Archfiend Chapter 185

Chapter 185: Danxia Temple (4)

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Chapter 185: Danxia Temple (4)

Although it was said that the more awesome a demon form was that the harder it was to achieve Form Transformation, a demon beasts strength was at least a third stronger than a humans. But 

Their own side had close to forty people. Facing a Great Circle Qi Condensation demon beast that hadnt yet reached Form Transformation, they still had the confidence to fight!

Xingtian Legion get ready Xu Yangyi breathed in deeply, and two raging blazes were already flaring with a rumble in his hands: Whoever slays It, I will grant that person a drop of Rootless Nine Bends Aqua.

Whish whish whish! In the wake of this line, ten majestic rays of qi deafeningly exploded!

Yao Xintan silently drew out his longblade. At his side, Mo Yeyes mantis-shaped puppet quietly appeared. In Qin Xueluans surroundings, there was a scarlet snake, yet the crown of its head was white. Even stranger, there were actually two feathery wings around its body. Like a little dragon, it coiled around her and circled in the air.

This snake is called the White Featherhead. A single drop of its venom can kill ten whales. She licked her lips, bearing a smidgen of excitement as she looked at the giant demon beast: I want to test How many bites can you withstand?

Behind Gao Wuguo, qi pearls representing the Five Phases appeared behind an unknown time. Each pearl emitted an astonishing spiritual force. Quan Ningyue didnt speak, but tightly gripped her hammer.

As for this demon whale, It had evidently detected them already. Its body shrunk, seemingly condensing spiritual force. Afterwards, It fiercely opened Its maw and followed with an ear-splitting roar! In front of the crowd, it resembled the sudden opening of a black door that was over a dozen meters in size! Both sides of Its mouth were all ghastly white teeth!

With approximately forty people, three to four bites werent needed for them to be all swallowed in!

It really reeks, eh Yang Xueqings hair flew back, and she curled her lips in disgust. Both her hands crossed, and a thunderbolt seal quickly began to shine in her hand. At the same time, her pupils had turned completely silver-white: Five Thunders Hereticism Thunder Immortal Descends!

Boom boom boom! Thunderbolts emerged in the cave without the slightest omen, however, they all gathered on her person. At this moment, she seemed to transform into a giant lightning rod!

THIS was an underwater ground! As for thunder and lightning, both were the nemesis of demons. In addition, it was able to exhibit its greatest effect in this location!

Crackle crackle crackle Rays of lightning all aggregated in her seven apertures. Presently, she was akin to a lightning god descending. Even her stretched fingers beared electric arcs!

This is one of my killing aces She raised her head, using her eyes filled with lightning to glare at the giant beast: Cover me.

In this place, she had the confidence to go all out against this demon beast from millions of years ago that had now awoken again for an unknown reason! Even if this didnt work, she still had the faith to serve as this battles primary assault!

Yet the Zhao Clan cultivators were all gaping foolishly! Low-level cultivators were simply ignorant to the Xingtian Legions reputation. But this woman before their eyes, her strength was even enough to keep pace with fifth uncle and seventh uncle in the clan! No, so much that it surpassed them! The spiritual force radiating from her body right now shockingly surmounted the middle stage of Qi Condensation! It directly pressured the late stage!

T-this woman is their most fierce, right?

Possibly! This kind of divine ability is really too shocking!

Fuck me This woman is too savage, yeah?

Hehe Just as Yang Xueqings voice fell, Qin Xueluans phoenix eyes opened wide: It just so happens that Im fairly confident, too.

The two woman glanced at each otherthere were no more words. In the next second, Yang Xueqing raised her left hand, and a domain of pure-white lightning a full five meters in radius instantly encaged the livyatans surroundings!

Jun Man! Xu Yangyi bellowed, bereft of hardly any hesitation. At the same time, with the four impositions of Flying Star, Rapid Shadows, Wind Brandishes Traces, and Life Sacrification, he charged right before the livyatan like an azure phantom! 

Quan Ningyues gaze flashed, and the sledgehammer in her hand immediately exploded with a red brilliance! A faintly discernible Vermilion Bird winded around it. If said Xu Yangyis move was simply unclear, then while her move was distinctly visible, it was unable to be evaded by any means!

A lone force to cleave through myriad methods! Quan Ningyue released a tender shout and likewise chose to make a strong frontal attack! It was similar to a Vermilion Birds nirvana, bringing soaring flames to rush above!

On the other side, Yao Xintan sucked in deeply. At his back, seven blades oddly floated in his surroundings. Closely following, the seven blades, along with his silhouette, combined into one streak in the air and also charged ahead! Three figures leapt over a dozen meters. As they were halfway through, another inhuman figure dashed forth!

It was Fang Cheng! Already at this moment, he had fully demonized! His entire wolf form beared shadows that filled the sky and an ear-piercing howl. The place he opted for was the whales hardest partthe forehead!

That was because everyone could feel a horrible spiritual pressure radiating behind them! Gao Wuguos five qi pearls had united, actually forming a strange black qi pearl with blood-like veins converging on its surface. His expression was somewhat wan, and his veins bulged from head to toe. It was like he was using blood to nourish the qi pearl.

Yet at this moment, he was standing in a peculiar puppet, a puppet that seemed to possess an amplification function. His hair stood erect, and Mo Yeyu was carefully observing his state at the side.

The duo were putting into action their killing moves! All of this was accomplished in nearly a wink of time, devoid of a sliver of communication! All of the Zhao Clan cultivators watching at the side were dumbstruck, eyes wide and mouth vacant!

T-this is a true legion of the Featherwood Guard? A Zhao Clan cultivator said, staring and tongue-tied. Originally, it ought to have been them making cover, but now, they had completely forgotten their own duties.

