Archfiend Chapter 1113

Archfiend Archfiend: Total Library Chapter 439: Master of the Clearcloud Realm (3)

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The Gem of Dreaming cracked aloud, and Xu Yangyi shook his head disappointedly and prepared to remove his spiritual sense. But suddenly, he saw Sheliyuemo open a passage and bring Che Fengchao farther and farther away so far that they flew away from Earth!

And beyond Earth was the Clearcloud Realm!

Hum! The inside of Xu Yangyis mind brightened in a flash. He recalled many of his conversations with Enihilus and the Dream Walker!

This is Journey to the West. He intently watched the memory. Not Tang Xuanzangs Journey to the West! But Wukongs Journey to the West!

But Enihilus once said back then that Journey to the West spanned through Lesser Thousand Realms! If thats how it really is no wonder, its no surprise that mortals or the cultivation world cant find many of the nations recorded in Journey to the West no matter what!

Senior Che stepped into the Yuen Tribes domain back then and encountered Horseplague here. The Three Scriptures were rescued, and then he fulfilled his promise. He followed a Master of the Tripiaka in cultivation and traveled through Lesser Thousand Realms, and this was spread by a book into the world

Crack The Gem of Dreaming in his hand completely transformed into flying ash. He stared for three seconds, somewhat lost in thought, and shook his head.

This wasnt the answer he had looked forward to.

If he hadnt entered Danxia Temple, then he wouldnt have had these expectations. But it was because he knew about Xiaoqing and Fahai, because he knew about Jiang Ziya, who had recultivated four lifetimes, that he had this belief now.

Perhaps this thought was planted in everyones minds at the beginning of cultivation. But in the End of Days, this seed wasnt able to germinate. Only he, having seen much, much more than other cultivators, had thus quietly sprouted This seed that shouldnt have sprouted in the End of Days!

Although it was young, its growth was incomparably fierce! To the extent that this seed didnt even need anyone to water it or spread fertilizer for it at all!

Power was such a concept that each man pursued it. Regardless of rights or authority perhaps all there existed was the pure strength of the fleshly body.

His train of thought fell away somewhat, but his gaze suddenly brightened once several seconds passed.

The Gem of Dreaming still hadnt dissipated! Instead, it was oddly arranging a paragraph in the air!

In the second year of the reign of Emperor Suzong of Tang, Shi Siming turned Fanyang into the Imperial Capital. He changed Fanyang into Yanjing. In the same year, an immortal fell at Tianshou Mountain on the outskirts of Yanjing. The cultivation world was shaken, and tens of thousands of cultivators gathered at Yanjing, but they found no trace. This poor monks destiny coincided, and I found a magik treasure that wrote of the Divine Sealock Needle. This treasure hides a titanic secret. I suspect that it points to an immortals burial ground. Unless one is fortified by great destiny and fortune, and they are not Core Formation, it cannot be opened. [1]

Underneath was an expanse of strange hand seals.

Xu Yangyi was already up on his feet, his heart pounding wildly!

The vestige of an immortal!

If said, apart from Ming Guangzong of the past, no one else could be sure. To the extent that Ming Guangzong himself only had a speculation, a speculation that was based on a monarchs heart and mind. But Che Fengchao had left his mark on history. Regardless of the past, right now, in all the information he was able to find, the sole trail of the mark of immortal had truly been mentioned!

Wait He snapped his head up and murmured, Tianshou Mountain isnt that

The Thirteen Ming Tombs!

In his heart, a hair-raising guess suddenly arose!

What if the Ming court found the remains of an immortal? He rubbed his chin, his gaze fiery. Therefore, they constructed the Thirteen Ming Tombs on Tianshou Mountain?

And as the emperor whose dynasty esteemed Daoism the most, Ming Guangzong he happened to find the thing underneath the Thirteen Ming Tombs And it was because of this that Celestial Master Zhang compiled the Dao Scripture later? Why the Tianqi Explosion happened, and the Xuan-Yuan Swords pursuit?

