Archfiend Chapter 170

Chapter 170: Danxia Temples Startling Transformation

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Chapter 170: Danxia Temples Startling Transformation

Longsu Province, Colonnades of Danxia Temple, night.

There were several hundred cultivators, all at Foundation Establishment. The middle stage of Foundation Establishment was considered a low cultivation and late-stage Foundation Establishment was even more common all around. The Great Circle cultivators were said to be as few as thirty or forty, and there were shockingly eight half-step Core Formation in the line up.

Everyones complexions were solemn. Each person was quietly meditating on the ground, but the mere cold sweat on their foreheads informed everyone that they werent meditating so simply.

In the sky, violet runes, faintly indiscernible, made up a great formation that was a few tens of kilometers in radius. The final destination of each talisman was shockingly each sitting cultivator!

Above the layers of black clouds above, there was a tremendous imperial palace, seemingly like a city floating in the air. It was a gigantic puppet turtle, and Its four feet were surrounded by kaleidoscopic clouds. A huge palace hall was situated on Its back. It was akin to a tremendous beast in the night.

Daomaster Ancientpines Core Formation imperial palace!

Suddenly, the complexion of a late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator became increasingly hideous and the cold sweat on his forehead more and more plentiful. The qi outside his body went berserk without warning. The surrounding people immediately opened their eyes. Their eyes beared incomparable complexity, pity, and absolute determination. Afterwards, they all shut their eyes at the same time.

Master! An initial-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator behind cried, his cheeks streaming with tears. In the next second, his master fiercely spat out a mouthful of blood and the qi of his entire body suddenly dissipated.

In an instant, the purple light of the talismans in the sky became greatly magnificent. The whole body of the already deceased cultivator fell to the floor, yet his mouth mechanically extended. A strange-looking insect was faintly discernible within his mouth. As for him, he no longer had a tongue.

Swoosh! Under the sprinkling violet light, the little insect released a sharp and ugly cry. The couple legs it exposed on the outside moved, and Its entire bodys color immediately turned from deathly ashen to pitch-black. It budged no further.

The initial-stage cultivator gritted his teeth, carried away his masters corpse, and sat down. From an aerial view in the sky, the several hundred Foundation Establishment cultivators were merging their bodies into the great formation, yet at the heart of the formation was Danxia Temples Colonnades!

In the Core Formation imperial palace above, Daomaster Ancientpine was sitting cross-legged and upright at the palace peak. Countless light screens unfolded besides him. Everything in a radius of fifty kilometers was in his grasp.

Master-ancestor. Jadesuns voice rang outside the door. Daomaster Ancientpine was silent for ages, but the two single-sided doors opened freely of the wind.

Jadesun soundlessly entered and cupped his hands: Master-ancestor disciple has already notified all junior brothers. Ninth junior sisters Closed Moon Legion of Shanghai, fourteenth junior brothers Thousand Mountains Legion of Guifang, eighth junior brothers Chiyou Legion of Lingxi, and seventeenth junior brothers Xingtian Legion of Mingshui have already been called on.

Silent, after a long time, Daomaster Ancientpines voice echoed faintly with terrible complexity: Six disciples, three major A-rank legions Within twelve minutes, the jade slips all shattered No less than several hundred Foundation Establishment cultivators A calamitous massacre overflowing the heavens, I have sinned

Master-ancestor, this is our responsibility. Jadesun took a deep sigh and quietly waited at Daomaster Ancientpines side: Chinas government has already passed down directive. You can invoke the authority of the ultimate weapon at any time, sir. The closest is the Southwest King, Ancestor Titanspirit, and the Endless Beasts Legion under his banner. Theyre rushing over to Longsu Province. His imperial palace will arrive tomorrow.

At this moment, Daomaster Ancientpines face didnt have a sliver of his relaxation at the auction. Instead, he opened his eyes with terrible cautiousness and wordlessly studied each light screen. After a while, he took a deep breath: Connect to the surface qi monitoring system.

Resembling a living creature, a light screen instantly formed a clear image. On the light screen, over a dozen tunic-suited cultivators were facing a computer with exceptional seriousness.

How is it?

