Archfiend Chapter 1079

Archfiend Archfiend: Total Library Chapter 503: The Holy War Begins (3)

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The flowing lights and brilliant colors over New York were a billowing expanse of grandeur. Eight pillars of light and forty-eight names illuminated the horizon.

Any single one of these names belonged to super powerful figures that could shock the West. There were some that had reaped dozens of lives, some that had reaped hundreds to a thousand lives, and then there was Vermilion Snow who had once slaughtered thousands of people, a Chinese criminal whose hands were soaked in blood.

Swish swish swish Golden light, green light, red light, white light these bright pillars were far more gorgeous than New Yorks vibrant neon, several thousand times more gorgeous in fact. But presently, they shone to become a rainbow sea.

In the sea, endless killing intent was hidden.

Xu Yangyi didnt speak. Instead, he gazed into the sky. If he said he wasnt worried about fighting against so many peak experts then that would be false. However, he was more excited than anything.

A kind of excitement that originated from the thought of confirming his Dao and what hed learned.

When the House of Corvinus released their list of names, his was the first to appear. Among everyones realms his was the second lowest. He was barely a thread better than Vermilion Snow.

Regardless, Vermilion Snow controlled her position with her middle Foundation Establishment cultivation. Furthermore, in the end, her realm wasnt given. He absolutely didnt believe that a mistake had occurred with the House of Dracul and the Holy Relic.

Excited? Yue Congrao asked in a soft voice. The night wind blew and whistled on Yue Congraos clothes. New Yorks entire cultivation world was pervaded by a harsh silence, causing all cultivators to feel so excited that their scalps were numb.

He didnt give Xu Yangyi a chance to answer, instead laughing, Of course the first time I saw the grand style of the Holy War, I too was incredibly excited. In cultivation, what is it that is cultivated? Liberation? Freedom? The fulfillment of ones desires?

It is all of these things, but it's not enough.

I believe that which is cultivated is to uphold the sky and tread the land, for the self to reign supreme above the heavens and below the earth!

What is cultivated is to look around the room, sword buried in snow, and sigh that there are no opponents. What is cultivated is to let blood flow by ones command so that a boat may drift atop it. What is cultivated is the character for power. He emotionally stretched out his arms and sensed the night wind brimming with killing intent brush against him. To be stronger than heaven and earth, to be stronger than Gods and Buddhas, to be stronger than this world! Only like this can a real man travel the world not in vain. Only then will people still remember my name hundreds to a thousand years later. [1]

Even if I am already dead by then, I shall exist for eternity.

Xu Yangyi took a deep breath. In his heart, his already-formed desire to become stronger and stronger gradually became firmer in the wake of Yue Congraos words.

Yes since Ive cultivated to this day, it hasnt been completely for revenge. Sometimes, Junior has doubts as well. What power is it in the end that is pushing me to walk forward step after step? Ive never thought about stopping and not once have I ever thought about turning my head back. His gaze was like a star, looking into the vast night. His emotions revealed themselves. A million soldiers brought to the West Lake, the first peak of Mount Wu set upon by horse. Since Ive cultivated to this day, I can consider myself to have a clear conscience. [2]

The duo was silent. After a long time, Yue Congrao gave a smile. Not bad. It is a pity that by the time I realized this pittance of time, it was already too late. It seems that the Nanzhou War fortified your cultivation. The advantages are tremendous. While it may seem you returned empty-handed, it was a blessing in disguise. How is one to know what fortune is not?

At this time, all the names began to drone in harmony.

Under the attention of all of New Yorks cultivators, each persons name began to tremble and then vanished into the pillar of light. They became white orbs of light, converging in the night sky. Subsequently, an incredibly majestic determination strode through time. It descended upon all of New York with a rumble!

This Xu Yangyi felt great tremors run through his body and heart. But not only him, even Yue Congrao beside him was slightly shaking. Down below, the numerous Counts were all on their knees. The Marquises were all on the ground with one knee planted. Only the few Core Formation cultivators didnt kneel, but likewise each of them respectfully bowed.

