Archfiend Chapter 172

Chapter 172: Laying Down the Cards (2)

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Chapter 172: Laying Down the Cards (2)

The young lords gaze was like a lake as he stared at the screen. Inside the room, there were two elderly men. They appeared to already be over seventy years old, yet they lacked the slightest sliver of an old mans muddy gaze. On the contrary, it was brimming with spirited light!

Magik treasure This is definitely a magik treasure! In the twinkling that the little monkey appeared, an old man involuntarily cried out in alarm: These two men are undoubtedly immortal masters!

Have a look again. The young lords expression was grave. No one could see, but his fist was so clenched that his veins were displayed!

Grand uncle, as soon as I adjust the volume, well clearly hear what theyre talking about. The young lord said heavily: After since that incident, we have the best monitoring equipment in each room. Well be waiting on the immortal masters to arrive at all times!

Xu Yangyi leisurely picked up a cup of tea and sipped it: How unimaginable?

Fellow Daoist, dont be worried. Listen to my careful account. Zhao Wuye laughed dryly: However, no one knows that the Zhao Clan was unable to take another inch of a step forty years ago.

The Zhao Clans earth master was the finest expert in all of China Zhao Wuye sighed: Paired with specialized magik artifacts and talismans, we reached 300 meters underground. Forty years ago the Zhao Clans suicide squad excavated a passage that finally connected to a gigantic cavern. The cavern is approximately the size of a few football fields. Fellow Daoist He mysteriously leaned over a little closer: Can you guess what was inside?

Xu Yangyi laughed: Please tell, Fellow Daoist.

Zhao Wuye sucked in deeply: A honeycomb geography.

Its packed full of passages that allow a few people to walk shoulder to shoulder. Densely together like a honeycomb.

A several-thousand-meter wall All of it honeycomb! No less than a few hundred passages! So deep the bottom was unseen!

The isnt even the important thing Zhao Wuye moved closed and said lowly: Inside those honeycombs there are things!

Xu Yangyis gaze faintly sparked. There was another living organism 300 meters below? His biology was awfully rotten, but even if it was worse, he knew that in such a deep place, there were nearly no pure large-scale life forms!

There Zhao Wuye didnt know what to think, his complexion incomparably grave: Are a lot  plenty ofbecause the Zhao Clans suicide squad recorded the sound therebuzzing like countless worker bees!

No one spoker any further. In the honeycomb geography 300 meters underground, if the strange noise came from colony creatures for example ants, then there was bound to be ant queen!

Xu Yangyis gaze was heavy. This ant queen would she be as graceful as the tremendous fish he had caught a glance of? If it was truly like so the underground of Danixa Temple couldve already quite possibly become a unique ecosphere through the giant demons countless years of alterations!

Perhaps a demonsphere!

The Zhao Clan is unable to nibble further here. After ages, Zhao Wuye said deeply: I have a premonition Theres quite the chance that Danxia Temples true gates will are approached from here onwards. Moreover He deliberately paused: When Danxia Temples hundred rivulets formed a diagram, the suicide squad went on another trip He extended a finger and shook it: Not a single one returned.

Zhao Wuye was cold-faced as he sat on the sofa: However, according to the feedback from the jade slips, those strange noises all vanished. The entire couple thousand meters of giant honeycomb geography is like an abandoned beehive. A stretch of deathly silence.

Silent, after several seconds passed, Xu Yangyi said serenely: On just this, all of you confirmed that a strange treasure or secret realm came into the world? He looked straight into Zhao Wuyes eyes: I hope our conversation is capable enough of leaving everything in air. And not saying half and leaving half.

The Zhao Clan certainly holds our own judgement Zhao Wuye finished saying this and didnt open his mouth again. A slender finger softly tapping an armrest, he said solemnly: If Fellow Daoist makes a heart-devil oath, I wont not be able to tell you

You seem to have misunderstood something. Xu Yangyi laughed coldly: Its you who is making a request of me. And the drawing of the hundred rivulets forming a diagram is on my person. Besides He leaned close to Zhao Wuye and looked into the others eyes: China absolutely doesnt have you alone as a dragon-vein seeking lineage.

