu Yangyi could hear the extreme unwillingness in his voice. Mhm.

Yue Congrao didnt even drink, opting to grunt instead.

Which Foundation Establishment cultivator would drink tea in front of a Core Formation cultivator?

Dont mind him. Angel shot a glare at Yue Congrao, and a perfect, graceful fatherly smile promptly appeared on Yue Congraos face. He even made an inviting gesture towards Xu Yangyi.

Xu Yangyis lips smoothed intro a straight line, only to quell the beating of his moderately fearful heart.

Angel. Yue Congraos voice was soft like velvet. How about you step out first? Daddy will find you later.

Angel glanced at Xu Yangyi and laughed, Okay.

But I dont like his mask.

Haha, then he doesnt have to wear it. Yue Congrao laughed and gently snapped his fingers. The Thousand Illusions on Xu Yangyis face vanished, as if it had sprouted wings and flown away.

Sword-like brows, starry eyes, and a nose bridge like a blade. Lips that were neither thin nor full, and a scar under Xu Yangyis eye that gave him a somewhat more wild nature. The light of Angels eyes shone, and then a faint blush appeared on her face.

I like.

The gaze that Yue Congrao looked at Xu Yangy with became even worse.

Hold on Just about to leave, Angel suddenly fell into a daze. She crouched down in front of Xu Yangyi and extended her alabaster-white hand and stroked the scar under his eyes. This Who did this?

Who dared to attack my future husband?!

Dad! What are you still sitting for! Hurry and help me exterminate that guy!

How about you head out first Xu Yangyi laughed, Ill find you later.

He could already see the ominous light blazing in Yue Congraos eyes.

Okay. Angel seemed to have never been affected. She turned her head around and smiled. You said so, so Ill wait for you. I dont like people who miss appointments.

In that case, he definitely wouldnt come.

The clack of high heels gradually became more distant. Yue Congrao sipped his tea and firmly pounded it on a small table beside him.

I think He turned his head to look at Xu Yangyi and smiled, Youre a smart person.

Yes. Xu Yangyi was willing to go with the flow. Junior didnt see a thing.

Yue Congrao smiled, Then what do you think about my daughter? Does she suit you?



As soon as Xu Yangyi spoke, Yue Congraos gaze cut across like a blade. Xu Yangyi wanted to fake it and say that she did, but this time he didnt speak.

Since youre not speaking does that mean you feel she isnt? Yue Congraos expression grew a shade darker, and he slowly got up. By each inch he stood up, Xu Yangyi felt a great mountain pressing down on his shoulders. His bones were audibly cracking!

This was a Core Formation Dao Master.

Core Formation could not be disgraced. Whoever did so died.

His face a little while ago was merely the appearance covering his identity as Daomaster Yue Congrao, and only Angel could see it.

Still, Xu Yangyi remained silent as before.

Thud! Xu Yangyi was pressured to the ground by a massive spiritual pressure, his knee touching the floor. Yue Congrao said indifferently, If you marry her, I wont kill you.

There was no reply.

You know not of life or death, Yue Congrao coldly snorted. In the next second, the massive pressure rumbled and hit the peak.

Crack! Crack! Xu Yangyis entire body was pressed into the ground by his knees, but he still didnt utter a word.

But in an instant, all the spiritual pressure vanished.

Sit. Yue Congraos gaze minutely flickered. Now, you have the qualifications to sit.

Why are you unwilling to speak?

Xu Yangyi heaved out a long sigh and felt his bones ache dully. He gritted his teeth and said, If Senior kills Junior, it would be as easy as lifting your hand. You wouldnt need to waste energy like this. I feel that Senior wouldnt kill me.

And my character is quite bad. There are somethings you just dont want.

Yue Congrao didnt reply, but he said after a long time, Is it Nanzhou?

Xu Yangyi didnt reply.

It should be The matter of Nanzhou, regardless of who is right and who is wrong, perhaps everyone has done wrong

Daomaster Yue. Xu Yangyi lowered his head and said in a heavy voice, Me and my brothers gambled our lives to conquer a heavenly paradise. How many died? But in the end, what was exchanged?

Not the yearning dream of cultivation, but rather a blade, one that my own master-ancestor wielded.

I have no wrongs.

1. This is a line from a Chinese movie series known in the west as A Chinese Odyssey. I believe it is a line from the main character and his love interest.

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