Reporting to ancestor. A thin cultivator raised his head, his lips chapped: W-we mightve detected incorrectly.

Ancientpines face was without the slightest expression: I came here a couple decades ago. I know what might be inside. You only need worry yourself with speaking.

Yes The thin cultivator clenched his teeth and clicked with his finger. In the air, another light screen emerged.

On the light screen, there was only a little spot of green while everything else was red! Furthermore the red was moving!

Ancestor. The thin cultivators voice began to grow embarrassed: W-we really mightve messed up T-there wasnt any qi detected below. B-but using mortal infrared detection methods, we d-discovered

He dared not continue speaking, and Ancientpine said indifferently: Go on.

The thin cultivator sucked in deeply: Below there is a tremendous lifeform

Length 4832 meters Width 673 meters and He rigidly locked his teeth: Its a living creature

Huff Jadesun coldly gasped, looking at the boundless red on the screen in disbelief: Is it possible this is a Chinese ancestor comparable to Quetzalcoatl? Or an ancient monster sealed by a Chinese ancestor?

Ancientpine painfully shut his eyes. A single verse has smashed his beautiful dream to smithereens: It is a demon

Qi is not detected because its qi transcends the upper bound of detection. Several decades ago I entered here, but did not see Its form but a kind of demonic qi so concentrated but unable to pass I was almost incapable of resisting...

Jadesuns back was ice-cold: Master-ancestor, if It leaves

It will NOT leave! Ancientpines voice became somewhat loud, and his eyes opened, brimming with glorious light: Inside there is an extremely awesome seal. It cannot even move. What is there to discuss of emergence?

Jadesun didnt speak. A 4000-meter-plus demon form What kind of terrible cultivation was this?! Perhaps the other had existed here since the start of human civilization! This was the only possibility for It to grow so enormous! If It arose, It would be the greatest catastrophe to the human world and Cultivation Civilization! One like no other!

As if he saw through Jadesuns thoughts, Daomaster Ancientpine smiled: You dont need to be too worried. His face grew heavy: Could it be that you believe the great abbots of Shaoshi Mountain and Song Mountain or the old fogey Daoists of Greenwall Mountain and Dragon-Tiger Mountain dont have a speck of an item at the bottom of their reserves?

I dare vouch that so long as they possess Celestial Master Zhangs and Master Xuanzangs ancestral magik treasures from back then under their hands, this tremendous demon might still be terribly afraid of the consequences if It leaves. This is a character on the level of a Daofather or Buddha

Moreover He laughed unhurriedly: Dont look down on the Cultivation Court Do you know who old ghost Skybearers true persona is?

Please make it clear, master-ancestor. Jadesun asked.

Why is it you believe we respect him somewhat? Or even so much? Daomaster Ancientpine narrowed his eyes: I suspect there is an extremely high chance that he is Zhang Sanfeng of Taiji.

Zhang Sanfeng?! Jadesun was no longer capable of staying silent and cried out in alarm. His discomposure couldnt be blamed. In fact this persons name was too legendary!

Its still nothing more than conjecture. However it isnt an unfounded guess, wind from an empty cave Hehe, Liang Jiugong even ran out In the end, he couldnt endure the loneliness of cultivating for a few centuries as he stayed in a hanging coffin. For Zhang Sanfeng not to have died yet is still nothing bizarre. He laughed with some ruefulness: Could it be that you believe  among the identities of the Core Formation masters, besides old ghost Floatingclouds normal identity of Zhang Guangyao, the others are simple?

Were it not for that period of supreme fortune on that day, power overturning the world, how would they hold such great destiny?

Jadesun calmed down: H-hes live for over seven centuries? H-he isnt half-step Nascent Soul?

Half-step Nascent Soul? Ancientpine laughed indifferently: Perhaps

That old ghost I have never seen him truly take action even in arcane combat with several demon Core Formation in the past, it was still an incarnation For an incarnation to possess this kind of might In particular he actually remained unmoved on that day the Nascent Soul Pill formula emerged! Heh heh heh Never mind it, its nothing. These are just nothing but conjectures.

