Archfiend Chapter 1074

Archfiend Archfiend: Total Library Chapter 498: The Horn of the Holy War Sounds

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Whats this?

Such pure essence! Is this the birth of a holy medicine?

It practically makes the body feel comfortable, what is this?

Streaks of faintly visible light shot towards the sky, surging towards the nexus point of the scattering silver ripple in no time. Figures seemed to roam the air like dragons and phoenixes. They rushed over with extreme speed.

But just as they reached the source, none of them dared to step forward.

A golden longspear was floating above the hotel. Its terrible oppressive might conveyed its masters identity.

Grand Duke! Above the hotel, a creature, with a womans head and body but the arms and lower half of a bird, gasped coldly and retreated once she saw the golden spear.

And an incredibly power Grand Duke, at that. This hotel is under their protection? A pity, truly a pity! Which master spirit-technicians work is this? On the other side in a luxurious Bentley, a handsome man pensively studied the golden spear and then said with much regret, Lets go. This is something no one can get.

Yue Congrao closed his eyes, expression ice-cold. In his spiritual sense, he sensed cultivators approach with extreme speed, but then leave even faster. He laughed darkly, A pack of trash.

Father At this time, Angels shocked voice spread into his ears.

As he opened his eyes in the next second, he was stunned as well.

What is this? He looked at the screen of light, in disbelief. He didnt dare to believe his eyes!

In front of Xu Yangyi, a massive Transference Formation was formed, but in this formation a low humming was brewing. It seemed to cross over from hundreds of years ago in the past.

Crack Crack In the space-time treasure, Xu Yangyis qi coursed through every inch of his body. He gravely looked at the Transference Formation in front of him.

He knew what this was.

A pill spirit!

A pill spirit had once appeared in front of him, and now another finally appeared again!

Any pill spirit would be bestowed with its own kind of ability. The last bestowment was a photographic memory. It seemed useless, but this skill had in fact become part of his life long ago.

And this time

His expression was incredibly serious. According to the Eternal Alchemy Canons record, pill spirits were divided into all kinds of forms, and the strongest pill spirit had a human form!

Below human form were various types of spirit-beasts. The prime example was a pill spirit with the form of a dragon or phoenix.

This shouldnt be a dragon or phoenix, or else I wouldve been scattered to ashes already. Still, this qi is extremely powerful This He carefully cast his senses. Late Foundation Establishment!

He felt the billowing qi inside him. In these four months, his training in A Thousand Li Invincible had finished a couple days ago. He didnt manage to inwardly restrain the spiritual light coming from him, but he could now even feel that his muscles and skin were harder than steel. This was without the use of any qi. Presently, even if he was shot with the most technologically advanced special bullet, not even a little mark would be left.

In his flesh, surging qi billowed. It seemed that as long as he was willing, needless of shrouding his fists or feet in qi, he would be able to break the ground dozens of meters all around with a gentle strike.

Just like in the Saint Seiya anime.

Hed never experienced such a feeling of power. Since it originated from the body, it couldnt be substituted.

In his chest, the second vortex had already finished taking shape. It truly was four times the amount of qi. Now, he didnt dare to imagine what kind of concept would come about if he used four times the amount of qi to bundle around his indestructible fist. A hundred-story skyscr.a.p.er definitely wouldnt be able to stand against his attack.

But what gratified him the most was not this. On the contrary

He now sensed that he was standing on the threshold of late Foundation Establishment.

Merely a step away, and he would have the qualifications to interrogate that supreme realm!

But I dont have time to advance now. This pill spirit isnt simple!

In the outside world in front of the screen of light, Yue Congrao likewise watching the pill spirit in shock. He didnt dare to believe his eyes at all.

Father Angel saw the look on his face and couldnt help but ask, What is this? Is it serious? Or his new move?

It cannot possibly be his new divine ability! Yue Congrao said at once and soon discovered that his voice was a little loud. He quickly hushed himself, How could his divine ability establish a Transference Formation in my magik treasure? He cant manage that The original idea behind a Transference Formation is the splitting of space. In other words someone forcibly tore apart my space and transferred this thing here!

Huh?! Angel sharply exhaled. Father y-youre late Core Formation, that means

The one who tore my space apart has a cultivation above my own! This was the reason he was shocked!

Perhaps the thing that was transferred in itself comes from a place that transcends Earths level. Their standards and grades are above Earths, so they can immediately transfer.

He glared at the screen of light. What in the world was this thing?

It was actually able to ignore or perhaps cleave open his restriction to transfer directly into his treasures space?

Was this a powerful cultivator? Or

The second thought caused shivers to run up and down his spine.

Or did this originate from another higher-level world?

But at this time, a desolate bugle horn suddenly rang out in Angels and Yue Congraos ears.

Yue Congrao was dazed, and then immediately looked to the sky.

Father, thats Angel was also stunned. She looked at the sky incredulously, Thats

The horn of the Holy War, Yue Congrao said lowly. With a wave of his hand, the two of them were standing on the roof in the next second.

