Archfiend Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Legion Inauguration (4)

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Chapter 133: Legion Inauguration (4)

Chu Zhaonan didn’t say a second word. He got up and left.

“Brother Chu!”

“Don’t be like this…”

Luo Sanfeng and Gao Ye were more or less embarrassed. Were they leaving? Or not leaving?

“You’ve disappointed me very much.” Chu Zhaonan walked two steps and turned his head to look at Xu Yangyi, simply uncaring of where he was. He gritted his teeth and said: “Xu, if you’re going to fucking say you ain’t got anything, say it earlier! I could’ve figured something out for you! We both crossed through death. Are you returning my embarrassment?”

Xu Yangyi looked at Chu Zhaonan who was so honest it was cute. He laughed; how was it that he hadn’t discovered that Chu Zhaonan had this side to him?

“Do you not take me as a brother? This isn’t a damn Legion Inauguration Ceremony! If you said the word, my father would’ve asked my grandfather to advocate for you! The pack of clowns downstairs are stiffs!”

“But you didn’t say a fucking word! Now…” Chu Zhaonan really did want to curse, but in the end, he rigidly clenched his teeth: “Do as you see fit!”

The other present people didn’t NOT recognize Chu Zhaonan. He was the young lord of Mingshui Province and was moreover even a cultivator. With such a reputation, he couldn’t make too much noise. The old man of the Yi Clan laughed wryly: “Even young Chu had a few good words to say. We can only blame ourselves for failing in familiar waters. We chased a wildgoose only to get pecked in the eye.”

Vulture and Lilac were silent, smiling bitterly.

Even if they wanted to somehow justify returning, they didn’t throw away the substance of today’s face altogether. To a newly established legion, this was a fatal blow. It was abnormal for Xu Yangyi to be absent-minded. To think of doing such a thing… could even considered folly! As old friends in times past, they could help with a few matters, but some matters couldn’t be helped.

Chu Zhaonan shook his head, turning around and leaving. At the least, he was still able to somewhat come to the rescue. He walked dispiritedly, and his thoughts were a tad discouraged. How could it be like this? How could the opponent he acknowledged, missing for three years, do such a thing after two years of seclusion?

Behind, the sound of something opening echoed. Afterwards, a person stood up. Immediately following… a second person stood up. And then a third, and a fourth...

In the direction he was leaving, Chu Zhaonan could see the rear because there were so very few people present. There simply wouldn’t be people sitting in the back, but right now, there was still one.

Thousandedge’s third secretary. Yet at this moment, she also stood up. Not only had she stood up, Chu Zhaonan discovered to his shock that her entire body was shivering. Her mouth was wide open as if she had seen a ghost. The current scene was far too calm. So calm that there was a sliver of weirdness to it.

This is… The light of Chu Zhaonan’s eyes undulated, and he immediately turned his head around without the slightest hesitation! Behind… everyone was already standing!

A black object was suspended above Xu Yangyi’s palm. As for Xu Yangyi at this very instant, he seemed to be god seizing the Earth! In this place, time ceased. There weren’t many people on the floor, but each one of them had their eyes glued on the black pellet, unable to shift away at all!

It wasn’t shining and it also wasn’t dazzling, but the object of this moment seemed to burn as magnificently as the origin crystal of a thousand-year-old demon. 

“This is…” Old Yi’s expression was sluggish. He was close enough that a faintly discernible medicinal aroma clearly wafted into his nostrils. These two words seemed to exhaust his mental and physical strength, and the voice that left his mouth was wavering. The timbre of it was trembling dreadfully.

“Daofather above…” The present posture of the Thousand Domains Residence’s young cultivator was rather strange. On his chair, he was half-standing and half-sitting, his entire body weight supported on both his hands that were grasping the armrests. As for his hands propped on the armrests… they were shaking fiercely!

Vulture and Lilac had also stood up. They looked at the object in Xu Yangyi’s hand in disbelief, their eyes swiftly flushing red.

A medicinal pill! This was a medicinal pill! These two words were akin to a thunder clap sparking through everyone’s minds, no longer capable of being omitted.

