Archfiend Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Demon Unto Heaven (2)

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Chapter 178: Demon Unto Heaven (2)

This formation has already been deployed for several months. Fellow Daoist, do you think if this formation was still able to be maintained, why would they come out with such an excuse like a virus all of a sudden? If this formation couldnt be shaken, why are they isolating entry and exit into Longsu Province?! Zhao Wuyes pale complexion carried a smidgen of unspoken excitement: They cant control it The Core Formation ancestors are unable to control it! This emergence is surely an enormous opportunity! An unimaginable secret realm! Legendary ancient treasures!

Xu Yangyis expression didnt change, and he picked up a cup of coffee and took a sip: It also might be an enormous danger.

Are you scared? So excited that it was somewhat twisting, Zhao Wuyes face moved closer in front of Xu Yangyi. He enunciated each of his words: This old man is so excited that I cant even sleep!

Isnt the Dragon Hole dangerous? Yet it was capable of producing Ancestor Floatingcloud! The Colonnades of Danixa Temple arent necessarily incapable of producing an Ancestor Zhao! The greater the danger, the greater the fortune. The Heavenly Law never owes anyone Fellow Daoist, whatre you still waiting for?

Xu Yangyi didnt speak but rather his hand lightly rapped an armrest. It had only been more than a month but already, Longsu Provinces situation was actually so urgent! He had personally witnessed Core Formation ancestors move into action. He clearly understood their might. However right now, even Ancestor Ancientpine was unable to continue keeping things under control and had begun cooperating with the government.

The time was too close. His few divine abilities had yet to be completely and thoroughly grasped. In the same vein, a couple other legionnaires were also in seclusion. Nonetheless, Danxia Temple was already an arrow on a bow string!

Within three days, the Xingtian Legion and you will head to Nanzhou. After an extended period, Xu Yangyi said lowly: I hope the Zhao Clan has already made preparations. Something thats able to cause master-ancestor and the government to join hands is definitely no small matter.

Relax. Zhao Wuye chortled: The Zhao Clan has already prepared centuries for this day!

Alright then Im going to head out in advance. Zhao Wuye cupped his hands: Although mortals are presently restricted from entering, its unknown whether cultivators are. But anyways, even if I am restricted, Im a hundred percent sure that I use the Xingtian Legion to get in.

Zhao Wuye left. From rumination, Xu Yangyis expression began to reach total caution. 

The secret of the Animus Armament The secret of the endless lotus sea The secret of his three-year disappearance Finally, were these mysteries going to be uncovered?

This had arrived too swiftly but he was devoid of the slightest trace of fear. On the contrary, the expectation in his heart was like a blaze, flaming with the utmost might.

Destiny, a word like a hazy mist. Perhaps it was believed Danxia Temple was a land of destiny, yet the region below was calamity, nine deaths and a narrow escape. And while perhaps it was a land of paramount danger, it concealed a destiny that drove a person to madness.

Such as the Dragon Hole.

Nonetheless, he could confirm that so long as the underside of Danxia Temple was the lotus sea, it was bound to be hiding a few things. Things intimately related to himself. Or that was to say something intimately related to the Animus Armament! But whether or not there was, he HAD to go!

At this time, Xu Yangyis brow suddenly raised. A powerful spiritual pressure...

In his office, a supremely mighty spiritual sense swiftly pervaded the air in his office. It was even in Thousandedges office upstairs!

A Foundation Establishment senior!

In a flash, the Xingtian legionnaires all sensed this pressure in their rooms. No matter the case, this spiritual pressure wasnt masked at all. It was practically like a delcaration to everyone that he had come.

This is Upstairs, Thousandedge abruptly stood up from his seat, feeling out in disbelief: This is Jadesun? Hes personally come to the branch? Is it for me or His heart shortly began to stir into frenzy.

Could it be that Ancestor Floatingcloud had sold him out? Else not, why had Jadesun, a Core Formation masters chief disciple, suddenly come?

Swoosh Downstairs in Xu Yangyis room, as if a black hole had emerged, shadows from all around converged at the center of the room. Xu Yangyi had already stood up and was watching everything happen in the room with rapt attention.

This is the Thousand Miles Shadow Transference divine ability. At the door, a voice rang out all of a sudden. Fang Cheng walked in through the door without the slightest inhibition: Senior-apprentice brother has come.

