Archfiend Chapter 1143

Chapter 468: A Feast of Lycans (7)

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“Heh… mongoloid, don’t be too pleased with yourself…” A middle-aged man took a step out, and the spiritual force of a high Marquis pervaded the air. “To have His Highness invite you is an honor that has never been had. His Highness had already decided to put aside past enmity, yet you actually still dare to put on airs? Ape, you think too highly of yourself…”

Before his voice even fell, a boom rang out and he flew back several meters. Standing up, he looked at Savidean VII as he panted for breath, a wisp of disbelief flitting through his eyes.

However, the great wolf simply didn’t look at the Marquis, instead staring straight at Xu Yangyi. A scorching ache gripped his face and heart!

Granted that this was his invitation, not even an asian was able to accept it. And yet… his first-ever invitation had actually been rejected by Xu Yangyi!

He had stepped onto the ladder and forcibly gritted his teeth as he passed it over to a monkey to walk onto, but Xu Yangyi actually didn’t even consider taking it!

How was he supposed to step off stage?

“I have no strong points myself, but there’s one thing about me that I recognize to be pretty good.” Xu Yangyi’s Fishbowel Sword angled towards Savidean VII. “My neck is a lot stronger.”

“Wanting to invite a master spirit-technician can be done. But your conduct today, to be brief, has rather disappointed me. But… I have a suggestion.” Xu Yangyi casually waved and a black invitation letter fell into Savidean VII’s hand. Just as the great wolf was about to open it, though, Xu Yangyi first said, “I want a spot in the Holy War.”

“You dare for a foot when already given an inch!!!” Before Xu Yangyi even finished speaking, the ten-odd Marquises present all cried out thunderously.

“Who do you think you are?!” 

“You really think you’ve grasped the House of Corvinus’s lifeline? Shit, today’s feast is only a symbol, barely just the tip of the iceberg of the Corvinus!”

“Mongrel, where did you learn about the quota for the Holy Relic? Your Highness, I believe we should obliterate him, no matter what the cost!”

A tall old man with a full head of silver hair took a step forward and gritted out, “This is obviously a saboteur from another family who wants to join the House of Corvinus. Your Highness, I second the motion; those who trample the family’s honor must pay with their lives!”

“Kill him.” Another fortyish-year-old woman in an evening gown crushed the wine glass in her hand. Due to great anger, her pupils became slits. “Of the ten positions available to the family for the Holy War, five have always been for our ten vassal families, and three for the Corvinus. When did it become the turn of a Sick Man of Asia to offer his opinion?” [1]

“Shut up!” Xu Yangyi swept an eye through everyone. Each person who met his gaze couldn’t help but take a few steps back. Only very few people remained unmoved. “None of you…” He ran his gaze through everyone in a loop. “Have the adequate qualifications.”

“If anyone has an objection, come on out. If you can last for an hour under my sword, you have the qualifications to talk here. Otherwise, sit down and quietly wait for your master to talk.”

Unexpectedly, Savidean VII didn’t refute these words. He only focused his gaze on Xu Yangyi, as if he wanted to eat the demon slayer.

“Mongrel… you really are courageous. But there’s no need to mention a joke like this again,” he coldly snorted and tore open the invitation letter.

The inside contained a simple letter with only a single line of words. 

‘In a month, everyone is respectfully invited to visit Sotheby’s Magick Auction Hall of New York.’  [2]

Signed with the name of Master Spirit-Technician X.

No one knew that X was an abbreviation of Xu Yangyi’s last name.

“Master Spirit-Technician X?” Even if Savidean VII was wilder, he still had no choice but to act cautiously upon seeing the words ‘master spirit-technician’. Any who could be called a master spirit-technician were honorable guests of each family. It could be said that such a figure was a true apex cultivator whose status knew no borders!

“You don’t mean to tell me… that this Master Spirit-Technician X is you?” He coldly looked towards Xu Yangyi and carefully stowed away the invitation card.

“Who knows?” Xu Yangyi smiled and said, “I’ll ask one last time. A position in the Holy War, and I can consider joining the House of Corvinus with the status of a master spirit-technician.”

“Hehe…” Savidean VII gravely swept over Xu Yangyi’s sword, his gaze falling onto the demon slayer’s face in the end. “Begone, lowly bastard.”

“My invitation to you is already your supreme honor, but you truly dared to refuse. From the moment you walk out the door, the House of Corvinus will immediately notify the entire West. Your surrender will be unconditionally declined.”

A slight curve played at the corner of Xu Yangyi’s mouth. “You think this is surrender?”

“The thoughts at the bottom of your heart aren’t important. What is important is what I think,” Savidean VII coldly said, “In offending two houses, you can only leave today. You can only leave the West. Repent, mortal. Because you refused my gesture today, you will return to your country of swindlers and beggars with dirt on your face.”

“Good…” Xu Yangyi slowly exhaled, laughing with deep meaning. “In that case… see you in a month.”

“I hope when the time comes you can still laugh.” He gracefully bowed and slowly left the great hall.

“Elder brother!” Elisana said hatefully. “You’re just going to let him go like that?!”

Savidean VII didn’t reply. He could sense that the horrific spiritual force on Xu Yangyi’s sword hadn’t receded until the other vanished.

“He can’t run…” he spat out, his eyes flushed with a wisp of killing intent. “In daring to cause trouble for the House of Corvinus’s Holy War Feast, he won’t leave the West.”

“I admit, he is smart, and his courage is also quite great. But in front of absolute strength, he can only survive with an equal level of power!”