“This is impossible… Impossible!!!” It wasn’t known after how long,  but a mournful screech rang out from the final row. The body of Thousandedge’s third secretary shook all over like sifting chaff. She covered her bosom and shrieked: “H-how is this possible?! How could there be such a thing?!”

No one had paid any mind to the auction. Wasn’t the auction of a Qi Condensation cultivator hilarious? And yet… at this moment, they suddenly discovered the auction of a Qi Condensation cultivator could equivalently possess an item that defied the heavens!

A swoosh rang out amidst the deathly silence. Xu Yangyi made a pinching motion with his hand, and the black medicinal pill vanished without a trace. He laughed: “Thanks to the favor of a good friend, I will be auctioning a bottle of Spirit Strengthening Pills in the auction next month. The amount isn’t set, but it won’t be over twenty.”

There was still no one that said anything, however, a layer of clarity had already suffused on the surface of everyone’s eyes. It was as if they had just awakened from a dream. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to speak, but in this sudden instant, the ability of speech had become lost to them!

A medicinal pill… As for the time period of quality assurance, from what modern excavation had yielded, a Core Formation pill’s rough preservation time exceeded no more than two centuries. A Qi Condensation medicinal pill didn’t surpass thirty! That was to say...

This thought sent everyone’s hearts into wild palpitations! This… was a recently concocted medicinal pill! The Dao of Pills… had been recreated!!! After two hundred year separation of time, the Dao of Pills had revealed itself once more before the world’s people!!!

The room was filled with a silence like death, so that one could even hear the sound of pounding hearts. Xu Yangyi’s brows coolly furrowed. That’s not right… How could you all be so tongue-tied? You guys have to declare something. My auction’s still looking forward to your hype. Why can’t you say something?

“When the time comes, I’ll have to ask everyone…”

“OUR BOUNTIFUL TREASURES PAVILION IS IN!!!” Before Xu Yangyi’s voice fell, a voice far surpassing the third secretary’s resounding screech jolted the room into tremors. At this instant, Vulture’s eyes were bloodshot. The words he spoke just now seemed to spur into action some switch: “No one fight me on this! Five hundred spirit stones… No! A thousand medium-grade spirit stones for a single pill! Who dares to come?!”

Vulture couldn’t not be anxious! The Bountiful Treasures Pavilion had no commanding Core Formation ancestor. They were the masters operating the crafts of talismans, pill elixirs, and magik artifacts. The differences of the rest weren’t an issue, and their grand masters were all basically stationed at the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion. But as for Pill Dao...

It had been extinct for close to two hundred years! With its present emergence, there would inevitably be a complete reform conducted of the cultivation world’s pill elixir system in several years! How could Vulture not be worried?! In what way could he not be anxious?

The Thousand Domains Residence will sponsor the Xingtian Legion with fifty supreme-grade estates! We won’t take a single cent of expense!!!” Just as Vulture’s voice fell, the Thousand Domains Residence’s youth shouted even louder than him! In passing, he took out a jade card: “Fellow Daoist… No! Commander Xu! This is the Thousand Domains Residence’s Thousand Domain travel pass! With this pass, you can choose whatever fifty supreme-grade estates you fancy within all of China! They’re included with preinstalled high-grade Spirit Focusing Formations!”

The youth’s breathing was labored like an ox, and he only felt the numbing waves of his scalp. A medicinal pill… This was the Dao of Pills! He dared to be certain! If the chairman was here right now, he would also surely expense maximum power to aid him wrest this medicinal pill!

These medicinal pills in themselves were only Spirit Strengthening Pills! What was important… was researching their compositions! They had the possibility of obtaining the pill concoction sequence! The methodology!

Merely this “possibility” warranted the grand die toss of at least forty thousand medium-grade spirit stones! The youth wasn’t regretful in the slightest! This wealth… in comparison to the reappearance of the Dao of Pills after close to two centuries… what could it be regarded as?!

If it could be recovered… No! A collaboration! A collaboration in this industry! This pittance of money would be a single hair from nine oxen!

Not having yet opened his mouth to shout a price, an attendant was no longer able to contain himself from yelling. In such a situation there were still people waiting to speak? What a joke!

“The CSIB!” Just as Lilac was about to speak, she suddenly drew a blank. This scenario… was very familiar… It was similar to five years prior and it was still this person. Merely, the buyers weren’t the same and neither was the venue… 

Nonetheless, it didn’t matter!