If he really did discover an immortals body everything can be explained!

It was the Thirteen Ming Tombs!

Xu Yangyi hadnt expected this. It seemed that hed gone around in a loop. Ultimately, his journey still fell upon the Thirteen Ming Tombs!

The Vermilion Bird Fire was there, and the only trail related to immortals, written by Che Fengchao, was also there!

I must go, he confirmed to himself. Regardless of the Eternal Alchemy Canons true activation or the trail of an immortal, I must go look.

Fortunately, this place warned me that its a place I can only go as a Core Formation cultivator. He rubbed his chin and memorized all the hand seals. Afterwards, he did a once over.

This might be the key related to an immortals trail It should be the only thing that Senior Che comprehended from the Gold-Banded Staff.

Sudden realization gave birth to clear enlightenment in his heart. The Gold-Banded Staff really wasnt Che Fengchaos. History stated that he was adept at using a long staff. So it turned out that he wasnt good at it, but rather because he simply couldnt relinquish it!

Was there any cultivator who didnt want to achieve the Dao and become an immortal?

With such destiny, how could Che Fengchao possibly let go?

Since he had the pill spirit that granted him an eidetic memory, Xu Yangyi wasnt afraid about forgetting the hand seals. Still, after performing four of the hand seals, his brows abruptly scrunched together.

Somethings off! I was just rushing through. Theres a point in this that doesnt make sense!

If this immortal treasure landed during the Tang era, how could it be inscribed in Journey to the West?! That isnt Wukongs Journey to the West, but Tang Xuanzangs Journey to the West! The Journey to the West that Wu Chengen wrote during the Ming era! [2]

Thats right, I understand! After Senior Che gained the divine needle, he immediately followed the trail and started journeying west, so he entered a Lesser Thousand Realm! He began his own journey to the west!

A riddle seemed to be solved, yet an even larger riddle appeared.

In the end, who did this staff belong to?

Could it be it was that immortal body that fell during the Tang dynasty?

Forget it, nows not the time to think about these things. Senior Che explained it pretty clearly. If I want to comprehend the thing inside this staff, I cant do it unless Im Core Formation. Once I reach Core Formation, then itll be my beginning.

In his mind, hed already finished going through the hand seals. However, at the same time he finished, the entire passage shook!

Moonless quickly raised his head. He felt something was coming.

Xu Yangyi also felt it. Something was charging straight where he was, from the entrance of the nightmare world!

Ten minutes twenty minutes From the path they had taken several hours to fly though, in less than half an hour, a staff smoldering with golden light stood before Xu Yangyi like a lightning bolt. It didnt give him time to react, immediately transforming into the size of a needle and flying to Xu Yangyis ear.

Moonless was stunned, and so was Xu Yangyi.

This is the Gold-Banded Staff from outside? Moonless said incredulously. It It has recognized you as its master?

What did you even do?

Xu Yangyis gaze slightly flashed. It seemed that Moonless hadnt seen those characters just now.

This was indeed Che Fengchaos remnant. If such a great cultivator didnt want other people to see it, then that was just all too easy.

Nothing. Xu Yangyi shook his head and spoke no further. He understood very well that he hadnt made the Gold-Banded Staff accept him as a master, but rather he could temporarily control it. It was barely this and nothing more.

Just as the staff flew to him, the nightmare space finally started to fracture apart inch after inch.

However, to say that it was fracturing still wasnt appropriate. On the contrary, space transformed into black fog, and wisps scattered away in the air. As all the black fog left, the surroundings turned to blue skies and white clouds, jade-green grass that looked like a mattress.

They were unexpectedly in the Garden of the Twin Sal-Trees.

Sure enough, Enihilus wasnt the Realm Spirit. His death didnt cause the Clearcloud Realm to collapse. On the nearby grass, everyone who they had previously entered with, apart from those who were already dead, were left behind in perfect condition, as when they had first entered.