A Marquis took two steps forward and said thoughtfully, “What if… he really is that master spirit-technician?”

“Impossible!” Savidean VII’s enormous head suddenly looked at the Marquis, and he gnashed his teeth. “Even in the East, any master spirit-technician is undoubtedly a top figure! Are there any of China’s master spirit-technicians that we don’t recognize? I’ve never heard of someone named X! Even if there was, it definitely wouldn’t be him!”

“Apart from treason, any mistake from a master spirit-technician would be tolerated! This person has no background and no history. He shows up and just says he’s a master spirit-technician? I observed his essence; he shouldn’t be over a hundred years old! A master spirit-technician less than a hundred years old? What a fucking joke!”

The Marquis thought to himself and nodded.

Among all the known master spirit-technicians in the current world, there wasn’t one under a hundred years old. A master who wasn’t a hundred years old didn’t have enough accumulations. In busying oneself with advancing to Marquis, how could techniques be cultivated?

“Relax… this matter… isn’t over!” Thirsty for blood, Savidean VII licked his lips. “You dare to refuse me face during my feast… In a month, I will definitely come. I really do want to see which so-called ‘master spirit-technician’ moved to America… What secret treasures have you brought! You better pray that the master behind you cares for you a lot, or else… I’ll twist your head off in front of everyone!”

“I don’t believe… that with the all-out backing of the Corvinus that this master spirit-technician will be reluctant to let a dog like you go!”

The feast continued. After Xu Yangyi’s show, everyone’s moods weren’t high. Two hours later, the Corvinus’s Holy War Feast came to an end. In the spacious hall, only Savidean VII and Elisana were left.

“Younger sister…” Savidean VII held a large goblet and murmured, “Make a trip to Chinatown.”

“Go ask that old thing suspected to be a Grand Duke… has a master spirit-technician left China? If one has, we must get detailed materials.”

“Alright,” Elisana promptly said. She clearly understood that while her elder brother seemed calm on the surface right now, the anger in his heart was in truth enough to fill the Pacific Ocean. She pondered and said, “But he isn’t close to westerners or the families. The Vast Gate itself has refused to communicate with us.” [3]

“Give him an Angel Fruit and ask him for information. It’ll be enough.”

With Elisana’s leave, the great hall was empty. Savidean VII calmly sipped his wine, but after about thirty seconds a resounding noise rang out! The golden goblet in his hand exploded with a rumble! Afterwards, a furious roar echoed through the hall!

“Mongrel… Mongrel!!!”

“An insignificant yellow cultivator actually dares to boast during the House of Corvinus’s feast! Who gave you the gall?!”

“Trash! All of you are trash! You couldn’t even withstand his one move! Forcing me to act myself! I went back on my word in front of everyone! What bullshit use is there in raising all of you?!” He was already standing up, and all his white fur stood on edge. His enormous frame moved up and down, his complexion somewhat savage as he paced back and forth. Several seconds later, his tail fiercely swung and a several-meter-long trench appeared on the ground.

Once he gave vent to the explosive anger in his heart, his expression settled.

“After I made my name, I, Savidean VII, have never received such humiliation in the following decades… You’ve successfully roused my attention. Pray… that you can live a little longer. If not… wasn’t the game this time too simple?”

An hour later. New York. Chinatown.

Elisana was wearing an expensive evening dress, standing in front of an already-somewhat-worn-down building. As much as she could, she maintained the calm on her face, but a layer of sweaty white fur was now covering her body.

Regardless of the number of times… even a quasi Grand Duke would feel a terrible suffocation upon arriving here. Just like the sky was collapsing.

No one had simply seen the Man in Chinatown act. A few rumors barely existed, but everyone knew that an unfathomable old monster was in Chinatown.

Another ten minutes later, she was standing in front of a man.

“Your Highness.” As brash as she was, she didn’t dare to be the slightest bit negligent in front of this person. She curtsied and said in a soft voice, “Elder brother wants to consult you. Does China have a master spirit-technician who has committed a great offense? Or has committed treason?”

As she asked this question, her heart frantically skipped non-stop!

If there was such a master spirit-technician… then all the families of the West would be excited! A master spirit-technician could raise a first-rate family! And as time settled later on, such a family could even approach the Corvinus and the Dracul’s level!

This  was a true strategic resource!

The man in front of Elisana didn’t speak. Instead, he carefully studied the invitation. After ages, he let out a long sigh, “So it was him…”

“You recognize him, sir?” Elisana snapped her head up and asked in disbelief.

Could it be that the man who had stormed their feast was an actual master spirit-technician?!

No… this was impossible!

Just like the Dracul’s bloodline elysial bestowment of echolocation, the direct line of the Corvinus also possessed their own unique bloodline art as one of the western authorities!

As long as they smelled someone, they were able to judge the other’s approximate age and remember their scent! They would never lose it!

She dared to confirm that Xu Yangyi had cultivated for no more than fifty years! No… 

She suddenly sighed. The man in front of her had only said, ‘so it was him’. It definitely wasn’t that damn asian, but rather the one who had written this invitation.

“The last time I saw him, he wasn’t a master spirit-technician.”

1. “Sick Man of Asia”. This is a term used in the past to describe how China was taken advantage of during negotiations in the 19th and 20th century.

2. Sotheby’s is a real auction broker in New York.

3. The Vast Gate, otherwise known as the Vast Family or the Society of Heaven and Earth is a real society that originated during the 18th century. Their goal was the opposition of the Qing and the return of the Ming.

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