Archfiend Chapter 1136

Chapter 461: Half Moon the Seventh

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“Word on the street is that you almost defeated Tamamo!” Versailles suddenly extended his head and bit down, but he didn’t dig his teeth into anything. Like steel, his teeth loudly cracked in the air, and he immediately took a few steps back and looked at Xu Yangyi with great vigilance. “But… the announcement feast for the Holy War has always been an event that only the Corvinus and other important families can join. Why were you invited?! A minority cultivator at that!”

Xu Yangyi smiled. “Because I beat Tamamo.”

“It’s a rumor!” Versailles snarled.

“I didn’t expect that a great lycan clan was actually being so suppressed by the vampires’ overseer that they couldn’t even lift their heads. I think…” Xu Yangyi leisurely paced in satisfaction. “Wouldn’t they want to find me to be their overseer?”

“Heh heh heh… maybe?” Versailles quelled his anger, on the contrary beginning to laugh. “Yellow monkey, although I don’t like your trashy ilk from the East, I must warn you. You should be glad right now, you should pray. For in your life, you were able to catch the fancy of the noble, pureblooded House of Corvinus.”

“But instead, you dare use your dirty hand to threaten a respectable Marquis emissary of the Corvinus!”

“I’ve seen many, many cultivators like your kind…” He licked his claw and laughed. “You commit a major crime in China, so you hide in America. To put it a little nicely, it’s to avoid disaster. Not so nicely, what’s the difference between you people and a housefly hiding under an eagle’s wing? From your impure races you flee to our pure race, so you think you can assimilate into our pure world? Heh heh heh… don’t dream. Bloodline is greater than everything. Trash is trash.” He looked at Xu Yangyi in contempt. “I’ll tell you loud and clear: who can protect you here?”

“You’ve already offended the Dracul. Apart from the Corvinus, who else dares to receive you? Milord wants you to participate in the feast. Having me come to invite you is enough to give you face. Remember, to have, isn’t to have you consider. It’s to have you carry out. You  must  serve as overseer, you have no other choice. Otherwise… get out of America! Return to your filthy pigsty. Look, one plus one is two, it’s that simple!”

The werewolf turned around and got ready to leave. “Listen well. Five days from now, eight at night. The House of Corvinus’s Half Moon Marquis bestows upon you the qualifications of survival. He grants you a second life. If you want to die, don’t go. Oh, believe me, I want to watch when the Moon Guard rips you into pieces. Even if you can beat Tamamo, perhaps you wouldn’t even know she has five similar vampire enforcers under her command. Heh heh heh… if not, just you by yourself? Urk! Fuck!!!”

Before his voice even fell, all the walls around him fissured inch after inch!

Surprisingly, this was not the end, however. Both his hands and all his bones cracked aloud. Afterwards, they withered away into almost nothing!

“Heavenly Opening… Devour Bone.” Xu Yangyi coolly blew on his fingertip. “I’ll leave you your legs to return with.”

“You actually dare…” Versailles stared blankly for three seconds, but then began to roar furiously. Yet not even waiting for the werewolf to reply, Xu Yangyi caused him to slam his mouth shut with his next words.

“For every extra piece of crap that comes dribbling out of your mouth, I’m going to break one of your bones.” Xu Yangyi looked coldly at the werewolf. “I don’t mind taking your head tonight as a congratulatory gift.”



Versailles’s teeth audibly cracked. He fully realized that this man was strong! Very strong!

Still… Xu Yangyi was a minority! A mongrel cultivator!

And this mongrel cultivator had actually wasted both of his hands!

“Good…” Versailles resisted the pain with great difficulty and gritted out, “You better pray you can be so unyielding until the end... Don’t go trembling under His Highness Savidean VII’s spiritual pressure! Those who provoke the House of Corvinus will have to pay a price they cannot afford!”

Finished speaking, Versailles leapt away several times and vanished in the darkness.

Xu Yangyi didn’t obstruct him.

Needless to say, Versailles didn’t see Xu Yangyi’s smiling-but-not-smiling face in the darkness.

“I like how direct foreigners are.” He rubbed his chin and laughed, “Of course, I appreciate how you apologize even more directly.”

“I really didn’t expect this. I haven’t been in America that long, but two western supremacies are looking all over for me.”

He mumbled to himself as he walked a few steps in the darkness. He enjoyed this kind of serenity.

The Corvinus definitely had to be met. There was no direct, serious conflict between him and them. From the beginning he laid eyes on the holy coffin of the Grand Duke Impaler, the Dracul couldn’t allow him to live by any respect.

Nonetheless, why did it seem that this time and opportunity had to be as delicate as a hair sticking out from the top of one’s head?

He simply wasn’t planning on currently meeting Savidean VII, and that was to say nothing about that envoy, who was an arrogant moron. This was just like the way America treated China in the mortal world.

“I’m strong.” He clenched his fist and sensed his vigorous strength coursing through his flesh. “I still didn’t feel that way in the past, and I didn’t feel that way in the Clearcloud Realm either. But, by returning to Earth, I can clearly sense what the fatal boundary between life and death gave me.”

“If they want to kill me for sure, they’ll have to send their Grand Dukes. Otherwise, they can dream on,” he laughed. “But will their Grand Dukes deign to lowering their prestige to personally act against a Chinese cultivator who’s just arrived in America? Won’t they be afraid of making a fool out of themselves? What a fucking joke.”

“Savidean VII… hmm, I hope you can still laugh when you see me next time.”

