Archfiend Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Manager Su (2)

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Chapter 18: Manager Su (2) 

“Hold your tongue!” Before Cao Mosheng’s voice had even fell, Cao Yun had already pulled him over fiercely and firmly pushed him down on the sofa, looking into his eyes and saying loud and clear: “I am telling you, there are men that cannot be weighed by wealth in this world. Yes… these men, there are indeed people in the world that can rival them, that can shake those mega corporations to their very core. Examples like China’s Imperial Qin Court, Britain’s DuPont family, or a few of Japan’s major financial groups… however, our Sanshui City’s Cao Family absolutely isn’t any deal!” 

“Even the world’s authorities can only use wealth and their enormous connections to trade with the other party. When did you it become your turn to speak? Isn’t our Sanshui’s Cao Family as big as an ant in comparison to these apex powers?!”

“I brought you here in order to let that man know of my good faith! Not to let you anger him! How many times have I told you!”

These words seemed to exhaust his entire body of strength. He sat down disappointedly and leaned against the sofa, shutting his eyes: “Mosheng… you should be sensible… There will inevitably be a day where grandfather won’t be able to continue carrying along. I regret… I truly regret… spoiling you so much… Tonight, just stand there obediently and don’t say anything… Promise, grandfather, alright?”

Cao Mosheng was dazed, believing he had heard incorrectly.

His grandfather had told him before that they were going to see a man. His grandfather, as the present family patriarch and sitting chairman, and Cao Mosheng, the next patriarch and next chairman, had to treat this person properly. He had originally believed it was someone that had to meet, but the result turned out to surprisingly be the new captain of the Disciplinary and Investigations Unit! 

At the present, Cao Yun had went so far as to say that even Tie Xue, the sitting chair of China’s premier corporation, the Imperial Qin Court, in the prime of his years had to treat such a person equally?

A person… dressed so casually with the sum value of his clothing that he wore from head to toe equalling less than 500 bucks? 

“Promise me!” 

His train of thought not yet concluded, his grandfather’s voice rang out once again. It wasn’t until after he firmly clenching his teeth a few times did Cao Mosheng lower his head and purse his lips deeply: “Got it.”

Only then did Cao Yun genuinely release his bated breath. Soon after, he looked towards Manager Su nervously and pursed his lips: “Ms. Su… This time… their branch wouldn’t know, right…”

Manager Su was evidently stunned, sighing faintly: “The branch...?”

“I don’t what kind of place it is, as well… Legend has it, it’s a mystical world… A genuine world of immortals… In the myths, it is said monsters can be seen and there are warriors that can split and hack mountains apart into rubble… Hehe, however, it is only a legend… Lord Yun, this isn’t enough to believe in, but I dare to be sure of two matters.”

She looked at Cao Yun deeply: “One, the key to enter the ‘truth’ is there. The cornerstone. The starting point.”

“The truth…” The hoarseness of Cao Yun’s voice carried an incomparably emotional stirring, and he laughed bitterly: “What truth… The so-called ‘true world’?”

“Perhaps.” Manager Su’s eyes carried the same unequalled yearning: “This key… The second matter I can confirm is that the Cao Family has still not drawn the key to be viewed as important.”

Cao Yun was silent for a moment, and he unexpectedly laughed: “Is that so… I can set my worries aside.”

“Che…” Cao Mosheng sneered, his eyes carrying a cold light as he swept them over at Manager Su. At this moment, the sound of knocking echoed out. He had discovered a startling matter once again.

Manager Su stood up immediately and tidied her maquillage once more. As for Cao Yun, he deeply inhaled several times, not tarrying in the slightest to stand up, only…

Cao Mosheng didn’t know whether it was an illusion or not, but he thought to himself were the muscles on his grandfather’s face… trembling? Why!? On what basis!? Excitement? Fear?! Are you fucking kidding me?!

Cao Mosheng’s complexion was incomparably gloomy. A mere captain… I want to see… how great your background is to make grandfather lower his head to you like this! You best pray it’s great… otherwise, tomorrow will be the day you’re sent scrambling out of Sanshui City!

“I hope I haven’t come late.” Xu Yangyi entered through the door. As for the matter of Manager Su failing to change her shoes, the meaning was rather clear: please, at your will.

Xu Yangyi still changed into slippers accordingly. His gaze faintly stretching forwards and he laughed: “You didn’t tell me there would be other guests tonight.”

