Archfiend Chapter 1075

Archfiend Archfiend: Total Library Chapter 499: Pill Spirit, The Hundred Eras of Spring.

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Melbourne Family. At the same time the lycan phantasm appeared, the hoarse voice of the manor lord in New Yorks outskirts carried a blood-thirsty madness. Heed my order!


Surand Melbourne heeds your order.

Andy Melbourne heeds your order.

Reeves Melbourne heeds your order.

Behind the manor lord, several young people had gathered at some unknown time. The old man excitedly licked his lips. Prepare our tribute Make a pilgrimage to the House of Corvinus! Allow us to use our most meager strength in the last moment of the Holy War, and arm our warriors to the teeth!

The Corvinus is bound to win.

Yes! The Corvinus is bound to win!

This is our honor!

I pledge my loyalty and devotion to the House of Corvinus!

Meanwhile, it was unknown how many similar conversations were happening throughout New York.

The Miller Family heeds your order.

The Aveline Family heeds your order.

The Southerland Family heads your order!

And in the same moment of New Yorks instantaneous red-hot blaze, a crack softly echoed in Xu Yangyis hotel. Ashen-faced, Yue Congrao broke the window frame in his hands.

Its started Its finally started he said hatefully. Long since an unfamiliar feeling, impatience suddenly welled up in his heart.

The Holy War had been shifted to an earlier date by several days!

However Xu Yangyi still wasnt out from the space-time treasure!

Why isnt he out yet?! He inwardly gnashed his teeth and glared at the screen of light. The screen flashed and vanished at once.

Shameful!!! He suddenly gripped the window frame his hand was on, and the area below unexpectedly burst apart. The entire wall was collapsing!

What in the world is this thing?!

It can actually cut off my spiritual sense!

Father Angels voice rang out. Yue Congrao took a deep breath, mustered out a thread of a smile, and stroked her head.

Its nothing Just a little, tiny variation.

Angel didnt reply. She leaned her head on Yue Congraos shoulder.

Even she knew this absolutely wasnt a little variation.

This kid why isnt he out yet?! Yue Congrao forced down his nervousness. The pilgrimage is about to start, and then the list of names will be immediately revealed! The ballot ceremony is straight afterwards! He doesnt know who his opponents are! Their strength in the same realm is something as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns! Even the long-withdrawn Dwarves and Elves have both appeared. Is he stable?

You better pick up the pace a little. He coldly looked at the jade pagoda in the air. If youre slower, I wont be able to save you!

Xu Yangyi was unaware someone was watching him. He was also unaware that Yue Congraos spiritual sense had been severed. Already, he was observing the entity in front of him with great caution.

Silence. Several seconds later, the sweet-sounding voice of a woman echoed, reaching all the way to the four corners of the hall.

My name is The Hundred Eras of Spring.

What faced him wasnt a person. Instead, it was a flower.

No it wasnt a flower, either.

Her lower half was a flower, but her upper body was that of a gentle and beautiful woman.

Her body revealed a kind of pinkness, like an illusion or fantasy. Her hair fluttered in the air with qi. From underground, pink petals flowered. They were approximately two to three meters in size and peacefully standing in midair.

Xu Yangyis fists involuntarily tightened.

In the end, was this a human-shaped pill spirit?

Legend says that only time a humanoid pill spirit appeared was when Celestial Master Zhang Daoling completed the Dragon-Tiger Great Pill. According to reason, this pill spirit shouldnt be a humanoid one.

Silence. Both sides gazed at each other. Xu Yangyi didnt know if he was mistaken, but he actually made out a kind of desire from the phantasms eyes.


He wanted to devour the pill spirit, and the pill spirit also wanted to devour him?

Time seemed to still. Ten seconds later, the phantasm suddenly raised her hand, and dozens of vines wildly shot towards him from the flower under her feet.

Before the vines arrived, Xu Yangyi smelled a wretched odor.


But thats just fine A cold smile of determination rose up at the crook of his mouth. Ill just use you to test out the perfected Splitting Air!

A Thousand Li Invincibles cultivation was finished. It didnt require activation. It could be said to be a divine ability, but it was more like a bloodline Elysial Bestowment that directly strengthened the flesh.

Welcoming the vines, his fingertips arose with streaks of white qi. In an instant, his eyes flashed, and his fingers stirred. In front of him, the air faintly warped, and something stormed towards the pill spirit.

It was finger pressure.

Post-flick, a fingers elasticity and pressure forcibly ripped apart wind power and bundled this power. Its might wasnt the slightest bit weaker than a bullet. In fact, it was greater!

Clang! The finger bullets collided with the vines. Surprisingly, a sharp, metallic noise rang out and the vines were struck to the side. With this revelation, Xu Yangyis left hand continued to make flicking motions. All that was heard in the air were sharp noises. A salvo finger bullets enveloped the pill spirit.

Nonetheless, the vines seemed to be telepathic. They quickly returned with a strange speed, and the sky was filled with a maddened golden dance made out of vines. In front of the pill spirit, a golden sphere was unexpectedly formed. In the next second, a frenzy of jingles rang out from the sphere. The sounds were similar to large and small pearls falling on a jade platter. All the bullets completely swept away the vines.

Shes not strong. At the very least, not as strong as me. Xu Yangyis eyes brightened. This kind of powerful feeling, the power of the body, caused him to feel quite refreshed. He raised his left hand. Try this out again.