Longsu Province was too far and remote. They were a new Qi Condensation batch and specialized cultivators. Ordinarily, they saw at most the competitions of their senior and junior brothers. A little bigger was the Zhao Clans several so-called Grand Clan Martial Assemblies. Where was a true legion moving into action to be witnessed?

Furthermore each person of the Xingtian Legion had been personally chosen by Xu Yangyi! It could be said every person in comparison to him wouldnt be too much weaker! If they truly spurred their aces in reserve, it could even be said that he would also suffer moderate injury.

Right now, in the eyes of the rookie-rookie pairings, the genius-genius pairings were practically communicating with glances! Action achieved in a flash!

They were shocked, but Zhao Wuye was even more astonished! As someone who had personally witnessed the scene of Xu Yangyi selecting people, he hadnt expected that once this legion moved into operation, they would immediately transform into a killing machine!

Two people had made killing moves and the others had provided immediate shielding without a hesitations trace. Moreover the two women who had wanted to act as the primary force before were simultaneously delighted to take action! This was a pairing of true geniuses! All that was asked for was victory, disregarding process!

Fourth Devilslayer Blade Spirit Slayer! A great majority of Qi Condensation cultivators were unable to stay in the air for too long. As he leapt to the peak, Yao Xintan made his move without the slightest indecision.

An emerald blade-light suddenly loomed in the sky. Slivers of qi seethed, bearing an infinite killing intent and charging towards the livyatan that was thirty meters away with great swiftness! As the blades tip was sent forth, the anguished howls of countless slain demons rang out in the air. Dim-green ripples mingled in the blades tip as it surged forward, invisible to the naked eye.

Swoosh! The blade tip collided with the surface of the livyatans pitch-black body. With a boom, green fireworks exploded on the giant black figure. An untold number of demons and ghosts wailed and flashed from the impact site!

Nonetheless, it had no effect!

In the water, the livyatans massive 87-meter-long body was like a huge giant. The scene of this blow appeared dazzling, but the beasts head hadnt even leaned to the side.

What a strong body! At this moment, Xu Yangyi was likewise stopped at the highest point. Without any hesitation, the Ten Cardinals Red Lotus screamed forward.

Water inherently subdued fire, but the Ten Cardinals Red Lotus was different. The fact that it didnt die out until everything was totally cindered was its greatest characteristic. Forthwith, in the sky above the thousand-meter lake, thunder and lightning played company to each other. The expanse below was a sea of scarlet fire! Presently, such a scene that could only be read about in fantasy novels had completely revealed itself before everyone!

However the beast still hadnt moved at all!

Dragon-Snake Dance! Following a soft cry, a scarlet figure passed the thunder light and fire sea at some unknown time and oddly appeared at the side of the giant whales body. It consumed its full strength to bite down.

Ding! A crisp sound echoed, and Qin Xueluan was stunned. In no way had she expected that this beasts skin could actually compare to a magik treasure! It simply couldnt be bitten! This was a demon beasts troublesome aspect. Although their intelligence had yet to blossom, their whole bodies were their magik artifacts! With purely brute force, they were able to crush an equal-rank cultivator to death!

All three of these moves had failed to bring results! The creature only seemed to have an instinctual fear of Yang Xueqings lightning that was caging It, not charging through in disorder.

Assemble! Xu Yangyi decisively changed tactics. On initial contact, the creature actually hadnt been gashed by a hair! 

Spiritual sense swiftly twisted around the livyatans figure, and he clearly sensed how dense the beasts muscle was. His spiritual sense falling onto Its skin even caused his brain somewhat of a stabbing pain!

Fuck! He fiercely spat. This fellows skin marks surprisingly formed an innate formation! It was no wonder that the creatures resistance towards divine abilities was so dreadfully high!

In particular he even sensed that below the others skin, there was an extremely ample layer of blubber, a thickness reaching over several meters! It was akin to an air-raid shelters supremely thick walls! When a divine ability struck the creatures body, it would first be dispelled by the outer skin and then pass through the layer of blubber underneath. Finally, it was able to arrive in the beasts internal organs and was then scattered by the colossal body, simply ignored and disregarded!

A lone strike had yielded no result, and everyone immediately fell back to the tortoise puppets. However, they didnt pant for air but rather looked back! The maneuver just now was merely the Xingtian Legions experimental attack. It was only to cover Gao Wuguo and Mo Yeyus true killing move! However, they didnt even have time to turn around.

Make way!!! A shout had already erupted from behind! Without any consideration, Xu Yangyi was the first to lie down on the giant tortoise. Immediately afterwards, everyone reflexively crouched down!

A black radiance bearing blood-red lightning! It resembled a sharpened arrow taking flight from its bow in the region they were squatting down, bearing a courageously advancing might and attacking the giant whales forehead!

THIS was the attack of their true lance! The great killing move they had covered for! Just now had been no more ten seconds of time. Everything was in order to allow this lance to store power to its maximum state!

Gao Wuguos two hands slackened as he stood in his original position. His face was pale, his head dripped with cold sweat, and his fingers trembling chaotically. At his side was an already scrapped puppet, and Mo Yeyu whose complexion was equally pale.

SWOOSH! In the places where this black light passed, the lake water was completely parted by two-plus meters of depth! Waves madly threw themselves away at both sides! It was like the Staff of Moses, a single staff put forth and myriad waters fled!

Countless green pearls and jades seemed to rise upwards in the sky. Under the reflection of sunlight, brilliant light flowed and vibrant hues brimmed.

[1] White Featherhead - The exact name is based off a flower, a Chinese pulsatilla.

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