Archfiend Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Danxia Temple (6)

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Chapter 187: Danxia Temple (6)

Everyone understood this meaning. One after another, they began to sit down in meditation. Like so, the group of people and the prehistoric livyatan surprisingly formed a strange peace.

In such a manner, the first day passed. On the second day no one moved. Merely all of them had adjusted their conditions to peak capacity! At night, the bright moon was up in the sky. Without warning, the giant tortoise puppet that everyone was meditating on started to undulate all over!

Xu Yangyi calmly opened his eyes. In a place pleasing to the eye, beneath the moonlight, the waters surface that floated with gleaming crystalline reflections seemed to be a shattered mirror. The livyatan that he had faced two days ago had moved.

In the water, it roved impatiently and uneasily. A tremendous shadow appeared like a picture under the water. As a nearly 20-meter-long tail raised upwards, it brought a boundless lake spray and heavily slammed down again! It lead the lake surface to slightly tremble like an earthquake!

Xu Yangyi gently sighed. At the same time, a strange aroma pervaded the entire mountain cave!

Its ripened! Its ripened! Mao Baer woofed and shouted disorderly: This fruit cant touch the soil! Otherwise itll die in case it gets in! Also, if it isnt collected within fifteen minutes, itll wilt! Spud! What are we still waiting for?! Hurry up! Hurry!

Shut up. Xu Yangyi pinched the dogs mouth closed, despite how the other whined and shouted rowdily. His gaze was already looking overhead. Over yonder the originally colorless and scentless Rootless Nine Bends Aqua had completely blossomed at this moment!

At first, it was unseen and unreachable, but now, it was like a blood-red star at the cave top, radiating an intoxicating brilliance! The moonlight reflected on it, and red rays of light passed through, causing one to be dazzled and stunned.

Hooouuu A gloomy roar rang out. The livyatan also felt bursts of palpitations. Its scant intelligence was telling It that the map had already been discarded and the dagger was in sight!

This sound was a warning, a warning to Xu Yangyi and the rest. If they dipped a finger on the Rootless Nine Bends Aqua, then it would be a battle to the death, ceaseless until eternal rest! As the overlord in the water here, only one party could stand!

No one spoke. Everyone was waiting for the instant of ripening. It was a mystery as to how long it had been. Ten minutes or twenty minutes. Maybe an hour As the moonlight was covered by a black cloud, a bloodthirsty curve drew at the corner of Xu Yangyis mouth: Go!

Following this shout, Mo Yeyus pupils suddenly contracted. Both his sleeves shook, and two brocaded pouches followed the wind and carried into the night sky. Shortly afterwards, a crashing noise echoed. Several hundred hawk puppets assumed the shape of a staircase within the cavern! Beneath moonlight, it was vividly lifelike.

This was their staircase leading to the cave top! At the same time, it was also a stepping board for cultivators to move in the air! In these several days, while it appeared that they were meditating, they had already used each of their advantages to plot every step!

Pretty! Quan Ningyue giggled heartily. In the next instant, her giant hammer suddenly separated and assembled at a lightning speed. In a wink, it transformed into a huge machete!

Dragon Slayer Style! In the wake of her bellow, her petite body fiercely erupted with myriad flames! The huge blade waved a blazing ten-plus-meter afterimage in the sky! Even the sharp cry of a dragon could be heard. With a tigers leap, her foot landed on a hawk in the air, and she chopped down towards the livyatans head!

SWOOSH!!! The waters surface completely boiled over following this move! Several tens of soaring water columns exploded forth with a rumble! The momentum seemed to desire to split this giant whale in two!

Five Thunders Law Immortal Sword Request! Yang Xueqing gently shouted, and endless thunderbolts converged in her hand. In a twinkling, an ancient sword hilt appeared, and she took it, brandishing it along the wind. Boom boom boom! Infinite lightning directly sparkled and formed the sword blade! She herself had likewise become a thunderbolt. Woman and sword united as one, charging towards the massive whale!

Swoosh! A huge fiery blade slashed the giant whales body. Immediately, a white scar appeared. Without any pause, Quan Ningyues hand and foot promptly split open, and countless magik treasures flew out from her body! In an instant, they actually entered the creatures flesh inch by inch! She used herself to deeply stick into the livyatans body!

A tiny person and a colossal whale. A total eruption only existed in the span of these fifteen minutes! No one was left with further reservation!