“I’m extremely sorry!” In Cao Mosheng’s astonished sight, Cao Yun nearly bowed to the floor: “I am your humble servant Cao Yun. This is my grandson, Cao Mosheng. We are truly ashamed to look upon the immortal master… Please, we beg your forgiveness.”


“Shut the hell up!” Before his voice had even fell, Cao Yun’s entire head was dotted with a cold sweat, and he directly straightened his body, looking at Cao Mosheng resentfully for failing to meet his expectations: “Remember my words!”

Cao Mosheng was stunned. It was wholly beyond his expectations that his grandfather would surprisingly admonish him in front of a total stranger!

Chinese people paid particular attention to face. But now that a major affair was being spoken back on, he had actually been rebuked?

Son of a bitch… In his heart, he silently cursed, and an icy edge emerged within his eyes. Coldly sweeping his eyes towards Xu Yangyi, he feigned deference and stood over on the side.

“Hehe…” Manager Su faintly laughed and carried over a pot of coffee. She glanced deeply full of meaning at the youthful face of Cao Mosheng who was incapable of concealing his inner thoughts, taking a cup and placing it on the table: “Sir Cao, we can be considered acquaintances, but tonight, I cannot help you plead.”

“It’s not necessary.” Cao Mosheng forcefully choked back on his anger.

“You…” Cao Yun nearly spat out blood. This child was raised from childhood to be spoiled and pampered, however, in the Cao Family’s three successions of sons, his father had passed away in a car accident. The family’s grand properties and estates could only be given to him!

Even ordinarily… at this critical juncture… he had actually blurted nonsense!

“Forget about it.” Xu Yangyi lit a cigarette: “It’s no biggie. It’s problematic to demand the wealthy son of a multi-million dollar company to treat a pauper like me who gets a thousand in allowance every month courteously.”

Cao Mosheng laughed. A thousand, was this supposed to be an allowance?

You best pray you got something important deserving of my grandfather’s attention… He carried a blood-thirsty smile as he lowered his head, licked at his chapped lips, and noted darkly to himself within his heart: Otherwise… I don’t mind letting you know who's got the final say in Sanshui City…

He didn’t continue speaking.

“Mr. Xu, a great person is of great capacity.” Cao Yun released his bated breath and gritted his teeth: “He ran off…”

At this time, if Xu Yangyi still didn’t know who they were, then he was truly an idiot.

Sanshui City had a few corporations that formed its backbone. They could be said to be Sanshui City’s gods of wealth, great tax-paying households. Venture Pharmaceuticals run by Sanshui’s Cao Family was among one of them.

It could be said he still hadn’t guessed who Cao Yun and Cao Mosheng were or perhaps it could be said that he hadn’t connected them with Venture Pharmaceuticals. But the words “he ran off” explained everything.

Not only did the toad know that Xu Yangyi hadn’t died, but also that he had even killed the berserker that no one of Sanshui City dared to move against. How could the toad still dare to continue residing in Sanshui City?

Xu Yangyi was reminded of his first matter of business and that was to flay that toad of its skin!

He was incapable of tolerating deceit, especially since he had gambled his own life this time.

But the Cao Family… had spoken truthfully. If it wasn’t for the other come knocking on his door, he would’ve even forgotten this name.

“How long did he escape ago?” He asked without much thought. This came to him as no surprise. He had been left slumbering for the past ten-odd days; would the toad still not leave, waiting stiff like a corpse?

“It’s been ten-somewhat days…” Cao Yun wiped away at his sweat, wanting to sit but not daring to: “After Chief Zheng said the killer was apprehended… he specifically asked about your condition… Chief Zheng simply didn’t know of his inside information… Afterwards, he…”

“Embezzled some funds and took off.” Manager Su poured a cup of coffee for Xu Yangyi, gently laughing: “5 million was the greatest sum he could transfer within a week. You know, with his skill, even if he was lousy, he could render Sanshui’s security system without the least bit awareness or ease.”

The sofa was pretty comfortable… Compared to the stiff-and-plank-like “sofa” at Heavens Law, it was much more comfortable. Xu Yangyi was so lazy that he didn’t want to move, and with a wave of his hand, brought a cup of coffee to himself using a simple attraction technique. The cup of coffee gently floated over to his mouth, and he lightly pursed his lips. Before he even opened his mouth, the sudden sound of shattering abruptly pierced everyone’s eardrums. 

