Archfiend Chapter 1119

Archfiend Archfiend: Total Library Chapter 445: Vampires (1)

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Vanessa softly stretched out. Already, the true origin of vampires could no longer be verified, but a majority currently believed it to be Dracula, who could be researched in history. It was to the extent that the Dracul, the direct descendants, were unquestionably the first house, granted that it was to their benefit not to allow anyone to question the veracity of Count Dracula.

She unfolded her pitch-black bat wings. She didnt like her current form very much. To any woman, giant bats were ugly, but she presently needed to act as such.

However, her thoughts turned back to Dracula. This was still a point of doubt for her and all the other vampire houses as well, a topic with a hundred different ideas, but no answers offered.

If Dracula was their primogenitor then what about the story of vampires having originated from Cains flesh?

Still, now wasnt the time to think about these things. Due to her unique physiology as a bat, the Normandy was already in sight. This tanker frightened her and caused her mind to skip, but she felt nothing!

Without a doubt, the holy relics unsealing had been so clear an hour ago!

There were only two possibilities. The first: the other party was extremely skilled at concealment. Second: the other partys strength was far beyond hers.

As for the choice of the other party already leaving, this thought simply wasnt in her scope of consideration. The House of Dracul had a total of 132 people overseeing this operation. She and Richard were two great Marquises. In addition to 130 Counts, they blocked off New Yorks coast so that not even water could leak through!

Even though the Normandy itself was unaware, there were six freighters that were all ten thousand meters away from it, forming a ring. It appeared that these sh.i.p.s had all set out together, but these freighters were in fact the Normandys escorts. In order to prevent the unexpected, everyone aboard these sh.i.p.s were mortals. Furthermore, they werent related to the Dracul in the slightest. They had only received a hefty commission and taken a strange instrument, which only recorded everything that occurred along the way.

Her gold slitted pupils looked to the Normandy, and an ominous premonition arose in her heart. She obviously hadnt sensed anything, but she kept on having a nervous feeling in her mind.

No matter who it is youve already seen something you shouldnt have. Apart from sleeping with the fishes at the bottom of the ocean outside New York, I cant think of any other path for you.

If theres a heaven, youll probably go up there if a devil like me kills you

The tanker came closer and closer. A thousand meters, five hundred meters She still didnt sense any traces of a cultivator. Four hundred meters three hundred meters Once the ship was within a hundred meters, she finally raised her head and let loose a soundless shriek,

Hiss Spacious and empty, a sound wave reverberated through New Yorks gulf. Down below, the ears of an old man reading a newspaper twitched, and he stood up. Several men in black suits who looked like gangsters wordlessly extinguished their cigarettes and got out from a car. Elsewhere, the waiters of quite a few restaurants wiped their hands and all happened to ask for leave. Afterwards, they left.

Over a hundred people, like it was as usual, quietly arrived at the coast. Their gazes could see things that mortals couldnt. After they saw the giant bat hanging off the Statue of Liberty, they silently nodded. With excited gazes and incomparable reverence, they silently walked onto the beach and snuck into the bustling crowds.

Marquis The entire group seemed to pay attention to the oceans surface, but they stared at the hanging bat with incredible heat in their eyes. A man in black clothes said enviously, How many Marquises does America even have Ordinarily, its hard to see one. I heard today that two are moving around, and both of them are direct descendants.

Theres nobody that doesnt want to become a Marquis. I just cant help but feel excited when I think about that feeling of flying in the sky. Beside the black-clothed man, a tall black guy appeared calm, but his inner heart was betrayed by his fists, which were so tightly clenched that his veins protruded against his skin. Not even several dozen Counts are a match for a Marquis. Thats just too dang ridiculous

Vanessa, who was the topic of discussion, wasnt aware as the person involved. Her gaze became more and more solemn, and she finally spread open her wings. To the great admiration in the eyes of all the cultivators, she glided away.

Fellow Daoist, you said if we wait later well be found so how about we slaughter her? Moonlesss gaze seemed to penetrate the deck and look to the giant bat. She is merely initial Foundation Establishment. Do you want to go exercise, or shall I do it?

Serenely, Xu Yangyi looked at Vanessa and eventually said with a cold tone, You.

If two great Foundation Establishment cultivators engaged in arcane combat at New Yorks door, China would instantly notice. Afterwards perhaps Chinas worldwide hunting order would promptly follow!

Clack The slight noise of high heels followed. As the bat charged to the ship, it transformed and scattered apart into hordes of tiny bats. Soon, they opened their mouths and let out a soundless screech into the air. Without warning, the look in all the sailors eyes began to turn sluggish.

The other party was still here!

After Vanessa screeched, she quickly lowered her head. In her lake-green eyes, a flash of extreme vigilance shimmered.

She could smell that they hadnt left yet! It seemed that they also realized that theyd seen something they shouldnt have. At the same time, they also made the connection that this ship was under surveillance all along, so they didnt rashly leave. Still why didnt they have somewhat of a countermeasure against the Draculs investigative methods? In America, any cultivator knew that there wasnt the slightest point in hiding their essence in front of the Dracul.