Ill take my leave. He raised his collar, pushing open the door and leaving without the slightest hesitation. A collaboration was doable. But he wouldnt consider someone who wanted a foot when they gained an inch.

Zhao Wuye didnt block his path, only glaring daggers into the others back. He didnt expect that his partners nature would be so strong. With a single unconforming phrase, the other had immediately chosen to leave. However, the other had complete justification to depart!

The box Although its use was unknown, the image formed by Danxia Temples hundred rivulets formed the image on the box! Years of Earth Master experience allowed him to promptly realize that this unassuming little box was quite possible masking Danxia Temples great concealed secret!

He was unable to take action the others strength was even further above his. The emotions of heaven and man waged war for a few seconds. Just as Xu Yangyis hand had already connected to the door handle, Zhao Wuyes ice-cold voice rang out: Fellow Daoist, wait a moment.

In a position he couldnt see, Xu Yangyi revealed a shred of a smile. The item was in his hand; who was to discuss condition margin to him? Zhao Wuye was bound to agree! He knew that since he set foot in this place.

Zhao Wuye was ashened-face and waved his hand. In the air, a light screen suddenly emerged. He looked into Xu Yangyis eyes and said coldly: This is the Zhao Clans top secret. If Fellow Daoist leaks it

In the surveillance room, the young lord gasped coldly, which was followed by two elderly men. They also saw this screen.

This is?! An elderly man sucked in a cold breath. Simply unlike an old man, he rushed over by a large stride and tightly clung onto the security monitor in front of him, his voice trembling: This is a divine ability This is definitely a divine ability spoken of in legend!

The young lord also saw everything. In this wink of time, his gaze suddenly twinkled!

Xu Yangyi calmly studied the light screen. On the surface, there was a geography of red mingled with black-and-white stripes, demonstrating its position. The Danxia Landform The places several kilometers apart from Danxia Temple were all like this! From the outside, it was beautiful like an exquisite oil painting. How could mortals imagine that great danger was secretly buried within?

A cultivator was locking his eyes fixedly on a place flowing with a stream. However, in less than ten minutes, a golden light suddenly spilled forth from the stream! On the screen, the cultivator was dazed for a few seconds. Soon after, he quickly plunged into the creek water and dredged something out like he had gone insane.

After a few minutes, the scene pulled close. Xu Yangyi only caught a glimpse, but his hand suddenly gripped tight an armrest!

It was a small golden dragon, yet it was entirely crafted from bamboo. The surface was carved with an untold number of profound talismans, and two ruby-like eyes sparkled with a bewitching red brilliance. The whole little dragon was no more than an arms length, yet it was like a living creature, sparing no effort to struggle in the cultivators hand! That Qi Condensation cultivator was simply hard-pressed to grab on to it!

A magik artifact! Xu Yangyis heart finally began to throb. He, in comparison to whatever Zhao Wuye imagined, understood much, much more! He knew below Danxia Temple, there was quite possibly a boundless lotus sea. He also knew that the lotus sea was concealing a prehistoric, giant demon! He moreover knew Daomaster Ancientpine had already mobilized all of the Featherwood Guards A-rank legions in secret! Furthermore, six of Master-Ancestor Ancientpines great  disciples had already died today at Danxia Temple! 

Presently, the river water spouting out from Danxia Temple was already beginning to flush out magik artifacts!

Its not a magik artifact Zhao Wuye gritted his teeth: Its a magik treasure!

Before his voice even fell, the small dragon fiercely swung its tail. In a flash, the cultivator who was on screen had half of his head flattened. Afterwards, like the little dragon possessed its own intelligence, it made a long hiss and soared away!

