Archfiend Chapter 1108

Archfiend Archfiend: Chapters 401-500 Chapter 434: Dharmadhatu (38)

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Rocjourney clenched his teeth. He knew that he couldnt die. Everyones safety rested all on him. However, he was further aware that if he was going to trigger himself, he needed to be close to the Dream Walkers true body. The Dream Walker was several dozen meters away, though, and this space was the distance between life and death.

He deeply inhaled, and waves of acute pain spread through his body. The Nightmare butterflies just a while ago were incomparably strange. He had no clue how the Dream Walker had managed to rear them. Needless to say, their power was unusually great, and they had drained all of his spiritual force in one breath.

Hum None of his divine abilities could be used anymore. With great difficulty, he heaved his last breath and supported the azure spirit cover. Covered from head to toe in blood, he reluctantly sat down where he was in meditation.



The harshness of Xu Yangyis and Moonlesss shouts were like sharp swords, but the black lightning didnt deviate by a hair. It pierced directly into Rocjourneys spirit cover.

Boom! In an instant, the cover was annihilated into flying ash! Rocjourneys silhouette was accompanied an unwilling shout of anger, submerged under an entire field of electricity!

DIE!!! Moonlesss eyes were somewhat reddened, and he opened his mouth. Just as the shadow of a white wolf about to dart out, however, a flash of azure light now flickered beside him. Originally void of spiritual force, Xu Yangyi, who rushed over to him by using a Heavens Law physique art, finally passed him. His goal, though, wasnt Rocjourney. The Fishbowel Sword was aimed straight at the Dream Walker!

In the central area, the lightning died out. All that was left was a surplus of arcing black electricity. Two butterfly wings looped around the middle, and there a fist-sized azure bodhi seed was glimmering.

Rocjourney had instantly perished!

Dead In the Dream Walkers heart, the feeling of imprisonment suddenly collapsed. He looked on in a daze for two seconds, but then flung his head back and laughed maniacally. Dead! A good death! Hahaha! At long last, dead!!!

Henceforth, I am the highest supreme of the Clearcloud Realm! The Clearcloud Realms sole supremacy!

However, his laughter came to a guttural stop.

Something, at this moment, had pierced into his body.

In regards to such a massive demon body as the Dream Walkers, this sword was no different than being bitten by a mosquito. Still, an ache that spread through his nerves quickly followed. He looked over in astonishment at the ten white wind-scars atop Xu Yangyis hands. To his surprise, the demon slayer had shredded his wings into tatters, pressing straight to his true body.

It was already too late to mount a defense, but after a few tenths of a second lost to shock, the Dream Walker revealed a cold smile.

What point is there in charging over, anyways? he laughed heartily. Rocjourney had already been totally annihilated by him. Perhaps Rocjourneys spiritual sense hadnt dissipated yet, but the bearded man could no longer form the seal.

Although hes still somewhat of a threat to me currently, he isnt deadly at all! Even if the other half of the seal shows up now, it would be the same! Youre just like a maggot biting an elephant now! His mad laughter wildly pervaded space. Allow me to send you maggots off to your final burial To be able to die at my hands, both of you should be thankful and weep for joy!

Insignificant middle Foundation Establishment. Leave behind your Realm Boundary Treasure and then I will extract your physique divine ability from your body. Afterwards, you can enter the eternal nightmare! He raised his arms as he wildly laughed, and his six hands blazed through seals. An enormous pure-black Dharma Wheel emerged between his arms.

At the same time, for the first time his spiritual pressure fully erupted from the illusory dreamland!

He didnt need to hide behind the illusory anymore. He was late Foundation Establishment with the additional backing of Great Circle Foundation Establishment. He wanted to use the most perfect method to usher in the curtain call!

Sweeping The Six Directions. His eyes began to narrow in excitement. This final barrier, these last-remaining dregs Xu Yangyis qi had long since been overdrafted, and this was also the demon slayers final attack. How powerless Xu Yangyi was, an ant trying to shake a great tree!