At the center of the twin sal-trees, a golden formation was rippling in the eye. This was the formation leading to Earth.

Lets go Moonless said, his voice deep with emotion. Everythings been settled.

Xu Yangyi saw Zhao Ziqi, who was in snoring in his sleep. He faintly smiled and waved his hand, and the youth transformed into flowing light and entered his spiritual sense. In the next moment, he lightly snorted and several white flashes shot into the state-magis and spirit-masters minds.

What are you doing? Moonless raised a brow and said.

Theyll fulfill my deal with the Clearcloud Realm. Xu Yangyi waved his hand, and his thoughts stirred again. These people all transformed into steaks of light and vanished from the Garden of the Twin Sal-Trees.

This was a test of his control of the Clearcloud Realm and also a show of strength to Moonless. Before he was sure who the other was in the end.

Hmph. Moonlesss complexion was somewhat unsightly. Oddly though, he only gritted his teeth and remained silent.

Lets go. Xu Yangyi wore a small smile on his face, and entered the twin sal-trees.

As soon as he entered the formation, his vision slightly flashed. He saw, at the fringes of the formation, a golden awl inserted into the ground. If memory served, this shouldve been Clearclouds Realm Anchor.

He studied it for several seconds, turned around, and left. This was an item that he couldnt take away.

He wasnt certain how many Lesser Thousand Realms there were that Earth knew of, but if a missing Lesser Thousand Realm and Realm Anchor appeared on Earth again, everything would be over once he was discovered.

The current him simply didnt require the Realm Anchor to open the passage between the Clearcloud Realm and Earth. All he needed was to return and prepare for several years. After buying a spatial ring with a massive storage, true planar trade would be conducted.

Swoosh The duo stepped into the Transference Formation. In an instant, a dizziness that was countless times stronger than an ordinary Transference Formation churned.

Xu Yangyi promptly closed his eyes. In this twinkling, he almost felt like he was being torn into smithereens.

Soon, darkness appeared before his eyes. He could sense, however, that this was a spinning darkness.

After roughly half an hour, a massive rumble rang out from the Clearcloud Realms great continent! A pillar of golden light rocketed straight into the sky!

Vaguely, two silhouettes could be seen in the gold light, seemingly there but not there.

Whats this?

Ascension? Someone is ascending?!

F.u.c.k me, a grand master has appeared?! No way!!!

All of the Clearcloud Realms denizens could see this pillar of light. From the sorrowful pain of the Clearcloud Realms near collapse, almost each person reacted, and ecstatic conversation about the pillar of light followed.

Its them In the State of Shangchen, the chairman and the premier observed the pillar of light with deep feelings. They left Those upper-realm cultivators

In that case when they come next time, will they bring guns and cannons, or goods?

Xu Yangyi and Moonless closed their eyes as they went higher and higher in the pillar of light. However, they didnt see that barely ten minutes after they left, a shiver-inducing spiritual pressure raced closer to the entire Clearcloud Realm, fast as lightning!

A golden coffin was gently drifting through space several hundred thousand kilometers away from the Clearcloud Realm. Golden light shimmered.

Crack The coffin lid soundlessly opened, and a crystalline jade hand lifted it away. Afterwards, a woman that could be called a perfect beauty, dressed in ancient palace dress, trod into the void and stood there.

Star reporting. Her voice held no modic.u.m of humanity. On the contrary, it was fully saturated with the metallic feel of machinery. Target has vanished, the Clearcloud Realm has disappeared. I am incapable of scouting and survey. Requesting directive.

1. Emperor Suzong of Tang (711-762 CE). Shi Siming (703-761 CE). Shi Siming conspired against the Tang Dynasty with An Lushan in what would become the An-Shi Rebellion. Yanjing is modern-day Beijing.

2. Tang dynasty (618-907 CE). Ming Chengen (1500-1582 CE). Author of Journey to the West. These two dates give some relativity between the time periods here.

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