This is a magik treasure Although it was unknown how many times he had watched this scene, Zhao Wuyes heart still madly pounded without stop: This dragon-shaped magik treasure The interior of Danxia Temple A strange change has certainly happened The clan elders speculate that the inside is quite possibly concealing a massive treasury. In the wake of the terrain transformations, the treasury was finally broken of seal by the power of nature. The hundred rivulets forming a diagram is possibly the signal that the hidden treasury has opened As for this dragon-shaped magik treasure

He breathed in deeply: According to the clans information this is the second magik treasure this month. In this month, twenty-one magik artifacts have been flushed out and two magik treasures!

At last, Xu Yangyi had grown completely solemn. Daomaster Ancientpine mobilized the Featherwood Guard because of this business, right...

No matter what was seen the duos gaze swiftly converged together. A wisp of absolute certainty in their eyes, it went without saying, self-evident. Two words. The two of them read the message in the others eyes.

Secret realm!

All of this was entirely in accordance to the omen of any secret realms opening! A secret realm of the eight great deadlands! A secret realm where Daochild Longevity, Greenwall Mountains top mountain-protecting array diagram, and Shaolin masters had met their demise!

To laugh and ask the worlds heroes Zhao Wuye forced down the excitement in his heart, licking his lips because they were chapped from over excitement: Who dares go?!

Xu Yangyis gaze was likewise staunch, and he pointed at Zhao Wuye and laughed: Cao. Afterwards, he pointed towards himself: Liu.

Hahaha! Zhao Wuye turned upwards and laughed heartily. After several seconds, he finished laughing and looked into Xu Yangyis eyes: Three months from now, Longsu Provinces Nanchou Provincial Capital. Be there or be square.

Xu Yangyi raised a strong brow: Alright.

The Zhao Clan had laid down all their cards. Their aces had originated from the mysterious little monkey and as well as Danxia Temples current situation. Finally, they concluded it was a kind of extraordinarily precious thing A tunnel map!

Xu Yangyi understood very well what was inside the lotus sea. In particular, the ancient sheepskin scroll even had a few strange characters and symbols carved on it. Although he didnt know its meaning for the time being, once he was able to enter, he would naturally have the opportunity to understand.

What was important though was how to enter! This was reason he had to contact Zhao Wuye. The Zhao Clans foundation made him quite satisfied.

Since everything is done being said, then lets not go over this. 

Just as Xu Yangyi was about to leave, all of a sudden, Zhao Wuye coughed gently: Fellow Daoist, hold on for a moment

In front of a surveillance monitor, everyone stared in rapt attention. They seemed calm, but their rising-and-falling chests betrayed them all.

Chaofeng An old man said crowingly, his complexion an abnormal red: The ancestors passed-down records I originally believed it to be an exaggeration I didnt expect didnt expect it truly existed!

What are we still waiting for Well receive the immortal masters now!

This is immortal fate The other old man said warblingly: In the world theres actually such a true immortal technique You all saw the light screen that emerged just now with the wave of a hand If we dont go right now, for when are we even waiting?!

Dont be worried, grand uncles. On the contrary, the adolescent young lord was the most unperturbed one, but even his heart was beating violently. He never thought the ancestors few vague pennings and written accounts, things that had caused him to scoff and turn his nose up, would actually be capable of being seen with his own eyes!

This meeting place of over a dozen years had finally gained a meeting of immortal masters! This opportunity made him unable to restrain his rushed and urgent breathing!

Before were sure that the two immortal masters have finished conversing, we mustnt disturb them as much as possible. The young lord said heavily: Ive already ordered a few capable helpers to go wait at the door As soon as the immortal masters finish speaking, well go straight away!

[1] To my best knowledge, this line is from Jin Yongs The Smiling Proud Wanderer

[2] Caoliu. This is a combo of last names of Cao Cao and Liu Bei, both noted figures in the Three Kingdoms Era. It is used as a reference to describe the warring/allying nature of the duos relationship. 

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