Swoosh!!! Rings of light from the black Dharma Wheel frantically hailed down on the area. Wherever they passed, the air trembled!

Isnt it still too early to be laughing now? All that was left in Xu Yangyis eyes was the Dream Walker. This was his final bout. If this didnt succeed, then he definitely wouldnt have any strength left to fight!

With great difficulty, he resisted the pain inside him that seemed like scraping blade. His qi sunk into his dantian, and he screamed loudly, Tian Guotao!!! What are you still waiting for?!?!?!

Yes there was someone who he had close contact with!

All along, Xu Yangyi was thinking of someone who could enter this place AND someone who he had close contact with. Regardless, hed overlooked Tian Guotao, who was right underneath his nose at the distant horizon.

Excluding everyone, only Tian Guotao had the closest connection with him! After all impossibilities were eliminated, whatever remained was the absolute truth!

Everyone was stunned. Moonless nearly jumped up!

Tian Guotao? Its him? Thats right! Hes the only one whos been in close contact! He came? Hes here?

Just as Xu Yangyis voice fell, a ripple flickered above the Dream Walkers head. Without missing a beat, a Great Circle Qi Condensation aura flared!

Master Xu Tian Guotao shot a complicated look at Xu Yangyi and then said with a clear voice, The seal is made with a master component and a secondary component. The main seal has died; I cannot seal him! But, I can make him stop for ten seconds!

Master Xu, this is the final thing Ill be able to do for you!

Xu Yangyi sighed somewhat painfully.

As expected, it was him!

His realm too low, Tian Guotao simply couldnt participate in the battle. Moreover, as half of the seal, he couldnt fully expose himself in the enemys eyes. Therefore, he remained in concealment from beginning to end, waiting all along.

Until now!

Its enough. Xu Yangyi didnt retreat, but instead advanced. As Tian Guotao radiated golden light from all over his body as he descended, Xu Yangyis speed increased dramatically! And on top of that

He took out a third Qi Explosion Pill!

I have to make sure I land this attack! As long as I can make this shot, then hes bound to die!

Without the faintest hesitation, he swallowed the Qi Explosion Pill. In the next second, he fiercely shuddered, but his speed didnt decrease. The blood left behind from his seven apertures made him resemble an asura of hell. The physique art coming from his hands saturated the air, and he attacked at lightning speed. In the air, ten spatial cracks were drawn!

If he didnt succeed then he would die for righteousness!

The seal! The other half of the seal!!! Here and now, the Dream Walker became terrified out of his wits! The other halfs realm wasnt high; he could turn his hand over and slap him to death, but Tian Guotao was presently burning all over! Enough to imprison him for thirty seconds!

But its only thirty seconds! While he was dazed for half a second, he soon reared his head back and angrily roared, Every moment, every instant, I have longed to escape! How could I let you thwart me?!

Thirty seconds! I am unconvinced you can kill me in thirty seconds! That is impossible! Youre nothing more than trifling middle Foundation Establishment!

Tian Guotao said nothing. He also felt that it was too hard for Xu Yangyi to kill the Dream Walker. Nonetheless, there wasnt any other way now.

Boom! Golden light shot straight down on the Dream Walkers head. In the next moment, his colossal body stopped moving. Time seemed to come to a standstill through all of space.

At the same time, Xu Yangyi charged in front of the Dream Walker. Without hesitation, Splitting Air was brazenly roused, and he put all of his strength into his attack!

THUMP!!! But just a sharp claw struck an inch away from the Dream Walker, a golden ring of light suddenly appeared!

Qi wall?! Xu Yangyi wasted no words, his next claw coming straight afterwards!

While the qi inside his body welled up at lightning speed, it vanished with similar swiftness! The Qi Explosion Pill had already pushed his internal qi system into an extremely unstable state! It was possible that it would crack at any time!