Boy. At this time, a grand voice rang out in the treasure. Xu Yangyi was dazed. This was Daomaster Yues voice.

Dont play around. Yue Congrao said in a low tone. The Holy Wars horn has already sounded. You must come out as swiftly as you can. My treasures energy is exhausted. The flow of time inside is exactly the same as outside. You must not drag this out for half a day!

The Holy Wars horn had been blown?

Xu Yangyi slightly furrowed his brows. So quickly?

Its been moved up in advance by a few days, Yue Congrao snorted coldly and glanced disdainfully at the pill spirit. A monster from somewhere. Empty of realm, and without the slightest divine ability. The most strength it can exhibit is forty to fifty percent. Be quick and done with this. I still have an important matter to discuss with you.

Finished speaking, Yue Congraos spiritual presence vanished.

Xu Yangyi nodded and laughed at the pill spirit. Its unfortunate. I was planning to let you live for a while.

In the blink of an eye, he sprinted ahead with the agility and nimbleness of a monkey.

No divine abilities, only his body. It was just that as he jumped up, Splitting Airs white tiger manifestation originally behind him was now only the shadow of two giant claws over his hands.

As if sensing his thoughts, the pill spirit screeched. The petals under her spun and mingled with the vines to create a storm of flowers and leaves. However, Xu Yangyi didnt dodge or evade. Regardless of everything that impacted against his skin, the clang of metal rang out.

Swoosh! Fast as lightning, he didnt use any physique art, but he was far faster than before. In the blink of an eye, he was already above the pill spirit, and his five fingers quickly assumed the shape of a claw and raked down.

Hum! Five white claw-scars over twenty meters long appeared out of thin air. The surrounding space was torn asunder with cracks. At the same time, a tigers roar was faintly audible.

Swish In this twinkling of crisis, the pill spirit rolled into the entire flower that formed her lower half, to Xu Yangyis surprise. She wrapped herself into a giant flower ball, but in the instant the claw and the ball clashed a mournful wail followed. All the petals that were touched were rended to pieces!

My power is over one times greater than before! Xu Yangyi flipped high in the air, watching the fluttering flowers and laughing. Most importantly, theres no trace of physical twisting. The flesh and bone trained by A Thousand Li Invincible can fully support Splitting Airs use at any time. In other words

He screamed out in excitement. This time, both his hands clawed out and surrounded the pill spirit to astonishingly form a silver globe of light that was twenty to thirty meters all around. Nothing inside was visible. Only inhuman wails rang out.

A minute later, he fell to the floor.

In front of him, The Hundred Eras of Springs petals were all shredded. Petal after petal was ruined. The only thing left was the spirit-body at the very center. She was quivering in the broken flower.

In other words, Im in the condition for Splitting Air all the time.

Too weak, Xu Yangyi sighed, No divine abilities at all. You can only rely on late Foundation Establishment qi to put up a fight against me. In the past, you still mightve been able to suppress me with realm, but now you can only fight head-on. How could you be a physique-cultivators opponent, though?

He looked at his bare upper body. At most, hed suffered a few faint red marks from several lashes, but it didnt even tickle. If it wasnt so he could test out how much A Thousand Li Invincible had upgraded his fleshly body, he wouldnt have taken these attacks.

Fleshly body strengthening converted to instant explosive power. His endurance, muscle flexibility, and bone hardness had all advanced. Right now, he was like Super Alloy Man, who was a hundred times more agile than a normal person. Not to speak of being hit, he couldnt even be touched. [1]

Its too bad the opponent wasnt strong. I couldnt get a grasp on A Thousand Li Invincibles upper limit. He looked at the pill spirit with some regret. Afterwards a dragons cry was heard. The ground was leveled, like a clap of thunder.

Over both his legs, two azure dragons were faintly circling about. They resembled misty hazes.

The Dragons Form of Tigers Shape, Dragons Form!

Tigers Shape allowed his hands to become even sharper than a white tigers, and Dragons Form His leg muscles were instantly stretched taut, like a bow fully drawn.

It couldnt be seen from the outside, but the inside of his muscles were already bunched together to an extreme. He felt that by just relying on this leg he could kick an initial Foundation Establishment demonbeast to death!

Physique-cultivators sure are powerful. And this is still just the first layer!

Swoosh!!! Twisting his body and tucking his waist, Xu Yangyi kicked out. A boom rang out, and the entire floor in front of him collapsed!

Terrible spider-web cracks filled the ground. From the shattered ruins, all the stones rose half a meter into the air and then turned into powder.

ROAR!!! An azure dragon was beside him in the company clouds and mist. With a dragons scream and the shadow of a dragon deeply hidden within, a streak of azure light, no less than twenty meters long, turned into a crescent and sliced down on the pill spirit.

A bonafide leg-blade! Severing Dragon Typhoon, a move hed once learned from Heavens Law and long ago surpassed by far!

Crack Meanwhile, Yue Congraos gaze outside flashed.

At the peak of his space-time treasure he unexpectedly saw an extremely slight crack appear.

This is him? He was a little surprised. Although the treasures power is already spent, its still a Core Formation magik treasure in any case. He can actually crack it a little?

It wasnt done by qi, in that case He took a deep breath. This kid has been secretly learning physique arts, and one of an incredibly high rank, on top of that! He made the treasure shake with a physique art!

1. So Super Alloy Man is some old-school Japanese robot toy. Circa 1970s~

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