Xu Yangyi raised an eye to look over. All the Xingtian Legions legionnaires were already gathered at the door. 

Swoosh swoosh swoosh The sound of vibrating air rang out. After a couple tens of seconds, Jadesuns familiar figure appeared before everyone.

The feel of him was rather strange, seemingly real yet seemingly illusory. He laid between the real and the void, but his bodys spiritual pressure appeared as if it had come in person.

Respectful greetings, senior! Respectful greetings, senior-apprentice brother! At this very instant, everyone in the room collectively faced towards Jadesun and clasped hands and bowed, speaking in unison. 

You may excuse yourselves from courtesy. In the serenity of Jadesuns expression, there was a smidgen of cautiousness beared. Without almost a shred of hesitation, he gazed straight at Xu Yangyi: Daomaster Ancientpines seventeenth disciple of the Featherwood Guards Xingtian Legion, hear and obey.

Everyone sucked in heavily, and the other legionnaires tactfully prepared to withdraw, but at this moment, Jadesun said dully: Slow down. This command is for the Xingtian Legion. He deeply studied Xu Yangyis eyes: This is a mission specially appointed by a Core Formation master. All of you need not leave.

Hiss The sound of cold gasps came from gaps of each persons teeth.

They were different from Xu Yangyi. Not every person had the luck to meet a Core Formation ancestor. If a Core Formation ancestor didnt want to allow anyone to catch sight of them, even if one was in plain view, in no way could one even think of getting a glance Presently, it could be said that apart from Xu Yangyi and Fang Cheng, no one whatsoever had seen a Core Formation master! They moreover couldnt say they had received an order from a Core Formation master!

Disciple Xu Yangyi receives command. Xu Yangyi cupped his fist and answered solemnly.

I will ask you again. You can still have room to choose. Jade sun didnt directly speak of the command, and his gaze peered fixedly into Xu Yangyis eyes as if he wanted to see through the latters innermost being: That day, you said that which is responsibility is that which is shouldered. Did this come from the heart?

My words ring true. They came from emotion and came from the heart. A perfectly identical question, yet it carried a different flavor. Now it was even more like the final question before entering the battlefield!

Good. Jadesuns voice still didnt change in the slightest: Xingtian Legion, hear and obey. 

Yes! Everyone cupped a fist and bowed, answering in chorus. 

Effective immediately, the Xingtian Legion is to discontinue all executed missions. Effective immediately, the Xingtian Legion is forbidden from accepting all missions. Effective immediately, the Xingtian Legion will remain here on standby. Jadesun took a deep breath: In five days at twelve midnight, the Xingtian Legion will set out. Within the day, you must reach Longsu Provinces Nanzhou Provincial Capital.

Once he finished speaking all of Ancientpines commander, his voice slowed down a bit: Seventeenth disciple, I will tell you that great changes will happen in Longsu Province in a few days. No more than seven days Master-ancestor is overseeing Danxia Temple. Are you willing to accept this order?

Xu Yangyi straightened out and said with equal graveness: This isnt a unique scenario. Over a month ago, the first mission that the Xingtian Legion originally decided on was to explore the surroundings of Danxia Temple. 

This time, it was Jadesuns turn to be surprised. By no measure or pace did he expect that this seventeenth junior brother would be so daring! A newborn calfs first excursion, yet it preferred to visit the tigers mountain! 

Does seventeenth junior brother speak the truth? He looked towards Fang Cheng and asked.

Thats right, were all ready. Didnt you know, senior brother? Fangcheng rubbed the back of his head and asked.

In Jadesuns heart, his perception towards Xu Yangyi became a fraction better.

Of a Core Formation ancestors disciples, which ones talents werent grand and winding in both width and height? However, this still wasnt enough. They couldnt fall short in either courage, fortune, and wisdom. He had seen Xu Yangyis wisdom, like during the auction when Xu Yangyi had implemented a strategy to kill three generals with two peaches. At this moment, he hadnt expected the other would actually be so incredibly audacious!

Which newcomers legion would choose the surroundings of one of the eight great deadlands as their first mission?

Xu Yangyi dared! In addition he understood even more clearly that while taking the initiative to volunteer for a Core Formation command seemed like a minor matter, there was in fact a distinction between initiative and passiveness to Ancestor Ancientpine. 

