Archfiend Chapter 1088

Archfiend Archfiend: Total Library Chapter 511: The Seventy-Two Pillar Gods and the Power of a Human Pillar (1)

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As he spoke of this, Savidean VII laughed dryly, Of course, Im not talking about Mr. X. But you know, there are always a few dirty, despicable groups during each Holy War

Savidean VII. Xu Yangyi looked at his hand. I heard the Holy War has a rule.

A Battle of Blood. He raised his head and coldly looked at the other without a trace of emotion. To the very last breath. In the rules, once a battle is picked, theres no leeway whatsoever to withdraw. Regardless if the other side accepts or not. His gaze was like lightning. If you think you can can kill me for sure, then just get straight to the point and propose a Battle of Blood. If not

Then get lost and go back to where you were.

Killing intent flashed through Savideans eyes. I misspoke. I only want to tell Mr. X about a few internal rules. Such as the return ticket.

Xu Yangyi was unphased, Savidean continued, Mr. X, have you thought about why there are so many candidates? It is simple, because no one can guarantee that a dark horse wont appear, or some other fool with an ulterior motive. On a familys list of names, there are usually only one or two actual seeds. The others are all there to aid their existence. If there is a meeting, it is for the sake of preventing the accidental killings of a few weak, unsightly wild dogs. That is why there are return tickets.

When both sides meet, the stronger party determined by the clan proceeds to the next round, and the other immediately concedes. It is a pity A vengeful smile finally appeared on his face. If you win the semifinals, you will meet me.

In the House of Corvinus, I am the sole ticket holder on the left side of the competition!

So? Xu Yangyi asked flatly.

So, if you dont want to get hurt, withdraw now! This is in consideration of your health. Is there anyone who doesnt consider you more precious that a high-grade spirit stone right now? Savidean looked at Xu Yangyis face, so he wouldnt miss the slightest emotion. He licked his lips like a wolf. Believe me, this is the most pertinent suggestion for you. After the top six, the intensity will be on a whole different level. The elite among the elite.

Weaklings He stared at Xu Yangyi. Will perhaps be ripped to shreds Perhaps even devoured bite by bite. Heh heh Mr. X, have you properly thought it out? Believe me, you wont be able to stand then, and your next opponent will be stronger than the last, round after round. Not even I dare to guarantee that Ill be able to stand at that time. Whats there to say about

He seemed to brush an eye over Xu Yangyi carelessly, without hiding his gentle laughter at all. A noble and valued master spirit-technician?

Xu Yangyi smiled and looked at Savidean. Several seconds later, he said indifferently, Get lost.

Hmph. Savidean stood up and forced down the contempt in his gaze as he eyed Xu Yangyi. In other words, you disapprove of becoming my return ticket? I understand the humiliation, but this is a provocation against the House of Corvinuss decision. You have only just recently advanced to the rank of a master, and you dont have that many Grand Dukes supporting you.

I will convey the entirety of your words during the meeting of the doyens.

Finished speaking, he turned around and left. But in the instant he turned, killing intent flashed over his face.

Ignorant yellow brute His clenched fists were audibly cracking. You better pray you dont meet me

Or else I swear that Ill rip you to pieces in front of everyone!

His expression changed, and he walked to the phantasm sitting at the very front of the Corvinuss section. He was incomparably respectful. Father, I have already communicated with Mr. X. He does not agree to participate with the decision made by the doyens, so that a return ticket is selected from one of us. He stubbornly and arrogantly believes that the name of Savidean is not as strong as him.

The phantasm radiated streaks of faint light. This was a Grand Dukes power. If one didnt want to be seen, then they never would be. Eventually, a cold snort was heard.

Child, the phantasm seemed to be laughing, Do you know what the most disgusting thing in the world is?

I do not, Father.

The phantasm paused, his voice well and fully annoyed. A person without the slightest ability, yet they think highly of themselves.

In general, I call these kind people dumb swine. However, sometimes this dumb swine is a golden swine. The phantasm gently tapped the table beside him and said lowly, The House of Corvinus has already been magnanimous enough to him. Originally, the ticket holder was determined to be you, but because of the bright display of his first battle, we were willing to give him an opportunity. So that discord could be averted among the Corvinus clansmen. But he actually wont give the doyens face

Crack A palm print easily sunk into the surface of the table. The phantasm behind Savidean VIi was already wearing a cold, blood-thirsty smile on his face.

Yes, Savidean had only spoken half the truth! It could even be said that hed falsely conveyed the houses edict!

He was also surprised by Xu Yangyis cultivation speed, but in his conceit, he firmly believed that the demon slayer wasnt greater than himself! However, after the doyenss assessment, it was decided to give Xu Yangyi another opportunity. This best choice was going to be chosen between him and Xu Yangyi, though.

But why?!

He, an awesome quasi Grand Duke, and the other, an insignificant high Marquis?

Was there a need to choose the best?

Like hell, the best had to be chosen!

Furthermore from the moment he began to stand here, he didnt want Xu Yangyi to leave alive. More than anyone else, he didnt wish for Xu Yangyi to lose before they met.

He had been afraid, truly afraid. With his rage that flooded that heavens, he returned to New York from the Alps. From that desolate cave that not even a bird would shit in. If Xu Yangyi had accepted becoming his return ticket he absolutely wouldnt have been able to tolerate such a thing!