In such a state, no divine ability could be used whatsoever. Physique arts were his ultimate gambit!

DIE!!! Xu Yangyi bellowed furiously, and his left hand clawed out. Behind him, the white tiger extended its claw!

Clang!!! A world-shaking boom rang out. Xu Yangyi had failed to hit the mark, but this time a crack appeared on the qi wall!

Swoosh! There was no pause. With faith in a certain kill in this third second, he clawed out again!

Clang clang clang! In an instant, Xu Yangyi sent out a barrage of countless claws! Far away, Moonless trembled as he looked. He could only see that silver scars brought by Xu Yangyis dual-claw physique art. Each scar was over a dozen meters long, and they encircled the Dream Walkers main body into looking like a silver globe.

Clanging sounds fell ceaselessly upon the ear. Moonlesss lips were pale. As he urgently hurried over, he murmured, Ten eleven twelve

Twelve seconds had already passed!

There was no way a late Foundation Establishment qi wall could be quickly broken through by a middle Foundation Establishment cultivator whose realm was already unstable as well!

Seventeen eighteen twenty Moonless said hoarsely, Im coming to help you!

Yet at this moment.

On the twenty-first second, a crash rang out! The qi wall shattered apart!

There was not one spot left on Xu Yangyis body that wasnt touched by blood. His meridians were rapidly falling apart. Each meridian was clamoring; if he even attacked again then all of them might break! It was unknown how long it would take to nurture them back to form! There was a chance that he wouldnt be able to!

Still if he didnt follow up with this next attack then he and Moonless would definitely die here in these final nine seconds!


He didnt move, instead sucking in deeply!


The Fishbowel Sword pierced forward! But it pierced into the void!

The permanent and impermanent! The Dream Walkers body in itself with impermanent!

Xu Yangyi stared blankly. Moonless did as well.

Cant stab it Cant stab it! Moonlesss mind was now at fairly seething. Hed experienced so many battles. This occasion could absolutely be called the most desperate and most hair-raising one. He frantically shouted, How is this possible?!?!?! This isnt his body?!

This is his body. Xu Yangyi bit his lip tightly. But he himself is a dream! When something physical attacks, it just cant do anything to him! This is his trump card, why he was so sure that we wouldnt be able to kill him!

Do you have some way?! Moonless was about to go crazy! The final eight seconds!



At the juncture of life and death, Xu Yangyi raised his sword and stabbed it towards the middle of his chest!

Are you insane?! Moonless roared. Had Xu Yangyi completely given up? Did Xu Yangyi know there wasnt any strategy for success?

But as time came down to an instant, Xu Yangyis body suddenly turned hazy! The sword had surprisingly answered and passed through!

You! You you you!!! Moonless was beyond lost. What was Xu Yangyi doing?


Xu Yangyi turned his eyes up. He had just realized the permanent and impermanent his Voidspirit Immortal Physique also belonged to the concept of permanent and impermanent!

Yes, he normally wouldnt stab himself! But in the instant the Voidspirit Immortal Physique appeared, he absolutely could!

The Voidspirit Immortal Physique, however, was passive! Right now he was only forcing it to come out!

If he didnt, he and Moonless were both dead!


At the same time the Void Spirit Immortal Physique manifested, an indescribable feeling arose from his entire body!

The feeling of meridian expansion!

Under such adversity, the Voidspirit Immortal Physique was actually starting to expand his meridians! But following this abrupt expansion, his meridians, already on the cusp of falling apart, all collapsed!

Pop pop pop! Numerous bloody arrows spurted out from underneath Xu Yangyis skin, but he didnt say a word. With the last of his strength, his sword pierced forward!

He didnt see, but at this time inside his body, his collapsed meridians, along with his bones and muscles, all became azure!

Swoosh!!! In the final three seconds, pitch-black blood sprayed out wherever his sword fell!

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