This is Vatican Citys Pope! Above a Grand Duke A true Prince-rank master!

Xu Yangyi forced down his mental ripples and also took a knee.

Not from fear, but rather respect.

Respect for the Popes grit for cleaving through all hardship and adversity, and reaching the apex of the modern worlds food chain.

There was no sound. All the white balls, at a speed that not even Core Formation cultivators could seize, moved as swiftly as lightning. No less than a minute later, each orb that enclosed a name then stopped.

The ballot ceremony, Yue Congrao transmitted through spiritual sense, All the battle sequences will be determined tonight.

In the darkness, a beam of white holy light brightened. Next, two little orbs jumped out with the slightest omen.

Afterwards, two bangs echoed. The white balls broke apart into white spiritual light, and two names, one pure-white and one green, appeared in the air.

X versus The Greatbears Son Althorne Whitedeer.

Xu Yangyi was dazed. He didnt expect that he would be the first.

Command accepted. A steady voice was heard from the top of the Empire State Building. As Althorne spoke, his name turned into a stream of white light and shot into his body.

Command accepted. Xu Yangyi stood up at once and clasped his hands. Likewise, the name X turned into a stream of light and entered his chest.

Yet at this time, he clearly sensed five extremely powerful spiritual energies graze over him.

Five Grand Dukes. He calmly allowed the five gazes to measure him. New York really does deserve to be the worlds number one city.

After ages, the gazes slowly withdrew. It seemed as if they were judging their power.

In the House of Corvinuss villa, two old men let out faint sighs, exchanged glances with each other, and nodded.

The Elves dont easily kill. In the past, they didnt participate in the wars, but this time they couldnt hold it in any longer. Even if X loses, he wont lose his life, an old man said indifferently.

Yes a master spirit-technician, even as a mid Marquis, is no less than a Grand Duke. The House of Corvinus must struggle hard to win him over. The effect of his holy medicine is very exceptional. He must not die in the Holy War. This loss would be too great. When I think of it, all I feel is pain. At his side, a wolfs claw covered in pure-white fur handed over a c.o.c.ktail. Or?

Pure-white, without a trace of impurity. It was akin to a silver tide. Furthermore, the voice was from a woman.

The old man received the cup, pursed his lips, and then made a long sigh. Youre saying that if This Grand Duke lets that unworthy child Savidean back, he may or may not do something to X

You are overthinking it. Laughter rang out behind him. X wont get through the first hurdle. The Elves have no fondness for murder, but theyre certainly not weak. Dont tell me youve forgotten that the legendary Grand Duke Impaler of the vampires attacked the Elven command base in the Woodland of Natures Dream? In the end, though, the four Archdruids joined together to chase him out. And not even the Five Great Sacred Spirit Totems were mobilized. In that battle, ten Inheritors of the Vampiric Realm died. And we both know how much the vampires exalt them.

Among the Elves imperial protectors, only the strongest can be called an Archdruid, and among the Archdruids are the Five Great Sacred Spirit Totems. The Greatbear, the Crow, the Python, the Silver Wolf, and the White Deer. Only by obtaining a Sacred Spirits protection can the heavens chosen of the Elves add the name of their protector-spirit to their surname. Althorne is called the White Deers Crown. Even your son Savideans odds at winning arent more than 50%. This year, Althorne will be able to at least get into the top fifteen. Even if X were stronger, hes still no more than mid Marquis.

Hmph! At this time, in the vampiress New York branch, Vermilion Snows hand was tightly gripping the rails of a balcony. Streaks of red qi were corroding the rails into shambles.

Mongrel your luck is unordinary! A touch of pained killing intent flitted over her face. You were actually the first! And youre up against a friendly elf. An apex powerhouse among the Elves imperial protectors. Even among all the contestants, hes in the top fifteen! You really will fetch back your dog life!