Hooom Hooom The drawn-out sound of a horn blared from Saint Johns Cathedral, with visible white ripples that spread through the world. In the sky, all the clouds were pushed away layer after layer in the bugle horns wake. An expanse of pure-white ripples were formed.

Nonetheless, this sound wasnt just holy. It also had a bloody air that boiled ones blood, which was whistling as it instead arose.

It was just like the great door leading to the grounds of warbeasts were already opened, and vicious animals were preparing to enter.

Swish. In a manor in New Yorks outskirts, after the old master of mansion heard this noise, he stood up with a speed wholly unbefitting to his age and rushed outside the room he was in.

He saw white ripples flitting across the sky. He heard what seemed to be a beating drum, a noise that caused his heart to speed up.

Wind rose, abrupt and sudden, wildly blowing the old mans silver hair backwards. The gust hit his clothes to reveal the silver crest of a wolf head sitting on his chest.

Its begun Its begun!!! His face was shivering in a blood-thirsty manner, and his eyes were reddened. What stretched out from his sleeve wasnt a human hand, but rather a lupine claw covered in black fur.

The Holy War is starting. Five days in advance. The decennial celebration of the West has started again!

However, he didnt move.

As the bugle horn sounded for the tenth time, two streaks of spiritual light, one silver-white and one blood-red, loudly exploded from New York! They streaked through the horizon for several hundred meters!



The mournful howl of a wolf and the heart-shaking shriek of a bat rang out, echoing through the worlds greatest city. This time, not only cultivators heard it, but even normal people.

All the mortals were stunned. They looked at the sky in shock.

Whats that?

I swear! I heard this same noise ten years ago!

New Yorks haunting?

Like the Shining? [1]

Not a single person paid attention to the mortals doubts. But presently, a handful of people among the mortals all looked at the sky with grave expressions.

Its started

These words flashed through the bottom of each persons heart.

In the surroundings of meeting areas, people who were ordinarily sitting and drinking together now all happened to split up. In the last second they were perhaps still glancing at each other, but in the next moment their eyes carried unconcealable hostility.

Silent. Without a sound. Everyone was watching the two rocketing spirit lights. Several seconds later, the two streaks rumbled and exploded.

In New Yorks east side, the white phantasm of a thousand-meter-sized lycan appeared.

In its wake, the sounds of numerous swooshes were like piercing arrows taking flight from bows. Dozens of figures quickly ascended into the air. Their clothes tore apart at the seams as they rose up, and as they reached the summit they were already lycans! At least half of their bodies were covered in white fur.

AWOOO!!! Dozens of lycans howled in chorus, pledging themselves as the House of Corvinus Half-Moon Marquises!

In New Yorks west side, the phantasm of a blood-red thousand-meter-sized bat appeared. Accompanying it, there were likewise dozens of figures tightly bundled in cloaks. However, their figures exploded and turned into hordes of bats! Revolving around the blood-colored phantasm, they madly fluttered. They resembled black clouds.

Both sides confronted each other from a distance, equally matched.

But all that was left was the heart-shaking murderous aura that pervaded the sky.

Still, it wasnt over yet!

In the next second, a swoosh followed, and a yellow pillar of light, far smaller than the other two though, rushed into the sky! In a flash, the phantasm of a dwarf with a braided beard appeared! In both hands, he wielded a hammer over his head that was bigger than his body.

Of the Dwarves, from the Master City of Faustus, the Steel Stronghold shall go to war!

Afterwards, a green light soared up. An explosion followed, and the phantasm of a green deer walked out from the green pillar of light. In the next moment, it transformed into a giant bear and then into a crow. In the end, it transformed into an androgynous figure wearing a green cape, who had long antlers on their head.

Of the Elves, from the Woodland of Natures Dream, the Archdruids shall go to war!

Hoooom The bugle horn echoed through the sky, and four beams of light subsequently rose up!

There was a pure-black beam, which seemed to have countless vengeful spirits climbing up inside. It belonged to the Subterranean Dwellers from the Cracks of the Darkness.

There was a resplendent gold beam. In the gold color, an elder-dragon was circling through the air. It was the Dragonmen from the peak of the Denali, Americas tallest mountain. The blood of elder-dragons flowed through their veins.

There was an ocean-blue beam filled with song. Numerous feathers unfolded within. It was the first clan of the Pacific Ocean, the Sirens of the Sea. Their most elite Trident Battalion came from the dark-blue throne of the Mariana Trench, the deepest abyss of the ocean!

The final beam was pure-white. Inside, the silhouette of a warhorse of holy light was faintly visible. Holy songs lingered upon it, causing the figure inside to appear like an angel descended.

Everyone knew who this was.

Vatican Citys Holy Army!

Ten minutes later, no other pillar of light arose. In New York, in a place mortals couldnt see, the eight pillars of light soared right into the clouds, like a kingdom of gods.

1. I believe hes talking about the book written by American author Stephen King.

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