Archfiend Chapter 1103

Archfiend Archfiend: Chapters 401-500 Chapter 429: Dharmadhatu (33)

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A sliver of humanity finally revealed itself in Enihiluss eyes, and he glanced at Rocjourney. Eventually, he seemed to laugh, Rocjourney I lied to you for centuries. Today, I will tell you the truth.

As a bodhi seed of the twin sal-trees, your origin is not ordinary, even if the trees are an avatar. In Greater Thousand Realms, the Buddhist Monastery is still of some reputation. Your mind in itself contains a majority of myth from the Buddhist Monastery, and a few unimportant secrets. I raise you this Which style of Buddha statue is that of Realism?

Rocjourney shot an imperceptible glance at Xu Yangyi, and the demon slayers eyes narrowed. He tacitly understood, immersing himself in his thoughts.

The time they stalled for couldnt be too long and it couldnt be too fast, either. It had to be just right No one could see, but Rocjourney, who appeared to be lowering his head in contemplation, already had fat beads of cold sweat dotting his forehead.

In his mind, thought after thought flew by, without any consideration to Enihiluss question. On the contrary, he was thinking about how much longer Xu Yangyi still needed. Are we really about to face-off against a Great Circle cultivator and a late Foundation Establishment demon said to be the strongest in Foundation Establishment?

His train of thought was a mess, but his eyes suddenly brightened.

Afterwards, he raised his head and looked at Enihilus. Eyes wide and mouth ajar, he then looked underneath his feet as if he was a robot. His body began to tremble.

An unintentionally planted willow growing in shade, success in an unexpected place Not even he himself had expected that in an urgent situation he couldnt imagine that he would actually manage to come up with the answer to Enihiluss question. [1]

And this answer caused his hair to stand on edge!

This His voice trembled as he looked below his feet, and he shivered again. This is


Xu Yangyi was also dazed, inwardly gnashing his teeth!

Rocjourney wasnt playing according to the rules!

He took a deep breath and raised his qi, threads of it pervading the air. The Qi Explosion Pills effect was receding, and his qi was gradually strengthening. He still needed around twenty minutes!

Faster a little faster

At this moment, no one paid attention to him. Surprisingly, Moonless suddenly followed up, Gandhara? This name I feel like Ive heard it before?

As if he hadnt heard Moonless, Rocjourney looked at Enihilus with reddened eyes. This place is really Gandhara?! Only the lost, ancient kingdom of Gandhara has the sole lifelike statue of Buddha!

This place is Gandharas imperial palace, Enihilus cackled, To be able to die here is your good fortune.

What you just said! Rocjourney rushed forward a step and said hoarsely, That item out there that Wukong used!

You are not mistaken. Enihiluss eyes narrowed. It is that Wukong, the Gandhara Kingdom of Journey to the West, but this route does not go from China to India but rather through Lesser Thousand Realms!

But he was not called Wukong but rather Fajie! And in this names meaning, he was bestowed with the Buddhist ideal of Dharmadhatu!

Enihilus took a deep breath and gazed darkly at Rocjourney. I sincerely told you my answer, so why are you hiding the truth from me!?!?!?!

Just as his voice fell, his head strangely twisted around by 180 degrees, and he snapped his mouth open at Xu Yangyi and shot out a pillar of black light. Dreg! Who permitted you to gather spiritual force? Courting death!

Rocjourney looked on in a daze, but soon became very anxious!

Their plan had been seen through!

Xu Yangyi tightly clenched his jaw. Without a second word, the Animus Armament was already in his hand, and all the qi hed just gathered immediately surged out with vigor, but this feeble qi still wasnt even enough to shape a divine ability!

Tortoise Burdens! With no other choice, he used a Heavens Law divine ability, one that he hadnt used in a very long time. Brilliant golden light appeared in front of him, and in the next moment a great, majestic force slammed into him with a boom! So great was Enihiluss strength that he felt as if he slammed into a mountain! His throat was sweet, and he sprayed out blood as he flew back a hundred meters!

I was having a nice conversation with you, but youre not listening. Truly, you were gathering qi in your dantian? Enihilus spun around and looked towards the direction Xu Yangyi flew away to, his gaze fiery. His voice was ice-cold, absent of the slightest trace of mercy. If you peacefully waited for death, I couldve taken pity on you and let you live a while longer You dog-thing, unable to recognize good and bad, since you want to die, I will now help you accomplish your goal.

And all of you Thirsty for blood, he looked at everyone else. No one shall survive this!

I will wring your heads off, crush and flatten your skulls, and drain you to your last drop of blood, all to truly walk towards Core Formation! He stowed his gaze and looked at Xu Yangyi. Ill start with this wretched bug!!!

Swoosh! His body arched back where he stood. Afterwards, his two legs bent, and he vanished at superhuman speed!

No good!!! Rocjourney and Moonless both shouted. Without pause, the duo cast spells. Evidently, these were secret arts, and their speeds unexpectedly surpassed Enihiluss in a flash. In the blink of an eye, they were already several hundred meters away!

GET LOST!!! Enihilus watched the two in front of him and roared angrily, Rocjourney, if you do as youre told, like you have in these past several hundred years, then Ill kill you last! Otherwise he is your example!!!

Two streaks of golden light and black light suddenly fired out from his eyes. Both Buddhist and demonic rays razed through the world, traveling to all sides. Strangely though, they flowed together and pounced straight at Xu Yangyi, the beam resembling a mottled sword! Even the neighboring space cracked apart inch after inch in the wake of these qi streaks!

A slivers omen of Core Formation Moonless blanked out for a tenth of a second, but a great mane of white hair rapidly sprouted all over his body. From man he transformed into wolf, and lunged towards Enihiluss throat with bared teeth.