Upon his return to the hotel, the front desk immediately gave him a business card. He glanced at it, and a faint curve perked up at the crook of his mouth.

“USSS?” He brushed an eye over the card with great interest and whistled at the receptionist. “The United States Secret Service? The one that's on TV a lot? Tell them they should do whatever. I don’t have the time to meet them.”

The woman was dumbstruck, eyes wide and mouth ajar.

The USSS! The United States Secret Service! She absolutely hadn’t expected a business card like that! In fact, the card was kept in a case, so she hadn’t seen it!

“Um, mister, won’t you consider it?” She almost stood up. This was a scene that only appeared on TV. “Maybe, y-you’ll be, like, the next Donald Trump? [1]

“To tell the truth, I didn’t like him all too much.” Xu Yangyi faintly smiled and walked away with a newspaper he took from the side.

The woman watched his tall silhouette disappear into the elevator. She regained her wits and shrugged. “The Secret Service? Ah, I can’t believe it… It really was the Secret Service. Will I be able to keep my peaceful days here?”

Once he got back to his room, Xu Yangyi flipped through the newspaper and laughed. Really… he hadn’t had this feeling for a long time.

“Unmasking the secret of yesterday night’s anomaly. Through the verification of astronomers and various experts, this was a sunspot…”

He flipped through the paper as he pleased. It was all similar news, but none of the stories he read had anything in common with each other.

It seemed that New York’s government was taking action to smooth out the aftermath of yesterday’s evening battle between four Foundation Establishment cultivators.

Still, he wasn’t interested. How was America related with his own damn business? Since a Grand Duke hadn’t acted presently, this illustrated that he hadn’t made a big enough ruckus yet. If he truly couldn’t be investigated there was no need for the Secret Service to mobilize. In the first place, the Grand Dukes of two great families would warn him.

“One step a time, I’ll feel out America’s bottom line… That’s the way to take initiative, instead of passively accepting the American cultivation world’s restraint,” he murmured and propped himself on a window ledge, watching the sprawling metropolis in front of him.

Time passed quite quickly. On the second day, Xu Yangyi unexpectedly discovered a gift box at his door. There was a brand-new phone inside.

“Your Highness, you seem very happy.”  Laurent’s somewhat excited voice was heard from the phone.  “The adjustments are a complete success. Your Spirit Sand is practically a treasure bestowed by God! There’s no wear and tear on the medicinal nature of any of the capsules! And the effect of the Spirit Sand is perfectly displayed! T-This is just too unbelievable!”

Xu Yangyi laughed confidently. What a joke. In the entire world, only he had this move. If he could still be suppressed by some medicinality, then would he even be moving along steadily?

“Good, you decided to go with capsules? Honestly, I feel that’s a little more convenient for spirit-potions.”

Laurent sniggered with great craftiness.  “Your Highness, spirit-potions are indeed more convenient. However… spirit-potions might evaporate via purification. But what about capsules?”

Xu Yangyi was dazed, only then reacting. There were granules in the capsules, but it just couldn’t be discerned which ones were Spirit Sand. Even if someone wanted to see what his formula was in the end, they definitely wouldn’t be able to tell clearly. And granted that someone would find out, the Dao of Pills were impossible to duplicate.

“What about time? How did you do it so fast?”

“Hehe, Your Highness, each spirit-potion factory has an enchantment to speed up or slow down time. We specifically placed one that slows down the flow of time by five times. That’s the same as five days in the real world. It’s unfortunate… that an enchantment like this uses up too much. It’s hard for the Dracul to activate it once, as well.”

“Good…” Xu Yangyi licked his lips, a cold glint flashing through his eyes. “The first one, give it to me.”

“Your Highness, do you have some use for it?”

Xu Yangyi was silent for three seconds and slowly said, “Have you ever heard of Savidean VII?”

“Of course!!!”  Unexpectedly, Laurent screeched. Xu Yangyi even heard him gasping through the other side of the phone.  “Sir… don’t tell me he found you? By all means… you must be careful no matter what!”

A wisp of coldness flickered through Xu Yangyi’s eyes. “Explain.”

“Savidean VII   is the Half Moon Marquis, a Perfect Marquis, but it’s because of two reasons that he’s famous in America…”  Laurent’s voice carried deep fear.  “The first… is his nickname: The Bloody Ripper. Any opponent he fights, regardless of race, he’ll rip them to shreds. However, he only targets non-whites! If the opponent is white, though, he’ll properly bury them. Against opponents worthy of respect, he even offers sacrifices to them once every ten years.”

Xu Yangyi was cool and calm, only answering with a soft, glacially cold snort.

Proud and arrogant?

Blood lineage?

In the face of true power and benefit, these things were nothing.

“Your Highness?”  Seeing that Xu Yangyi didn’t respond, Laurent asked nervously.

“Nothing,” Xu Yangyi said in an indifferent tone. “Anyways, bloodline supremacy and racial struggle? Mortal viewpoints can be taken into the cultivation world, as well?”

“Your Highness… the United States might be one of the countries with the most inseparable integration between mortal and cultivation worlds. After all, the cultivation world’s development time in America is too short, and too much is borrowed from the world of ordinary people… Still, this isn’t the most frightening thing about Savidean VII.”

Laurent’s voice slightly wavered,  “The most frightening thing about him… is his status!”

“Savidean VII’s full name is Matrov Corvinus Savidean, and his father is known as Andrej Corvinus Savidean! Savidean VII’s father is also called… Savidean VI… otherwise known as the Full Moon Grand Duke! A pure-white wolf!”

1. Donald Trump is an American President.

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