“The CSIB is willing to pay any price! Fellow Daoist Xu! Speak! So long as you say the word!!! Our specialists and R&D teams at the CSIB are the best in the entire nation! Pill formulas?! Be at ease! Speak! Just say the word! What do you desire?! We’ll give it! Foundation Establishment pill? Core Formation pill?! Nascent Soul pill?! So long as you speak! Just say it! We’ll immediately open registration rights!”

Core Formation pill! Nascent Soul pill! These words, even though they were only pill formulas which were silent for close to two centuries, were likewise incapable of further shockingness! None had expected that the CSIB actually held such a precious pill formula in their hands.

“Hahaha!” Vulture’s gaze flashed, and he said without hardly any delay: “Lilac, don’t take out this rubbish to scare people off!”

“The Dao of Pills! Do you know what this represents?! If another requires a pill formula, even a Core Formation ancestor wouldn’t necessarily be able to relax by a finger’s gap!”

“Then are you planning on chatting with our Ancestor Hiddenscent?!” Lilac slapped a table and stood up, revealing no weakness at all: “I dare to vow! Fellow Daoist Xu! As long as you speak, the few collection of pill formulas in Ancestor Hiddenscent’s hands are in no way off limits! And I also guarantee! The odds are at least over 70%!”

Vulture and Lilac glowered at each other, however, both of them were rendered dumb. Such a situation of mutual undermining… How could it be so familiar…?

But how could it be only 70%? The only pill master in the End of Days! The world’s pill magiks… were his! Unless… someone still wished to continue using pill elixirs! Or use capsules!

Old Yi shivered from head to toe, his mouth opening a few times, yet because of his racing pulse, words didn’t come out. The thoughts of all the people present were at the peak of chaos. An extremely powerful stimulation had almost brought them to rambling incoherence. 

However, he was different. The Yi Clan… was based in Beisan Province. They were the clan that cultivated and sold the most spirit vegetation! With a great Foundation Establishment cultivator at the helm, none dared to covet them! A pill master and a clan specialized in cultivating spirit vegetations, dual swords in harmony… What would come about?!

An aurora of golden light was before his eyes. The Yi Clan’s sudden rise was imminent!

“The Yi Clan… Yi Clan…” He opened his mouth wide to gasp for air. He said these few words, but because he was awfully nervous, nothing was said. However, as he panted, a wild voice rang out. 

“The Golden Dipper Auction Company is willing to gather our entire hall’s full strength to aid Fellow Daoist! We will assist the Xingtian Legion in holding this auction!!!”

If you don’t give it us, I’ll let you frickin’ see! Don’t think I dare not! I’ll get so crazy that even I’ll be afraid!

Everyone looked at him in astonishment. This was because… he had actually screamed these words. Moreover, he huffed and puffed like an ox as he looked at Xu Yangyi. Not even by a sliver did he think this to be a disgrace. On the contrary, he thought it to be an honor!

If this opportunity was missed, and other auction companies took it and ran with it, how would they still be capable of holding footing in this business? One didn’t have to ask to know. Whichever auction business seized this auction was bound to occupy the fame of the auction industry’s number one! 

Thou dares! Old Yi’s body trembled uncontrollably. His clan was the most capable of close cooperation with a pill concoctionist, yet he still hadn’t spoken. As he surveyed these unrelated people, his features grew ugly! 

No one whatsoever took note that in the last row, the third secretary had already become separated in both body and soul as she took out her cell phone. “Sir Branchmaster… You, please, c-come at once and t-take a look… Something big has happened! Something big that will shock the entire cultivation world!”

“What business.” Thousandedge’s somewhat annoyed voice was heard from the phone. This was a rarely seen, strange occurance. This was the first time he had to make a judgement himself.

What item could be taken out in a Qi Condensation cultivator’s Legion Inauguration Ceremony? It was practically a joke.

The secretary clenched her teeth with a deathly tightness: “A m-m-medicinal pill, a medicinal pill has appeared… A real… Hello? Branch master? Your Excellency Branchmaster!”

An explosive echo was heard from the phone. From then onwards, it was silent.

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