ROAAR!!! At this moment, each second was extremely precious! The livyatan roared angrily and countless blue rays of light quickly condensed within Its body from all around! The next second, a giant fish phantom appeared behind It. The entire lake surged up by several tens of meters! Simply disregarding Quan Ningyue who was hanging on Its body, a discontinuous droning noise came from Its immense mouth for the first time!

Hidden Dragon Goes To Sea! The voice stammered, but it was indeed a human voice! Already, this tremendous demon was truly on the cusp of Form Transformation!

CRASH! The second of tranquility had been exchanged with unrecognizable changes in the next! Giant waves screamed with destructive power that crushed things as easily as rotten wood, bursting forth from the livyatan as the nexus! It was a world of water. A giant tens-of-meters-tall wave produced a roar that caused the heart to tremble, crashing towards everyone!

Fuck! Xu Yangyi suddenly stood up and revolved his spiritual force with maximum power! Not only him, each persons face was terribly grave right now. A few of the Zhao Clans cultivators who hadnt experienced arcane combat had long since been so frightened that they were ashen-faced!

FWAP! In mere moments, the terrible, giant wave had arrived in front of them! It even formed a giant shadow! Pitifully minute in contrast to this giant wave, each person would be engulfed!

Rumble! The wave hadnt entered the lake waters, but closely following, countless waves relentlessly advanced from behind! It was as if the entire lake was going to be emptied! These giant waves were like a ten-thousand-catty sledgehammer, smashing everyone to the lakebed!

Good strength Under the water, Xu Yangyi held in his breath. He likewise even came to appreciate a demon beasts valiance. Hard outer skin transformed the beast into mobile fortress. That moreover wasnt to speak of the elysial divine ability originating from the inheritance of Its millions-of-years-old bloodline. On the ground, this move was absolutely capable of causing a small tsunami! It could even compare to an initial-stage Foundation Establishments might!

However he simply didnt have a sliver of rest. This was because just now, it seemed as if his chest had been struck by a heavy mallet. Even he couldnt withstand the sensation of a giant tens-of-meters-tall wave smashing down.

Lines of blood spilled out from the side of Xu Yangyis mouth. As his blood drifted on the waves, he shockingly discovered there were things in the water! It was a kind of extremely bizarre organism like a flea. It was the size of a palm and had six legs bearing barbed claws. In the boundless water, the creatures swam towards them at a lightning speed! 

This is His pupils needled, and he swiftly covered his nostrils. In disbelief, he looked towards the giant whale. He clearly saw that these things had all come from the giant whales entire body! Like cruisers released from an aircraft carrier, they formed an unimaginable killing formation in the water!

Whale lice! Xu Yangyi immediately knew what these things were. On each whales body, these things were certain to dwell. On an ordinary whales body, they were only cleaners. On a whale demons body, they were also cleaners! However, what they cleansed was his life!

Plop! Plop! The massive torrenting wave slammed everyone into the water. At his side was a Zhao Clan disciple, but at this moment, the disciple had already become ball-shaped! The countless whale lice had attached themselves to the cultivators body!

In the water, there was no miserable wail. All Xu Yangyi could see was the others still spasming hand and the endless blood that floated upwards! In the present waters, over a dozen figures were crawling with whale lice all over. All of them bloodily sunk to the waters deepest depth. Looking below the quiet green waters, it was incomparably horrible.

Ten Cardinals Red Lotus! He sucked in deeply. There were around a hundred thousand whale lice on a blue whales body. At the very least there were several hundred thousand whale lice on the livyatans body! Enough to gnaw everyone so that not even their bones remained!

Boom! In the water, a flaming conflagration exploded and scattered! By these raging flames, the surrounding whale lice all transformed into flying ash! Looking from above, a burning inferno suddenly appeared underwater and formed an immense maelstrom of interweaved water and fire. It was incredibly odd!

On the other side, tens of thunderbolts sparked. In the entire lake, these two places were the most distinct. Nevertheless, Xu Yangyi quickly felt something was wrong! This was because the water beside him had changed.

It was a kind of distinct sensation, akin to the water being stirred by a giant hand. The water flow was changing, so his own figure was simply unable to keep steady in the water! In the wake of this immense force, almost incapable of being resisted, his entire figure wavered. He realized what was happening at once!