The difference among them was to speak big and do big, to speak small and do small. Xu Yangyi absolutely had to further deepen Ancientpines impression towards him.

A good young fellow Jadesuns gaze flashed with a wisp of enigmatic praise. You have courage and wisdom. I dont mind delivering you to the east wind. 

His hand gently waved, and a box flew into Xu Yangyis hand: For the time being, I didnt bring anything. Inside this is a formation diagram that I once studied. Its other functions arent that formidable, but it can completely cut off a groups spiritual sense and qi in a split second. Moreover, it can obscure body shape. It didnt have a name, but my disciple has a passion for mortal games and chose a pretty good onethe Group Concealment Talisman. Furthermore, theres also a special authorization inside for this occasion. Take this item if you dont wish for the mortal army to open fire on you.

A good item!

In an instant, Xu Yangyi knew that this capability would be of no minor assistance towards the Danxia Temple excursion! It might even allow them transform danger into safety!

Thank you for your generous bestowment, master-brother. He accepted the box, sparing politeness. This wasnt the time to be particular about face.

Ill present you with another word. Jadesun said with seemingly deep meaning: This occasion is truly dangerous beyond your imagination. Or perhaps it might be a stage of uncertain good fortune.

Jadesun finished speaking, and his silhouette transformed into black light and dissipated. Xu Yangyi stowed the formation diagram, mumbling to himself in silence. This time the path that the Xingtian Legion was to walk was going to be absolutely different from everyone else! Danger or no danger From the beginning, the Xingtian Legion wasnt on this chessboard.

Everyone. He turned towards everyone and gave them each a glance. This deadland excursion In the end, how many faces might there still exist? In five days at eleven oclock. Assemble at the top of the building. He looked at his watch: Ive already rented a private airplane. And one last thing He laughed: Did you write your wills?

Not necessary. Fang Cheng shrugged his shoulders: Im definitely going to come back alive. Maybe I can even save you and get you to owe me a big favor. 

Lip service was easy, but no one was able to relax in these final five days. Every person did what they shouldve. Tidied up whatever else they couldnt take along. And as well as bidding farewell to their friends.

Although they didnt want to admit it in their hearts, everyone understood. The name of deadland was in no measure or pace a joke. Perhaps this time, they would really be forever separated from each other by human and celestial realms. However, if they came out alive, they could truly be regarded as having firm standing in the Xingtian Legion!

Furthermore the Xingtian Legions reputation was also bound to genuinely enter the peoples field of view! And it wouldnt be because people remembered it as the legion involved with the Vermilion Snow Incident! 

Five days of time passed in the blink of an eye. December 5th, 2021. It was night. A night sky as if it was washed, and a vast starry heaven as if it was drunk.

The stars travel a long journey and the moon follows an eternal path. In the dark night, a thousand barrack lanterns shine.

At the top of the Featherwood Guard, sixteen silhouettes seemed to be like sixteen sculptures in the black night, firm and unyielding. The wind blew through Xu Yangyis hair. He extended a hand to comb his somewhat long hair and slightly grabbed out with the other to accurately catch a can of beer that flew over.

Mao Baer wagged his tail and sat down next to him. His canine face studied the glorious Mingshui Province that was under lights: Isnt this a feeling of drinking one more cup of alcohol and then setting out on a journey, never to see your old friends again?

Xu Yangyi didnt speak, merely popping open the can tab. Looking for a long time, he suddenly chugged it in a single go and said firmly: Im letting them wait for me. I dont know how long itll be until our Xingtian Legion returns and gets to look at the night scenery here again.

Silence. After a long time passed, Xu Yangyi laughed: And you? What are you thinking about?

Mao Baer was silent even longer. Finally, he cutely turned his body around: I was thinking back to the pooch that This Lord lost his virginity to. Screw it, shes still a mutt! But good or bad, isnt a husky a famous dog?!

[1] Poem by Qing Poet Nalan Qingde (1655 - 1685). Supposed to invoke feelings of melancholy/longing. Used to describe soldiers on a long and arduous journey thinking about their homes.

[2] I thought about literally translating this, but its just too clunky. Poem by Tang Poet Wang Wei (699 - 759). Literally: the bravery to urge the lord to drink another cup of alcohol. Leave to the west of the Southern Pass to never meet old friends again

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