In that case, are you giving up? My daughter? A mans voice suddenly rang out, his laughter quite cheerful. You know, I favor your very much right now. If you are not pleased, This Grand Duke will also be grieved.

Vermilion Snow put away the angry look on her face, and forced herself to squeeze out a small smile. Its just a housefly with too much good luck. I have no way to kill him myself, thats all.

Yes? The man smiled and said ambiguously, Perhaps youll still have that wee bit chance to meet him. [3]

Vermilion Snow was dazed. Afterwards, she surprisingly began to giggle, Your Highness Grand Duke, this joke isnt funny at all.

Mid Marquises are strong. Ordinarily, they are lofty figures high above. But here, theyre just an insect, and everyone has a very, very firm flyswatter in their hands. He shouldnt consider how to win, but rather consider how to struggle at deaths door under this flyswatter, and how not to lose in too much of an unsightly manner. Luckily, the first opponent hes meeting is an elf, otherwise

In that case, why did you flee from him back then? Before she even finished speaking, the mans laughter interrupted her from behind.

The fox-demon was slightly startled. Afterwards, she began to ponder.

Their conversation, in front of an actual Prince-rank cultivator at this moment, was nothing.

In the air, white orbs bounced around, and names appeared one by one. Each person was an opponent that could only be encountered once in ten years.

Icy-cold and red-hot gazes swiftly found each other, colliding like blades and swords and then swiftly separating.

Ten minutes later, the ballot was completed. Above Saint Johns Cathedral, the scroll of white spiritual light which recorded everyones names was fluttering like a war banner.

Xu Yangyi didnt speak, but rather shot a glance at the scroll as he muttered to himself underneath his breath. He solemnly read several names.

Tamamo versus Neptunes Trident Muse of the Sirens.

Savidean VII versus Twisting Dorothy Dorothy Videl.

Bloody Moon versus The Faceless One Lomandes.

However, all lines were arranged like in a competition. These names formed the outline of a massive tree. Forty-eight names astonished the eye, divided into two major sections at left and right. Ultimately, twenty-four warriors from the overall competition would enter the next round.

He was in the left block, and if he won, and Savidean VII likewise won, he would meet the other in the top sixteen!

As for Vermilion Snow, she and Bloody Moon were separated into the right block. The two of them could only appear during the finals.

In the sky, the Popes spiritual sense suddenly took off. Afterwards, an old voice rang out, In three days, the Holy War will convene in New Yorks arena. Please arrive on time, everyone.

Life and death is ones own responsibility. Vatican City is not in charge of all duties.

Xu Yangyi and Yue Congrao wordlessly traded a look and saw the resolution in each others eyes.

The Holy Whip, Lawrence Nazoth, Yue Congrao said lowly. After you enter the top three, under his eyes, you must have the Spirit Forbiddance Pill break open the Holy Relics restriction. I will arrive in a flash, as long as you manage to hold on for three seconds. I will give you a defensive magik treasure. It is a Transference Formation from Chinatown to China. It was already set up ten years ago. For this matter, I have schemed for a century. You need not worry.

Xu Yangyi didnt reply.

Everything sounded perfect without fault. But once he entered the top three, under the watchful gazes of a Core Formation cultivator, two legendary devil-hunters, and Vatican Citys Holy Army, he would have to steal the Holy Relic of Catholicisms holy land. Merely thinking of this caused his scalp to numb.

And if Vatican City chases me to China?

Yue Congrao sneered, The Ancestral Halls of Daoism. Can the Vatican even overturn a ripple of dogshit?

1. Character for power (), or strength.

2. So this nice little poem that Xu Yangyi dishes out is from someone named Wanyan Liang (1122-1161 CE), who was the fourth emperor of the Jurchen-led Jin dynasty. The general idea back then is that the region of Jiangnan was separated into various courts, so Wanyan Liang said this with the idea to unite the region. The intent is an idea of great aspirations. I believe I have explained this line before.

3. The connotation in his words here imply a romantic suggestion.

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