Son of a bitch Xu Yangyi fiercely gritted his teeth. The underwater movement was too obvious. Regarding the demon beast whose majority of actions presently stemmed from instinct, he was bound to suffer an attack. Similarly, because of the instinctual bloodline fear that demons held towards lightning and the deterrence of the lightning in the water, the creature had actually taken him as a soft persimmon!

Below the murky water, he already saw a tremendous shadow cutting a graceful and heart-shaking arc. With extreme speed, the beast rushed directly to him! Even now, the change in water flow caused his veins to nearly leave his body. He made out the livyatans tail! A tail no less than over a dozen meters wide!

Shadowlumen Armor! There was no hesitation whatsoever. Such a tremendous bulk, the sweeping power of this tail Even he would end up with a massive whole-body fracture to say the least! Ten Thousand Shadows Heavenly Punishment! In a flash, black armor enveloped his entire body, and he formed Dao-seals with both hands. Immediately, the people floating on the waters surface were all dazed.

Under moonlight, there were countless shadows in the sky. In the air, they converged to form weapons surging with black spiritual force. As for the the target of these weapons, all of them were aimed towards the livyatan!

HOOUUU A shout rang out. This time, it carried a sliver of instinctual fear! For the first time, the beast had revealed Its own fright! These weapons were dangerous, very dangerous! Its meager intelligence reminded It that these weapons in themselves couldnt be considered quite strong, but why was It so scared?

This is the Ten Thousand Shadows Heavenly Punishment! Fang Cheng popped his head out from the water, watching the thousands of weapons in the sky with his eyes wide and tongue tied: Hes borrowing master-ancestors armor from back then?

Swish swish swish! Rain fell with a pitter patter! With the sound of a light wind, all the weapons frantically pierced towards the giant tail, not waiting for the Livyatan to react!

It was rather strange. The shadow weapons didnt make a bit of a noise as they entered the water, seemingly transforming into ink as they went in. However, in the next second, a lung-splitting roar followed! After the thousands of weapons silently entered the water, a giant black tail drifted upwards!

Blood, akin to cinnabar in ink, dyed the waters red in short time. But closely afterwards, a black silhouette shot out of the water like a struck marble! In the air, it even still beared a trace of blood. 

Boom Xu Yangyis flying body was stopped, and he turned his head to look. Fang Cheng was looking at him in worry: Nothing wrong?

Im good Xu Yangyi said and a mouthful of blood rushed out of his mouth like a fountain. The Ten Thousand Shadows Heavenly Punishment wasnt a divine ability that could be prompted and used. It had a rough formation time of several seconds. In a Core Formation ancestors hand, this time could possibly be completed under the concealment of other divine abilities, but in such a critical time, these few seconds had been swapped with him being directly slapped flying by the livyatan! Like a bullet fired from a gun, he had been swatted from the water into a straight line!

Dont speak! Fang Cheng was startled. Xu Yangyi sensed his own body. His left shoulder was almost completely crushed. If it werent for Fang Cheng catching him, and he was slammed right into the rock wall, the consequences would be too terrible to imagine!

Ive underestimated this guy a little Xu Yangyi took a few deep breaths. His internal organs ached with a scorching heat. However, he was still fine. Right now, only his left shoulder had lost battle strength. It wasnt a mortal wound.

This was even after donning a Core Formation ancestors armor. If he hadnt made the prompt decision to wear it and if the Ten Thousand Shadows Heavenly Punishment had come a few seconds later Thinking back to that nearly irresistible impact force in the water, he clearly understood that the aftermath was practically unimaginable! 

ROAARR!!! A wail, shouting itself hoarse, suddenly came from under the water.

Xu Yangyi wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth: I broke a hand, but It cant be feeling any better!

The lake surface surged again with a raging and swelling waves! Yet this time, it wasnt a divine ability. This was because the small tsunami this time was mingled with the livyatans uninterrupted screams and snarls.

Its eyes had already flushed red in pain. It absolutely hadnt expected this. It held a fear of lightning, so It instinctively chose the fire sea and used Its tail to whip forwards. Unexpectedly, It had whipped an iron plate!

The other hadnt died It could feel it! However, It had broken Its tail! In the lake, the enormous body spun about incessantly. Waves followed in the wake of Its body that frenzied in pain, pervading the air all around!

Xu Yangyi looked at his watch again. Ten minutes had passed! These were the last five minutes! If the flower wasnt plucked in five minutes, this opportunity would scatter into ash and smoke!

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