At this time, an ear-piercing dripping noise was heard. The thin cultivator who was just in dialog looked at a screen, ashen-faced: H-how could this be? H-how is t-this possible?!

Whats the matter? Daomaster Ancientpine immediately stowed his mind for conversation and said with a solemn face.

Impossible Impossible! This just cant be real! The thin cultivator and everyone in the surroundings appeared simply not to have heard anything. Rather, they studied the light screen in shock, their complexions green and lips shivering!

Ancientpines eyes flashed with a cold edge: I am asking about your words.

In an instant, an ice-cold verse startled the people below slightly back into their wits. The legs of over a dozen people went soft, and all of them kneeled, their voices floating: A-Ancestor, j-just now, w-w-we discovered t-t-there isnt j-just one giant demon i-inside!

What?! These words even caused Daomaster Ancientpines complexion to turn grave in a single moment. Body mass! He immediately questioned.

842 meters long 79 meters wide The thin cultivators head was slick with cold sweat: How could How could this be possible The newly emerged suspected demon is inside the giant demons body!

No one spoke. This information was too astonishing. The most horrific information was that It was suspected to be with child! That tremendous demon was possibly in the middle of giving birth! If this was the case, everything was explained!

Why Danxia Temple had suddenly changed! It was because that while this giant demon was on the eve of childbirth, It was being restricted by a seal, left with no option but to struggle. However this seal was marked on a single giant demon. If after waiting several centuries, the two giant demons joined as one Would the seal originally established on one giant demon be capable of sealing them?

Cultivation Civilization would experience an unimaginable peril, raging waves and stormy seas!

Not just this. A fat cultivator kneeling on the ground proceeded to speak: Ancestor we discovered there is a shocking qi fluctuation in the giant demons surroundings Its spreading extremely fast!

Weve already probed that there are spirit vegetation and even medicinal pill fluctuations inside! Also c-countless abnormal organisms Were even unable to survey the topography T-this is like

Ancientpines two eyes, black qi curling around them, gazed fixedly at him, and he interrupted the other, enunciating each word: Secret realm!

Gulp Everyone present all swallowed their spittle and spoke no further.

The cultivation world had many, many hopes. However, legends pertaining to secret realms never ceased.The story used in the past several thousand years, and the one most praised, was Ancestor Floatingcloud, Zhang Guangyao, who had returned alive from the Dragon Hole. In fifty years, he had went from the late stage of Foundation Establishment to directly congealing the golden core!

Secret realms had eternally been the favored and peerless tool for stimulating the cultivation world! Many lost items and even more arcane effortsso far as to a few ancient secretscould all be explored in a secret realm!

One could imagine that if this was truly a secret realm, the day it opened was destined to be a time of the cultivation worlds uproar!

When the time came clouds would stir in all eight reaches and dragons would converge to sea! Humanitys seven great clans, the demons five great clans, the great powers, hidden sects, and even three transcendent lineages of Daoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism would dispatch their most elite troops to come search the unknown!

Only Daomaster Ancientpine was grave in expression and mumbling to himself in silence. Others cared for secret realms, but he already stood at the worlds apex. He wasnt so caring for it.

What he cared for was what on earth was this demon! Several thousand meters large Was this a Nascent Soul demon form? Or even higher?

Pregnant for a millennium and further automatically triggering a secret realm as It was with child. In the end what was this monster?!

[1] Couple notes here. Shaoshi and Song Mountains are considered great mountains. Some might find that they know Shaoshi as where the Shaolin Temple is. Old fogey Daoists is another kinda sarcastic term for Daoists in general. Literal Chinese is Cow Nose. This term has a couple different origins, one: it relates to the hats Daoists wear (there is a braid on the side that sticks up like a cow nose), two: a Daoists traditional hairstyle looks like a cow nose, and three: it is said that originator of Daoism, Laozi, sat on a young cow. It just so happens that the word in Chinese for Originator/earliest ancestor has the character for nose in it.

[2] Zhang Sanfeng is a very famous Daoist. He is Zhang Sanfeng of Taiji because it it purported that he created the Chinese martial art of Taiji Fist. Its these type of reveals that make TLing this novel so enjoyable for me.

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