Come on out. She licked her lips, and her gaze streaked through the area like electricity. Youre still here, arent you?

There was no response.

You can make it so that I cant sense you Looks like youre a Marquis as well. I started out thinking that you might be a Count; Im sorry She bowed with the utmost etiquette. To a Marquis, I think I should express this deserved respect.

There was still no response.

Vanessa raised her head and coldly snorted. She couldnt take action regarding this situation. In case the Corvinus sensed it, the werewolf clan would perform an investigation. Perhaps both sides would erupt with a new round in a blood war. In order to keep this hidden, not even a surrounding boundary field had been set, creating a surface appearance that a Count had come to receive goods. If she attacked now, everything would be done for.

Hmph, listen up. I dont want to take action against you. If you dont believe me, I can make everything that can obstruct you here leave. She smiled faintly and walked down the tanker. Cool and collected, she forcefully stomped.

At the tail end of the ship, Xu Yangyis gaze suddenly paused. Moonlesss gaze suddenly skipped.

Under a cultivators spiritual sense, this stomp was seemingly ordinary, yet they could see that the underside of the tanker had completely split open like a spider web where her foot fell!

But this action alone still wasnt worthy of their surprise. What surprised them was that all these spider-web cracks spread to the ships central position and then stopped with a guttural halt. This power control was much greater than Xu Yangyis!

A physique cultivator! The same interested glint of light leaked through the duos gazes.

Fellow Daoist, does the West have a lot of physique arts? Xu Yangyi asked.

I dont know a hundred years ago there werent many. There were even less than in China. A deep crease formed between Moonlesss brows. But fifty years ago, the Dracul couldnt be considered to have just entered America for too long. Maybe I didnt pay attention. Is this a show of strength?

Xu Yangyi shook his head. Moonless hadnt felt it, but his spiritual sense, which was much stronger than the others, had. Over 2,000 meters away from them, in a place that middle Foundation Establishment absolutely couldnt sense, scores of floating objects in the sea loudly exploded.

Thats the sound of her removing the formation, he said in an indifferent voice, I dont want to show myself.

Moonless nodded. In the instant Vanessa was just about to enter the ships hold, he fluttered out.

Chinese! Vanessa stared blankly. Realization of something quickly dawned on her. With a careful look, she took a deep breath. Mid Marquis!

Marquis? Is this your ranking system? Moonless smiled. No matter. I only want to ask you if you want to flip both heaven and earth here, and have everyone know. Or, let this pass and have the avenue cleared. How about we all walk away?

Upon hearing these words, Vanessas eyes instantly transformed into slits and darted behind Moonless. When she saw that the surrounding restriction around the iron maiden lying in the container was completely broken, a shred of frenzied killing intent flashed through her eyes. However, she concealed it at once.

You actually dishonored my houses Holy Relic? She licked her lips, and her ample bosom repeatedly heaved up and down. Do you mean to declare war against the entire House of Dracul?

Boom! Before her voice even fell, a streak of azure light flickered over from an inconceivable place. A heavy noise rang out, making the ships entire hull tremble.

Afterwards, an ice-cold voice was heard from the air. No, this is a declaration of war against the Dracul.

Were just passing by. We dont want to bring up this matter, and we dont want to remember it either. If you dare say no... In the air, a man was brimming with killing intent. You wont be leaving here.

Two Marquises!

A mid Marquis, and another of unknown realm!

Vanessa rigidly gritted her teeth. Those words just now werent said by Moonless, but Moonless was unconcerned. Evidently, that voice also represented his intentions.

Silence. Death-like silence. After ages, Vanessa said coldly, Thats good. The two of you swear a great vow not to reveal anything youve seen today at all. I can see to it that you are let go.

Let go? Xu Yangyis cold laughter echoed through the air. The question is whether we let you go.


Believe it or not In the air, the phantasm of an old white tiger was faintly visible. I can destroy you in a hundred moves, and tear this entire ship apart.

At that time, I think New Yorks entire cultivation world will be paying attention to this place.

Following these words, an extremely tyrannical aura exploded outwards. Vanessa exhaled sharply and took a few good steps back!

So strong!

This other figure was a mid Marquise as well, but the feeling he gave her was more horrific than this boroughs overseer!

Furthermore Chinese cultivators definitely had the qualifications to not settle accounts with American cultivators!

Fine. She clenched her teeth and fiercely said, I hope the two sires will respect your promises!

She didnt leave. After roughly ten minutes, she finally sensed that Xu Yangyis and Moonlesss auras had fully disappeared.

She was gloomy-faced, and snapped her fingers. Instantly, dozens of strange finger-sized bats flew everywhere, screeching chaotically. A hint of dark killing intent brushed over her countenance.

Do you really think you can leave?

Since you have seen that which you shouldnt have, no one can save either of you!

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