Therefore, he completely hid the two facts about ticket holders. But even if he was discovered, he had no fear. After all, the person who came this time was Savidean VI! His own father! A Full Moon Grand Duke of the House of Corvinus!

No one will leave behind room to escape Savidean forced down his killing intent, his breathing somewhat rushed. He inwardly thought to himself, Survive Survive to see me and I swear Ill let you see true hell!

Your breathing is disturbed. The phantasms back faced Savidean. Its voice was nonchalant. Child, I granted you my belief and hope. Do not fail to live up to my trust.

Yes, Savidean forced down the surging killing intent in his heart and answered respectfully.

Not knowing if the look on his face was the same as usual, Xu Yangyi walked away. He simply didnt care for what Savidean had said. Right now, he only wanted to know what had just happened.

What was that hunger hed felt?

Why was he able to absorb Whitedeer King Malorne? The Elves were a clan that could be presided over by a Core Formation master. They were an ancient race with a thousand-year-old inheritance. On no uncertain terms was their foundation something he could absorb presently!

Neither slowly nor swiftly he reached the door to his lounge, and his spiritual sense flared and surveyed the area. He didnt find anyone or any spiritual sense which had tailed him. He then opened the door.

There was no one inside the room. Only a black crow on the desk. But just as he shut the door, black spiritual energy swirled around the crow and it became an old man wearing a cloak of leaves in less than a second.

Your Highness Honorable Master Spirit-Technician. The old man elegantly bowed. I hope I am not disturbing you.

The two of them nodded and sat down. As soon as they sat, the old man said excitedly, May I ask Mr. X to take off his clothes and let me take a careful look? If my guess is not wrong, this should be a certain thing!

Xu Yangyi took off his shirt. His robust body was completely covered in black tattoos. There wasnt the faintest indication that they could be removed.

As expected As expected! The old mans shaking fingertips gently stroked the tattoos. Afterwards, he closed his eyes, as if he was deliberating something. After ages, as if hed come to a resolution, he opened his eyes and said in a low voice, Mr. X this is a Sacred Spirit!

There is an incredibly powerful Sacred Spirit in your body!

Sacred Spirit?

Xu Yangyis gaze flashed. He was too much of a stranger towards this word.

How could there be a Sacred Spirit in my body?

There is There certainly is! The old mans complexion was a little red from excitement. He arranged his train of thought and said, Mr. X, although it is discourteous, could you and I swear soul contracts not to leak anything whatsoever on what is to be said today? For us Elves, this is a matter of life and death.

Xu Yangyi nodded and swore an oath together with the old man. The air faintly trembled. Afterwards, both of them opened their eyes. The old man took a few good deep breaths and said, I am the High Priest of the Elves, Stanford Whitedove. I manage all Elven secrets. As the race with the oldest inheritance on Earth, there is a word we are in touch with the mostthe Power of a Human Pillar, that is, the Power of Human Sacrifice.

Power of Human Sacrifice?

Xu Yangyi furrowed his brows. Why was this word a little familiar

I am unsure if you watch cartoons, but there was once a Japanese comic that used this word. Many people believed it to be fictional, but The old mans expression became graver and graver. It really exists. [1]

First, Ill have to explain the words Power of a Human Pillar. The most crucial word of this term is pillar. However, its true meaning isnt pillar but container!

Perhaps, youve once heard of something. Its name was known as The Grimoire of King Solomon. And in this mystic tome, if a normal person understood it, it was said that they could seal seventy-two devils. However, if truly said by the Diviners and the ancient scholars, they would say that one could seal the Seventy-Two Demon Pillars.

These Demon Pillars are accordingly sorted by the strict ranks of Demonic Envoy, Devil, Prince, President, Count, Marquis, Duke, King, General, Cabinet Member, Grand Duke, and Monarch. The name of the last one is known as Andromalius, and the first is the renowned King of DestructionBaal! There are legends that it is Satans avatar.

Xu Yangyi didnt interrupt. He quietly listened to these historical secrets.

Seventy-two pillars, seventy-two vessels. That is because all devils that come to the human world adhere themselves to a human body. From that moment onwards, any person who is attached with such an extremely powerful inhuman entity is called a pillar. The full name is Human Pillar. As for the word Power of Human Sacrifice that cartoonist made up, the true meaning of pillar is a vessel that bears the weight of a power that transcends the world.

Xu Yangyis gaze faintly shimmered. As he listened to this, he had a slight guess on his mind.

A similar tattoo will appear on someone who is a pillar. Laymen call it a Demonic Mark, but this kind of tattoo isnt only used by devils. There are possibly evil spirits, heroic spirits, and even angels. Presently, the collective name is Sacred Spirit. And I have never seen the one you harbor! Moreover, it is different from all pillars!

Stanford began to stutter, I think, i-it should be a symbiotic mark! Not a pure attachment! Inside you, there is a very, very strong Sacred Spirit that was even more powerful than the Whitedeer King when it was at peak strength! But its very strange right now. It seems to be sleeping? Its not with you? But very far away?

Xu Yangyi took a deep breath. I think, I know what this is.

Its just that I dont I get it. Why was I able to devour the Whitedeer King?

1. This specific anime is Naruto.

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