Unreasonable brute! The murderous aura in Enihiluss eyes burst forth, and he slapped down on Moonlesss maw, keeping it shut. However, in barely half a second, bloody lines, similar to pinholes, flowed out from his hand.

Somewhat lost in thought, he took back his hand and looked at his palm in shock. On the surface, countless little holes that appeared as if hed pricked himself with a needle made his hand look like a sesame biscuit.

You dare to injure me? Enihilus raised his head, an unfathomable look in his eyes. Afterwards, a black flame suddenly raged to life in his hand. Quick to respond, Moonlesss gaze became pointed, yet he couldnt struggle free.

You shall learn to revere a Core Formation Dao Master. Enihilus gnashed his teeth as he looked at Moonless, as if he had received the greatest insult. Core Formation cannot be disgraced Today, I will teach this lesson, the cost being your life!

BOOM! The black flame loudly exploded! Revolving around his hand, the flame turned into a giant black skull. Enihilus stared blankly, a vacant expression on his face for half a second, but he soon locked his teeth together. The skull of black flame began to circle and burn Moonless.

Hmph! Black flame descending upon him, Moonless clenched his teeth, and all of his qi erupted around him. A shining blue saber flew out from the crown of his head and quickly flourished through the area, forcibly cutting down all the surrounding flames.

Cough cough! Moonless retreated at lightning speed, a part of his snout scorched black. Nonetheless, Enihilus was even faster, shockingly giving up on Xu Yangyi to throw himself straight at the half-demon. Unexpectedly, Enihilus wasnt flying, but using a physique art! The demon monks arched-back joints allowed him a terrible flexibility that was similar to demons. In midair, his foot tapped down, and several pattering noises surprisingly echoed. In less than three seconds, he was already hot on Moonlesss tail!

How is this possible?! Moonless shouted, and all of his fur flashed with blue light and sharply stood up by a meter! He was like a giant blowfish.

Nothing is impossible. Demonkinds strongest point is the demon body. Even if the Dream Walkers characteristics are strangely the same as well arent you surprised why my fleshly body hasnt swelled and ripped apart from such strange flesh as the Dream Walkers? Enihiluss voice was icy as he appeared in front of Moonless. His five fingers raked through the air to leave behind traces of spatial cracks. Because I am also a demon!

I, Horseplague, bestow death upon you!

Bright Moon, Tide Birth! Enihiluss fingers were gentle, but they gave Moonless a feeling of deathly pressure. Moonlesss skin was prickling, and he roared without the slightest hesitation. In an instant, bright moons flashed in both of his eyes.

Following the appearance of these moons, all of Moonlesss joints cracked. Surprisingly, before Enihiluss five fingers arrived, he demonized into a white wolf that was over fifty meters in size! Unwavering, he rushed Enihiluss fingers, which carried the flavor of extermination!

A half-demon body? Enihilus did no more than slightly raise a brow. A senseless struggle

In that case, does this move make sense? Before his voice even fell, eight figures rippled around him like waves. On the brink of crisis, Rocjourneys figure had appeared, and the eight figures weaved seals at great speed. Four Witherings, Four Thrivings!

Swoosh From young men, four of Rocjourneys spirit bodies turned into youths, their qi becoming more vigorous! They unexpectedly gave off a feeling of approaching late Foundation Establishment! But as for the other four bodies, they went from middle age to old age, until they finally turned into four rays of withered-yellow qi and flowed into the four youths spirit bodies. At the same time though, the four youths stepped into the late stage!

KILL!!! With matters come to a head, only one of them was going to leave with their life. Rocjourney no longer had the least bit apprehension. Amidst his furious roar, the four late-stage youths became four dots of azure light, and threw themselves in front of Enihilus!

Four Witherings, Four Thrivings? Enihilus still didnt express anything. Despite power, it is a pity. This is a divine ability that I taught you. You actually dare to use something that your great teacher bequeathed to you? Who gave you such dog courage?

Xu Yangyi flew back, gritting his teeth as he took in all of this before him.

Enihilus was different from Floatingcloud. He was truly terrible!

Xu Yangyi had sensed Floatingclouds worry, sensing that shred of a chance for victory. But despite this, he couldnt sense anything from Enihilus! There was only the black solitary of death!

Enihilus was cool, he was calm. To the extent that he didnt have emotions. After the short reveal of all events, the demon monk had promptly realized Xu Yangyis own objective. However, Enihilus didnt need to stall because he and the Dream Walker had compromised. He had a great deal of time for himself, and with the power of his Great Circle cultivation and the late Foundation Establishment Dream Walker, he could pulverize Xu Yangyis group little by little!

Xu Yangyi looked on helplessly. The black mist of Enihiluss seven apertures saturated the air, and the demon monk instantly turned into mist, making quick work of Rocjourneys divine ability by swallowing it. In the next second, Rocjourney flew back in the air. Xu Yangyi grinded his teeth, and tightly balled his left hand into a fist. An expanse of white light quietly faded away.

Splitting Air!

Yes, the qi in his body wasnt enough to support spirit arts, but he could use physique arts! He was simply thinking of taking advantage of Enihiluss pursuit. As Enihilus believed he was injured, he would strike back!

Still, he hadnt expected that Moonless and Rocjourney would block Enihilus off for him and buy him time.

Damn He looked at his dantian with deep worry. How did you wake up now?

Since hed entered the Clearcloud Realm, the Azurecloud Seed had absorbed that black qi from the beginning. After decades, a crack had finally ruptured on it!

But it was this crack, this leaking qi, that allowed him to shift and reveal his plan for stalling time earlier!

1. An unintentionally planted willow growing in shade is half of a Chinese idiom that comes from Guan Hanqing (1235-1300 CE), a dramatist who lived during the Yuan dynasty.

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