“I-It’s f-f-f-flying?!” At this moment, Cao Mosheng’s eyeballs went round with his mouth hanging ajar. He looked on in horror at everything going on before him.

What in the blazes was going on!? Had he suddenly passed through into some cultivation novel?! No… This was a dream. This was definitely a dream!

He fiercely clenched his fist, but discovered his palm had been painfully pricked by his fingernails. Turning his head immediately, he looked at the taciturn Cao Yun and said trilly: D-D-Demon! G-Grandfather! Demon! He’s a demon! A demon!”

Xu Yangyi looked at the floating cup of coffee at the side of his mouth in amazement. Beside him, Manager Su couldn’t help but to giggle.

“A demon…?” She said somewhat meaningful: “A bonafide demon… Little brother, you’ve never even seen one…”

“Shut up!” Presently, Cao Yun felt an incomparable complication within his heart.

In his encounter with the toad, he held selfish motives. He couldn’t be considered a good person, and to seize the other’s health supplement secret formula, he had sought several underground organizations to “make the other disappear”, yet the final thing he saw was a youth sitting atop a pile of corpses, smiling at him with a mouth dripping with blood.

In the past few years, he watched on helplessly as the other didn’t age, but was simply powerless to act! Moreover, even if he desired to do so, Venture Pharmaceuticals’ major scale of operations simply didn’t allow him to relinquish the other!

At that time, he knew… he had encountered a calamitous thing… when the youth in his third year hadn’t even grown taller nor grown older.

At this time, Manager Su had found him. He knew there were some things he was not allowed to touch… but now that it had already been touched, what was there to be done! The other was a poppy that would spell his doom! He was incapable of breaking free! He also didn’t want to be freed! 

Hidden, that which was hidden had to be concealed beneath the cloak of darkness! It wasn’t that Heavens Law didn’t have someone come. In this kind of situation, even without, the other was disinclined to care, as well. However… things weren’t the same this time!

According to Manager Su, the champion of Yuyang City had come this time! Furthermore, the toad and the man even had a fatal skirmish! When the toad could no longer be met, he knew that an imminent crisis was approaching Venture Pharmaceuticals.

He simply didn’t wait for the other to come find him, rather he bribed the entire hospital, and as soon as Xu Yangyi had awakened, he had used 2 million to get Manager Su to bring him for a talk, if only for a word.

Cao Mosheng didn’t know anything about this at all. He only looked at the leisurely and content Xu Yangyi like he had seen a ghost, his lips quivering and forehead slick with cold sweat.

Subsequently, he looked towards his silent grandfather once again and the cozied Manager Su. Several minutes later, he used his trembling finger to vacantly sweep it across the living room, his voice like grinding rust: “Y-You guys both knew… Am I right…”

“Grandfather… Ms. Su... Tell me… a-am I dreaming!”

“You aren’t dreaming.” Manager Su parted her lips and took a sip of coffee: “Your grandfather has already reminded you a good many times, and I have reminded you, as well. There are some things, even with the Cao Family’s foundation, which bottom lines are still beyond being touched upon.

Cao Mosheng gaped several times, unable to say a word.

An immortal art… This was an immortal art! Heavens… The things found in novels and television actually existed in reality! What had he provoked? A true demon? An immortal?

It was no wonder… No wonder Manager Su had warned him again… No wonder his grandfather had warned him once more… He had envisioned an awful lot, such as the strength of the other’s background and so on, yet he absolutely didn’t expect…

This man was simply beyond comprehension!

“You’re quite smart.”

Cao Mosheng’s thoughts were nervously scrambled to the nth degree, yet Xu Yangyi simply didn’t plan to pay any heed to him, rather he looked at Cao Yun and said: “I was just getting ready to handle this matter and return. At most to remind you, but you delivered yourselves to my door. On the contrary, I…”

“Mr. Xu!” Against any expectation, Cao Yun simply dared not to let him speak. The other appeared not take the matter seriously, but he didn’t have such a luxury! What was the intention of the other’s “reminder”? To what degree? He absolutely didn’t dare to spur the entire Cao Family into mobilization!

[1] 慈母多败儿 - I translated this as spoiling you so much, but meaning of this phrase is much more colorful. It means that a warm mother may ruin the upbringing of her children by being too nice, which will cause them to grow up rude/headstrong etc.

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